DISNEYdawgs.com fan – are you that guy ?

Do you think that we should be taking the week off practice this whole entire week except 2 days against a team Mark Richt is 5-9 against, many of those when we had YOU SAID the better team, pre-game ?

Do you think that Mark Richt was great 2002 beating # 16 Auburn a 4-loss team and beside that not 1 other team in the Final Top 25 Coaches’ Poll – losing to a really lousy Ron Zook Florida team when Mark Richt went 0-13 on 3rd Down Conversions ?

Do you think that Mark Richt does not lie, and that every word out of his mouth is not a friqin’ lie designed to control how you think ?

Do you think that Mark Richt knocked the lid off this # 11 All-Time Wins Program with 6 National Championships and 15 Big Bowl Games on the National Stage everyone watching us in 2001 when he beat # 4 vols, going 8-4 ranked # 25 in the Final Polls after losing to unranked in all polls Boston College ?

Do you think that Mark Richt is not THE Biggest Underachiever in all of college football with all this # 8 talent to be # 21 in won/loss record after 2007 ?

Do you think that Mark Richt was right that Joe Tereshinski III was a better QB than Matthew Stafford ?

Do you think that Mark Richt was right that Cam Newton could only ever be a TE, and not QB for him because he said Aaron Murray was a better QB than Cam Newton with his # 27 Won/Lost Record his 4 years as our starter with 10 % of plays fumbles, interceptions and sacks ?

Do you think that Joe Cox with his chronic shoulder and flu requiring charter flight to Stillwater was a better choice at QB than Zach Mettenberger, who we have seen play in the NFL ?

Do you think that Hutson Mason was a better QB for us than Jacob Park, Brice Ramsey and Faton Bauta with his # 90 Passing Offense, unable to throw the ball 4 yards downfield, and with his 40 rushes for 15 yards total ?

Do you think that a guy who LOST HIS JOB as Virginia’s QB is a better QB than Brice Ramsey and Faton Bauta ?

Do you think that Hutson Mason is a better QB than Nick Marshall and that Mark Richt was correct in telling Nick Marshall that he would never get any snap here as a QB only as defensive back because Hutson Mason is a better QB than Nick Marshall who beat us as QB and took his team to the National Championship Game, Mark Richt has never even been to, let alone ever won ?

Do you think that Mark Richt was correct to call the pooch kick vs Georgie tek yellowjackets, just when we miraculously had taken the lead at our house by a field goal, so that they get the ball with 13 ticks only remaining at the 43-yard line ?

Do you think Mark Richt should not have pounded the ball with Todd Gurley II, but had Hutson Mason who can’t run unless you consider 40 rushes for 15 yards in his career running, run around in the backfield, and throw the ball through the end zone if nothing is there 19-yard when he can not throw the ball 4-yard throws without floating them ?

Do you think that Mark Richt should have overruled Aaron Murray 3 times in front of me that all 3 times Aaron Murray told Mark Richt he was WRONG and that he Aaron Murray wanted to SPIKE IT that Aaron Murray was wrong against Alabama 1st and goal no time outs remaining with enough time for Aaron Murray to throw 3 passes ?

Do you think that Mark Richt should have told our team all week Alabama week this year that it is his job to temper motivation, not motivate the team to play well ?

Do you think that Mark Richt, just after 20 players celebrated night on the town in Athens, being # 1 Consensus Pre-Season for the 1st time in our history, ordered a uniform change to the World’s Best Uniform, Logo and Mascot, wearing all black against Alabama 2008 ?

Do you think that Mark Richt was right to order all his players to run on the field after their 1st score against a team Mark Richt is 5-9 against, collecting 2 fifteen (15) yard penalties, leading an instant score against us by Florida ?

Do you think that Mark Richt knows college football and what to do ?

Do you think that Georgia is not one of if not The best job in college football ?

Do you think that no one would take this job if Mark Richt quit, and who could we get, look at the vols, remember Ray Goff, be satisfied ?

Do you think Mark Richt wins the right way ?

Do you think that Georgia # 11 All-Time in Wins should be satisfied with the current 8-year period of 4.14 losses per season ?

Do you think that with Wally Butts and Vince Dooley taking us all the time to the National Stage in Bowl Games and Winning them for us that we do NOT have 6 national championships in the same polls that Georgie tek yellowjackets have 6 in as well ?

