This is supposed to be a condemnation of me that I am a Mark Richt “basher” ? Excuse me ? There is NOT one post on this blog here where I did NOT SAY IT, but SOMEONE ELSE and I referenced whom it is saying it, gave you the URL Link to that, and provided you the DETAILS of my analysis of it. Not 1. Richt “basher” ? Bullshit. # 24 nationally after 2007 at beating top 25 teams AP or Coaches’ Polls for the year, for the season – the REAL teams the year he played them # 24 best beating ranked teams after 2007 with he # 8 talent. How the hell is that great coaching ?

You think I was a Richt “basher” when Mark Richt was winning 80 % of his games ?  When he won 17 games against teams who were ranked for that season AP or Coaches’ Polls 2001-2007 ?

You know how I won the debates ?  When someone put up a red herring, I got everyone on the side, and said excuse me.  Here are the facts.  What do you think ?  They’d then agree with me on the facts.  Pretty simple process.  Not that you understand that.  Which is why you lose this argument.  You have been told repeatedly by everyone who has read my posts for all these years, that in fact, I provided the same facts about how great Mark Richt was up until one day when it just pissed me off all the assholes out there defending Mark Richt recently then when he had turned the corner and quit coaching.  And, everyone has read my posts for all these years.  Dumb shit.  Lazy so and so. And, it pissed me off even more when you thought you could just remove my post from the blog and what I had said would go away.  Not be there.

How did that work out for you ?

Then, you prove a friqin’ dumbass you really are.  What a damn weak argument that I am a Mark Richt “basher” when it was I you read and said how great what I said Mark Richt did way back then 2001-2007. Hell, you have said how right I was all 30 years you have read me on the Internet.  It’s actually been 38 years you have read me on the Internet now and AGREED WITH ME ALL 38 YEARS.

You can not ignore me.  You can NOT read a blog because you have no freaking balls and have no damn reply to the FACTS, but you can NOT sit there with 3,000 folks yesterday for example reading my damn blog and say that the reason you do not read the facts is because I am a Richt “basher.”  Not 1 came here from some stupid bullshit list of must reads, who in actuality is a list of posts from a pay-per-view site, or those who believe that a person should not be read because they too have no friqin answer to the damn facts.  They come here because they know I call it like it is.

I was a HUGE SUPPORTER of Mark Richt when he first got here.

Did you know before kick-off against Alabama 2008 here in the Black-Out that Mark Richt was 80 % win percentage ?

That’s right Black-Out, Mark Richt was 80 % of all his games – WON !

He has turned in instead for 2008 through the end of the most recent season, only 68 % win percentage.

That is HUGE difference.

Everyone knows who I am.  You have ALL read me for 30 years on the Internet.  ALL OF YOU have.  I have posted.  You have read it.  You know damn well what a huge supporter of Mark Richt I have been when he was good.  That was so long ago now, that NONE OF YOU remember like I do the great stuff Mark Richt did way back then until 2007.  I posted about those here for you.  You read it.  You loved it.  But, now, that Mark Richt sucks after 2007, you have the unmitigated gall to call me a damn Richt “basher.”  That’s bullshit and you know it.

YOU ARE A DAMN LIAR.  And, you are a damned Mark Richt Apologist.

You want Mark Richt’s job to be easy as hell. Cushy.

I want him to win.

There is a difference.

That is ON YOU.

Not me.

