Mark Richt is NOT CONSIDERED one of the top college football coaches. He just simply is NOT. Who could we hire ? Not another coordinator. Not at UGA with $ 4m to spend. Not with our # 11 All-Time Wins status. NOT US. Coaches Hot Seat # 5 Mark Richt – who is not technical on football, on coaching, on motivation, and he is .591 vs SEC last 11 years – Compare Mark Richt vs Vince Dooley their each last 11 years ?

Jim Harbaugh at Michigan makes $ 5 m

Gary Patterson at TCU only makes $ 3 m I wanted him when we hired Mark Richt

Jimbo Fisher FSU makes $ 4.1 m I am sure he’d love to get our recruits and be in SEC

Brian Kelly Notre Dame makes $ 4 m

Chip Kelly Philadelphia Eagles NFL makes  $7 m but he might have to come back to college

Tom Herman Houston makes only $ 1.35 so we could get him for a bargain

Matt Campbell Toledo makes $ .5 m half a million another bargain

James Franklin Penn State makes $ 4 m but someone will scarf him up before we do anything

David Shaw Stanford makes only makes $ 3 m and I love this guy’s football knowledge too

Rod Carey Center Northern Illinois is only 44 years old only makes $ .5 half a million bargain

Dan Quinn Falcons NFL lost last night makes $ 4.5 m

Mike McCoy San Diego Chargers NFL only makes $ 4 m

I mean let’s be realistic here.

Mark Richt does not know football, as we are painfully aware watching his in-game decisions on time outs, on choice of QB, on preparing back-up QB, on roster management, on game strategies like pooch kicks, and when to pound it or finesse at 4-yard line, on basic simple football knowledge, discipline which he thinks is PUNISHMENT which it is NOT, getting players ready to play, motivation is another area Mark Richt is just useless at even trying to do – he is NOT a football coach.  He did not play the game; he sat the bench; he made no decisions at FSU and they fired Bobby Bowden and replaced him with a guy I’d love to see us entertain; while Bowden never took Richt under his wings and taught him how to be a head coach.

Vince Dooley could have taught Mark Richt this stuff, but Mike Adam$ fired him.  Richt’s minions – none of whom were fans of our school before he came here – say he is so much better than Vince Dooley but if you look up Vince Dooley’s last 11 years compared to Mark Richt :

Vince Dooley (1978 – 1988)

SEC Record: 53 – 12 – 2 (.806)

3 SEC Conference Titles

1 National Title

Mark Richt (2004 – 2014)

60 – 26 (.698)

1 SEC Conference Title

ZERO National Titles

Here are Mark Richt’s 4 main conference rivals (besides Nick Saban he is now 2-6 against) over last 11 years :

South Carolina: 6 – 5

Tennessee: 7 – 4

Florida: 5 – 6

Auburn: 8 – 3

26 – 18 (.591)

Jesus Christ.

Wake up !

Smell the damn roses

Average Recruiting Ranking over this period last 11 years # 8.

All these NFL Draft Picks.

Gruesome is the best word to describe what Mark Richt HAS NOT DONE with all this talent.

I have been looking at all these rankings of college football coaches, and he is not considered one of the best.  Bullshit from media about his record including 2001-2007 aside, he has not done shit after 2007 against ANYONE.

No one.

He can’t beat shit anymore.


He sucks as a coach and he is viewed that way nationally on EVERY LIST.

I have been studying where Georgia stands as a job head coaching here.  We are at the VERY TOP of EVERY LIST.

With good reason as I wrote to you yesterday.  I care not that I am biased toward loving my alma mater; the facts are UGA is a HUGE BIG DESTINATION, which is why Mark Richt took this gig.

We’ve run the string out as far as we can with him.

Mark Richt :



CONFLICTED WITH 2 GODS HE IS TRYING TO SERVE : God is # 1 he says but Family might be # 1 certainly # 2 right ? and UGA which is NOT # 1 with him and clearly not # 2 either.

Pay $ 4 m get a real coach, who considers this HIS DAMN CALLING coaching us.  We are ALL all-in and he is NOT.  Is he ?

Frankly, I think ANYONE ELSE would actually recruit better and get more of the very tip top players.

