So here we are November with 4 more cupcakes all that’s remaining 2015 besides Mark Richt’s 15th meaningless bowl game, and where are we ? Well, 10 cupcakes unranked in any poll, one time of game # 13 and one time of game # 11 plus this bowl game. # 43 Winning percentage. # 86 Passing Offense # 85 Special Teams # 77 sacks by our Defense. What’s excuse for Mark Richt # 43 Won/Lost Record 11 cupcakes # 13 # 11 ? Well, punks ? Go ahead, what’s the excuse for # 43 Won/Lost CMR 15th season ?


# 86 Passing Offense

# 118 on 3rd Down Conversions by us

# 121 on 4th Down Conversions by us

# 100 Red Zone Offense by us

# 87 on 1st Downs by our Offense

# 68 Fumbles Lost mostly by Greyson Lambert and Isaiah McKenzie

# 63 Scoring Offense by us mostly because we play 11 unranked teams # 13 TOG # 11 TOG only

# 46 Blocked Kicks Allowed

# 79 Blocked Punts Allowed

# 74 Kick-Off Return Defense

# 77 Punt Return Defense

# 123 Kick-Off Returns by us

# 108 Net Punting

# 77 Sacks our Defense has made – unlike gtp Bluto aka state senator get the picture – I predicted this

# 92 Turnover Margin

# 83 Turnovers Gained by us

# 43 Winning Percentage 5-3

# 75 Strength of Schedule Cumulative for the season Toughest Schedule.

We’re Officially a CUPCAKE ourselves.  Cream Puff.  Powder Puff.

Where are we ?

Besides the obvious coaching search, and athletics’ director search, we learn today that Fran Tarkenton is a close confidant of Jere Morehead, and he says the culture is all wrong here.

NCAA Rankings to evaluate our team :

Our Bowl Game Opponent will be unranked.

# 43 Won/Lost Record Mark Richt 2015.  Well, you liars who purport to be Mark Richt Apologists, you bragged to me with this schedule of 11 cupcakes including the bowl game — 11 unranked opponents — and one # 13 and one # 11 time of game opponents that Mark Richt would be 15-0.

5-3 well on our way to my 9-4 wouldn’t you say ?

15-0 ?

Seriously, that what you think you have to say every preseason to be a fan.  It takes just as much energy to say 15-0 and how great Mark Richt is as it does to tell the truth and say 9-4 or 9-5 if we play Alabama twice ?

# 43 Won/Lost Record Mark Richt 2015 with THIS schedule.

Dear Lord !

Come on guys, you can make up excuses for this for Mark Richt.  Can’t you ?

Why didn’t Mark Richt ROTATE his quarterbacks, as Fran Tarkenton TOLD HIM TO DO ?

Because he did not want anyone to know he has been playing FAVORITES at QB for 15 seasons now.  That it would be all too obvious that Faton Bauta should have been moved to RB last year and still needs to be now this season – that he knows the plays, works hard, does not fumble and although had not 1 designed run for him in the only snaps he has had at QB all year long, is one of our most accomplished runners.  That it would be all too obvious that Greyson Lambert was not the best choice, but worst.


Fran Tarkenton once again tees-off on Mark Richt that “the culture here is not functioning properly. We’ve got troubles in our program that need to be fixed – the culture. Jeremy Pruitt has been very boisterous very loud hired 4 assistants including S&C and it’s not a workable culture now. I support Mark Richt but there are discussions going on – people are evaluating and this is not a good situation – this is a bad situation at my alma mater.”


“This staff that is over there today — and I am going to be very kind about it — it is not functioning properly.  I think the culture there of the staff is not functioning properly. As we all know Mark Richt is a good, fine, wonderful person. I think there are things going on inside of his staff that are unsavory. If you don’t have your whole staff and your whole organization of respect and understanding the roles of everybody, things happen badly. …We’ve got troubles in our program over there that needs to be fixed. It’s not about play-calling, it’s not about a defense-calling. It’s about a culture that has the right culture of love, respect, together.”

“I think he has come over and been very boisterous, been very loud.  I think he’s taken advantage of things over there. He personally has hired four of the assistant coaches over there including the weight guy. I’m not a great fan of Jeremy Pruitt. That has not been a good, workable solution.”

“Total disgrace.  He’s just awful.  He’s in an uncomfortable position. When you have three quarterbacks that have proven they can’t play, you’ve got to alternate them and hope one of them during the game can come up and play.”

“As long as Mark Richt is the coach, I support Mark Richt, but I think there are discussions going on.”

“People are evaluating things, I imagine Mark is evaluating things, but this is not a good situation, it’s a bad situation at my alma mater.”

Fran Tarkenton Bulldogs’ College Football Hall of Fame and Pro Football Hall of Fame Quarterback, who I grew up watching here as Bulldogs’ QB from Dad’s season tickets, rips Mark Richt ANOTHER one, again.  Fran Tarkenton donated six figures to the Indoor Practice Facility – the 1st to do so according to AB-H Online a pay-per-view site – allowing 5 reads before they hold their hand out each month to all of us, yet really they and Augusta Chronicle also a pay-per-view site, are really about all there are on The Dawgbone for stories.  This blog here does get its news from OTHER SOURCES because I do NOT support paying for the news on the Internet which you can get for free.  Fran Tarkenton was a DeMolay here at UGA and my Dad introduced me to him after one of the games.  I have always admired Fran Tarkenton from back in those days when Dad was so proud of him off the field, and one of Fran Tarkenton’s leaders.  Dad told me when he took me to the 1st Fran Tarkenton game at Sanford that he would fill the air with footballs.  Back in those days, that was something to behold.  I remember the beautiful Fall afternoons then on our beautiful campus and have followed Fran Tarkenton all my life.

But, if you want to pay them, here is the URL Link.  I am certain they will be only too glad to take your money.  Or, you can read what Fran Tarkenton said from all the other sources online on the Internet for free.  I am quite certain you can find this story all over the Internet for free.  This is why I do not go to pay-per-view sites.  It’s a failed model.  We must all be vigilant about keeping the Internet FREE.

Attrition : Arrested/Suspended/Kicked-Off Now, 2 more of Mark Richt’s recruits are arrested and suspended today November 4, 2015 – this in addition to Isaiah McKenzie’s situation which this blog has followed closely with those close to that situation. More BAD PRESS for Mark Richt. How again how has Mark Richt not LOST CONTROL of this football program ? You are so full of shit. He doesn’t over-sign ? Bullshit he doesn’t. 150 signed latest 6 years 85 Scholarships same as every other team. 131 could be helping. Where does all the talent at Georgia go ?


Natrez Patrick and Chauncey Rivers were arrested early Wednesday morning and suspended for Kentucky game.

Isaiah McKenzie has been commented on several times here on this blog by those who were there.  This does not appear to be over yet, either.  Does it ?

From eyewitnesses, and in the know, no it does not appear to be anywhere near over with Isaiah McKenzie.

The 4th off-field incident for Mark Richt 2015 is :

Marc Weiszer


“Courtney Coard, a defensive graduate assistant coach, was booked into the Clarke County Jail at 3:15 a.m. and released at 4:31 a.m. on bonds totaling $2,000 for the misdemeanor charges, according to the online jail log.”

“suspended indefinitely after his arrest early Saturday morning on charges of driving under the influence of alcohol and improper driving”

We do NOT know how many have been covered-up, but we know there have been other incidents 2015 besides these 4 already, and if we are out partying this morning at 2:23 a.m. several Bulldogs who have played this year, we know that there WILL BE MORE to come, as well – since Mark Richt has LOST CONTROL of this entire football program after 2007 and 2015 as good an example of this as any of the other years after 2007.

