Swimming is especially bad for football players’ shoulder tendon and can be expected to injure at least 15 of the 85 scholarship football players’ shoulder tendons. Plus it causes blisters, is bad for calluses, and my coaches told me to NOT go swimming as direct result thereof.

Anyone who ever played the damn sport knows their coaches always told them DO NOT GO SWIMMING.

Here, we go have fun swimming as a REQUIREMENT for all 85 of our players.

Terry Godwin injured his shoulder.

Breaststroke, butterfly, crawl, and other swimming impinges on the shoulder of the college athlete, causing tendon injuries prevalent in 17 % of college swimmers.

You get wet as well which causes calluses to soften, and makes all the skin susceptible to blisters.  Quarterbacks, wide receivers, tight ends, running backs, defensive backs, linebackers, centers, offensive linemen, defensive linemen and special teams’ players all are putting not only their shoulders at risk but also causing them to get blisters.

Why were we all told NOT to go swimming, and now Mark Richt says we MUST ?

Every year, we all are told we must go swimming.

Stupid is as stupid does.

This is supposed to be fun because Mark Richt does the back flip off the board.  I know this is incredibly stupid for our football team and against EVERYTHING I was ever taught on the subject.






I presume Mark Richt is going to tell us that we can NOT talk about this either ?




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