The GOODS on Mark Richt. After 2007 Mark Richt is 69-32 averaging 4 losses per season # 22 nationally latest most current most recent 8 years ! 2-15 vs Top 10 year 11% win %. 35-2 vs non-bowl teams 95 % win %. 29-23 games not at Sanford 55 % win % which is # 27 nationally after 2007 for games not at home. 16-23 vs game Top 25 is 41 % win %. 11-25 vs Top 25 year season 30% win %. And 34-30 vs teams who played in bowl game that season 53 % win % – likely as not to lose to any opponent who plays in any of the 41 bowl games after 2007 – the Top 82 teams ! 6-23 vs Top 15 game after 2007 is 20 % win %. And, 4 losses per season average after 2007. Unranked half the years 2009 2010 2013 2015. All this for # 11 All-Time Wins’ Program # 8 Average Recruiting Ranking # 5 Most NFL Draft Picks # 3 Most SEC Championships 1 behind vols. UNDERACHIEVER after 2007. 80 % win % kick-off game 5 of 2008 at 76-19 for # 7 for his 1st 95 games and 65-32 for # 26 since latest 97 games 67 % win percentage. Mark Richt has Lost it ! He cannot get the job done any longer now. 15 Big Bowl Games for us and this is Mark Richt’s 15th meaningless bowl game in a row. Mark Richt makes really stupid decisions in every aspect of this football program after 2007. Greg McGarity’s record as our AD is totally unsatisfactory. Wake up Jere Morehead, or you can move along too ! Hire ANY Top 25 coach or ANY NFL coach.

29-23 not at Sanford is 55 % win percentage all games after 2007

5-12 vs game Top 10 is 29 % win percentage after 2007

16-23 vs game Top 25 AP or Coaches’ Polls 41 % win percentage after 2007

2-15 vs Top 10 year season ranked 11 % win percentage after 2007

11-25 vs Top 25 year season ranked AP or Coaches’ Polls 30 % win percentage after 2007

34-30 vs teams who played in a bowl game that season 53 % win percentage after 2007 *

35-2 vs non-bowl teams 95 % win percentage after 2007

12 losses to unranked teams time of game or season year AP or Coaches’ Polls after 2007

7 losses more than 3 TD after 2007

3rd longest stretch in history dating back to 1933 of no SEC Championship

4 losses per season average after 2007

Unranked half the years after 2007 of eight seasons unranked 2009 2010 2013 2015

Number of QB who had -0- snaps at QB first 7 games who started & played every down vs # 1 Rival Florida : one (threw 4 picks and had not one designed run who is a running QB who should have been moved to TB last year.)

*34-30 vs any of top 82 teams after 2007 likely as not lose any team top 82 after 2007

God Almighty !

6-23 vs Top 15 teams time of game 20 % win percentage after 2007

# 27 in the nation in games not at home vs ranked teams for the year after 2007 :

# 22 Won/Lost Record after 2007 (current latest most recent 8 years)

80 % Win Percentage at kick-0ff game 5 of 2008 season 76-19 your 1st 95 games here which was # 7 in the nation, yet the biggest widest margin ever of losing it as a coach of a top program down to only 67 % Win Percentage since your latest 97 games 65-32 which is # 26 nationally.  This compares your overall record sir prior to kick-off 2008 game 5 vs Alabama black-out game at HOME losing 0-31 at half when you were ranked Consensus # 1 in the nation for the 1st time in our history pre-season sir with what you have done since.

Great Scott !

Underachiever after 2007 Mark Richt:

# 8 Average recruiting ranking with 86 NFL Draft Picks – piss poor coaching, wouldn’t you say ?

# 11 All-Time Most Wins Football Program UGA since 1869

# 3 SEC Championships All-Time with 12 one behind vols out of 2nd place SEC Championships

# 3 best state recruiting and no in-state competition for all this talent, wasted as it is

15 Big Bowl Games National Stage end season everyone watching us

15 meaningless Bowl Games Mark Richt

# 5 NFL Draft Picks Mark Richt

Mark Richt can not win the big game.

5-10 vs our # 1 Rival Florida

Over $ 4 million a year through 2019 for this ?

Mark Richt has LOST it !  He can NOT get the job done anymore.

Mark Richt makes really stupid decisions in every aspect of this football program after 2007.


Howdy Doody

Greg McGarity’s record as our Athletics Director is totally unsatisfactory.

Hire any Top 25 coach or any NFL coach.

Wake up Jere Morehead, or you can move along too !

There are a lot of open jobs out there Mark Richt.  Do yourself a favor and quit.  You are doing yourself no favors hanging on here with your cacophony in your interviews you sing out sir trying to whistle past this graveyard these most recent 8 years sir you have made of your career here now telling us all how you are at peace – no matter what happens here at Georgia.

Not ranked one of the top 25 college football coaches by Sporting News 2015 at # 26.   All those 15 Big Bowl games Wally Butts and Vince Dooley both won so many of for us here National Stage everyone watching us and not makings us the butt of national jokes, but with the same talent Mark Richt has yet to even play in such a bowl game, let alone win one.