This type of discord is because Mark Richt is tough on punishment and lax on discipline.  It creates the type of culture that we do NOT want at The University of Georgia.  These drugs in these latest 2 arrests are illegal EVERYWHERE because the states that do allow them, do NOT for their age.

The number after the players position is his rank nationally at his position of 3,000 recruits ranked who signed each year to just Football Bowl Subdivision teams.

2010 Class :

(1)WR NR Lonnie Outlaw – Wide Receiver Georgia Military, failed to Qualify

(2)DT 16 Michael Thornton

(3)OT 90 Kenarious Gates

(4)QB 53 Hutson Mason recruited because we kicked-off Zach Mettenberger. Zach Mettenberger kicked off team – Quarterback – LSU. He has 8 TD Passes in his 6 Starts in the NFL with 60 % completion ratio and 1,412 yards passing. There is no damn way that he should have stayed on the damned bench against Okie State 2009. That’s bullshit that Joe Cox with chronic shoulder and with flu only played against Okie State. I said that pre-game, as I did that Brice Ramsey or Jacob Park should have played against South Carolina instead of Hutson Mason who gets to play 1 more football game in his lifetime. And, as I said about not Joe Tereshinski III but Matthew Stafford. We recruit all these top 10 QBs in the nation, but then we have this bullshit lying coach who tells you the obvious poor QB is the better QB. Not in their lifetimes.

(5)MLB 74 Alexander Ogletree – suspended multiple times for violation of team rules, including the 4-game suspension for REPEATED FAILED DRUG TEST mandatory by my alma mater school policy. Removed from roster supposedly for medical reasons. Part of a package deal in the 1st place to get his NFL twin brother, Alec. Mike Bobo said he had a bad attitude. Was he kicked-off or mutually agreed to go to medically ineligible ? You tell me ? The issue here, as with all these others, is that Zander obviously has an illegal drug issue reported widely and that he had a bad attitude, but that Mark Richt could not maintain discipline. It cost us games. It cost us tons of bad press. It caused turmoil.

(6)DT 6 Garrison Smith

(7)DE 12 T.J. Stripling

(8)DE 45 Dexter Morant – quit when he 1st got here. Unquit later. Then, flunked-out.

(9)S JC Jakar Hamilton – transferred-out Safety South Carolina State, not like we needed any damn safeties here, is it ?

(10)DE 52 Brandon Burrows – serious high school injury after offered scholarship. Mark Richt kept the scholarship anyway. Brandon showed-up and quit the team as soon as he got here too. Then, he too changed his mind and unquit. Then, it was revealed that he really could not play due to injuries and then was put on medical hardship. This was supposed to be good press that Mark Richt left his offer intact ? I don’t think so, like the others listed herein, this is why the other coaches retracted their offer ladies and gentlemen.

(11)RB 25 Ken Malcome – to replace all these arrested/suspended/kicked-off running backs, Ken Malcome was here for us. What did Mark Richt do all 2011 while all this was going on with Isaiah Crowell ? Well, sir, Mark Richt gave FAVORITISM to Isaiah Crowell at the expense of Ken Malcome that is exactly what happened. 2011, Ken Malcome witnessing Isaiah Crowell given the opportunity to play Florida 3 days’ after FAILING THE DRUG TEST and all the other bullshit Isaiah Crowell subjected us all to, quit Mark Richt. Told him to his face. Ken Malcome had Mark Richt over a barrel. So, Mark Richt promised him he would play him. So, Ken Malcome un-quit Mark Richt. Then, Mark Richt did NOT play Ken Malcome and Ken Malcome AGAIN QUIT MARK RICHT – this time over the LIES by Mark Richt to Ken Malcome. Tailback 2014 Southern Illinois. Good school with a top athletic department. OL depth issues, RB depth issues, secondary depth issues… Quarterbacks signs all these top 10 Quarterbacks every year, and NEVER PLAYS THEM EITHER. It’s Bullshit how you WASTE talent here Mark Richt and PLAY FAVORITES. Hutson Mason comes to mind. Joe Cox comes to mind. Joe Tereshinski III comes to mind; his dad comes to mind as coach. Your DC for years comes to mind Willie Martinez. It’s what you do, Mark Richt you sorry piece of shit. All contradictory to your goal of winning here, which NOW you say is NOT YOUR GOAL HERE AT ALL BUT SOMETHING HIGHER. Bullshit Mark Richt and bullshit son on you, sir. Fed up with it all. Is that a FLAME ? I know this, it’s every word true – and more importantly, it’s TO THE DAMN POINT. Mike Bobo had to take up for you with Ken Malcome, Mark Richt. That made you feel good ? Or, that made you remember what you promised Ken Malcome, Mark Richt ? That all while instead, despite all the issues with Isaiah Crowell, you played Crowell and NEVER Ken Malcome. Why recruit the kid if you do not want to play him and want to lie to him Mark Richt ? Ken Malcome was 2nd leading on his team Southern Illinois Salukis last year with 5 Touchdown runs, but this season was cut short by injuries. But, that’s not the point Mark Richt, why play Isaiah Crowell stubbornly like you did as nothing but FAVORITISM when Ken Malcome you told, you would play instead. Sometimes you act Holier than God Mark Richt and sometimes, you are totally against everything that are my Christian Values. So, quit already Mark Richt with the bullshit about your Christianity, and coach football players. Was Ken Malcome like all your other running backs Mark Richt ? No, sir. But, you played them all despite their BAD PRESS at the expense of good kids, Mark Richt; and, I sir, take exception to that, as a Christian. I take exception to that on the basis of chemistry on the team, and by that I do NOT mean drugs, Mark Richt. You do not treat players right all the time Mark Richt – sometimes, you just get damn stubborn and play them no matter what they do. Montez Robinson comes to mind – arrested battery/family violence, multiple incidents, in fact Mark Richt went to jail and talked with him after he had not only picked-up his girlfriend allegedly and thrown her repeatedly to the floor, but also had a previous violent incident with her also arrested for and a 3rd time with her where he beat-up allegedly not her this time, but her car, kicked-off finally after ALL this. Absolutely amazing. Lax program here ? No question of it. No wonder the players love the coach. It sure as Hell is not because he is only 68 % win percentage for the last entire 7 years here, despite once having a 81 % win percentage. There are still fans today, Mark Richt Apologists, who quote what Mark Richt did way back then when he had the 81 % win percentage, who tell me on my blog here that I am taking a small subset of his career here – the 2nd half of the Mark Richt era after 2007 – to talk about 68 % win percentage and running a lax ship. Stick it where the sun doesn’t shine ! This is what you do here, Mark Richt. You want to be minister to Isaiah Crowell and Montez Robinson while nice guys like Ken Malcome get the freaking shaft by you, Mark Richt. It’s NOT right and it damn sure ain’t Christian. Maybe in the slums downtown you could put forth that as that preacher there, it was right on your part-time side job to play Isaiah Crowell and Montez Robinson after their repeated violations of EVERYTHING HOLY to give the bad boy a chance, a shot in life. But, this is NOT a trophy for everyone, and we are TRYING to win football games here. Some of us anyway, speaking for myself Mark Richt. You just are not the sharpest knife in the drawer, as you repeatedly prove to EVERYONE on this earth.

