Mark Richt can not win the Big Game with Chart of all teams better than Mark Richt 2001-2015 and how their recruiting chart compares to his with number of losses and being on the National Stage end season everyone watching them, not us because of Mark Richt. Is Mark Richt IN THE GAME ? Or, does he in fact WASTE TALENT ? Mark Richt – Mr. Charlie Brown – Mr. Underachieve . The case against Mark Richt. The case for Mark Richt. Take the Miami job – I will rent truck move you myself.

Mark Richt can NOT win the Big Game !

In the chart you see the teams’ average recruiting ranking row labeled as RecR Mark Richt era 2001-2015, as verified by the number of NFL Draft Picks labeled as NFLd on that row of this chart, then the number of games LOST 2001-2015 since there seems to be some confusion on that about this guy labeled as Lost, the 2nd row from the bottom of the chart shows the number of national championships won by 14 others on the Mark Richt watch 2001-2015 which would also include Miami of Florida 2001 labeled as NtlC, and then the bottom row of the chart is the number of Big Bowl Games on the National Stage everyone watching with National Championship implications both teams ranked at the very top of the Final AP Poll labeled as NthG for “iN The Game” meaning their other 33 coaches did NOT SCREW-UP and prevent his team from playing for the National Championship with really dumb inexplicable losses as Mark Richt has done wasting all this recruiting talent with seemingly some confusion on his part whether we pay him over $ 4 million dollars a year until 2019 to get us on the National Stage end of the years, or whether indeed as he proclaims, I am paying him over $ 4 million dollars a year until 2019 for something besides winning here at Georgia.  The guy is screwed-up.  And, stupid.

As you can see for yourself on this page, 33 other teams were iN The Game for a national championship on the Mark Richt era, yet ONLY 2 other teams actually recruited better than he.

2001 17 29 22 15 8 6 2 19 11 37 4 48 19
2002 11 6 20 15 9 2 12 6 31 61 3 75 1
2003 16 12 4 2 11 3 1 12 44 66 25 73 14
2004 13 4 8 2 6 7 1 4 15 70 11 72 10
2005 12 3 11 19 4 5 6 3 30 63 7 73 13
2006 9 12 2 7 4 8 1 12 52 73 13 78 2
2007 6 33 1 5 17 30 2 33 9 99 16 57 3
2008 18 8 12 7 5 11 9 8 23 54 4 64 16
2009 13 18 21 3 4 9 9 18 26 64 1 60 6
2010 5 9 1 7 21 2 5 9 13 28 20 96 3
2011 2 1 26 9 5 15 4 1 13 38 6 65 3
2012 8 11 5 6 14 10 20 11 15 43 3 56 1
2013 13 16 7 9 8 15 18 16 17 38 1 42 23
2014 8 4 13 7 12 13 10 4 22 43 5 66 15
2015 3 11 29 12 4 14 1 11 21 38 8 46 7
Lost 59 50 54 41 50 40 43 54 47 27 32 28 48
RecR 11 14 13 7 8 15 6 12 22 55 9 64 10
NFLd 48 76 80 87 86 75 89 88 46 36 91 26 59
NtlC 1 3 2 2 0 0 2 1 0 0 2 0 1
NthG 3 4 2 3 0 3 4 2 2 1 4 0 1

Number of LOSSES after 2001, Recruiting Ranking after 2001, NFL Draft Picks after 2001, National Championships after 2001, number of national championships played for – iN The Game.

Auburn AU, Alabama AL, Florida FL, LSU LS, GA UGA, Oklahoma OK, Southern California USC SC, Florida State FSU FS, Oregon OR, Texas Christian TCU TC, Ohio State OS, Boise State BS, Texas TX.

Auburn, Alabama, Florida, LSU, Oklahoma, Southern Cal, Florida State, Oregon, TCU, Ohio State, Boise State and Texas have ALL DONE BETTER than Mark Richt ON HIS WATCH.  So, too, have Miami of Florida, Missouri, Utah, Oklahoma State, and Notre Dame.

For God’s sake, only Southern California and LSU have out-recruited us.

So, despite ALL THIS TALENT, you can not get out of your OWN WAY.

Recruiting Ranking :

Number of Losses :

NFL Draft Picks :

Notre Dame has also been in the game up there while again Mark Richt is not

Oklahoma State has also been in the game up there while again Mark Richt is not

Utah has also been in the game up there while again Mark Richt is not

Missouri has also been in the game up there while Mark Richt is not

Miami of Florida has also been in the game up there while Mark Richt is not

You want to know why all these teams – all but 2 with worse recruiting than Mark Richt (less talent) – ALL have been “iN The Game” up there while Mark Richt is NOT ?

2012 Mark Richt LOST in a blow-out of Biblical Proportions 7-35 four (4) TD Blow-out Loss to USCe.

2012 Mark Richt 3 times told Aaron Murray Aaron Murray was wrong, do NOT spike it.

2002 Mark Richt LOST to a lousy should have been 7-6 Florida of Ron Zook going 0-13 on 3rd Down Conversions for the game when even 1 would have won the game, for example the last play pass to a wide-open Terrence Edwards David Greene overthrew to. Florida even with the win over Mark Richt did NOT make the AP Poll Top 25 for the season.

