How bad is this for Mark Richt that he lost his 12th game to unranked teams after 2007, when Mark Richt had done so remarkably well winning 76 of his first 95 games as our coach (80% win percentage), now that he has won only 64 of his latest 95 games (67% win percentage) ? Loss to vols drops Mark Richt to 68-31 after 2007, the # 21 of won/lost records after 2007 for the # 11 All-Time Wins Program Georgia. Good Lord, Mark Richt. Do you think this is acceptable for # 8 talent who historically is # 11 in Wins to be # 21 for 8 years ? Half the years after 2007 four of eight, Mark Richt UNRANKED for the season, and with # 8 talent. Acceptable ?

Last week, Mark Richt was seen with his head down, staring at the ground in a daze by the AJ-C, clearly with no ideas.  Tonight, a Knoxville AP reporter asked Mark Richt a question and Mark Richt went off on the guy asking him if he is a vols’ fan – telling him he looks like he is smirking. Then, Mark Richt got up and left in a huff.

The Georgia Bulldogs are going to drop out of the AP Poll Top 25, now, again for 2015 as Mark Richt did 2013, 2010 and 2009.  In fact, half the time after 2007, Mark Richt is now unranked – 4 of the current 8 years in the AP Poll Top 25.

Mark Richt had won 80% of his games, 76 of his first 95 games, but is winning only 64 of his latest 95 games for only 67% win percentage.  This has really put Mark Richt squarely in the sights of having to answer for whether or not he’s earning his over $ 4 million dollar salary ? And, answer just what lies and misrepresentations he can put forth this week, to sound like a guy who can stop the vindictiveness against him for dropping off – losing control.  From spoiling us winning 4 then losing 1 after 4 games into the 2008 season the Alabama kick-off, only to turn in such mediocre numbers since of winning only 3 since then losing 1 – Mark Richt now by stark contrast has left us UNRANKED now himself half the time after 2007.

Pulled another “Richt,” losing to his 12th unranked team after 2007.

“Georgia’d” another game, losing to a team he should have beat.  Losing yet again another game against a team who looks now like they will make a bowl game this season.  Likely as not after 2007 – the 2nd half of the Mark Richt era – when Mark Richt plays a team now who ends up in a bowl game the season he played them, Mark Richt loses.

It’s been gruesome the onslaught against him as the firestorm continues unabated with yet another loss.

His supporters, defending him point out what a nice guy he is and Mark Richt has only that now to lean back on after his loss again tonight, so at the Press Conference Mark Richt muses tonight : “It’s not whether you win or lose, but how you play the game that matters.”

That is pretty stupid Mark Richt when 85 % of The Georgia Bulldogs’ fans think you have lost control of this program, and no longer have faith in you.

Hundreds of voters polled on this open site, where anyone can and does say whatever they want to vent.  They can talk about religion here, Mark Richt, on this site.  They can post without fear that their post will be removed or edited.  Here, we call it like it is.

Mark Richt, sir, there is NOT something here besides winning that’s important.

Winning is everything, and nothing else matters.

You are riding off into the sunset an underachiever with all this talent # 8 average recruiting class verified as 2nd best in the nation with the NFL agreeing giving you 86 NFL Draft Picks – both # 1 in The SEC and # 2 in the nation.  After coming in here with such promise winning 76 of your first 95 games, you have now dropped-off to winning only 64 of your latest 95 by stark contrast – with now 12 losses to unranked teams after 2007 since having won 76 of your first 95 games. In 8 latest seasons, poor Mark Richt has lost 12 games to unranked teams, one and a half a year on the average.  Just bad luck.  And, to such a nice guy.  That is what we hired him for right ?  To be a nice guy.  That’s all we care about right, that Mark Richt is a nice guy ?

And, it’s not just the huge drop-off Mark Richt.  You’ve got to know that.  It’s who you’re losing to now.  About all you can beat any longer are the out-of-conference losing record teams who do not even make it to a bowl game.