(12)OLB 3 Alec Ogletree

(13)CB 45 Derek Owens – became the 15th Mark Richt signed recruit who left UGA in 2011 alone who still had eligibility remaining. It was supposed to be THE GREAT EXODUS, THE CLEANSING NEEDED, THE GOOD RIDDANCE, THE GET OFF THE BUS, THE ADDITION BY SUBTRACTION. Instead, it became the mantra of only the Mark Richt Apologists who bragged THEREFORE thereafter that Mark Richt would go 15-0 and win the damn national championship. Uh huh. I believe all that shit. Right. Sure I do. How about not one friqin’ syllable of it ? None of it. I am not having any of it gentlemen. Transferred Derek Owens, Cornerback, Alabama State. We did not need any defensive backs, nah. Nothing like that.

(14)WR 84 Michael Bennett

(15)OLB 23 Demetre Baker – 10th Bulldog arrested that year too when he was arrested for DUI and under-age possession of alcohol open container in the vehicle. These are not MINOR arrests, are they ? Mark Richt suspended this 10th arrest that year for Mississippi State, whom Mark Richt LOST TO, and kicked him off the team. Demetre Baker tailback then transferred to South Alabama college whatever that is, and then was found there too in violation of team rules and also there, therefore, kicked-off.

(16)OT 10 Brent Benedict – Joe Tereshinski II, otherwise referred to as Junior – whom Mark Richt just fired after losing to Georgie tek like it was his fault – NEVER had our men training properly for Strength and Conditioning. Mark Richt had no OL 2011. Brent quit Mark Richt after discussing Joe Tereshinski II with Mark Richt 2011. 4 years’ later, Mark Richt agrees. Stubborn ass Mark Richt. Stubborn. Really stubborn. If Mark Richt has only 1 character flaw we can analyze, it is his repeated dogged stubbornness. Offensive Tackle Virginia Tech. Brent Benedict was injured AFTER Mark Richt offered him a scholarship here, and Mark Richt kept his commitment; Brent comes here to UGA and cannot play because of the injury and then goes to Virginia Tech where his career ends with him unable to play, after starting 7 games last year 2013. He just could not go, medical disqualification. But, he sure took his shots at Mark Richt and his Strength and Conditioning Program here, didn’t he ? And, again, how does this look giving away a scholarship when materially Brent Benedict was as damaged goods as Todd Gurley II is today and as Keith Marshall is. We are running a football team here, not a Christian side-job Pop Warner everyone gets a trophy program – not here. If Brent Benedict is injured, tell him to walk-on and you guarantee him a Full Scholarship the 1st one that comes up. If Brent Benedict is not injured or it’s not a bad injury as this one, and he tells you that your S&C sucks big-time, don’t run the press and tell us how great your S&C is you numbnut only to come back now and recant all that saying it was all Joe Tereshinski II’s problem – certainly not yours. All these years, and now you say it’s Joe Tereshinski II’s fault – junior’s problem ? From 1982 to January 2011, Joe Tereshinski Jr (II), was the assistant film room projection booth operator and Mark Richt promoted him from that to Strength and Conditioning Coordinator January 2011. Players, coaches, pundits, color commentators and fans have pointed-out to Mark Richt the glaring issues on BOTH lines for example, and the myriad of warm-up technique non-necessary preventable injuries to stubborn ole Mark Richt. What does Mark Richt do ? He has bragged about Joe Tereshinski II (Junior) since the criticism started, stubborn as ever. He has disagreed with EVERYONE, and quickly changes the subject. Put his cushy damn job of $ 3.5 million on the line, and he FIRES HIM INSTANTLY. Not even a plan for replacement. I presume this means then Mark Richt that Brent Benedict was right after all in 2011 when he came to your office and told you all this, then, sir ? And, that you were wrong all along with all your hog shit manure you’ve shoveled to us since 2011 about our Strength and Conditioning as a damn Strength somehow Mark Richt ? Like everything else, which is it Mark Richt ? You said to the fan in Macon you knew what you are doing : “I know what the Hell I am doing,” you said. Really ? According to whom ? Because I cannot By God, find ANYONE who thinks you do know what the hell you are doing, and that includes now yourself as well Mark Richt. Which is it Mark Richt ? You know what the hell you’re doing, or this was all wrong from the beginning ? Which is it please sir ? OL+Brent Benedict+RFr.+Transferred to Virginia Tech

LB+Marcus Dowtin+Jr.+Transferred to North Alabama

TB+Washaun Ealey+Jr.+Transferred to Jacksonville State

FS Jakar Hamilton+Sr.+Transferred South Carolina State

TB+Caleb King+Jr.+Academically ineligible, flunked-out

WR+Logan Gray+Jr.+Graduated w/ eligibility, transferred to Colorado

WR+A.J. Green+Jr.+Early entry into NFL draft

OL+A.J. Harmon+Jr.+Transferred to Alabama State

LB+Justin Houston+Jr.+Early entry into NFL draft, failed drug test Combines

DE+Jeremy Longo+Jr.+Medically disqualified

RB+Ken Malcome+RFr+transferred Southern Illinois

CB+Derek Owens+So.+transferred Alabama State college

OL+Tanner Strickland+Sr.+Graduated with eligibility remaining

OL+Trinton Sturdivant+Sr.+Knee injury, career over

DB+Nick Williams+Jr.+Transferred to North Alabama

(17)OG 6 Kolton Houston

(18)S 59 Marc Deas – Derrick Lott announced he was transferring and Marc Deas followed the next day with the same. “With the news of the possible suspensions in the future for All-American safety Bacarri Rambo and starting linebacker Alec Ogletree due to drug violations, along with the suspensions of cornerbacks Sanders Commings and Branden Smith, Deas’ decision comes as bit of a surprise. Beyond Rambo and Shawn Williams, Georgia does not have a lot of depth at the safety position, which makes Deas’ choice to leave Georgia a bit of a mystery even to Richt. The loss of yet another player has also put Georgia in bit of a situation personnel-wise.” “You need as full of a boat as you can have,” Richt said. “You want to make sure you have enough guys out there to do all your special team work and everything. That’s part of the reason why we are making sure everyone is getting reps.”

(19)DE 30 Jalen Fields – failed to qualify here but inflated Mark Richt’s recruiting average like so many too many of these others as well, it was widely known he did not have the grades to get in, spent years at Georgia Military and then years at Louisiana Lafayette, then their coach said they parted mutually before 2014 season just quitting there as a back-up.

