Florida has a bye week this week too, and they ARE PRACTICING FOR US and have been, while we have only 2 practices ALL WEEK LONG.

We’re taking the whole entire week OFF this week, in this bullshit Mark Richt “coaching” we get around here anymore – except for 2 days practice.

No practice AT ALL yesterday, as I reported on this blog yesterday.

Practice today and tomorrow ONLY.

No practice AT ALL Friday.

No practice AT ALL Saturday.

No practice AT ALL Sunday.

Meanwhile, the Florida Gators whom Mark Richt is only 5-9 against, have practiced EVERY FREAKING DAY.

Florida barely lost to LSU, oh so close and really could have won the game.

Otherwise, they are UNDEFEATED.

They beat Missouri 21-3.  They are  LOT better football team than we are.

They beat the vols, whom we LOST to.

They beat the SHIT OUT OF Ole Miss 38-10 who beat Alabama.

Their only lone loss to LSU one of the top 5 teams in the nation, was 28-35.

This Mark Richt guy tells his team who has played 6 unranked teams by stark comparison – AND LOST ONE OF THOSE – and 1 number 13 team time of game :

” Oh, take the friqin’ week off boys.  You earned it.  We’ll have some fun at practice on Wednesday and Thursday ONLY this week.  Other than that, you guys have done so well, that well – heck – just take the damn week off from practices ALL WEEK ! “


Thanks Chip Towers !  I noticed we had the day off yesterday, but NOBODY ELSE did.

I reported that here on this blog YESTERDAY.

By the way, Chip Towers reports all the folks saying we are going to the Liberty Bowl or Music City Bowl or maybe the Outback or Gator Bowl :

That’s it for Bowl Projections for this football team taking the damn week off except 2 days for practice.

Our COACH is the problem around here.


Hope you are HAVING FUN this week MARK RICHT ?

Florida is going to kick the shit out of you.


Chip Towers AJ-C UGA Sports Blog





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