These are the only wins we really can count on you winning any longer.

It’s been 8 years now Mark Richt, sir.  8 lousy stinking years, 4 of the 8 of which now, you have turned in not top 25 performances.  Half the time after 2007 Mark Richt has now been UNRANKED for the year.  Half.

Georgia is # 11 All-Time in Wins.

We have played so many times in huge big bowl games with the Nation watching.  Wally Butts did that all the time.  Vince Dooley did it, but Mark Richt, sir, you have been here now 15 years, and we are not playing in such a bowl game this season for the 15th consecutive season of your tenure.

You lose to teams you are favored to win.  You lose to teams who you should not.  It was good to see you smash your headset with 6 seconds to go tonight Mark Richt.  The question I have for you, sir, is where has that fire been all night long ?

Where was that fire while your old-style antiquated out-of-date offense you brought here 2001, allowed an unranked 2-3 team to pile up 4 unanswered touchdowns ?

I believe you know all we fans think poorly of Greyson Lambert.  For God’s sake, you should know we do, right ?  Up 24-3, you gave up on your running game and the Dirty Dozen Running Backs in your stable stood by as we went 3 and out and 3 and out and 3 and out and 3 and out and 3 and out 4 of 14 on 3rd Down Conversions 28% relying instead on Greyson Lambert with a 24-3 lead to pass the ball.  Frankly, you were lucky, as 2 of his throws that should have been intercepted were dropped by this lousy unranked team who can not stop anyone.

The vols can not hold a lead against anyone all year long, and you turn the tables up by 3 TD 24-3, give up on the running game, and turn to your boy at QB when our running game is gashing them – just like everyone else has done to them all year long every game; and, you give up 28 unanswered points 4 unanswered touchdowns in a row.  You deserve to be criticized Mark Richt for waiting until 6 seconds remained to throw your headset.

Where was that fire when it mattered during the unanswered 28 points in a row allowed to a team who itself can not hold a lead all year long ?  You have to know this Mark Richt in your Calling for my over $ 4 million dollars a year ?  That you get up the grille of your recruits sir when they coast with a 24-3 lead, throw your headset and get their attention to wake-up !  You have to know sir for over $ 4 million a year we pay you that if your running game has given you a 3 TD lead, that that is not the time to prove us all wrong and leave Greyson Lambert out there so lousy as he is yet again this game.

In fact, he has played 5 unranked teams and one time of game # 13 team and has the worst won/lost record of any starting QB you ever have pranced out there.  You have to know with a 24-3 lead, you run the ball sir ?  Especially on a night your QB sucks.  You promised us you would bring in Brice Ramsey a series early every game.  Instead, you acted tight and went with YOUR CHOICE for QB only.  And, turned to him, not that which was working sir.  It is after all why the vols are 2-3 and unranked, that they can not hold a lead and proved they could not stop our running game.  A coach runs the ball because it wears the other team down.  He does so because it keeps the ball away from their offense.  You came back to tie the game back, but because you failed to run the ball, they had time to then to re-take the lead.  Now, sir, you throw your headset.  Poor coaching.  Mighty stupid poor coaching sir.

It’s too late Mark Richt to throw your headset with 6 ticks on the clock.  Bad Coaching.  F.  Failing grade again sir, even though you threw the headset.  F because it should have been done while you had not our best guys out there playing and having him throw the ball instead of rotating in your highly-rated rushing offense of Thomas Brown and have them run the ball.  You are coaching tight.  I sense you sense your job is on the line, or are about to retire.

It’s probably too late for you to keep your cushy job where no one will say that well, sir, you just are not getting the job done for 8 years.

