62 % of ALL of Mark Richt’s Losses are after 2007. WAY BACK THEN 2001-2007, he was 72-19 – which WAS GREAT ! But, he IS only 69-31 after 2007, which is piddling pathetic paltry puny pitiful and UNACCEPTABLE. What are the causes of this ? Who is the biggest UNDERACHIEVER latest 8-year period now based on this # 8 average recruiting ranking for Mark Richt ?

62% all CMR losses after 2007 69-31 72-19

A long time ago, Mark Richt was great way back then.  That was 2001-2007.  You can NOT use those terms to describe him now after 2007.  Well, you may use those terms to describe him still, but you come off looking like the village idiot to all the rest of us who know in fact he has dropped way off now after 2007 compared to what he was doing 2001-2007.  Mark Richt has been unsatisfactory in his performance on the field after 2007; and, no one says otherwise.  No one.  Not one.

72-19 overall 2001-2007

69-31 overall after 2007 with 62 % of his overall losses after 2007.

With the average # 8 Scout.com Recruiting Ranking throughout as verified by the NFL with 86 NFL Draft Picks this is staggeringly unsatisfactory performance after 2007.

Were we spoiled 2001-2007 ?  Yes.  And, it WAS what we wanted.  We were Elite.  We were great.  He was one of the nation’s best coaches.

At png

After 2007, he has not been the same coach.  He hasn’t been.

With the average # 8 Scout.com Recruiting Ranking throughout as verified by the NFL with 86 NFL Draft Picks this is staggering, astonishing, astounding, mindboggling, stupefying, and shocking that his performance on the field has now dropped-off this much to where his performance after 2007 is unacceptable now after 2007 to everyone.

At the Alabama kick-off black-out game (0-31 halftime score) 2008, he WAS 80 % win percentage.

Only 67 % since.

Mark Richt after 2007 is a man who is going DOWNHILL, dropping-off, falling-off, declined, slumped, tailed-off and petered-out.

This is not at all what any of us want.  This is unacceptable.

F report card

You are not getting the job done after 2007.  Not vs ranked teams.  Not against top 25 teams time of game. Not against top 25 teams for the season year.  Not against unranked teams.  Not against even the 82 teams who play in a bowl game.  Not against teams who beat your butt by more than 3 TD after 2007 of which there are now already six (6) compared to none prior you spoiled us with.  Not against all teams.  Not against teams ranked top 25 for the season away from Sanford.  EVERY way you slice it after 2007 your performance on the field is UNACCEPTABLE sir.  We pay you over $ 4 million dollars a year to coach us. There isn’t something else we pay you for sir.  We want you to want it again.  The SEC is not a Church League sir.  Winning is EVERYTHING and NOTHING ELSE sir matters.

Mark Richt vs Top 25 Game of 38 games 14 22 Pie Chart

61 % of your losses to the Top 25 time of game are after 2007 as well, sir.

We’re sick and dog-tired of all these meaningless bowl games sir you subject us to.  We want to play in a big bowl game end of the season against a top team be on the national stage everyone watching us – and we’d like to win one of those games like Wally Butts and Vince Dooley did all the time – but you have never won such here ever sir let alone even play in one.  Do you understand sir this is not acceptable ?  Please give us no more of your statements such as : “There’s something here besides winning that’s important.” – “I don’t think we’ve gotta create motivation. I think we’ve gotta temper it.” – “What I do is not who I am. If I become what I do and I become just a football coach then you’re asking for disaster. My identity is in Christ. That gives me peace no matter what happens here.”

“That gives me peace no matter what happens here.”

We do NOT want you to be at peace with your performance after 2007 sir and instead by direct stark contrast we want you instead to


CMR avg lost games per year through 2007 & after.5397 after 2007 vs bowl teams 6731 chart CMR


