Super Bowl High School Honor Roll Jake Scott Terrell Davis Hines Ward (Charley Trippi) Fran Tarkenton Bill Stanfill Kevin Butler Jon Stinchcomb Matt Stinchcomb Mack Strong Leonard Pope Bobby Walden Demarcus Dobbs John Kasay Bucky Dilts Freddie Gilbert Charlie Clemons Chris Clemons Andre Hastings Verron Haynes DJ Danny Ware DeAngelo Tyson Guy McIntyre Patrick Pass and Champ Bailey. Vince Lombardi Trophy NFL-AFL World Championship Game NFL Title Game 39 Bulldogs have lifted NFL Championship Trophy 54 Bulldogs for 14 seasons in a row now have played in the Super Bowl

Super Bowl High School Honor Roll includes Georgia Bulldogs who went on to be Super Bowl MVP such as Jake Scott S who went to high school in Arlington Virginia, Terrell Davis RB who went to high school in San Diego California, Hines Ward WR/QB  who went to high school at Forest Park Georgia, and certainly should include prior to the 50 Super Bowls the MVP NFL Championship Game Title Game MVP Charley Trippi QB/HB/DB who went to Pittston Pennsylvania high school.

Super Bowl High School Honor Roll

Hines Ward Forest Park Georgia WR/QB

Fran Tarkenton Athens Georgia QB

Bill Stanfill Cairo Georgia DE

Kevin Butler Redan Georgia K

Jon Stinchcomb Parkview Georgia OT

Matt Stinchcomb Parkview Georgia OT

Mack Strong Brookstone Georgia FB

Leonard Pope Americus-Sumter Georgia TE

Bobby Walden Cairo Georgia P/RB

Demarcus Dobbs Calvary Day Georgia DE

John Kasay Clarke Central Georgia K

Bucky Dilts Dykes Georgia P

Freddie Gilbert Griffin Georgia DE/DT

Charlie Clemons Griffin Georgia LB

Chris Clemons Griffin Georgia DE

Andre Hastings Morrow Georgia WR

Verron Haynes North Springs Georgia FB

DJ Danny Ware Rockmart Georgia RB

DeAngelo Tyson Statesboro Georgia DE

Guy McIntyre Thomasville Georgia OG

Patrick Pass Tucker Georgia RB

Champ Bailey Charlton County Georgia CB

14 seasons in a row The Georgia Bulldogs have played in the Super Bowl, a total of 54 Georgia Bulldogs just during this streak.

No school has more NFL Championship Game MVP different winners than UGA’s 4 (Charley Trippi.)

NFL to recognize schools that produced Super Bowl players, coaches




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