Do you think it is unreasonable to expect Mark Richt to have done the same if George Woodruff won NC 1927, Vince Dooley 1966, 1968 and 1980 and Wally Butts 1942 and 1946 ?

Do you think it is acceptable that Mark Richt was 17-15 for # 7 in the nation 2001-2007 at beating AP or Coaches’ Final Polls, and only 11-24 for # 24 since ?

Do you think it is acceptable that Mark Richt was 24-14 for # 7 in the nation 2001-2007 at beating AP or Coaches’ Polls time of game, and only 16-22 for # 26 since ?

Do you think that it is acceptable that Mark Richt was 7-5 good for # 9 in the nation 2001-2007 vs Top 10 time of game, and only 5-12 for # 31 since ?

Do you think that it is somehow acceptable that even against 82 bowl teams each season that Mark Richt was 35-17 for 2001-2007 # 6 in the nation only to drop-off now at 34-30 only after 2007 – barely over .500 against teams who even went to a damn bowl game after 2007 with this # 8 talent we hand Mark Richt, instead now # 31 in the nation ?

Do you think it is acceptable that Mark Richt never lost by more than 3 TD 2001-2007, and has done it already six (6) times since ?

Do you think it is acceptable that Mark Richt ALSO has lost to 12 unranked teams after 2007 AP or Coaches’ time of game or for season ?

Do you think that it is acceptable that Mark Richt was 72-19 for 2001-2007 and only 69-31 since ?

Do you think it is acceptable that Mark Richt averaged 2.71 losses per season 2001-2007 and 4.14 since ?

Do you think these performances when we’re # 8 average Scout.com recruiting ranking with 86 NFL Draft Picks, are acceptable after 2007 ?

Well, do you, punk ?

Do you think that Mark Richt knows what the hell he is doing, and that the fan in Macon in fact was wrong ?

Do you think it is just wrong that Mark Richt is # 5 on the Coaches’ Hotseat this morning ?

Do you think that it is acceptable that Mark Richt is not ranked in the AP Poll Top 25 this morning and has not been 2015, 2013, 2010 and 2009 – half the years after 2007 ?

Do you have faith in Mark Richt when 85 % of the posters of this blog emphatically say NO ?

Do you think it is right that Mark Richt is taking us to our 15th in a row meaningless bowl game 2015 ?

Do you brag on Mark Richt for taking us to 2 BCS Bowls he won only, beating # 23 FSU a 5-loss team 2002, and beating # 19 Hawai’i 2007 ?

Do you think Mark Richt is not Charlie Brown, or do not even know who or what that is ?

Do you think that Mark Richt maximizes his roster management, not bungles it every year ?

Do you think that Sporting News is FOS to say Mark Richt is # 26 best college football coach 2015 ?

Do you think next year will not have bad loss ?

Do you want to censor and delete and not allow certain discussions ?

Are you actually happy with our program 69-31 after 2007, averaging 4.14 losses a year ?

Do you think CMR is top football coach # 21 won/lost latest 8 years ?

Do you think CMR knows which QB to play ?

Do you think CMR is not to blame for his inability to prepare his back-up QB yet again this year ?

Do you think CMR doesn’t over sign signing 33 this off-season ?

3.6 years avg for NC Coach to win NC CMR era, 15 years CMR – think nearly there ?

Do you think all of this is no big deal ?

Do you think Georgie tek is our # 1 Rival ?

Do you think CMR has just bad luck ?

Do you wish that you never read a poster say : “Right now it is almost expected for Georgia to collapse in 2-3 games a year. For Georgia to lose a game they shouldn’t every year. For Georgia fans to hope for the best and expect the worst.” ?

Do you think that anyone posts this must be a troll for a different team ?  “There is no college football team over past decade who UNDERACHIEVED as much as Georgia. The Dawgs have had enough talent to rival anyone in country. But for whatever reason can’t win must wins”

Do you think that this could not be written by a national media ?  “This past offseason saw a national consensus anoint Georgia as college football’s most notorious underachiever.”

Do you want your son to play for Mark Richt after 2007, or before ?

Do you want your son to play for Mark Richt because you want your son to grow up being satisfied being a God Damned loser his entire most-recent most-current 8-year period now ?

Well do you punk ?

