Who are the only 2 teams who made either AP or Coaches’ Polls Top 10 who Mark Richt beat in the most recent 16 games after 2007 ? Here are all of these recent 16 games 2-14 vs Top 10 season after 2007.

Look at the bottom of the page, and you will see Mark Richt after 2007 vs teams who ended up Top 10 for the season, for the seasons after 2007 in either the AP Poll or the Coaches’ Poll, that Mark Richt is only 2-14 :


Most recent 16 games vs teams making Top 10 AP or Coaches’ Polls :

2008 Alabama lost at our home Sanford behind nothing to 31 at half

2008 Florida lost at site of Gator Bowl blown-out 10-49, scored TD end game lose by 5 TD

2009 Florida lost at site of Gator Bowl blown-out 17-41, lose by 3 1/2 TD

2010 Auburn lost at their house 17-41, blown-out by 3 1/2 TD

2011 Boise State lost at Georgia Dome, bought T-shirt at game, 21-35, lose by 2 TD

2011 South Carolina lost at our home Sanford

2011 LSU lost at Georgia Dome, ate Jambalaya at tailgating, 10-42 blown-out 4 1/2 TD

2011 Michigan State lost

2012 South Carolina lost 7-35 blown-out at their house

2012 Florida WON 17-9 at site of Gator Bowl

2012 Alabama lost at Georgia Dome Aaron Murray 3 times overruled CMR spike it

2013 Clemson lost at their house, taunted them pre-game on field coming down steps

2013 South Carolina WON at our home Sanford

2013 Missouri lost 26-41 at our home Sanford more than 2 TD

2013 Auburn lost at their house

2014 Georgie tek lost yellowjackets at our home Sanford

2-14 after 2007 vs teams making AP or Coaches’ Polls Top 10 for these latest 7 years.

The 2 wins ?

2013 when we lost 5 games and ended-up ourselves NOT RANKED ANY POLL.

2012 when we got blown-out 7-35 by 4 TD by USCe and refused spike it Alabama.




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