Whom can We hire – now that Champ Bailey, too, says “it’s time for Mark Richt to move on, 15 years is too long for Mark Richt.”


The blind leading the blind.  As Mark Richt has REFUSED to sign the over $ 4 million dollar a year contract through 2019, he is NOT BOUND by the terms and conditions therein, and reverts to the existing $ 3.5 million dollar contract until and if he signs the new contract now nearly 11 months on his desk growing dust.  It’s a testament to the absolute stupidity of Greg McGarity that he did announce the agreement late last year during the bowl game.  I am sorry, that was a LIE by Greg McGarity – such a dumbass.  Imagine how Mark Richt re-acted to Greg McGarity announcing to us the new contract during the Charlotte bowl game ? A win is a win when it’s a win.  And, a contract is a contract when it’s a contract.  Handshake does not mean the CONTRACT is signed.  Neither party is obligated to the new terms and conditions until and if it is agreed to.  Greg McGarity clearly and obviously is not suited to negotiate contracts.  He is not suited for the purpose for which he is intended.

I need not point out to you that Greg McGarity DOES have a contact for employment and has had since just prior to the 2010 season.

One of his responsibilities is the negotiation and agreement with the various coaches under his direct control.  He’s not even suited for that purpose.

As for his Record as our A.D. on OTHER RESPONSIBILITIES, he is also supposed to be responsible for the RESULTS of most especially the Cash Cow FOOTBALL.  Greg McGarity has on his watch had The Georgia Bulldogs not in the Top 25 best teams in the NATION.  And, his record in the other sports, too, since he came on-board here hired by Mike Adam$ to replace Mike Adam$’ other A.D. RED PANTIES, is piss poor in all sports.  Of course, specifically, is a pedestrian 51-24 in football, thanks to Mark Richt.  But, this is Greg McGarity’s MAIN RESPONSIBILITY : Football success !

51-24 is NOT success for the # 11 All-Time Program in Wins he took over.  In fact, we have significantly gone DOWN HILL since Greg McGarity took over.  Downhill specifically in his main area of responsibility – football and downhill in all sports.

Piss Poor Job by Greg McGarity.

Greg McGarity is 51-24 as our AD in his primary sport.

Now, we learn Greg McGarity lied to us.

There is no agreement to the new terms and conditions of the new contract, therefore there is no new contract.

How plain can you be ?

No wonder the open records’ request went unfulfilled. No record to be forwarded since there is no new contract to review.

You sign a contract.

Or, you do NOT.

No half-way to this.

And, LIES by Greg McGarity that he has a new AGREEMENT with Mark Richt when he damn sure did NOT and still does NOT.

Send the fool to Georgia Law Classes !

I took them ALL at UGA.

I can assure you there is NO CONTRACT.

I know all these guys know more about college football than Mark Richt ever will :

Mark Richt named NOT EVEN in the Top 25 of College Football Coaches 2015 by Sporting News

Urban Meyer is # 1

Nick Saban is # 2

Mark Richt is NOT even in the Top 25

James Franklin is ahead of him, for example.

Jimbo Fisher is ahead of Mark Richt, too.

Les Miles is ahead of Mark Richt.

Bob Stoops is ahead of Mark Richt.

Jim Harbaugh at Michigan, another ranked ahead of Mark Richt as college football coach.

Gary Patterson at TCU who I wanted instead of Mark Richt, is always considered better than Mark Richt.

Mark Dantonio at Michigan State is always considered a better coach than Mark Richt as well.

David Shaw Stanford always, as well, is considered a better coach than Mark Richt

These guys are smart

They are technically on the leading edge of innovation in the game

They are technically correct in their football in-game decisions

They coach up their players and have them ready for big games

They have good offenses that never let up

They would all out-recruit Mark Richt in the state of Georgia as our coach.  All of them.

They would get MORE of the very elite players in this state

They would GO AFTER the top offensive linemen here

They ALL know who is their quarterback

This is their Calling.