You constantly nowadays do not have a quarterback ready to go – never practice special teams without a coach like 100 of our rivals do – leave yourself wide open with holes in YOUR recruiting that’s NOT Mike Bobo’s fault – never throw to your TE any more – you send your players to celebrate a TD – you change our uniform in wardrobe changes to the nation’s best uniform – you play around with just contradictory messages of I love you to your recruits and at the worst possible moments sir instead of properly motivating them to obey the rules and do it the right way and WIN sir which is what we HOLD YOU TO SIR as well so quit telling them they are just fine doing NOTHING which is how we view your perfromance after 2007 sir – your in-game decisions show a complete lack of understanding of the technical aspects of coaching a football team sir – you do not know when to play your best players on certain plays or at critical times in a game or when NOT to either – you do not recognize a QB when you recruit him as TE or DB and think Hutson Mason is better than they are – you do not even know not to pooch kick to give them the ball at the 43-yard line against a team who so calls you their # 1 Rival that they have the world’s most famous fight song about it so that they of all teams have 13 ticks on the clock to tie you sir at OUR HOUSE Sanford Stadium where their coach does not have a losing record at now – thanks a lot – you do not know when to get your team up and EXCITED and MOTIVATED sir – you do not know when to finesse or to pound at the goal line on 1st down on an interception losing by less than a TD on the road against another who claims us as at least their # 1 SEC Rival sir – you do not know diddle-e-squat about coaching decisions in-game sir nothing – your mismanagement and playing favorites of your roster is sickening – your time out mismanagement continues unabated as well – your losses by more than 3 TD after 2007 to six (6) teams is a joke to the WORLD sir – your twelve even dozen (12) sir losses to unranked teams time of game or for season year AP or Coaches’ Polls after 2007 sir are equally a source of making YOU and therefore all of us the butt of laughing stock as well sir – you EVERY YEAR fail to have your team ready to play all the time now – your wife’s heath seems fine to me sir and you sir are held accountable to coach not some other set of more important goals you have repeatedly told us all are what you REALLY HOLD YOURSELF RESPONSIBLE ONLY FOR – this is NOT a Church League but The SEC sir – you forget about your OL and DL – you fail to have proper secondary – your wide receivers are all of the same mold and sir kindly put are NOT getting the job done either sir – you were # 90 last year in passing offense and # 80 this year TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE and puts huge strains on your running game, special teams and defense upon whom your failed offense then expects to come in the game and bail their butts out – you are not ranked in the top 25 of the AP Poll and have not been : 2015 2013 2010 and 2009 which is HALF the years 4 of the current 8-year Period sir – you lose to unranked teams top 25 teams top 10 teams games away from Sanford against Top 25 teams for the season and THINK we accept this because you TELL US you do it the right way sir – all of this is untenable sir !  And, this is as kindly as I can possibly put it to you, sir.  You need to take some classes.  This OJT is NOT WORKING.

Mark Richt vs Top 10 game


And, it’s not just big games sir.  You were # 7 for all games for 2001-2007.  You are # 21 after 2007.  We do NOT want to be # 21 and that is UNACCEPTABLE for all the # 8 talent we HAND TO YOU.  We’re a top destination because we have a great University internationally renowned and # 56 here in the U.S. where the world sends their kids  and The Georgia Institute of Technology is # 36.  This state is # 3 for states sending their recruits to the Power 5 Conferences and # 4 in the nation at sending their recruits to any college team sir.  We’re the # 1 state for sending recruits to The SEC – the Premier Conference in College Football by a LONG SHOT – and you sir are on the 3rd longest streak of NOT WINNING THE SEC CHAMPIONSHIP ever in our entire storied history sir dating all the way back to inception in 1933.  You were doing it the right way and winning.  Now all you do is lose.  To everyone sir.  Every way I can look at it sir you LOSE !

We’re # 11 All-Time in Wins.

We’ve won 6 national championships in football : 1927 George Woodruff, 1942 and 1946 Wally Butts, 1966, 1968 and 1980 Vince Dooley.

We’re one of the very best colleges with a great football team a lot better than the other colleges with a good team sir who also are nowhere near not 59 miles away from a World Class City of 7 million and all that means to the recruits as well.

You are NOT taking advantage of this.  The ELITE are not flocking here sir because you sir have established yourself as the Charlie Brown of college football – that LOVABLE loser who can not win the big game and NOT even in the Top 25 Best college coaches 2015 according to Sporting News.

We have more talent and you have no in-state competition for it than every other state except 2 maybe 3 sir.

We have the # 7 best stadium.

We’re the # 1 Party School.

We have the # 1 mascot in all of sports, sir.

Our logo and uniform are world renowned sir.

We DOMINATE the NFL sir.

We want to at least play in one of these games on the national stage everyone watching us.

Get your act together and GATA or hit the road son.  There are plenty of top 25 coaches who would love to be our coach who can recruit better than you and certainly produce better results sir and there are NFL coaches too who our over $ 4 million dollar budget for you sir would be welcome indeed.  We want to be excited again and this has gone on all too long 8 excoriating years and counting and with 20 seniors off the team after 5 more games sir in The Great Exodus next year is certainly not going to be one of your finer moments EITHER.

Georgia Bulldogs.  Scout.com recruiting rank 2015 # 4, 2014 # 12, 2013 # 8, 2012 # 14, 2011 # 4, 2010 # 21, 2009 # 4, 2008 # 5, 2007 # 17, 2006 # 4, 2005 # 4, 2004 # 6, 2003 # 11, 2002 # 9.  15 years’ recruiting rank avg recruiting rank # 8.  Mark Richt 15th year as head coach.






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