Mark Richt has not developed a back-up quarterback here other than DJ Shockley when he redshirted him in 2001, and when he did redshirt him DJ’s Dad made Mark Richt promise him that he would at least play DJ Shockley every game.  This is just one position where Mark Richt’s roster mismanagement has put us out of position to beat the real good teams.  It caught up with him after 2007.  He has had issues at other positions such as OL where he fails to get those, FB in an offense that REQUIRES a FB yet there are in fact over 200 FB top-rated every single year we watch all these other teams covet and sign instead, WR where he gets caught with his pants down, and defense frequently like OL and FB frequently it seems that Mark Richt does not give a shit about recruiting.  He plays Favorites too.  At the detriment of the team.  He lacks vision in his selection of QB too.  Remember Cam Newton can only play TE for Mark Richt, he told us ? How has Cam Newton worked out as a QB ?  Remember Nick Marshall can only play defense for me ?  I will not consider Nick Marshall as a QB because Nick Marshall is not as good a quarterback as Hutson Mason is.   I will play Hutson Mason at QB and leave Nick Marshall on defense, only.  How that work out ?  He told us that Joe Tereshinski III is a better QB than Matthew Stafford.  Remember that one ?  These all cost us games.  I will get to the cost of this roster mismanagement in losses in this post too.  But, I want to explain WHY he is not in the Top 25 coaches today in college football.  This is the most important position in college football, QB.  He did not select the QB at FSU but he did teach them.  He promised Vince Dooley 20 December 2000 that he would be head coach because of the top recruits UGA attracts AND he would teach our quarterbacks here.  Now he sees himself as CEO and FAILS TO DEVELOP his back-up QB every single year except 2001 redshirting of DJ Shockley.  He told us that Joe Cox, chronic shoulder and flu too for Okie State game is a better QB than Zach Mettenberger whom I called for pre-game to Start and who got zero snaps against Okie State.  He lacks vision.  Joe Cox play in the NFL or Zach Mettenberger ?  Just like all the others here at just QB we examine of his roster mismanagement, all 6 of these just QB decisions were all wrong.  And, I say it is because he did not develop his back-up QB.  He told us that Hutson Mason is a better QB than Jacob Park, Brice Ramsey and Faton Bauta; but the facts are the Hutson Mason was # 98 in the nation for us in Passing Offense, could not pass the ball downfield, floated his passes and lost 3 games BY HIMSELF against unranked teams Nebraska, South Carolina, Florida and he also lost to a team with far less talent around their QB.  Georgie tek yellowjackets won that game in overtime when Hutson Mason threw the interception in overtime.  I remember that.  Why don’t you ?  Hutson Mason had around him here a lot better talent than their QB who won the game in overtime because of Mark Richt’s chosen one at QB. Bad choice Mark Richt, again, sir at QB. 6 times chose wrong QB.  6 proven times chose wrong QB Mark Richt.  In fact, # 52 avg recruiting class to our # 8.  And, lost that game too BY HIMSELF. I will discuss game management like wasting time-outs, freezing his own kicker with time-outs, and not have time-outs then when he needs them,  game decisions like pooch kick so they have ball 43-yard line 13 ticks remaining us ahead by 3 last year, failing to pound the ball against South Carolina with Todd Gurley II with 1st and goal at 4 on interception losing by less than TD game win staring him in face, not preparing his team to play which happened 3 times last year Florida, Georgie tek yellowjackets and South Carolina and just dumbass game decisions.  But, it was in fact Hutson Mason who had the ball in overtime against Georgie tek yellowjackets and he who threw the interception against which LOST THE DAMN GAME.  Didn’t it ?  And, his 6th dumbass decision lacking vision is at QB this season.  He lets Jacob Park go because he failed to develop him when I hoped for a 4-year starter from him.  He failed to prepare Brice Ramsey yet game lost he yanks his Starter and puts him in.  Brice Ramsey has somewhat better footwork now but why did he not teach him that 2 years’ ago now ?  And, he has not given him any preparation to know what is a bad pass.  Hell, Aaron Murray had 10 % of his plays here, either a fumble sack or interception.  And, he kept playing him.  But, Brice Ramsey he yanks for it.  Inconsistent roster mismanagement.  Faton Bauta he told us all not 4 weeks’ ago now was right there with the other 2, neck-and-neck-and-neck.  But, when Brice Ramsey continued to show that he has not been developed by Mark Richt, Faton Bauta was not brought in.  Why ?   Shit.  Alabama had scored 5 unanswered touchdowns in a row.  What the hell is he saving Faton Buata for ?  Put him in.  Now, he says he has to reevaluate everything at QB today for the vols Saturday.  Put Faton Bauta in for that game ?  Alabama was lost.  Right ?  5 unanswered touchdowns.  Neither QB did shit except fumble or throw interceptions, or get sacked.  Reevaluate everything on the table at QB ?  What bullshit.  We can NOT lose to the vols.  So we go back to what ?   A guy who lost his job at Virginia for LOSING to FSU ?  He got blown out by FSU, just like he did to Alabama. He is horrible at his QB decisions, choices, developing his back-up QB and this has cost us dearly every year as a direct result thereof.


What have been the consequences of all this after 2007 ?

(1) Against Ranked teams for the season, called end of year rankings – you know the teams who in fact were good teams that year he played them – Mark Richt is # 24 nationally after 2007.