As the # 1 in the nation overall athlete said on his recruiting visit to Sanford vs Alabama 2015, Nick Saban brought his team ready-to-play and MARK RICHT DID NOT. In fact, Mark Richt saw half his team over on the Alabama side line pre-game TAUNTING Alabama before being BLOWN-OUT by Biblical Proportions allowing 5 unanswered TD against us – ANOTHER RECURRING THEME FOR MARK RICHT, unanswered scores against his team NOT ready-to-play.

Time-outs wasted and then not have them when he needs them.

Forget to recruit OL, or TE, or QB, or FB, or RB, or DL, or DB, or something EVERY YEAR.

Roster Mismanagement and playing of Favorites – especially at QB.

Failure to determine who his back-up QB is, and prepare him for the following year.

Pooch kick so they get the ball down 3 at the 43-yard line with 13 ticks remaining on the clock in the game at OUR HOUSE to give their coach NOT a losing record at our house All-Time now – and, they ladies and gentlemen, average the # 52 recruiting rank – not the # 8 as Mark Richt.

Losing to unranked vols allowing 4 unanswered touchdowns and following that and Alabama up with a horrible showing against unranked Missouri last week.

Nota Bene (N.B.) – ALL of this would have been forgiven of Mark Richt had he kept up what he WAS doing long ago.

And, just what was it Mark Richt was doing long ago ?

At the kick-off of another horrible idea in MOTIVATION attempts by Mark Richt (Remember him telling the team to go on field on 1st TD vs Florida and for them ALL to celebrate?) (Remember him telling the team in the press all Alabama week that it is his “job to temper MOTIVATION, not to MOTIVATE” his team?), Mark Richt was in fact 80.00 win percentage all games 2001 through the kick-off vs Alabama at our house 2008 when we were # 1 Consensus Pre-Season for the 1st time in our history ever in both AP and Coaches’ Poll – since 67 % win percentage

AND THIS IS WHY Mark Richt needs to go take the Miami job. Good riddance, don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out Mark Richt. Let me know if I can assist in helping you pack your damn bags boy ? No charge. I will be there whenever you ask. I will stay until every piece of everything is right where you want it to be in your Miami home sir – no damage to anything. I’ll rent the truck. I will drive the truck or trucks, I will buy the gas. I will do the move by myself, if you just only please just only ask me Mark Richt. ADDITION BY SUBTRACTION son.

Specific prolonged slump in performance after 2007 in your primary job duty :

Losing to 12 unranked teams after 2007 in AP or Coaches’ time of game or for year.

Losing to 0 teams 2001-2007 by more than 3 TD and Six (6) since.

Dropping out of the Top 25 AP Poll half the time after 2007 : 2009, 2010, 2013, and 2015.

Dropping out of the Top 25 vs Top 10 time of game after 2007

Dropping out of the Top 25 vs Top 10 for the year for the season after 2007

Dropping out of the Top 25 vs Top 25 time of game after 2007

Dropping out of the Top 25 vs Top 25 for the year for the season after 2007

Dropping out of the Top 25 vs teams who played in a bowl game that year after 2007

Recurring theme for Mark Richt to not bring his team READY-TO-PLAY

Made it to be iN The Game like 15 previous UGA teams did on the National Stage in a Big Bowl Game National Stage Everyone watching :

In 15 years you have not gotten us on the National Stage everyone watching us play our bowl game with the same talent they had who DID on your watch – them having been there 3 years on average at their school with same talent you had here, yet fifteen (15) prior bowl games by The Georgia Bulldogs with 6 NC and 15 iN The Game Bowl Games by us with same talent we gave you Mark Richt, we WERE iN The Game.

N.B. : I would have even forgiven that – all of us would Mark Richt if you had not dropped-off from your # 7 ranking against everyone 2001-2007 at 80 % win percentage EXACTLY at the kick-off of the 2008 Georgia Alabama game DOWN ALL THE WAY to 67 % win percentage SINCE sir.

I want to be VERY CLEAR on this Mark Richt, sir : I hold YOU RESPONSIBLE with ALL THIS TALENT that YOU SIR, dropped-off from 80 % win percentage 5th game 2008 season kick-off to 67 % since.

Hit the road, Jack – and, don’t you come back no-more no-more. Hit the road, Jack ! And, don’t let the screen door slam on your LOSING ASS on the way out. Take the Miami job ! I will move you myself.

You are NOT 1 of the top 25 coaches in college football according to Sporting News 2015; and there are numerous NFL coaches all making less than the over $ 4 million dollars a year until 2019, I sir, pay you – any of them would be an upgrade, sir.

Even TCU coach Gary Patterson in 2010 did what you have not done WITH A LOT MORE TALENT than he.  I wanted him when Mike Adam$ made Vince Dooley come to your Church December 20, 2000 and give you this GREAT JOB.  You are not capable of doing this and WILL NEVER be able to :

How about some of these ?

