Worst ranked Special Teams again, despite Mark Richt’s obvious talent averaging # 8 recruiting rankings. “Only counts as 1 loss, so that’s good and I think that’s the good NEWS” CMR says today but 4 TD blow-out when favored at home will not be forgotten at end of year just like 2007 voters did not forget losing 6-6 USCe and blow-out by vols 14-35 both unranked teams time of game. Any way, Ole Miss beat Alabama and now Florida put same score on them that Alabama just did on us. How’d you do getting us on National Stage 2007 Mark Richt ?

“I think that the good news is it only counted as one loss.  I mean that was enough of a game where it could have counted as two. But it was one loss. And so that’s good.”  Mark Richt’s famous quote yesterday, however the reality is that everyone has actually said that they will not forget it.  Since that was the Big Stage and everyone in the nation did watch it.  Even if they changed the channel as Prime Time came around on CBS.  And, what the nation said is that once again Mark Richt did not bring his team ready to play, again, like he always does EVERY YEAR.  Like 2007 when Georgia lost to a lousy 6-6 unranked South Carolina and then came up to play the vols and they were an unranked team too.  Mark Richt lost to both of them, while the vols’ game was a blow-out like we all too frequently put forth after 2007 – the 2nd Half of the Mark Richt era 14-35.

So, the 1 game loss is bullshit.  The facts are that that game counts against The Georgia Brand and make no mistake about it, we damaged the Georgia brand.  That game counts at least as 2 losses.  When everyone was talking about 2007, if you recall, the nation said but you lost to a lousy 6-6 South Carolina not even playing in a bowl game, and you got blown-out by Biblical Proportions against the vols 14-35.  Sometimes a game counts as MORE than 1 loss.  4 Touchdown beat-down in a game at home for us at Sanford in which we were favored to win.  No, that game will not be forgotten by anyone ranking Georgia at the end of this season.  And, right after Ole Miss beat them too.  And, we have to play Florida who just beat Ole Miss.

Florida not only beat Ole Miss, they beat Ole Miss by the SAME SCORE EXACTLY that Alabama beat us.

No, this season is shot to hell, Mark Richt.  You are out of it son.  Stop with the bullshit, liar.

No, this coach is flawed after 2007.


One of the biggest areas of concern every year now are his special teams, over 100 of his rivals of which have a special teams’ coach, unlike Mark Richt who does not even practice special teams in our annual G-Day Game.


2015 Mark Richt “Special Teams” :

(Note please that he has played 4 cupcakes and 1 team who was ranked # 13 at time of game.)


# 101 Punts blocked by our opponents

# 127 Kick-Off Returns by us

# 119 Net Punting by us

# 87 Punt Return Defense



# 121 on 3rd Down Conversions by our antiquated old-style “offense”

# 134 on 4th Down Conversions by us


# 72 Fewest Penalties

# 80 Fewest Penalty Yards

# 90 at sacking opposing quarterbacks 4 cupcakes and 1 # 13 time of game opponents


# 76 Fumbles committed – thank Greyson Lambert and Isaiah McKenzie team leaders

# 84 Fumbles recovered by us


# 84 Passing Offense by Mark Richt’s team against 4 cupcakes & a # 13 team time of game


# 69 Turnover Margin


No, Mark Richt does not have one of the nation’s top teams, and this team despite all the talent, is not coached well enough to make the Alabama loss his only 1 loss.  That’s bullshit.








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