Mark Richt named NOT EVEN in the Top 25 of College Football Coaches 2015 by Sporting News

Urban Meyer is # 1

Nick Saban is # 2

Mark Richt is NOT even in the Top 25

James Franklin is ahead of him, for example.

Jimbo Fisher is ahead of Mark Richt, too.

Les Miles is ahead of Mark Richt.

Bob Stoops is ahead of Mark Richt.

Jim Harbaugh at Michigan, another ranked ahead of Mark Richt as college football coach.

Art Bryles at Baylor is a better coach than Mark Richt.

Gary Patterson at TCU who I wanted instead of Mark Richt, is always considered better than Mark Richt.

Mark Dantonio at Michigan State is always considered a better coach than Mark Richt as well.

David Shaw Stanford always, as well, is considered a better coach than Mark Richt

These guys are smart

They are technically on the leading edge of innovation in the game

They are technically correct in their football in-game decisions

They coach up their players and have them ready for big games

They have good offenses that never let up

They would all out-recruit Mark Richt in the state of Georgia as our coach.  All of them.

They would get MORE of the very elite players in this state

They would GO AFTER the top offensive linemen here

They ALL know who is their quarterback

This is their Calling.


They none of them long instead to be a preacher man.

None of them state that they prefer something else besides winning

Not 1 of them in their lifetime would even begin to consider making the statement even once that their goal for their recruits to their school is so that he then as their coach at a State Sponsored School can lead them to Christ.

That is NOT what they are paid for.

Many on this list DO NOT MAKE OVER $ 4 MILLION dollars a year.

They each put an absolute emphasis on special teams, many making special teams their own private Idaho

They ALL pride themselves, practice it first and foremost, and play all their stars on special teams

They each have a unique technical knowledge of defenses

They design plays

NONE of them would turn their back on any of their recruits

ALL of them KNOW with all their heart that college quarterbacks are like God in this sport, and they groom and prepare their quarterbacks, many of whom are not ranked anywhere near as good as those we have, but they get in their heads during recruitment, make them promises, work with them personally each of the quarterbacks daily and try to infuse a complete understanding of what they as coach want from their college quarterbacks.

MORE than half of them specifically have their quarterbacks designed into their run game

These coaches look at their roster and fit their game strategies to the talent they DO HAVE

Not one of them has some set preconceived notion of what EVERY GAME will be

Mark Richt tells us when we get blown-out being stubborn about our old-style offense, that WE HAVE TO BELIEVE IN WHAT WE DO, AND CONTINUE TO GO BACK OUT THERE AND DO IT AGAIN UNTIL WE ARE SUCCESSFUL AT HIS ANTIQUATED OFFENSE.

Every stinking one of these coaches has been offered a job in the NFL

Mark Richt never has been

No one in their right mind would offer him a job in the damned NFL

Mark Richt for 13 seasons told us specifically that he would NEVER hire a guy from the NFL

Mark Richt is stubborn.

That is not a Christian trait.


I go to Church more than twice a week.

We do not exhibit stubbornness, but quite frankly exactly the opposite

Mark Richt was not brought up as I was either.

He was NOT a Christian

He just became one a few years’ ago near the end of Bobby Bowden’s career one night when one of the FSU players died.

I have been a Christian all my life.  I have awareness of stubbornness ingrained in my psyche and am keenly aware and cognizant of it around me as a direct result thereof.  You can not take someone at age 40 and all of a sudden because someone died, have them actually exhibit that which they were not.  In psychology at UGA I was taught that you are born with a blank slate and that by age 7, you really are set in your ways as to whom it is you will be.

It could change.

It would be significant if you did change

VERY significant.

I am not saying he is not a good Christian; I am saying he is NOT A GOOD COLLEGE FOOTBALL COACH.

Since accepting the Lord as his Savior, he is like a former smoker who does not want to be around smokers.

He therefore wants to lead all the boys to Christ

That is what defines him

But only for the last few years

NOT before that


My Dad’s Dad was a Baptist Preacher

My Mom donated the land that her Methodist Church is built on

Mark Richt was not brought up in that home environment, like all 7 of us were.

He has gone off the deep end

He told us that he does NOT even CONSIDER that he is a college coach

That would be a DISASTER he tells us repeatedly

THAT what DEFINES him NOW is that he can lead his recruits to Jesus

He hired his damn brother-in-law as the University of Georgia Chaplain his very first hire in 2000 as soon as Vince Dooley offered him the job December 20, 2000.  Since he has had annual GALA where he SELLS University of Georgia OWNED game jersey signed with autographs of players like Todd Gurley II to pay for the SALARY of his brother-in-law.  This has gone on 15 years.

This is what we have.

Does he recruit well ?