(2) Mark Richt has lost to 8 teams who DID NOT MAKE the AP Poll Top 25, ranked Top 25 end of year, for the season after 2007.  8 unranked teams.  8 teams who no argument were HORRIBLE TEAMS.  Florida for example in the most recent season.  They had lost 10 of their most recent 13 games.  And, they not only beat Mark Richt, they beat the ever living shit out of him.  South Carolina beat him in the most recent season as well.  Another unranked team.  Who the hell gives a rats’ ass if South Carolina was ranked at game time in week 4 for example ?  That is NOT the measure of football team as good or not good that season.  Being ranked is.  Isn’t it ?  Being ranked for that season.  The Final Polls.  The End of Season Polls.  The End of Year polls.  The ONLY DAMN POLLS PUBLISHED FOR ANY FREAKING YEAR.

(3) Against Bowl teams, teams who got to play in a damn freaking bowl game the season Mark Richt played them after 2007, Mark Richt has played 62 games and won only 33.  He beats the year they played in one of the 41 bowl games, half the teams who played in a bowl game after 2007.

(4) At kick-off 2008 against Alabama in game 4 of 2008, Mark Richt won 80 % of his games here.  He has won only 68 % since.  Win 4 lose 1. Since, win 3 lose 1.

YOU JUST HAVE no freaking reply to these facts.  That is what the problem is.  There is NO OTHER problem with me, other than you can not formulate a freaking rational answer how this is acceptable.

When I pin you down on it, you ADMIT that it is IN FACT unacceptable that which Mark Richt has done after 2007 : For example against teams who went to a bowl game that year won only 54 %, against teams who were ranked in the Top 25 that season in the Final Polls the real teams for that season won 11 of 35 for # 24 nationally with # 8 talent, and unacceptable that he has lost to 8 teams who were not ranked that season – EVEN WITH THEIR DAMNED WIN OVER mediocre Mark Richt.

Moreover, you can KISS MY ASS.

If a coach has THIS MUCH working for him, and has in fact # 8 avg recruiting classes with 86 NFL Draft Picks, and all this beautiful campus, # 55 best college in the nation (Georgie tek # 36) US News and World Report, # 7 best stadium, # 1 in Party School, 7 million folks in Atlanta 58 miles away, # 3 best state for high school football recruits signed by Power 5 conferences, # 11 All-Time Most Wins Football, and he is # 24 at beating top 25 teams as ranked for the entire season, he has it coming.  That makes him not in fact a top 25 coach with in fact # 8 recruits.

I hope you get that.

And, you can NOT by God Above censor me or ignore me.

Dumbass bullshit artists who think the way you SUPPORT a team is to BRAG on Mark Richt as one of the nation’s best and use some damn stat from 2001-2007 and talk about that bullshit to build him up when you have sat there WITH ME at the games and booed after 2007 – like ALL the rest of us at the games.  Shit, maybe you just switch the TV off and don’t even go to the damn games after 2007 for you to put up that bullshit argument that I am a Mark Richt “basher?”  Otherwise, you have booed him too after 2007.  Haven’t you ?  You little piece of shit.

Either way, I don’t give a damn what you think about me.  You can not handle the truth.  You don’t want ANYONE to say the truth about Mark Richt after 2007.  How’s that going for you ?

Well ?

How is that going for you that you do NOT want ANYONE to talk about Mark Richt after 2007 ?

Do you categorically refuse to read EVERY BLOG ?

Then, by God above, you have read it EVERYWHERE.

Haven’t you you little piece of shit ?

You have told your friends Mark Richt has not done well after 2007.

Every freaking place you turn, you READ that Mark Richt has NOT DONE SHIT after 2007.

You know why that is ?


It’s ME.

That’s what pisses you off.

Not that I am a Mark Richt “basher” but that I am RIGHT AS RAIN, and specifically point out the exact URL Link and DETAILS of why indeed Mark Richt is the Charlie Brown of college football.

Hell, you do not even know what the hell that means.

Dumb shit.

“You know, Thomas Brown is right.”  That is what you say, they say, and why thousands read my blog daily.

You need me.  It gives you an opportunity to make up a long list of excuses for why he is not the same coach 2001-2007 that he has been since.  You actually think excuses are hard to come up with.  No sir.  What is hard to come up with are the facts.  The truth.  It requires you to look up details, be specific and summarize them.  And, talking on the Internet requires a special set of skills too.  Skills I honed on the Debate Team representing Georgia in NATIONAL DEBATES.  All you have to do to call someone a Richt “basher,” is to just say it.  It does not have to be true and after all, the last thing you want is to have to say that what I have been saying is what now everyone is saying.

Isn’t it ?

So, instead of saying that you looked at the facts as presented by me and could not formulate a reasonable excuse for the facts that he has sucked after 2007, you just are lazy.  Call me a Richt “basher.” And, get handed your damn hat.

You knew I would hand you your hat ?