Urban Meyer is # 1

Nick Saban is # 2

Mark Richt is NOT even in the Top 25

James Franklin is ahead of him, for example.

Jimbo Fisher is ahead of Mark Richt, too.

Les Miles is ahead of Mark Richt.

Bob Stoops is ahead of Mark Richt.

Jim Harbaugh at Michigan, another ranked ahead of Mark Richt as college football coach.


Gary Patterson at TCU who I wanted instead of Mark Richt, is always considered better than Mark Richt.

Mark Dantonio at Michigan State is always considered a better coach than Mark Richt as well.

David Shaw Stanford always, as well, is considered a better coach than Mark Richt

I agree with them that Mark Richt is NOT one of the Top 25 college coaches 2015.

How about an NFL coach ?

Honestly, whoever comes after Mark Richt is going to be very successful.

Is this who you want representing you anymore now ?

You can not get us to the Big Game like The Georgia Bulldogs have done 15 times before you got here. All these teams on this page sir – every team even named on this page sir – all have done better than you sir – ALL WITH LESS TALENT than we have handed to you sir (except 2 teams USC and LSU.)

You do not need more talent – you will just waste it !

Mark Richt can NOT win the Big Game !

He Georgia’d the game; he pulled another Richt and lost, inexplicable losses based on his talent here, but ALL that forgiven if he had NOT fallen off across the board to all teams after the kick-off Alabama game 2008 at which point he was 80 % win percentage 76-19 with 76 wins 19 losses at that time kick-off 5th game 2008 with 80.00 % win percentage and 67 % win percentage since.

He has dropped off from when he was within striking distance but never able to break through.  Now, he can not beat ANYONE, starting with Game 5 of 2008.  Not since.

He has tried on for you : “There’s something besides winning that’s important here” at Georgia.  No there is not.

We’re # 11 All-Time in Wins with 15 Huge Big Bowl Games NATIONAL STAGE EVERYONE WATCHING US Wally Butts and Vince Dooley took us to, and Mark Richt can not break through.

In fact, he is # 21 in won/lost after 2007.  Outside the Top 25 looking in starting with kick-off 2008 vs Alabama.

Jim Donnan was # 12 from 1997-2000 – his last 4 years and Mark Richt is # 21 his last 8 now.  We fired Jim Donnan.

# 6 at 35-17 vs bowl teams through 2007 – # 20 at 34-28 after 2007

# 7 at 17-15 vs ranked teams for the year through 2007 – # 24 at 11-24 after 2007

# 7 at 24-14 vs ranked teams time of game through 2007 – # 26 at 16-22 after 2007

# 9 at 7-5 vs Top 10 game through 2007 – # 31 at 5-12 after 2007

12 losses after 2007 to unranked teams AP or Coaches’ time of game or for season

3rd longest stretch between SEC titles since the league was formed in 1933

6 losses after 2007 by more than 3 TD while prior he never lost 1 that badly

80% win percentage AL kick-off 2008 – 67 % at 76-19 kick-off 5th game 2008 – since # 21 nationally

86 NFL Draft Picks – as good or better than EVERY TEAM IN THE NATION recruiting and nothing to show for it.  Nothing.  Every time, pulled something to NOT be in The Game.

Avg # losses 2001-2007 is 2.71 and after 2007 is 4.14

Half years after 2007 Mark Richt unranked AP Poll Top 25 for year 4 of 8 most recent years 2009 2010 2013 2015

We’ve taken a step back.

For 8 years.

You’ve made a lot of bone-headed coaching decisions – this Greyson Lambert only the most recent.

Another meaningless bowl game 2015 season.

Another one next year too after the Great Exodus of 20 of our best players, all seniors – nearly every starter

not won single big stage bowl game nation watching him Mark Richt era let alone even played in one

BCS Bowl Wins over # 23 FSU 2002 a 5-loss team after going 0-13 on 3rd Downs vs unranked Final AP Poll even with the win Florida and over # 19 Hawai’i 2007 after losing to 6-6 not in a bowl game South Carolina and being blown-out by 5-loss vols, and then there is the 2012 where you got blown-out by 4 TD by South Carolina with half your talent AGAIN, then 3 times yelling to Aaron Murray NO, do NOT spike it in front of me.

Over $ 4 million dollars for this ?

Religion – is that the problem we have here ?

You don’t know whether you even like to be known as a “coach” – you think that would be a “disaster” that you are “AT PEACE walking with Jesus whatever happens here in winning and losing at Georgia.”

13 billion years ago 100 billion galaxies formed in one nanosecond in the big bang with each galaxy having 100 million stars of which our sun is 1 – not something in 6 days which was created 4.5 billion years ago and 9 billion years after the big bang.  Excuse me we know the speed of light.  So either get BACK to winning and cease and desist with this “there’s something besides winning that’s important here” crap at Georgia or give me a call and I will hire the truck – no charge sir – and safely reset everything right where you want it in Miami.  You 2 deserve each other !

Big Game, big bang – big dud.

We have 1 of the greatest jobs (Calling) in the World here.




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