Do you think that it is a “mini-record” of Mark Richt to point-out how GREAT Mark Richt was 2001-2007 and how God Damned sorry-assed he has been his last 8 years by stark contrast ?

Do you think that this could not have been possibly said that the person who said this, whom you read all the time, and never expected to turn on Mark Richt ?  “Georgia fans have every right to be upset. We’ve had a ton of success in the W-L column – definitely different in the first 7 years vs. the last 7 years… Georgia has taken a step back.”

Do you think Mark Richt is not weird or stupid or both to have said this ? “What I do is not who I am. If I become what I do and I become just a football coach then you’re asking for disaster. My identity is in Christ. That gives me peace no matter what happens here.”

Do you think this is great for Mark Richt to have said : ◾“What I do is not who I am. If I become what I do and I become just a football coach then you’re asking for disaster. My identity is in Christ. That gives me peace no matter what happens here.”

Did you think that Kimberly Nash could not have possibly said this, until you read it yourself ?  Kimberly Nash : ” I get it. I do. Georgia fans tired being on other end big time losses. It sucks. No one is happy to see their team be looked at like they’re a joke every year it seems it’s Mark Richt who is always being pointed at.”

Did you think state senator GTP Get the Picture Bluto would never have said this this season, that it “is PUT-UP or SHUT-UP this season for Mark Richt” ?

Do you think CMR is better coach than the 14 head coaches who have won the NC on his watch ?

Do you think everything you disagree with should be censored ?

Do you believe that you lump-in all he did well 2001-2007 into what he is in fact doing NOW since to try to prop him up and make his job easy NOW or do you think that recently these latest 8 years by direct comparison he must do a LOT better ?

Which is it asshole ?

Do you think it’s better to brag on our program every off-season ?

Do you think it’s unacceptable to say we’re not getting the job done ?

Do you think having the # 1 athlete in the nation at Alabama game as our recruit invitation saying that Mark Richt did not bring his team ready to play is a not bad reflection on CMR ?

Do you simply IGNORE everything that is going on, GET ON THE DAMN BUS, and remain gung-ho about Mark Richt and the direction of this program in a prolonged 8-year slump ?

Do you say that someone is a Mark Richt basher and fail to list one item that is incorrect in the “basher’s” post ?

Do you really think that is an effective strategy for you to pick on a poster and fail to discuss ANY of the poster’s points ?

Do you think it takes just as much energy to sit there and do NOTHING and IGNORE all this shit coming down for 8 years’ time running now, as it does to stand up and be freaking counted ?

Do you think CMR is good away from home losing 17 of 22 teams Top 25 for recent seasons ?

Do you think a fan should not say what you say secretly yourself to those close to you ?

Do you think recruits should not be able to look up lists of our losses in games & recruits ?

Do you think defending Mark Richt is defending UGA’s Football Program ?

Do you think we’re better than other programs because we do it right way ?

Do you think there’s something more important than winning we do here at UGA ?

Do you think entire time after 2007 is too limited a timeframe to judge him on ?

Do you post on blogs about someone else not being as good a fan as you ?

Do you act as if your shit doesn’t stink to High Heaven Above ?

Do you act Holier than Thou when replying online to others about Mark Richt ?

Are you satisfied ?

Are you trying to make CMR’s job as cushy as you possibly can because he’s Christian ?

Did you start being a fan of UGA when CMR became our coach, because he’s our coach ?

Do you tell folks on YOUR blog they cannot discuss RELIGION and Mark Richt there ?

Do you never go to bowl games, so you don’t care we’re off to Memphis this year after Charlotte ?

Have you never posted a reply that CMR has lost it after 2007 compared to what he was doing prior ?

Do you think it hurts recruiting like ours are idiots, to post truth about our won/lost ?

Do you secretly read this blog, while telling others who question CMR they’re not a Bulldogs’ fan ?

Do you really believe one single researched blog post here is not true ?

Do you think Greg McGarity has helped Mark Richt at all ?

Do you think Jere Morehead has said anything or done anything since taking-over ?

Do you never have a point, other than Mark Richt is great ?

Do you have no details on our team ?

Do you ignore the facts about us ?

Do you really believe we’re relevant ?

Do you think we’re on the brink of a national championship ?

Do you post every off-season 15-0 and then run and hide avg 4.14 losses a year after 2007 ?

Do you then come back the very next off-season and again brag on Mark Richt ?