They none of them long instead to be a preacher man.

None of them state that they prefer something else besides winning

Not 1 of them in their lifetime would even begin to consider making the statement even once that their goal for their recruits to their school is so that he then as their coach at a State Sponsored School can lead them to Christ.

That is NOT what they are paid for.

Many on this list DO NOT MAKE OVER $ 4 MILLION dollars a year.

They each put an absolute emphasis on special teams, many making special teams their own private Idaho

They ALL pride themselves, practice it first and foremost, and play all their stars on special teams

They each have a unique technical knowledge of defenses

They design plays

NONE of them would turn their back on any of their recruits

ALL of them KNOW with all their heart that college quarterbacks are like God in this sport, and they groom and prepare their quarterbacks, many of whom are not ranked anywhere near as good as those we have, but they get in their heads during recruitment, make them promises, work with them personally each of the quarterbacks daily and try to infuse a complete understanding of what they as coach want from their college quarterbacks.

MORE than half of them specifically have their quarterbacks designed into their run game

These coaches look at their roster and fit their game strategies to the talent they DO HAVE

Not one of them has some set preconceived notion of what EVERY GAME will be

Mark Richt tells us when we get blown-out being stubborn about our old-style offense, that WE HAVE TO BELIEVE IN WHAT WE DO, AND CONTINUE TO GO BACK OUT THERE AND DO IT AGAIN UNTIL WE ARE SUCCESSFUL AT HIS ANTIQUATED OFFENSE.

Every stinking one of these coaches has been offered a job in the NFL

Mark Richt never has been

No one in their right mind would offer him a job in the damned NFL

Mark Richt for 13 seasons told us specifically that he would NEVER hire a guy from the NFL

Mark Richt is stubborn.

That is not a Christian trait.


There have been 14 guys win NC since Mark Richt took over here, on his watch.

They averaged being there 3 and one half years.

They averaged the # 8 Scout.com recruiting class averaging the 5 classes (with Redshirt) that made up their NC team.

Mark Richt averages the # 8 Scout.com recruiting class, 2nd best nationally and verified by his 86 NFL Draft Picks starting with Quincy Carter whom Mark Richt KICKED-OFF our team December 2000 as his 1st coaching decision here – other than KEEPING Rodney Garner as our recruiting coordinator.

Mark Richt REFUSED to come to our campus and take over our program although hired December 20, 2000.  He FINALLY at MY INSISTENCE finally showed up just prior to the February signing date.  First, he wanted to play in the FSU game against Oklahoma in the damn bowl game that he looked like shit in.  Second, he wanted to say goodbye (for December, January and February) to his Church there in Tallahassee. And, thirdly, finally Vince Dooley put his damn foot down and forced Mark Richt to get his ass up here when Mark Richt said he wanted to go to an ASISSTANT COACH seminar for weeks on end showing up here mid February he told Vince Dooley.


This guy is NOT a coach, NEVER HAS BEEN ONE, considers it BENEATH HIM, loathes the profession, and NEVER WILL BE ONE.

I would not rank him one of the Top 25 college football coaches 2015 either, just as Sporting News has not.


Hire any of these Top 25 College Coaches 2015 according to Sporting News, or any NFL head coach – whole bunch of whom don’t make any more than we pay his losing bullshit ass of over $ 4 million a year through 2019 -but, only 25 cents on the dollar buyout of Mark Richt’s contract – he was stupid enough to agree to.

Sporting News does NOT rank Mark Richt one of the Top 25 College Football Coaches 2015

Sports Illustrated Zac Ellis “I consider Georgia the best coaching job in the country because access to players relative to competitors with state of Georgia 3rd nationally sending recruits Power 5”

“If Georgia were to make a change at the top it would be a highly-coveted job perhaps even as attractive as the opening at Southern California.” Dan Wolken USA TODAY Sports

Kirby Smart

Justin Fuente

Pep Hamilton, Indianapolis Colts offensive coordinator

Tom Herman, Houston head coach

Dan Mullen

Thomas Brown

DJ Shockley

Buck Belue

David Greene

David Pollack

Matt Stinchcomb

Hines Ward

Champ Bailey  — who by the way Called for Mark Richt “time to move on, 15 years too long for Mark Richt”

Jim Donnan – that’s right he was # 12 won/lost his last 4 years and Mark Richt his last 8 years # 22.