2011 Class :

(20)DT JC Johnathan Jenkins

(21)RB 1 Isaiah Crowell – Dream Team Isaiah Crowell was given a scholarship because Washaun Ealey’s arrests/suspensions/kicked-off who then was replaced by Caleb King’s arrests/suspensions/kicked-off. Enter Isaiah Crowell, who was arrested on a felony weapons’ charge. Crowell also said teammates Blake Tibbs, Quintavius Harrow, Josh Harvey-Clemons and Sheldon Dawson, who were passengers in the car, had just left a club called Aftermath, according to the police report.  The arresting Athens-Clarke County Police officer also stated she smelled marijuana inside the 2005 Mercury Grand Marquis that Crowell was driving. Crowell said they were drunk. Crowell had been suspended for the 1st Quarter October 15, 2011 and then was suspended the whole game November 5, 2011, both prior to this incident and there were MANY incidents on the field as well leading to all of us standing up and booing the kid. The entire crowd, both teams, stood up and booed with us at the Georgia Dome when we LOST 10-42 to LSU in The SEC Championship Game, widely described by Mark Richt Apologists as something Great Mark Richt did that he won The SEC East to get us there. There were other incidents too. We played Florida October 29th, and Thursday 27 October he failed a drug test, but was allowed to play against Florida 2 days’ later despite the double-blind positive drug test, which caused him to be suspended not October 29 for Florida but November 5 for New Mexico State college. Isaiah Crowell the # 1 RB in the nation of Carver Columbus was the LEADING RUSHER for both teams, Georgia AND Florida, getting the most rushes and the most rushing yards in a narrow 4-point win for Mark Richt. THEN, he was suspended AFTER the Florida game for failing the drug test Thursday prior to the game. Defenders of Mark Richt said they could not convict Isaiah Crowell, despite all the evidence prior as well, and despite the double-blind NCAA conducted drug test Thursday prior to Florida game Saturday because he was INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY. Obviously, they have never had the NCAA mandated drug test where it simply is not possible that either were innocent, and Mark Richt knew all that Saturday October 29, 3 days’ after the failed drug test by Carlton Thomas and Isiah Crowell, a mandatory at least 1-game suspension according to The University of Georgia WRITTEN POLICY – written by Mike Adam$ after all these arrests/suspensions/kicked-off gave HIM the Fulmer Cup National Championship in a season Georgia would start out # 1 and end # 13 in the AP Poll – had they started # 13, they would have ended-up outside the Top 25 – it was that bad – also described variously by Mark Richt Apologists as a GREAT SEASON, which it wasn’t by ANY stretch of the imagination. Was it ? Carlton Thomas and Isaiah Crowell, BOTH failed that drug test Thursday before Florida and BOTH were suspended for New Mexico State, not Florida, by Mark Richt who could’ve suspended them forthwith for either. Carlton Thomas also played against Florida. At the time, we ALL called for both to be suspended for the Florida game. We all found out about the failed drug test that Thursday night from Tweets from the players, and from the discussion again on the team bus leaving to Florida that they had FAILED THE DRUG TEST. This was improperly handled by Mark Richt, too. Wasn’t it ? Mark Richt LOST 4 games this season, BOTH of the 1st two games and BOTH of the last 2 games of 2011. It was NOT pretty sight all these mounting LOSSES and all these arrests/suspensions/kicked-off all 2011 season as well. It has been on-going never ending after 2007 for Mark Richt. Mark Richt kept sending mixed messages to the troubled-child in his doghouse and out of it all season long, seemingly every game; where even when he was playing, he seemed to be dogging it on the field according to teammates and most especially according to all of us fans AT THE GAMES like me. We even bought a Bust Boise T-Shirt at the Georgia Dome Game. Want it ? I’ll pay you $ 25 to take it. I am ashamed to even do yard work in it. Kicked off team by Mark Richt FINALLY, transferred to Alabama State college whatever that is, and now Cleveland Bad-Boys NFL where he has rushed for 546 yards this his rookie season there with Cleveland Browns December 15, 2014. It’s all a sordid mess for a player recruited by other schools, but whom Mark Richt signed and then kept sending mixed and contradictory messages to the kid. Interesting how the same very kid could have no issues with the coach at Alabama State or Cleveland. Isn’t it ? Dad laid the law down at our house, and Dad’s Dad was a Baptist Preacher. Every football coach I have ever heard of lays the law down, except Mark Richt who continues on, happy as a pig in shit, telling his recruits he signs that he LOVES them when he kicks them off. Mark Richt kicked Jasper Sanks of the team, and a month ago, Jasper Sanks said Mark Richt turned his back on Jasper Sanks, who it has been proven did NOT fumble against Georgie tek, as I said at the very moment it was called a fumble. Mark Richt because of his RELIGION, does not know how to teach the recruits to obey the rules. Obeying the rules is the definition of DISCIPLINE. We had discipline in our house of 7 from my Dad. Punishment is a punitive measure by those who are RESPONSIBLE for teaching discipline, which is not discipline but the end result for not teaching discipline. Mark Richt Apologists have NEVER LOOKED-UP THE WORD DISCIPLINE and to the day, still call punishment discipline, when Discipline is teaching to obey the rules, and punishment a punitive measure applied when the person to whom it REPRESENTS POORLY, punishes the kid harshly for their OWN FAILURE to teach the kids to obey. Funny isn’t it that some people obey the rules and others get confused, and do not obey the same authority. Trust me, all 7 of us represented our family when we were anywhere. We answer to the family, still, and always.   Washaun Ealey before Isiah Crowell was arrested leaving scene of accident, failed to show-up for disciplinary running, suspended multiple times by Mark Richt for violation of team rules, asked to transfer by Mark Richt by mutual agreement, transferred to Jacksonville State, arrested there on drug possession charges. And, before Isaiah Crowell, Caleb King too was arrested multiple times including DUI here at UGA, flunked-out after all that lax program we run here where anything goes, kicked-off, went to NFL Vikings where he also was arrested and kicked-off.

(22)MLB 37 Kent Turene – failed to qualify academically. Applied to Marshall, accepted and plays there now after having to sit out a year under NCAA non-qualifier rules.

(23)DE 6 Ray Drew

(24)OT 40 Xzavier Ward

(25)TE 4 Jay Rome

(26)CB 7 Malcolm Mitchell

(27)S 136 Quintavious Harrow – after other incident above, Dream Team Quintavious Harrow – Safety – Garden City Community College, flunked-out. The only reason offered scholarship was to get Isaiah Crowell. I did not like the use of my scholarship monies on this lowlife in the 1st place and said it loudly on all blogs as it was offered. Mistake from the beginning and everyone knew that. Was also a horrible influence on Isaiah Crowell. Bad element. Idiot as well. Didn’t fit in. Didn’t belong.

(28)OLB 27 Ramik Wilson

(29)CB 9 Damian Swann

(30)WR 146 Sanford Seay – allegedly a felony theft of cash from the locker room by Nick Marshall, Sanford Seay and Chris Sanders of over $ 500 cash led to Mark Richt not calling the police, according to the Chief of Police. They covered it all up in-house, but did kick all 3 off the team for it. Wide Receiver – Louisiana Tech 2014

(31)DT 50 Chris Mayes

(32)OT 28 Zach DeBell

(33)LS NR Nathan Theus

(34)OG 41 Hunter Long

(35)OT 23 Watts Dantzler

(36)CB 15 Nick Marshall – allegedly a felony theft of cash from the locker room by Nick Marshall, Sanford Seay and Chris Sanders of over $ 500 cash led to Mark Richt not calling the police, according to the Chief of Police. They covered it all up in-house, but did kick all 3 off the team for it. Later, at Auburn, Nick Marshall was arrested. This arrest was for possession of drugs and for illegal window tint to cover the use of drugs.

(37)WR 51 Justin Scott-Wesley – arrested drugs, suspended

(38)DE 37 Sterling Bailey

(39)QB 8 Christian LeMay – Kicked-off high school team senior season after we gave him offer. Mark Richt never wanted this guy here or his little brother. Mark Richt only wanted to be able to say, see ? See how I maintain offers after injury and after being kicked-off your high school team ? See ? I am a great guy. Come here play for me. I do it the right way, despite all the bad press and despite all the losses. Transferred-out to Jacksonville State college January 2014.

(40)CB 38 Devin Bowman

(41)WR 34 Chris Conley

(42)C 6 David Andrews

(43)MLB 11 Amarlo Herrera

(44)S 20 Chris Sanders – allegedly a felony theft of cash from the locker room by Nick Marshall, Sanford Seay and Chris Sanders of over $ 500 cash led to Mark Richt not calling the police, according to the Chief of Police. They covered it all up in-house, but did kick all 3 off the team for it. Safety 2014 JUCO transfer to Baylor.