Do you think everyone is full of shit except for you and Mark Richt ?

Do you think Todd Gurley II was wrong to say he’s tired of us being mediocre and losing ?

Do you think the fan quoted here whose post says : “Georgia hasn’t won these types of games or been where it ultimately wants to go in the postseason in what feels like a very long time.”  is just wrong too ?

Do you think that CBS’s Gary Danielson was wrong to say that Mark Richt just “Georgia’d another game again” and that Mark Richt just Pulled a “Richt?”

Do you think that Mark Richt was right to say : “I don’t think we’ve gotta create motivation. I think we’ve gotta temper it.” Mark Richt 2015 prior to AL game.

Do you think that college and Pro Hall of Fame QB Fran Tarkenton was wrong to say :”If we are going to hire a religious instructor let’s go to the Candler School of Theology…and get some of their people to come coach our football team”

Did you say that Hutson Mason was the most important Bulldog last season or that Greyson Lambert is this season  ?

Do you think that we EVER have had the better QB on our team in ANY game after 2008 ?

Do you believe you have to write nice fluff pieces to be able to come on our campus as reporter ?

Do you always agree with those who want somebody censored ?

Do you attempt to ignore all the bad press and say we’re getting better ?

Do you bury your head in the sand, and quote CMR’s record back when it was 81 % win % ?

Did you know Mark Richt was 80 % win percentage vs AL 2008 kick-off and not know he’s 67 % since ?

Do you think The SEC was NOT down in 2002 ?

Do you think ANYONE thinks we were the best SEC team in 2005 ?

Do you think CMR was hosed in 2007, losing to 6-6 USCe not in bowl game & 3 TD blow-out loss vols ?

Do you think UGA deserved to be in NC game 2007 season and not LSU who beat 7 ranked teams ?

Do you criticize those who say we’re not doing well, instead of criticizing the coach who is in charge ?

Do you ignore 100 teams have Special Teams’ Coach and defend CMR on that, too ?

Do you think CMR deserves any more years for ANY reason at all under the sun ?

Do you think it’s even-Steven in JAX ?

Did you think Aaron Murray was great # 27 in won/loss his 4 years & ignore sacks fumble intercepts ?

Do you think Hutson Mason was great with us # 90 in the nation at passing the football 2014 ?

Do you think Greyson Lambert is great with us # 80 in the nation at passing the football 2015 ?

Or, do you think Hutson Mason was so damn great losing to 3 unranked teams & to the # 52 recruits of Georgie tek ?  Oh, I get it.  It wasn’t his fault.  It wasn’t Mark Richt’s fault, either, now was it ?

Or, do you think Hutson Mason was great because he rushed the ball 40 times for 14 yards total ?

Do you think Special Teams are for walk-ons ?

Do you make a big deal of it online when ESPN says CMR making play-offs 2015 and did you do the same 2014 when they ALSO predicted us there ?

Do you look at up-coming schedule and see easy teams you assume we’ll beat forgetting we lose them ?

Do you think if CMR can just sign some more top recruits, he will finally break-through ?

Do you really think Mark Richt does not waste talent ?

Do you say that Mark Richt has it going-on now ?

Do you whistle past the graveyard that Mark Richt is doing it the right way ?

Do you really believe that we’re heading up – averaging 4.14 losses per year after 2007 ?

Do you really think we’ve not had more than enough talent 2nd best in nation CMR era ?

Do you think CMR does it the right way when he can’t beat top 25, top 10, bowl teams, or even unranked teams ?

Do you think CMR is right that there’s something besides winning that’s important here ?

Do you like CMR as our football coach because he’s a Christian ?

Do you brag about avg 9 wins in 15-game seasons talking about 10-win seasons which meant something in 11-game seasons with CMR’s 4.14 losses a year average after 2007 ?

Do you EVER or have you EVER written online supporting Mark Richt bragging about 10-win seasons after all this bullshit hit the fan after 2007 ?

Do you compare 15-game seasons for top teams to old days when they played 11 games ?

Do you leave out the over 4 losses a season & brag of 9-win seasons – like that’s the same ?

Do you brag on CMR being 1 of 6 SEC coaches win 2 SEC Champ his 1st 5 seasons, none since ?

Do you brag on CMR having 86 NFL Draft Picks & never mention 69-31 after 2007 ?