Sure he does he is at UGA and said that is why he came here because of all this talent on The Georgia Bulldogs long standing elite recruiting because of all the talent in this state.

At FSU he was not the head coach

He NEVER has been



Bobby Bowden did not have Mark Richt beside him telling him as his son about coaching football.

Like my granddads did in religion and both my parents

NOT his Calling he TELLS US – this coaching bullshit he really looks down on

Does not consider worthy

RATHER be preacher man

Not me


Nobel Calling

But NOT for me

I firmly believe coaching is a CALLING

I have coached every single team at my Church

Always have

All my life

I was the Starter on MY TEAM in school


I started my junior and senior years

I lettered in 4 sports

There are ONLY 3 seasons

Mark Richt finds himself among all this and all he wants to do is lead us to Jesus

I find that all wrong

This blog and all my posts have detailed how stupid the guy is in his decisions and what he says about what is important to him and how he runs our football program.

He is NOT a college football coach, does not want to be known as a college football coach, would far prefer to be a Preacher Man, and looks down on his PROFESSION of being a college football coach.  He wants to do it differently from ALL THESE GUYS all KNOWN to be FAR BETTER COLLEGE FOOTBALL COACHES.  He is not doing it better.  He is doing what the hell he wants to do, even though he really was not brought up that way because some guy died on the FSU football team.

That is his Witness.

Vince Dooley hired him to be our football coach, and at the time, he said he would personally coach our quarterbacks himself

Well, Bobby Bowden made the decisions about who was the quarterback at FSU, not Mark Richt.


He was a back-up QB who NEVER PLAYED.

Maybe you do not remember FSU back then.

I certainly do.

I have intimate knowledge of FSU and their coaching.


They played CUPCAKES every year.

They would MAYBE play one good team all year.  Likely as NOT, they actually NEVER PLAYED a good team.

Then, they joined the stinking ACC.

The ACC had only 1 team, Clemson.  We beat Clemson like a damned drum.

Still they have no good teams to play, just CUPCAKES.

That IS who they ARE and WERE.


FSU claims a national championship in football in 1980.

FSU claims a national championship in football in 1990, too.

16 years FSU claims national championship in football, ALL Bobby Bowden until year before last after they KICKED HIM OUT.

And, make no mistake about, FSU kicked Bobby Bowden out of coaching college football at FSU.

When FSU came to the ACC in 1992, Bobby Bowden was interviewed.  I was there.  I know.  He told us that he considered The SEC.  Why would I want to coach in The SEC, he told us all in 1992.  That would be FAR HARDER for us to win a national championship.

That is EXACTLY what he said to ALL of us 1992.

I specifically have discussed this, since.

And, for Good Damn Reason.

This is who Mark Richt considers his idol.

This guy did know college football intimately this Bobby Bowden, but he did not teach Mark Richt how to be a head coach.

This JERK of the highest order Mike Adam$ fired Vince Dooley before Vince had a chance to TEACH MARK RICHT TO BE A HEAD COACH OF COLLEGE FOOTBALL.

Vince Dooley won 3 national championships with this same talent Mark Richt squanders every year in 1966, 1968 and 1980.

Wally Butts 2 national championships 1942 and 1946.

George Woodruff national championship UGA 1927.

The same polls who named Georgie tek yellowjackets NC 6 times, named us NC 6 times too.

And, we play in The SEC.

There are 5 SEC teams ranked today, and we’re dead last.

After 2007, we are 5th in SEC.

We are # 21 in won/lost after 2007.

There have been 14 guys win NC since Mark Richt took over here, on his watch.

They averaged being there 3 and one half years.

They averaged the # 8 recruiting class averaging the 5 classes (with Redshirt) that made up their NC team.

Mark Richt averages the # 8 recruiting class, 2nd best nationally and verified by his 86 NFL Draft Picks starting with Quincy Carter whom Mark Richt KICKED-OFF our team December 2000 as his 1st coaching decision here – other than KEEPING Rodney Garner as our recruiting coordinator.

Mark Richt REFUSED to come to our campus and take over our program although hired December 20, 2000.  He FINALLY at MY INSISTENCE finally showed up just prior to the February signing date.  First, he wanted to play in the FSU game against Oklahoma in the damn bowl game that he looked like shit in.  Second, he wanted to say goodbye (for December, January and February) to his Church there in Tallahassee. And, thirdly, finally Vince Dooley put his damn foot down and forced Mark Richt to get his ass up here when Mark Richt said he wanted to go to an ASISSTANT COACH seminar for weeks on end showing up here mid February he told Vince Dooley.


This guy is NOT a coach, NEVER HAS BEEN ONE, considers it BENEATH HIM, loathes the profession, and NEVER WILL BE ONE.

I would not rank him one of the Top 25 college football coaches 2015 either, just as Sporting News has not.




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