Fran Tarkenton – he’s smart, very very very smart

Jake Scott

Matt Robinson

Steve Spurrier

None of these guys are out-of-balance in your lives where they think that : “There’s something besides winning that’s important here at Georgia.”

Jim Harbaugh at Michigan makes $ 5 m

Gary Patterson at TCU only makes $ 3 m I wanted him when we hired Mark Richt

Jimbo Fisher FSU makes $ 4.1 m I am sure he’d love to get our recruits and be in SEC

Brian Kelly Notre Dame makes $ 4 m

Chip Kelly Philadelphia Eagles NFL makes  $7 m but he might have to come back to college

Tom Herman Houston makes only $ 1.35 so we could get him for a bargain

Matt Campbell Toledo makes $ .5 m half a million another bargain

James Franklin Penn State makes $ 4 m but someone will scarf him up before we do anything

David Shaw Stanford makes only makes $ 3 m and I love this guy’s football knowledge too

Rod Carey Center Northern Illinois is only 44 years old only makes $ .5 half a million bargain

Dan Quinn Falcons NFL lost last night makes $ 4.5 m

Mike McCoy San Diego Chargers NFL only makes $ 4 m

I mean let’s be realistic here.

Mark Richt does not know football, as we are painfully aware watching his in-game decisions on time outs, on choice of QB, on preparing back-up QB, on roster management, on game strategies like pooch kicks, and when to pound it or finesse at 4-yard line, on basic simple football knowledge, discipline which he thinks is PUNISHMENT which it is NOT, getting players ready to play, motivation is another area Mark Richt is just useless at even trying to do – he is NOT a football coach.  He did not play the game; he sat the bench; he made no decisions at FSU and they fired Bobby Bowden and replaced him with a guy I’d love to see us entertain; while Bowden never took Richt under his wings and taught him how to be a head coach.

Vince Dooley could have taught Mark Richt this stuff, but Mike Adam$ fired him.  Richt’s minions – none of whom were fans of our school before he came here – say he is so much better than Vince Dooley but if you look up Vince Dooley’s last 11 years compared to Mark Richt :

Vince Dooley (1978 – 1988)

SEC Record: 53 – 12 – 2 (.806)

3 SEC Conference Titles

1 National Title

Mark Richt (2004 – 2014)

60 – 26 (.698)

1 SEC Conference Title

ZERO National Titles

Here are Mark Richt’s 4 main conference rivals (besides Nick Saban he is now 2-6 against) over last 11 years :

South Carolina: 6 – 5

Tennessee: 7 – 4

Florida: 5 – 6

Auburn: 8 – 3

26 – 18 (.591)

Jesus Christ.

Wake up !

Smell the damn roses

Average Recruiting Ranking over this period last 11 years # 8.

All these NFL Draft Picks.

Gruesome is the best word to describe what Mark Richt HAS NOT DONE with all this talent.

I have been looking at all these rankings of college football coaches, and he is not considered one of the best.  Bullshit from media about his record including 2001-2007 aside, he has not done shit after 2007 against ANYONE.

No one.

He can’t beat shit anymore.


He sucks as a coach and he is viewed that way nationally on EVERY LIST.

I have been studying where Georgia stands as a job head coaching here.  We are at the VERY TOP of EVERY LIST.

With good reason as I wrote to you yesterday.  I care not that I am biased toward loving my alma mater; the facts are UGA is a HUGE BIG DESTINATION, which is why Mark Richt took this gig.

We’ve run the string out as far as we can with him.