Do you think we’re a program on the rise # 21 won/lost latest 8 years ?

Do you look at recruiting rankings dream big success, settle happy 9-5 or 9-4 for 8 years ?

Do you think it’s silly that the vast majority of all Bulldogs’ fans are malcontents ?

Do you think 31 losses for latest 8 years is great ?

Do you think no one should criticize a player ever, then go online and do the same all the time ?

Do you think CMR is coaching to win ?

Do you think to be a fan you must say we’re going to beat all these teams every off-season ?

Do you think CMR’s character trumps all bad press off field & his won/loss record latest 8 years ?

Do you think folks hate CMR when he’s one of the most likable guys all-time ever anywhere ?

Do you call posters haters when you disagree with them but never correct their facts on CMR ?

Do you think we only should post online how great our players and coaches are ?

Do you think you can ignore answering that if they’re so freaking great, why can’t they win ?

Do you ignore all our advantages in recruiting, and act like CMR’s recruiting will get us to top ?

Do you ignore the fact that CMR’s recruits always # 8 every year for 15 years’ in time now ?

Do you think Mark Richt will win a national championship ?

That he oh so close, almost there – wait until next year, or certainly the year after that ?

Do you think opinions should be censored, unless they say CMR is great ?

Are you confused about being a fan of our program and being a fan of Mark Richt ?

When folks say we’ll lose games inexplicably, do you think they’re haters ?

When folks say CMR great guy poor coach, do you think they hate him saying great guy ?

When asked what our record will be do you look at schedule and count wins easy teams ?

Do you ignore then what CMR record is against easy teams ?

Do you study talent of opponents, say we’re better will win, then not blame CMR when lose ?

Are you never upset at the coach but always the other fans for daring to criticize this losing coach after 2007 ?

Does it piss you off that ANYONE could list the 82 bowl teams each year and how Mark Richt even against just those teams after 2007, is 3 games over .500 ?

Do you always say instead addition by subtraction getting rid dead wood traitor good riddance ?

Do you sit there ants in your pants to think of excuses for CMR’s latest gaffe ?

Do you think it’s better to tell coaches and players they’re great, only ?

Do you think it’s wrong to tell them to GATA and prefer to tell them already arrived as great ?

Do you think your shit doesn’t stink but anyone’s who researches CMR won/lost does ?

Do you think you can Flame post a person & their point of CMR’s failures will go away somehow ?

Do you really think you can put shit on a poster and his valid point about CMR is trumped ?

Do you prefer to ignore the bad news & disallow posts after a loss for an entire day ?

Do you think you are in charge God Himself ?

Do you run a blog so that you can write come-on blog titles so folks will click yours to find out ?

Do you never have an original thought of your own, or just provide URL Links to everybody else ?

Do you put folks down you disagree with without ever the 1st word from you about their facts ?

Do you like to drink the Kool-Aid and brag about doing so ?

Do you think that is the measure of being a fan ?

Do you think anyone who is a Bulldogs’ Football Program fan as I and not CMR fan is just wrong ?

Are you a dumbass ?

Do you compare Mark Richt to Ray Goff ?

Do you make up excuses when Mark Richt loses ?

If you are any one of any of these, or have EVER said any of these statements, you are a DISNEYdawgs.com poster and fodder for my damn blog earning my DISNEYdawgs.com Award I’ve been giving out now online for longer than Mark Richt has been here.  I started giving out my DISNEYdawgs.com Award in the Vince Dooley era – in fact, before the DUMP DOOLEY hire Erk Russell head coach campaign in the seventies.

Old school Bulldog ?  …yeah.

But, I am also the one who SUPPORTED Mark Richt when he was winning 81 % of his games, back when The SEC was down.  Since then, The SEC has become much stronger and Mark Richt is out-classed coaching college football offense, defense and special teams.  Fine outstanding young man and family man and Christian, but By God Above – that is NOT what we pay him over $ 4 million dollars a year until 2019 for – but, winning and he’s not getting HIS job done.

What’s your excuse ?

I am not a hater.  I also do not want CMR’s job to be as cushy as it can be, but get him and the players to GATA, which is something we do not do.  You’re satisfied, and I’m not.  I presume, by now, you’ve figured that out ?

I know this.

There are a LOT of folks who agree with me that YOU’re the problem around here.




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