(45)S 6 Corey Moore

2012 Class :

(46)OLB 2 Josh Harvey-Clemons 3 suspensions kicked-off, Louisville

(47)DE 27 Josh Dawson

(48)CB 11 Sheldon Dawson – violation of team rules, suspended, then after all that bad attitude arguing coaches who to play and what plays to run, rumored transferring to Memphis

(49)RB 13 Todd Gurley II – admitted sold autographs for 2 years for $3,000 unreported income, suspended for 4 games threw the entire team into turmoil, then Mark Richt after he had not played from Oct 4 to Nov 15, left him in for 29th carry to gain a 4 TD lead with a 3 TD lead already only 5 minutes remaining when Todd already was nursing a previous injury in this same game and was seen compensating for the injury he already had – also had a 100-yard kick-off return called back. He was worn-out beyond all get-out, and it was a bitter cold windy day – Mark Richt criticized widely for leaving him in, did not do so next game with Nick Chubb. Has ins policy paid for by UGA which he no doubt will have to invoke in the NFL Draft he was going to be a Top 8 pick in – announced from hospital he is the only Bulldog to say he will declare for early entry into the NFL Draft. Mark Richt would be liable if Todd sues him personally in addition for gross negligence.

(50)DE 5 Jordan Jenkins

(51)OT JC Mark Beard

(52)RB 1 Keith Marshall

(53)QB 24 Faton Bauta – Started with no snaps at QB all 2015 vs our # 1 Rival FU

(54)WR 52 Blake Tibbs

(55)DT 23 John Atkins

(56)OG 41 Greg Pyke

(57)OT 2 John Theus

(58)DT 9 Jonathan Taylor – criminal arrest stealing from UGA double check-cashing, arrested felony aggravated assault/family violence, kicked off, Miss St, LSU, West Vir, or Alabama

(59)DE 74 James Deloach – criminal arrest stealing from UGA double check-cashing

(61)P NR Collin Barber

(62)FB 2 Quayvon Hicks

(63)DE 18 Leonard Floyd – this is the 1st time we recruited him and inflated Mark Richt’s recruiting ranking because he failed to qualify academically.

(64)TE 18 Ty Flournoy-Smith – arrested for filing false report of a crime, then Josh-Harvey Clemons admitted to UGA police that Josh had been doing drugs in his room and Ty was in the room with Josh – so Ty was kicked-off the team and Josh was given a 1-game suspension for the opening game for this offense that cost Ty his scholarship here and got Ty kicked-off the team. The police report read that the dorm room wreaked of drugs that permeated the hallways. Had this gone in Colorado, Oregon Washington, and Alaska this incident would have been illegal because of their age. In ADDITION to all that, the books he said were stolen in a sworn police report, were turned-in by him for cash later. Ty Flournoy-Smith is Tight End Alabama 2014 playing in the play-offs and # 1 in the nation.

(65)K 7 Marshall Morgan – arrested BUI, suspended

2013 Class :

(66)DE JC   Toby Johnson

(67)DE 27   Davin Bellamy – arrested DUI, suspended

(68)OT 31   DeVondre Seymour – failed to qualify, at Hinds Community College Mississippi, nephew and adopted son of Richard who I thought deserved Super Bowl MVP quite clearly he was the star of the game.  The following year, signed with us and quit.

(69)RB NR   Brendan Douglas

(70)CB 15   Shaq Wiggins – arrested failure appear, driving suspended license, speeding, bad attitude weight room, rumored kicked-off, Louisville

(71)WR 18   Tramel Terry – up and quit Mark Richt when Mark Richt kept his Scholarship to him despite him then after that being injured in Shrine Game.

(72)S JC   Kennar Johnson

(73)WR JC   Jonathon Rumph

(74)CB 19   Brendan Langley – Started at Free Safety against Missouri in 34-0 rout, played in 5 other games 2014, transferred-out, did not get a snap against Georgie tek, but did the game before, already not listed on roster

(75)RB 37   A.J. Turman – just wasted here totally

(76)OLB PG   Leonard Floyd this time he qualified

(77)DT PG   John Atkins

(78)S JC   Shaquille Fluker – Safety – Transferred-out also to Jacksonville State for 2014 season after recruited here JUCO from East Mississippi Community College but never got a single snap here at UGA.

(79)S 34   Paris Bostick – Safety/Linebacker – Mutually Transferred-out 2014 to Iowa Western Community College, forced out, forced transfer. Butted heads with Mark Richt in bold fashion. I’ve done that myself. If you have, it is because of me. “I mean, best of luck to all the other recruits and everybody who’s up there, but I’m not coming up there to sit on the bench and wait my turn. That’s not me.” Jerked around from Safety to Inside Linebacker and buried at that position with all the issues we have in the secondary, quite obviously. Quit. Forced Out. Both. He did not want to be buried on depth chart at ILB but PLAY in the completely depleted Secondary. This one is on Mark Richt too, and he and he alone, as he is the coach. It ALL REFLECTS on Mark Richt and his mismanagement of the talent. Doesn’t it ? When it is THIS PREVALENT, and at positions of needs, Mark Richt’s REPEATED STUBBORNNESS, is a character flaw caused by his Christian Beliefs where Mark Richt is sure he is Forgiven, so he does whatever the Hell he wants to do, even though it is in DIRECT CONFLICT with his $ 3.5 million CALLING, supposedly to be our head coach – not some damn Christian Minister. I go to Church, but I would not make these decisions. This is because I am balanced and know that being a preacher like Grand Dad is NOT my calling in life. His, yes sir. That’s fine, but do NOT make decisions that are directly because you THINK you are a PREACHER when what you SAID your calling is is to coach our kids. There is NOTHING we adhere to here more important than winning and making decisions which lead to success on the football field and off the field representing YOU MARK RICHT and us well, both on the field and off. You just don’t get it Mark Richt. Quit coaching and preach, sir. Quit the charades.   I am not in the least bit fooled by your RELIGION Mark Richt. Know why ? I have spent MORE time in Church than you have Mark Richt, only led to the Lord by Bobby Bowden and that not long ago. You’re just confused Mark Richt and NOT CENTERED, sir. You also have not done shit after 2007. What’s that all about ? 2011 was not the only year Mark Richt had no OL. He had the same problem 4 previous times, and each time went out ONLY THEN and recruited 7 OL in one season. That’s just bullshit Mark Richt. 2008, you had this problem with your OL. 2002, you had this problem with your OL. 2003, you had this problem with your OL. 2004, you had this problem with your OL. Why the same recurring problems with your OL, Mark Richt, son ? What’s the deal here ? Can’t you communicate Mark Richt ? You surely struggle with communicating with the Press, too, don’t you ? Remember the fan in Macon, you quipped back to with I know what the Hell I am doing. Remember ? All this storm from ALL THESE OLD-SCHOOL BULLDOG FANS, and yes 1 guy has been dogged in this from the get-go : ME ! And, Mark Richt in his stubbornness, has made NO EFFORT to communicate with the base who PAY HIM $ 3.5 million a year. Know why ? Because he is freaking stubborn. By the way, stubborn is not a Christian personality trait; in fact, it is completely the OPPOSITE of Christian personality traits. Christians are NOT stubborn. Christians are completely the opposite of stubborn.

