The day AFTER he is informed about Isaiah McKenzie Mark Richt says to ESPN that it is “business as usual.”

Uh, yeah Mark Richt it certainly is sir.

“I thought it was very much business as usual yesterday,” Richt said. “I’m expecting it to be the same today”

Yes, sir.

And, the day after tomorrow and the 1 after that, sir.

Mark Richt still has not suspended Isaiah McKenzie again yet.

This is a big mistake.

And, will be followed hereafter by PROTESTS at the game Saturday outside the gate for Women’s Rights.

At such a delicate moment given all the press for all the recent years about the NFL too dragging their feet on this stuff, this is really stupid of Mark Richt.

And, his distraction is growing more and more with each passing hour.

Wednesday morning now, 2 days later.

I would have suspended him already – this is his 2nd offense – all this bad press and at such a critical time in the career of Mark Richt, as Mark Richt already had to suspend Isaiah McKenzie for the Bowl Game to end last season.

That meaningless 14th in a row bowl game of Mark Richt – this time up North in Charlotte with 1 other SEC team even playing their bowl game before us.




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