You act like you only have 1 guy on the whole entire team.  You send Sony Michel who was doing great replacing injured hero Nick Chubb with this 22 carries for 145 yards and another 3 catches for 26 more, to go out and return kicks too.  What the heck do you even think Mark Richt ?  You have nobody else ?  Dirty Dozen running backs and Sony Michel is all you have ?  He fumbles the kick-off, and then later in the game Reggie Davis who has been doing so much too in the game drops a pass in the end zone.  Neither of those plays if not happened would have availed you of a winning strategy getting away from your running game.  You promised us you would run the ball.  You failed to do so, sir.  You cost us the game.  Your failed offensive strategy Mark Richt – you were the Offensive Coordinator at FSU – sent your defense back on the field to bail them out having your defense play 90 plays because you failed to use your stable of running backs, like none of them capable.

You told us 5 weeks’ ago that it was neck-and-neck-and neck between Greyson Lambert, Brice Ramsey and Faton Bauta, and you fail to bring any of them in.

Mindlessly, this is the type of coaching decision – and out and out lies you tell us Mark Richt – that has seen you lose now sir 31 games to only 68 wins after 2007.

I have called it like it is on this blog.  I have studied the results of this game and program I love sir, and reported how far the drop-off and how devastating the 31 losses after 2007.  You are right on target for your average of more than 4 losses a season for 8 years’ now, sir.  8 years sir !

8 years.

If you only lose your bowl game, all the rest the way, you will still average 4 losses a season for 8 years and counting Mark Richt.

For God’s sake.

For crying out loud.

If you lose to Florida and your bowl game, you will keep your over – more than – 4 loss per season average for 8 years and counting.

Good Lord !

Do not tell me Mark Richt that “it’s not whether you win or lose, but how you play the game” after you lose yet another one.

You can’t be that stupid to think you can pass that by me.  Or that you can hold me at bay, and direct yourself to the mindless masses who still refuse to believe just how badly you coached again tonight.

They will try to defend this offensive strategy of yours with, poor Mark Richt, he lost Nick Chubb.  But, you have a Dirty Dozen Running Backs and failed to use them when you were ahead 24-3 and lost the game as a direct result thereof.  What was working, you quit doing.  And, just when any other coach would have run the ball.  And, just exactly what their defense can not stop.  What everyone is doing to their defense all year long.  And, what your team did without Nick Chubb to put you up by 3 TD.  Such a 3 TD lead this lousy vols’ program who is by the way # 40 in won/lost this century starting 2000, has overcome last in 2005.  That’s because ALL the other coaches up 3 TD against the vols RAN THE BALL MARK RICHT !  Duh.

Mark Richt the vols are # 78 defense in the nation against the rush.  You are paid over $ 4 million to strategize how to WIN.  On the sidelines during the game, sir, you do NOT get away from rushing the ball and have a guy having a horrible night, pass the ball sir.  What do you do all week that you do not know this ?  Or, are you so dumb, that you forget it during the heat of the battle ?  Or had something to prove with your poor starting quarterback YOU CHOSE, so you think you will catch them off-balance and throw ?  Why did you exclusively throw the football once you got the 3 TD lead running the ball against the # 78 rushing defense who could not hold any team all year long ?  I swear to God, sometimes I just remain convinced you are a mindless dweeb. Did you think about losing Nick Chubb and did not notice we had 6 yards a pop running the ball on them getting up 24-3 by 3 TD ?  Is that why you gave up totally on running the ball, up 24-3 ?  Were you dropped on your head as a baby ?  Do you have some impairment not readily apparent looking at you ?  Are you trying to see just how poorly you can coach and get away with it, laughing all the way to the bank at us with your unearned over $ 4 million a year ?  Ludicrous.

Mark Richt your 68-31 after 2007 is # 21 of Won/Loss Records after 2007.  Do you think this is good coaching or even acceptable coaching for # 8 talent ?  If you do, you are 1 of the 15 % on this site sir who agree with you.  If you don’t, then quit.  For you surely are out of ideas.

Do you think that this is acceptable for the # 11 All-Time Wins Program to be # 21 after 2007, eight long excruciating inexplicable years averaging more than 4 losses a season ?




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