(80)TE 15   Jordan Davis

(81)DE 53   Shaun McGee

(82)MLB 5   Tim Kimbrough

(83)S 76   Quincy Mauger

(84)WR 57   Rico Johnson

(85)WR 110   Reggie Davis

(86)WR 70   Uriah LeMay – brother (here) kicked-off high school team, Uriah criminal arrest stealing from UGA double check-cashing including cashing check of roommate, transferred to Univ No Car Charlotte

(87)OG 11   Brandon Kublanow

(88)C 5   Josh Cardiello

(89)CB 27   Reggie Wilkerson

(90)CB 72   J.J. Green – played in only 8 games this 2014 season, including one Start against the vols at cornerback, transfer – although he is still listed on the roster – obviously all this is hard for The University of Georgia to keep-up with as well. Transfer Georgie tek – obviously, they NEVER let us have 1 of their players who quits their team but for some really odd reason, we allow very talented players who started for us this season – J.J. Green – to transfer to Georgie tek. All we ever did with this talent was jerk him around here, and he is a crowd favorite who kept his nose clean and stayed out of trouble. Fine young man. Excellent football player, EVERY position, they jerked him around to and from. 2-way player. Probable NFL Draft Pick. Good guy. Put up with a lot of crap here, which the coaches pulled on HIM.

(91)MLB 9   Reggie Carter

(92)OT 65   Aulden Bynum

(93)MLB 38   Ryne Rankin

(94)MLB 11   Johnny O’Neal III

(95)DT 52   DeAndre Johnson – Defensive Tackle from Newnan Northgate High, medical disqualification

(96)DT JC   Chris Mayes

(97)S 9   Tray Matthews – criminal arrest stealing from UGA double check-cashing, bragged blessed to be at Auburn

(98)QB 7   Brice Ramsey – never prepared to be back-up QB, not started 1 game at QB but Faton Bauta has 1 Start at QB and Greyson Lambert has Started 7 at QB.

2014 Class :

(99)RB 37   Isaiah McKenzie – witnesses on this blog have commented of that which they know they say

(100)TE 47   Hunter Atkinson – Tight End – just up and quit June 18, 2014

(101)DT 13   Lamont Gaillard

(102)DE 5   Lorenzo Carter

(103)CB 100   Shaquille Jones – arrested shoplifting, kicked-off

(104)WR 185   Dominick Sanders

(105)WR PG NR Rico Johnson – medical disqualification

(106)DE 19   Keyon Brown

(107)CB JC   Shattle Fenteng

(108)OG 11   Isaiah Wynn

(109)WR 51   Shakenneth Williams

(110)OT 21   Dyshon Sims

(111)OT 26   Kendall Baker

(112)MLB 14   Detric Bing-Dukes

(113)QB 8   Jacob Park – up and quit having been given no opportunity at all whatsoever and just look at what he could have provided to this depth chart Mark Richt ?

(114)CB 11   Malkom Parrish

(115)RB 9   Nick Chubb – All America injured surgery

(116)WR 109   Gilbert Johnson – Wide Receiver Signed 2014, failed to Qualify

(117)OG 41    Jake Edwards

(118)RB 2   Sony Michel

(119)TE 4   Jeb Blazevich

2015 Class :

(120)MLB 1 Roquan Smith

(121)WR 5 Terry Godwin

(122)CB 16 Rico McGraw

(123)OT 21 Patrick Allen

(124)DT 45 Daquan Hawkins

(125)S 60  Kirby Choates

(126)WR 62 Shacquery Wilson

(127)WR 172 Tae Crowder

(128)OT 81 Sam Madden

(129)OLB 7 D’Andre Walker

(130)CB 45 Juwuan Briscoe

(131)OLB Chuks Amaechi

(132)CB 44 Jarvis Wilson

(133)OL Devondre Seymour adopted son Richard up and quit

(134)S 18 Rashad Roundtree

(135)S 49 Johnathan Abram

(136)DE 42 Michael Barnett

(137)DT 10 Johnathan Ledbetter

(138)WR 43 Jayson Stanley

(139)DT 2 Trenton Thompson

(140)WR 40 Michael Chigbu

(141)OT 77 Sage Hardin

(142)TE 6 Jackson Harris

(143)OLB 15 Gary McCrae

(144)CB 72 Deandre Baker

(145)OLB 37 Juwuan Taylor

(146)DT 30 Justin Young

(147)DE 26 Chauncey Rivers – arrested 11-4-15 drugs suspended Kentucky game

(148)DE 12 Natrez Patrick – arrested 11-4-15 drugs suspended Kentucky game

This 2015 Recruiting Class, Darnell Salomon is arrested felony burglary on recruiting invite here July 23, 2014. The beat goes on, and the losses therewith.

(149) Greyson Lambert transfer in QB # 21

(150) Jake Ganus transfer in our # 1 player this year offered Scholarship by Navy, Air Force & UAB

Can you just imagine how bad we’d be without Jake Ganus ?

Unranked with him.

The number after the players position is his rank nationally at his position of 3,000 recruits ranked who signed each year to just Football Bowl Subdivision teams.

We have 85 Scholarships, same as every other team; but we have signed 150 latest 6 years 2010-2015.  Only 5 were drafted by the NFL in the 2015 NFL Draft and none drafted early the year before, and only 7 more tried to get on with an NFL team as a free agent 2015.

Where does all the talent go at Georgia ?

So, if you subtract out the 19 recruits signed by Mark Richt 2010 who could be playing 2015 too with a medical redshirt too, you have 150-19 you still have 131 signed who with redshirt could be helping 2015.  Right ?   85 Scholarships – that’s what Mark Richt is allotted. Signed 131.  Does not over-sign ?  Excuse me ?

You want to explain to me again how this is not over-signing please by Mark Richt, or how he gets all the accolades for their recruitment here, but none of the blame for what they do or do not do on the field and off it ?  He signed them all 150 of his latest here. 131 of the 150 could be helping with a redshirt.  Sure they represent Mark Richt.

This has all been on-going horror story for Mark Richt.  Hasn’t it ?

2 more Arrested/Suspended/Kicked-Off.  Wonderful.

What’s next pray tell ?

Here are the 9 Mark Richt Starting Quarterbacks for The Bulldogs and their won/lost record and win percentage as Starting QB. Where would Brice Ramsey be today and Mark Richt had he started him every game as everyone expected ? I bet he wouldn’t be 5-3 nor Jacob Park, either. Jake Eason – would he expect to start ahead of Brice Ramsey too ? Why hasn’t Mark Richt taught the basics to Brice Ramsey – why on the fake punt did Brice Ramsey once again not set his feet so that his pass to open receiver did not fade away from him, again ? When do the Mark Richt Apologists fans not hold Mark Richt accountable for what has transpired with Brice Ramsey and why doesn’t he go elsewhere like Jacob Park ?