Mark Richt :



CONFLICTED WITH 2 GODS HE IS TRYING TO SERVE : God is # 1 he says but Family might be # 1 certainly # 2 right ? and UGA which is NOT # 1 with him and clearly not # 2 either.

Pay $ 4 m get a real coach, who considers this HIS DAMN CALLING coaching us.  We are ALL all-in and he is NOT.  Is he ?

Frankly, I think ANYONE ELSE would actually recruit better and get more of the very tip top players.

He ignores his trenches, and leaves holes all the time with too many at some position and not enough at many other holes.  He does not get his guys ready to play.  He is clueless at motivation.  We can not cover for him any longer.

Only BCS Bowl Wins ?  # 23 FSU 2002 a 5-loss team after beating 5-loss Arkansas for SEC Championship Game in DOWN SEC 2002, and in 2007 when he beat # 19 Hawai’i.  That’s it.  Never played in real BCS Bowl game the world watching.  2 Bullshit # 23 and # 19 teams he has beat.  This is his high water mark, unless you consider 2005 when he came in # 3 of SEC teams in EVERY POLL.  ALL OF HIS HAPPENED 2001-2007.  How about now ?  Since his high water mark is 2012 when he got blown-out 7-35 four TD blow-out by Steve Spurrier USCe and same year mucked up the game refusing to let Aaron Murray spike it as Aaron Murray 3 times over-ruled Mark Richt only to submit to Mark Richt who told us all later he really thought Nick Saban would NOT expect a pass with no time to run even if spiked it.  You get that ?  Nick Saban caught off-guard dumbass Mark Richt said not looking for Aaron Murray pass.  Seriously dimwits THIS IS HIGH WATER MARK after 2007 ?  You’ve got to be freaking kidding me ?

N.B. at the Alabama kick-off 2008 another of his sorry-assed motivation attempts black-out he called for, he was winning 80 % of all his games !  Eighty point zero.  80.00.  Since he is 67 %.

You get that ?

Not some 10-win season bullshit in 15-game seasons, 67 %.

This is what he’s done recently.  67 % wins.

What period is this 67 %

1st 95 games as coach here 80%

97  games since  as coach here 67%

Get it that time ?

Greg McGarity J. Reid Parker Director of Athletics ad@sports.uga.edu

Jere Morehead e-mail address (since I firmly am convinced the problem is Greg McGarity no good at his job since he got here) president@uga.edu

Only Nebraska’s head coach Mike Riley is more on the hot seat this morning than Mark Richt.


# 1 Coaches’ Hot Seat this morning Mike Riley – Nebraska

# 2 Coaches’ Hot Seat this morning Mark Richt – The Georgia Bulldogs.

N.B. Nebraska fans certainly have EXPECTATIONS for their program.  If they hire the wrong coach, they get rid of him and move-on.

“Most of the coaches in America would crawl across broken glass to take the head job at a high-resource program sitting atop a recruiting goldmine.” Sports Illustrated Andy Staples

Over $ 4 million per year through 2019

Why is this the place EVERYONE wants to be at ? Why are WE the BEST ?

Mark Richt is in a maze after 2007 and doesn’t know what the hell he is doing any more. He’s LOST IT !


Some of the more egregious bone-headed coaching decisions by Mark Richt :


Some of the more egregious bone-headed coaching decisions by Mark Richt :

Hiring Willie Martinez

Keeping Willie Martinez

Hiring Brian Schottenheimer when his offenses all sucked, everywhere

Hiring Jeremy Pruitt when it was rumored then he just had to leave FSU CMR should’ve known that

“I don’t think we’ve gotta create motivation. I think we’ve gotta temper it.” Mark Richt 2015 prior to AL game

“If I become what I do become just a football coach you’re asking for disaster My identity is in Christ That gives me PEACE no matter what happens here at Georgia” Mark Richt cares about winning ?

“Really didn’t know. Very very close decision. They all can get us in right plays protections & can function extremely well & help us win. Went back-and-forth on it. No 1 pulled away.”

