Matt Stinchcomb and Paul Feinbaum agreed, Mark Richt loses to vols and to Auburn

Starting Offensive Tackle : John Theus

Starting Outside Linebacker : Jordan Jenkins

Starting Fullback : Quayvon Hicks

Probable Starting Inside Linebacker : Jake Ganus

Starting Wide Receiver : Malcolm Mitchell

Starting Place Kicker : Marshall Morgan

Starting Tight End : Jay Rome

Starting Wide Receiver : Justin Scott-Wesley

Starting Tailback : Keith Marshall

Possible Starting Center : Hunter Long

Starting Offensive Tackle : Kolton Houston

Starting Defensive End : Josh Dawson

Starting Defensive Tackle : Sterling Bailey

Defensive Tackle : James DeLoach

Starting Nose Tackle : Chris Mayes

Cornerback : Devin Bowman

Starting Linebacker : Leonard Floyd

Kicker : Patrick Beless

Starting Punter : Collin Barber

Starting Long Snapper : Nathan Theus

All 20 of these are lost from Mark Richt’s teams after this season, and Alabama actually loses MORE than these 20 after this season as well, but Paul Feinbaum and Matt Stinchcomb both agree that Mark Richt will lose to Auburn and to the vols this regular season. That does NOT bode well for Mark Richt that he should lose to the vols and to Auburn this regular season because Alabama is ranked better than BOTH of those teams and we have to play them twice.

Mark Richt has to play this put up or shut up season along with having to play Alabama twice Auburn and the vols teams such as Florida, Georgie tek yellowjackets, South Carolina, Missouri, and whomever our opponent is in our bowl game.

There is only 1 assurance from Mark Richt and that is that whomever his bowl opponent will be, the bowl will be his 15th in a row meaningless bowl opponent – as he never has played in a meaningful bowl game, let alone won against a top bowl opponent in such a bowl game.

Edward Aschoff, ESPN Staff Writer who just last week said the job is Brice Ramsey’s to lose because he has such a great talent with his arm strength, is singing a different tune today and now says that there is no hurry whatsoever for Mark Richt to name a starter with all the cupcakes we face the entire month of September. Mark Richt said there was a fumble in an exchange on Offense yesterday. Duh.


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