.00 Faton Bauta win % as Starting QB 0-1

.40 Joe Tereshinski III win % as Starting QB 2-3

.64 Joe Cox win % as Starting QB 9-5

.67 Aaron Murray win % as Starting QB 35-17

.71 Greyson Lambert win % as Starting QB 5-2

.73 Hutson Mason win % as Starting QB 11-4

.80 Matthew Stafford win % as Starting QB 27-7

.81 David Greene win % as Starting QB 42-10

.83 DJ Shockley win % as Starting QB 10-2

Barrett Sallee SEC Football Lead Writer the Bleacher Report Mark Richt Apologist (1) “Why Mark Richt and Georgia Are Killing It This Offseason” “it’s been an eventful offseason for the Georgia Bulldogs. For the most part those events have been positive. The momentum continued on Monday” “It’s just the latest in a series of events that have generated momentum within the Georgia football program” “Georgia entered the day with a top-flight class that included the nation’s No. 1 overall player in defensive tackle Trent Thompson seven early enrollees including three defensive linemen and Terry Godwin the nation’s top-ranked athlete.” “The talent that flocks to Athens every year keeps it competitive year in and year out in the SEC East. That’s not going to change anytime soon.” “That has created a sense of stability within the program which is something that trickles down to current players and high school prospects who now know that massive staff changes aren’t as likely” “It’s clear that Richt and his staff have taken the initiative” (2) This is pretty simple: Richt is not and will not be on the hot seat in 2015. Part of that anger stems from unrealistic expectations. (3) “While making a change at head coach might seem like it’s the popular answer after the Cocktail Party debacle that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the right answer. Be careful what you wish for Bulldog nation. You might get it.” Aren’t you the one with unrealistic expectations and not us sir ?


“Why Mark Richt and Georgia Are Killing It This Offseason”

“Why Mark Richt and Georgia Are Killing It This Offseason”

“it’s been an eventful offseason for the Georgia Bulldogs.  For the most part, those events have been positive.   The momentum continued on Monday”

“It’s just the latest in a series of events that have generated momentum within the Georgia football program:”

“Georgia entered the day with a top-flight class that included the nation’s No. 1 overall player in defensive tackle Trent Thompson, seven early enrollees including three defensive linemen and Terry Godwin, the nation’s top-ranked athlete.”

“the talent that flocks to Athens every year keeps it competitive year in and year out in the SEC East. That’s not going to change anytime soon.”

“That has created a sense of stability within the program, which is something that trickles down to current players and high school prospects who now know that massive staff changes aren’t as likely”

“It’s clear that Richt and his staff have taken the initiative”
“This is pretty simple: Richt is not and will not be on the hot seat in 2015.”

“I get it, Saturday’s performance is frustrating. You’re angry”

“But part of that anger stems from unrealistic expectations.”

“That should have been the final hint of an offseason of hints that this Georgia team is not all that it was being cracked up to be.”

“Does Georgia underachieve? It depends on what the expectations are. The perception of Richt, though, is more influenced by bad luck than anything else.”

“If Georgia played the coaching carousel, could the new guy (or guys) have the same kind of success? Not likely.”

“It’s really hard to win national championships, and Richt proves that.”

“He isn’t going anywhere.”

“It shouldn’t even be a consideration.”

“While making a change at head coach might seem like it’s the popular answer after the Cocktail Party debacle, that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the right answer.”

“Be careful what you wish for, Bulldog nation. You might get it.”

Mark Richt Apologist and Barrett Sallee, sir.

(1) You were the 1 who said all pre-season : “Why Mark Richt and Georgia Are Killing It This Offseason” How those events have been positive.  How the momentum continues unabated for Mark Richt all off-season.  How great his recruiting is.  How the talent flocking to Mark Richt keeps us competitive year in and year out.  That none of this is going to change anytime soon.  This all creates a sense of stability in our program trickling down to current players and high school prospects you beamed all off-season -that Mark Richt has taken the initiative.

(2) Then, you have the balls to say to us that the angst and anger is that WE have had unrealistic expectations when it was YOU sir who had those unrealistic expectations, wasn’t it Barrett Sallee sir ?  You blame US for the expectations and never looked in your own mirror, did you Barrett Sallee sir ?  And, then in post 2 here by you you state unequivocally that Mark Richt is not on the hot seat 2015.  He’s # 2 on  sir.  # 2 in the nation hot seat Mark Richt. But, you say here post 2 by you that he is NOT.


(3) Now, Stuttering and stammering we all heard you on your podcast yesterday, sir, trying to explain all this.  But, you did not come clean – did you ?  That’s why you stutter and stammer Barrett Sallee, because you know I KNOW that you know that you told us Mark Richt is killing it all this off-season, building all this momentum, and everything going his way, great guns forward, an endless series of positive events for Mark Richt you bragged pre-season this year sir, all this talent flocking to Mark Richt like it would not and will not to the next coach too – sure it will !  This is Georgia.  We’re one of the top 3 or 4 best recruiting hotbeds in the nation.  We actually could sign more of the top elite prospects – especially on the OL and DL the trenches upon which great teams are built, more of the top elite receivers and fullbacks and running backs, more of the elite secondary players here and more of the elite defensive players and more of the elite top special teams’ players – when not if we change our head coach, sir.

It’s clear that Mark Richt has NOT TAKEN the initiative to bring back what Mark Richt was doing here 2001-2007.

Barrett Sallee, sir.

And, it’s clear that you sir are a Mark Richt Apologist – the one who brags on him all every off-season, and you sir are the one who then makes excuses for his latest crap these most recent 8 seasons of averaging 4 losses a season Barrett Sallee for 8 years now and counting.

And, it is clear from your stuttering and stammering, that you know we know you said how great Mark Richt and that it is your expectations you had that were unrealistic, because here on this blog sir I called for 9-4 all off-season for Mark Richt.  Again.  Or, 9-5 again, if he played Alabama twice, I said all off-season sir.

That is why I noticed what you said pre-season.

Why I noticed your excuses during the season as it unraveled, unlike your pre-season hype and buzz about how great Mark Richt is and continues to be in your estimation ONLY.

Why I noticed you stutter and stammer NOW trying to refrain this in different terms now but maintain that Mark Richt is the greatest we could possibly hope for here with his average of 4 losses a season for 8 years now 69-32.

Be careful what you want Barrett Sallee, someone might actually come along and hold you to your flowery words of Mark Richt, excuses about him, and now standing pat behind him as what only can described as a Mark Richt Apologist fan.

“What we’ve done to this point really hasn’t defined us as much as what we do from here on,” Mark Richt said of his consistently crappy-ass average of 4 losses a season for 8 seasons in a row now. You’ve lost it after 2007 Mark Richt. You do not know what you’re doing Mark Richt – have not for 8 seasons and counting – and are a rudderless ship yet you think you can continue to keep this cushy damn job with these levels of consistently lack of performance – and it’s not just averaging 4 losses a season for 8 years and counting it’s all the 12 losses to unranked teams after 2007 and 7 losses by more than 3 TD after 2007 and all the losses vs Top 15 Top 10 Top 5 Top 25 teams – despite all this # 8 talent you waste every year with dumbshit decisions by you of roster mismanagement. Jeremy Pruitt was rumored to have to have left FSU. Now we have discord among your coaching staff arguing and bickering and he is the culprit. Longtime Mark Richt Apologists are no longer supporting you as seen on votes on this site that nearly 4 of every 5 Bulldogs’ fans have begun now to lose faith in you Mark Richt as an underachiever despite all this talent # 8 best in the nation. You can’t beat anyone Mark Richt after 2007. Can you ?


after 2007 pie chart 6-23 vs top 15 time of game AP or Coaches'

Good Lord, Mark Richt you are a dumbass.  You have defined this season losing 3 of the last 4 and the 1 you did win was the first time in 20 years we won without scoring a TD.  This is November and you do not even know who your damn QB is in your 15th season here.  “What we’ve done to this point really hasn’t defined us as much as what we do from here on” Mark Richt said having lost against everyone after 2007 eight long years.  You do not know what you’re doing and every quote each passing day from you is worse than the quote you make the day before.  You have made so many dumbass stupid quotes that this just is comical from you now.  We’re lost Mark Richt with you as head coach.  We’ve been lost after 2007.  8 long years of nothing but bullshit from you Mark Richt.