Not preparing any back-up QB since after redshirting DJ Shockley 2001

Telling us Aaron Murray 67 % win percentage all that talent around him is better QB than Cam Newton, who could only play TE here then.

Telling us Joe Tereshinski III is a better QB than Matthew Stafford # 1 over-all draft pick

Pooch kick-off vs team who calls us their # 1 Rival at our House so that coach does not have a losing record at Sanford when we took 3-point lead, so they get the ball at the 43-yard line with 13 ticks on the clock.

Using Todd Gurley II as a decoy after interception losing by less than a TD on the road vs Steve Spurrier and South Carolina at the 4-yard line, instead calling on Hutson Mason who had 73 rushes for minus 5 yards in his career to run around and if nothing there, throw the ball through the back of the end zone – when he has proven he can not throw the ball more than 4-yards and even those floated with his # 90 Passing Offense for us.

***Sending Todd Gurley II back-out vs Auburn with 3 TD lead to make it 4

Telling Aaron Murray that he was wrong in front of me at the Georgia Dome 3 times that no, he should not spike it against Alabama so that he had then 3 shots at the end zone 1st and goal instead of 1 thinking that he would catch Nick Saban off-guard who he thought would not be looking for an Aaron Murray pass with no time-outs remaining.

“There’s something besides winning that’s important here.” Mark Richt telling us it’s ok to lose – not important – not what defines him he says.

5-10 vs Crocodiles our # 1 Rival World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party

Telling the players he kicked-off the team that he Loves them, sending mixed-messages to the recruit then that it’s ok what they did that he kicked them off for.

Telling the damn kicker that he loves him whether he makes or misses the field goal, again – that it just does not matter to him either way – make it or miss it – either case I will love you; and, just when the kid is all dialed-in and you can see it in face that’s he’s ready to make the field goal.  Sending, again, mixed messages to the kids that no matter whether he wins or loses, he loves the kid and no matter whether they beat-up their girlfriend 3 times including beating up her car and picking her up and slamming her repeatedly to the dorm floor, that he still loves him.  Jesus Christ !

“I see your frustration; I understand your frustration. I wasn’t born yesterday. I’ve coached football for 25 years so I know what the hell I’m doing. OK?” Mark Richt to fan in Macon

No, he doesn’t.

I said then the fan in Macon is right.

“What I do is not who I am. If I become what I do and I become just a football coach you’re asking for disaster. My identity is in Christ. That gives me peace no matter what happens here.” CMR

He does not care about winning.  He tells you that every time he opens his damn stupid-ass mouth.

He’s a dumbass and proves it daily with every new bullshit quote from him.

Not knowing who his QB is November of his 15th season here as our head coach.

He is all screwed-up on discipline and has no concept of it.  Punishment he has down pat.  1 is not the other.

Faton Bauta team 5-2 has -0- snaps at QB starting 8th game now – well game over 5-3 now. Duh without 1 single designed run for guy I said had to be moved to TB last year.

I said before he made that decision that he would be wrong no matter whether he did make it as we all found out, no secret, or did not.

Either way, he was damned to lose that gamble – his job on the line, dumbass

Mark Richt did not bring his team in to the game ready to play

He does that 3 times every year, sometimes more.

Mark Richt proven 7 times chose wrong starting QB

Really, it’s 8 times because he ran-off Jacob Park I hoped to be a 4-Year Starter for us here, and if he were here, he would start vs Kentucky Saturday, wouldn’t he ?  He never gave the kid a chance at all.  Now, Gary Patterson gets him at TCU ?

He jerked JJ Green around so badly here that he left to Georgie tek who has lost like 6 in a row or something – worst Fish Fry team he’s ever had.  Then, Mark Richt did all he could do to insist he go to Georgie tek yellowjackets, when they never let one of their players come here – NEVER – absolute policy they have had there forever.  If we had JJ Green, he would start Saturday against Kentucky too, or certainly get his ass out there by the 2nd series since glad fingers Sony Michel has proven he’s not an every down back but needs to be spelled – more like what I said about Reggie Bush when he was recruited to USC and as he’s been proven since.