He ignores his trenches, and leaves holes all the time with too many at some position and not enough at many other holes.  He does not get his guys ready to play.  He is clueless at motivation.  We can not cover for him any longer.

If it is Kathryn’s cancer diagnosis, thank the nice guy and LET’S GET GOING on our goals, which are NOT HIS.

I am tired of his lies and secrecy and OTHER AGENDAS and LOSING.

4 losses a year for 8 years God Almighty Damn !

Top 25 time of game – cannot beat them anymore after 2007

Top 25 year for season ranked – cannot beat them anymore after 2007

Teams who just even play in one of 41 Bowl Games after 2007 : likely as not to lose barely 50 %

Excuse me, we are in The SEC.  These are who head coach at UGA has to play.  Who he has to beat, and he is miserable at it after 2007, eight (8) most excruciating years ! And, with all this talent.  Just damn son.  Damn IT !

Losses of more than 3 TD : Six after 2007 Six (6) !

Losses to UNRANKED TEAMS time of game or for season after 2007 : twelve (12) vols makes Dozen.

UNRANKED SEASONS for Mark Richt current 8-year period : HALF years 2015, 2013, 2010, and 2009.

SEC Championship : None in a decade – 3rd longest losing stretch in our entire history dating to 1933 inception of The SEC.

Get us on the National Stage big huge bowl game like Wally Butts and Vince Dooley did ALL the time by stark damn contrast, entire nation watching us  – never accomplished getting us to even 1, let alone win one.

National Championship ?  With the talent all 14 of them have had them head coach there 3 and half years on Mark Richt’s watch, none.  Not even played for 1, yet we have Six (6) National Championships in football by 3 previous coaches Vince 3, George Woodruff 1, and Wally Butts 2, and we’re # 11 All-Time in Wins while Mark Richt is # 21 latest current 8-year period and again with ALL THIS DAMN TALENT.

Only BCS Bowl Wins ?  # 23 FSU 2002 a 5-loss team after beating 5-loss Arkansas for SEC Championship Game in DOWN SEC 2002, and in 2007 when he beat # 19 Hawai’i.  That’s it.  Never played in real BCS Bowl game the world watching.  2 Bullshit # 23 and # 19 teams he has beat.  This is his high water mark, unless you consider 2005 when he came in # 3 of SEC teams in EVERY POLL.  ALL OF HIS HAPPENED 2001-2007.  How about now ?  Since his high water mark is 2012 when he got blown-out 7-35 four TD blow-out by Steve Spurrier USCe and same year mucked up the game refusing to let Aaron Murray spike it as Aaron Murray 3 times over-ruled Mark Richt only to submit to Mark Richt who told us all later he really thought Nick Saban would NOT expect a pass with no time to run even if spiked it.  You get that ?  Nick Saban caught off-guard dumbass Mark Richt said not looking for Aaron Murray pass.  Seriously dimwits THIS IS HIGH WATER MARK after 2007 ?  You’ve got to be freaking kidding me ?

N.B. at the Alabama kick-off 2008 another of his sorry-assed motivation attempts black-out he called for, he was winning 80 % of all his games !  Eighty point zero.  80.00.  Since he is 67 %.

You get that ?

Not some 10-win season bullshit in 15-game seasons, 67 %.

This is what he’s done recently.  67 % wins.

What period is this 67 %

1st 95 games as coach here 80%

2nd 95 games as coach here 67%

Get it that time ?

I swear to God, I think you people are morons – a term no longer used for those of us with an IQ of less than 88.

Dad was IQ 142 for reference.

You can’t be that stupid to even consider keeping Mark Richt around.

Either that, or you have not read this post right here.

Or, you think this post is just a post of all lies.

Which the friq is it ?

Nice guy.

Sucks at football coaching ANY WAY YOU LOOK AT after 2007.

Let’s move on.

Coaches Hot Seat # 5

If we had done something about this when I called for it pre-season 2008 with all the off-field bullshit being ranked for the 1st time in our entire history # 1 consensus, or when you ALL figured it out in 2010 finally, we would NOT BE IN THIS SITUATION NOW.

I hold EACH of you accountable for that.




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