How did you start Greyson Lambert ?  How did you not give Faton Bauta our running QB a single snap all season long and then vs our # 1 Rival start him with your job on the line ?  How did you never call a single designed run for Faton Bauta ?  What are you thinking ?

If you think this is such a cushy damn more than $ 4 million dollars a year job through 2019 that you can pull this shit again at QB – your 7th proven wrong choice as Starter at Georgia at QB for you – you are just wrong Mark Richt.

You are supposed to be a quarterbacks’ coach and an offensive coordinator.  You are supposed to prepare your back-up QB 2013 so that we do not have the # 90 Passing Offense last year.  And, you are supposed to prepare your back-up QB 2014 so that we are not in this situation 2015.

But you have not.

We’re lost as a football program and it shows.

Jeremy Pruitt has been critical of this coaching staff Mark Richt.  Openly.  Clearly.  He is arguing with YOU Mark Richt.

Greg McGarity is the Athletics’ Director at UGA and his record on his job here is the worst of any Athletics’ Director EVER here at UGA.

Longtime Mark Richt Apologists are no longer supporting you as seen on votes on this site that nearly 4 of every 5 Bulldogs’ fans have begun now to lose faith in you Mark Richt as an underachiever despite all this talent # 8 best in the nation.  The talent has been # 8 also over the these last 8 years now of 69-32 yet you have averaged 4 losses a season after 2007 despite all this talent.

What you did so long ago now 2001-2007 is history.

It’s no longer what defines you Mark Richt but instead by direct stark contrast what you are doing and what you have been doing after 2007 – that is what defines you Mark Richt – that and just really dumbass stupid shit you pull daily when we can buy-out your contract and pay you one-fourth of what we would have to continue to pay you to put-up with this crap from you as our head coach.

You can’t beat anyone Mark Richt after 2007.

No one.

Jeremy Pruitt was rumored to have to have left FSU.  Now we have discord among your coaching staff arguing and bickering and  he is the culprit.

Your Offensive Coordinator Brian Schottenheimer clearly went on Record with all news media that he was not going to have some game manager at QB that he does not believe in that.  You  Mark Richt told us that he said he wanted Greyson Lambert who only ever was will be and is a game manager.  Which is it Mark Richt CEO sir ?  This was your 7th proven error at Starting QB here at Georgia Mark Richt.  Brian Schottenheimer did not make that call : You did.

You’re the head coach of this entire Bulldogs’ Football Program in total disarray in total discord – fed up with all this bullshit.  All of it sir.

You did well when you first got here 2001-2007.  But that is not what you can be judged on now sir – not when that was so long ago.  Not when you can not beat your way out of a wet paper bag since.

David Greene asked you yesterday Mark Richt how can you be in November and not even know who your damned QB is yet in your 15th season here ?

Half the seasons after 2007 you have not been ranked in any freaking poll.  2009 2010 2013 and now 2015 again.  We’re # 11 All-Time in Wins Mark Richt.  We are the # 3 best team in Bowl Games All-Time.  We have been measured # 1 in this poll or that 6 times Mark Richt.  We’re # 3 in The SEC one behind the vols with 12 SEC Championships and you have us in our 3rd longest stretch of not winning The SEC Championship dating back to 1933.  We’re the 3rd best state for recruiting in the nation now.  Certainly top 4 by all measures any school’s football team.  You have 86 NFL Draft Picks and average # 8 recruiting ranking.  You have no clue how to manage this or our # 7 best stadium or # 1 best Mascot all sports to average 4 Losses a year for 8 years now Mark Richt.

You have failed to have us like 15 previous Bulldogs’ teams did prior to you getting here Mark Richt with Vince Dooley and Wally Butts in meaningful bowl games at the end of seasons, all 15 years now of meaningless bowl games from you Mark Richt.  Your only 2 BCS Bowl Wins were over # 23 FSU 5-loss team 2002 and over # 19 Hawai’i 2007 and note if you will even those were both 2001-2007 and nothing even that good after 2007.

You are an abomination after 2007 Mark Richt.  You are not judged on that ? But, on what you do now ?  Ah, bullshit Mark Richt as usual from your lying stupid mouth.   Is this more of your “There’s something besides winning that’s important here” that has led Sporting News now for 2015 to rank you Mark Richt not one of the Top 25 college football coaches.

We haven’t gone consecutive games without scoring a TD since 1969.  But you have.  You are averaging 9 points a game for 4 games in a row now Mark Richt.  All of October now over, you averaged 9 points per game 4 games – the latest most recent current 4 games sir.

And, now you announce today dumbass you are not going to be judged on that which is what you are doing now, have been doing now and continue to do now – that this is not what defines you – but what you do now.

It sure as shit is exactly that which does define you you piece of shit lying asshole.

What you do now had better be quit – quit for your own reputation as a head coach at age 55.  Quit for your own reputation as a head coach.  Hanging-on here is only going to make you look even worse.  Today, you could hardly even land you the North Carolina job – long one I have said on this blog would be the type of place that would hire your sorry stupid ass.  Your name has NOT been mentioned for South Carolina, Southern California nor even Virginia Tech.  And, you said Mark Richt that no one at Miami of Florida even has even tried to contact you.

You are not defined by what you do now.  No one is ever, sir.  Good try !  Judge you on what you will do.  Uh, huh.  That’s going to go over like a lead zeppelin. Don’t judge you on what you are doing, but on that which you will do.  Sir, we are judging you on that which you will do.  We know what you will do is what you are doing, have been doing and therefore that which we expect of you, sir. You are sir defined by what you have been doing, continue to do and are doing right now sir after 2007, eight long excruciating years of inexplicable losses and just lies and stupid shit from you as our coach – such as now today – you are not judged on what you have done most recently.  Sure you are.  Sure as shit you are, you friqin’ dumbass son of a bitch.

# 2 Coaches’ hot seat in the entire Nation.

We do not know what we’re doing or how we’re going to get there and worst yet with all this # 8 talent we likely as not will lose to any team who makes any of the 41 bowl games – the Top 82 teams – showing up not ready-to-play even.

How else do you explain this disconnect between this # 8 talent and these shitty results after 2007 ?

Can not win the Big Game ?


Can not win any game after 2007.

after 2007 pie chart 6-16 not Sanford vs year top 25

Greg McGarity J. Reid Parker Director of Athletics

Jere Morehead e-mail address (since I firmly am convinced the problem is Greg McGarity no good at his job since he got here)

Stick it up your ass Mark Richt !

After 2007 Results
Games not at Sanford vs Ranked Teams Final Top 25 AP or Coaches’ # 27 6-16
Games vs teams who Play in Bowl Game that Season # 27 34-30
Games vs Ranked teams Top 25 for Season Year AP or Coaches’ # 29 11-25
Games vs Ranked teams Top 25 Time of Game AP or Coaches’ # 31 16-24
Games vs Top 10 AP or Coaches’ Time of Game # 31 5-12
Games vs Top 10 AP or Coaches’ for the Season Year AP or Coaches’ 2-15
Games Lost vs Unranked teams Time of Game or Season Year AP or Coaches’ 12
Games Lost by more than 3 Touchdowns 7
Games vs Top 15 AP or Coaches’ Time of Game 6-23
Number of snaps at QB all season for Faton Bauta before starting vs # 1 Rival 0
Average Recruiting Ranking for this just lost football program # 8
Number of years Unranked AP and Coaches’ Polls Half the years 09 10 13 15 4 of 8
All Games vs all Opponents 69-32
Average Number of Losses for 8 years now and counting 4