Right ?

Tell me you knew I would rip you a new asshole when you put forth your weak ass bullshit argument for why Mark Richt recruits the # 8 avg recruiting class verified by 86 NFL Draft Picks but is only # 24 in won/lost against ranked teams for the year after 2007, is that it is because I am a Richt “basher?”

You did know that ?

Tell me you were not pinning your hopes that anyone – least of all yourself – would accept that the reason for Mark Richt being # 7 for 2001-2007 against ranked teams for the season at 17-15 and # 24 since at just 11-24, is because I am a Richt “basher?”

So, you can go stick it up your freaking ass that you actually think you can one-line me as a Richt “basher.”  Yeah right – like that then makes it so you can act like what I say is a lie.

If it were a lie, you would say, it is a lie.

It’s not.

So, you say you are a Richt “basher.”

Did you get that ?

Mark Richt has played 35 games against teams who ARE RANKED FOR THE SEASON the real top 25 either AP or Coaches’ Polls after 2007, and has won a grand damn total of 11.

Stick that in your damn pipe and one-line me ?

Why is EVERYONE else so much better than Mark Richt after 2007, why is he # 24 at beating top 25 teams after 2007 ranked top 25 for the season he played them, when he averages the # 8 recruiting rank ?

Mark Richt was 17-15 for 2001-2007 against teams ranked top 25 for the year, for that season, the real teams the top 25 best teams.  That was # 7 nationally.  And, you sit there with your weak ass bullshit that I am a Mark Richt “basher.”  Grow up.  I certainly am not a Mark Richt “basher.”  I am in fact a huge Mark Richt supporter of Mark Richt 2001-2007 when he was # 7 nationally, and I criticize him JUST LIKE YOU DO after 2007 for being in fact # 24 with the same # 8 avg recruiting ranking.

How can he be # 7 for 2001-2007 and # 24 since against top 25 teams and you sit there and act like anyone is a damned Mark Richt “basher” for daring to say out loud that which you deep down in places you don’t talk about at parties bragging on Mark Richt STILL in 2015 for what he did instead 2001-2007 – NOT SINCE – you know you do not want the damn truth.

You actually think that telling the truth now about Mark Richt 2015 is bad for the program.  You really do.  You do not want the truth, no matter how damn obvious the truth really is.  Including especially, it is what YOU SAY too, deep down in places you do not want to talk about at parties.

You do not give a damn about the truth and I do not give a damn about your wimp ass bullshit of how great he is, when EVERYONE knows he has not done shit after 2007 – including MOST ESPECIALLY you you little twit.

Never mind, you would never get it anyway.

You think he’s God himself freaking reincarnated.  While I am certain that the Aliens stole our # 7 best coach in America beating season ranked teams 2001-2007, cloned him but left out the DNA for him having ANY fire since, and replaced Mark Richt after 2007 with a clone without the DNA the original Mark Richt had for fire.  He is asleep on the sidelines, and looks down with no answers.  That is not the Mark Richt I rooted for, nor the one you attempt to make up flimsy excuses for since.  God, make the Aliens beam back down from their UFO the real Mark Richt, oh please God.  Thank you Jesus.

He is just a mediocre football coach after 2007 with a ton of talent who can not win the big games.  He has 2 BCS Bowl Game wins over # 23 FSU a 5-loss team in 2002 and over # 19 Hawai’i 2007.  That’s it.  A coach who has not taken us to one single meaningful bowl game with all this talent on the National Stage, everyone watching us.  Let alone win one : Heaven Forbid !

# 24 best at beating ranked teams after 2007 with he # 8 talent.  How the hell is that great coaching ?

You can not handle the damn truth about Mark Richt.  The rest of us ALL know the truth about Mark Richt after 2007.  He can’t do shit anymore and still has the # 8 best talent with which he does absolutely nothing.  He’s got more losses 2015 yet coming, and this when he is # 19 now with the # 8 talent and for the time after 2007 is # 24 with the # 8 talent vs ranked teams end of year.

If what I say is not correct, you would have long-since have said it is a lie.  Since you click the URL Links I provide I know because I get a report on the URL Links you click, and have failed to say it is a lie, all you can come up with is that a guy who loved Mark Richt 2001-2007 when his 17-15 record against end of year top 25 teams was # 7 best nationally, is a Mark Richt “basher” for daring to say out loud that which you say in private anyway that after 2007 Mark Richt is only # 24 vs ranked teams for the season with # 8 talent at only 11-24 vs ranked teams for the season – clearly a mediocre coach.

Isn’t he ?




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