Mark Richt was noticeably moved when Devon Gales was trying to block Marshall Morgan, leading with the crown of Devon Gales’ helmet high into the chest of Marshall Morgan on a kick-off Saturday afternoon. Ron Courson, Director of Sports Medicine of the University of Georgia Athletic Association, has been by Devon Gales’ side from the field and has spearheaded this entire operation for Devon Gales to stabilize his broken neck. Mark Richt visited Devon Gales at Athens Regional and is asking all UGA to help Devon Gales.

Mark Richt was noticeably moved, as Devon Gales remained on the turf – not moving his legs for the crowd to see; but he did move his arms for us.

Our medical staff have taken the lead from the very moment, teaming up with Mark Richt on the field of play and every moment since.

Mark Richt has called on all Georgia Bulldogs’ fans to get involved.  He believes we are needed.

We flew his entire family to Athens Regional Medical Center immediately.

They arrived and were rushed by us to him.  He underwent surgery just after the game for a broken neck.  He has been stabilized.

We drove the entire family to the hospital to be by him, where they decided to have the surgery right then.

Mark Richt was there with the family.

He is such a fine man.

“Ron Courson has been at the forefront in reforms in areas such as heat exertion, concussions and emergency preparedness.”

Ron Courson graduated with honors at the Medical College of Georgia and has served on our great Athletic Department Medical Staff at UGA since 1995.

Georgia has the finest medical staff in the nation, and has been recognized for this fact since his arrival.

“Ron Courson has served as Director of Sports Medicine with the University of Georgia Athletic Association since 1995.  We hired Ron Courson to take care of these young men and women nationwide and he also was on the U.S. Olympic Team at the 1988 Olympic Games in Seoul, South Korea; 1990 Goodwill Games; 1987 World University Games, 1987 Pan American Games and the 1992 Olympic Games in Barcelona, Spain. He served as the chief athletic trainer for the 1996 U.S. Olympic Track and Field Trials as well as the chief athletic trainer for track and field for the Atlanta Committee for the 1996 Olympic Games (ACOG).    President of the SEC Sports Medicine Committee, chairman of the College and University Athletic Trainers’ Committee of the National Athletic Trainers’ Association and as a member of the NCAA Competitive Safeguards and Medical Aspects of Sports committee. He is a past medical liaison to the American Football Coaches Association and serves currently on the NFL Health and Safety Committee and the USA Football Medical Advisory Board.”

Vince Dooley hired him from Alabama, where he did the same there.

“We’re trying to cover him up with as much love as we can, and let him know that we care, let him know that we’re here to help,” Richt said. “We’re just gonna continue to pray, and I know the Bulldog nation is behind him as well. There may come a time where there may be some needs. Not exactly sure yet. But it does come to that I’m going to be calling all Dawgs to get involved and to help out.”

Ron Courson, Director of Sports Medicine of the University of Georgia Athletic Association, has been by Devon Gales’ side from the field and has spearheaded this entire operation for Devon Gales.

“We have a family night tonight. They’re making a lot of posters, get-well cards, and they may pop in and out of the hospital,” Richt said.

All the best to Devon Gales.  You could not possibly be in better, or more loving hands, sir.


Ron Courson first to get to Devon Gales on the field.  You see him in the picture here showering his considerable expertise at just this to assist Devon Gales.  Ron Courson has written procedures for everyone in such a situation and implemented them himself here for Devon Gales.  For days, Ron Courson never left Devon Gales side.



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