Mark Richt you have guaranteed yourself now for your 15th season here that you will not even take us to a big bowl game national stage everyone watching us against top ranked team for that season highly regarded both, let alone win such a game again. Congratulations Mark Richt. You have accomplished this huge drop-off after 2007, while watching 14 other coaches on your watch win national championships with the same average recruiting class those 5 years with redshirt of # 8 that you have, and it took these 14 others on your watch sir 3 and a half years there to win their national championship. You have not even played in one big bowl game on the national stage everyone watching us, let alone win one 15 years now, now that this season is shot.  And, with all this talent sir.  Why tell players prior to Alabama this year that your job is to temper motivation ?  Why tell players you kicked-off team that you love them when they were so bad you had to throw them off the team sir ?  Why tell us all now that if you are known just as a football coach that that would be a disaster and that what defines you NOW is that you lead them to the Lord, sir ?  Which is your God for my over $ 4 million a year until 2019 ?  There’s something besides winning that’s important here at Georgia Mark Richt ?  What the hell is it ?  This is The SEC, not a damn Church league, sir.

You still have no special teams’ coach like over 100 of your fellow coaches do, and you have to show for it the nation’s worst special teams yet again this season.  Don’t you Mark Richt, sir ?

You have horrible in-game coaches’ decisions such as overruling Aaron Murray on spiking it to have 3 shots thinking you would catch Nick Saban not looking for Aaron Murray to throw, failing to pound it 1st and Goal from the 4-yard line with Todd Gurley II, pooch kicking the ball so # 52 average recruiting ranking Georgie tek yellowjackets could beat us at our house to have their coach not a losing record at our house, you giving them the ball with 13 ticks on the clock down by 3 at the 43-yard line.  There are so many of these that this bog has entire posts about nothing but these type coaches’ decisions you continue to make, sir.

You have tried wardrobe changes to nation’s best uni we have to motivate and you tried to motivate by you say having all the players in the game celebrate 1st TD vs Florida you are 5-10 against, but whole team went out to celebrate getting two 15-yard penalties. Again, there are so many failed attempts at motivating that have back-fired on you that again one could write all day on just this topic as well, sir.

In game 8 of the season, you start a QB whom you have given not 1 snap to as QB all year against our # 1 Rival you are now 5-10 against Florida with your job on the line, sir.  You said he was right there, neck-and-neck-neck with 2 other quarterbacks you have taught here how to quarterback.  But, you played neither of them 1 snap at QB losing 3-27 losing by 3 and a half touchdowns, and tried to save face 4th and 3 from the 9-yard line kicking a field goal to not be shut-out but all you accomplished is to be the 1st coach here in 46 years to have scored less than 10 points in back-to-back games. You have lost 3 of your 4 latest games and the lone win was the 1st win by us in 20 years where we did not score even 1 TD.

This blog has a category called 7 wrong decisions by Mark Richt which no one argues with on who is or is not going to be your starting QB here, sir.  Now, we see 2015 that we have nothing but controversy once again at QB.  Don’t we, again, sir ?  Faton Bauta now makes 7.  You are supposed to be a QB’s coach and Offensive Coordinator.  What are you doing with your time, sir ?  It’s NOT football sir.

You fail to prepare your back-up QB other than when you redshirted DJ Shockley in 2001.

We lose 20 seniors after this season, some of our very best players – and nearly every starter – in a category on this blog called The Great Exodus.  So, if anything, we are an old team this year.  Aren’t we sir ?

You are in fact with these average # 8 recruiting rankings and 86 NFL Draft Picks to verify such a ranking, the biggest UNDERACHIEVER in history, aren’t you Mark Richt ?  And, your drop-off from 2001-2007 to AFTER 2007 is so astounding as to mark a clear delineation mark in your career after 2007.  That with this same talent 14 others on your watch Mark Richt sir, have also averaged # 8 recruiting rankings for the 5-years making up with redshirt their team they have won the national championship.

And, make no mistake about it, your best BCS Bowl Wins were over # 23 a 5-loss FSU 2002 and # 19 Hawai’i 2007.  That’s it son.  Not at all what we expect, and not at all what we are used to.  And, not acceptable.  Your latest 8-year stretch sucks, sir.  Anyone who thinks it does not, or attempts to hide behind what you did do so well here 2001-2007, to say you should not be judged on these 8 years, is lying to themselves that they have too have not booed at the games after 2007.  Who wouldn’t ?  Right Mark Richt, sir ?  Because, sir you have been the Charlie Brown of college football – that lovable loser who all of a sudden after 2007 no longer can beat top 25 time of game, top 25 for year rankings, teams who went on to a bowl game that season, or even the dozen now sir unranked teams you’ve lost to after 2007.

CMR avg lost games per year through 2007 & after  Mark Richt vs Top 10 game