CMR told us he knocked the lid-off this # 11 All-Time Wins program in 2001 beating # 4 vols, but he lost 4 games 2001.

No Special Teams’ Coach like 100 of our and his Rivals have and the # 75 special teams he has to show for it.

Playing Walk-ons on Special Teams here, while our opponents make hay against them.

A trophy for everyone and everyone plays, unless you are the back-up QB.  Then, in that 1 case only, you sit your lonely ass down on the far end of the bench and pick the splinters out of your ass, or pick your toe jam, because you sure as shit are not coming-in to show-up Mark Richt that he was wrong about you son, even when the Starter has thrown 4 interceptions.  4. Behind giving-up more than a 3 TD loss, again for Mark Richt.  7 of those more than 3 TD losses after 2007.   Otherwise a trophy for everyone like Pop Warner football !

Religion and Mark Richt – is THAT the problem here ?

This has led to playing of Favorites by Mark Richt and has contributed mightily to his lack of development of his recruits who then act up and get in trouble rebelling against him representing him poorly off the field since it is hopeless for them on the field.

Wasted Talent

Roster mismanagement – playing of Favorites – lack of development of players most especially at QB by CMR of ALL QBs after DJ Shockley he redshirted 2001 which I got into about with Bluto 2001 AB-H

Starting Joe Cox with his chronic shoulder which forced him to miss 25 % of his practices here even every week his entire career here as everyone knows, and who got the flu and had to be flown to Stillwater on a Private Charter and who had to be quarantined for Okie State loss, when I called for Zach Mettenberger – who is in the NFL now and Joe Cox isn’t – only to see Joe Cox take EVERY SNAP and lose to a team who even with their win over Mark Richt, did not make the AP Poll Top 25 that season 2009, anyway !

Hiring Todd Grantham

Becoming the CEO at UGA instead of head coach and giving up his responsibilities to fools he hired

Red-Shirting Knowshon Moreno so we only got to see him only 2 years and in all of the big games he did play him in, only giving him an average of 17 rushes, which we then lost all of – yet, he was taken the 12th Pick Overall First 1st Round NFL Draft Pick.

Not Recruiting David Pollack

Not Recruiting Cam Newton

Sending and doing all he could do to send Nick Marshall to our # 2 Best Rival Auburn to let him lead Auburn to the National Championship Game – something Mark Richt has never done here for us but Vince Dooley and Wally Butts had 15 such bowl games for us here by stark contrast – winning a bunch of those 15 huge big bowl games National Stage Everyone Watching us both teams ranked at the Very Top of the Final AP Polls those 15 seasons for Georgia Bulldogs and 6 of those times being ranked # 1 in the Nation by at least 1 poll – one just as prestigious as ANY and ALL of Georgie tek yellowjackets’ 6.

Why hasn’t Terry Godwin had one single carry all season long ? Quayvon Hicks has zero carries.  AJ Turman not 1 carry all season long, WTF ?  Christian Payne has no carries.  Glenn Welch no carries.  Dequartavious “TAE” Crowder no carries – Half the Dirty Dozen haven’t so much as been given a single carry.  This makes no sense whatsoever, while you sit there whining that we can’t run the damn ball. How do you know, when you haven’t tried – have you ?

The SEC is not a Church League, Mark Richt.

Sent whole entire team on field to celebrate 1st TD scored by us against Florida.

Wardrobe changes such as Boise State and Alabama black-out to motivate the team, changes you made to our # 1 uni in the nation.  We have the # 1 mascot, # 1 uni, # 1 party school, # 1 logo and you screw around with it – to motivate your players you said.  You know nothing about motivation, and less about wardrobe changes besides sun-bathing.

Before Alabama you told us it is your job to de-motivate your players.  Well, you accomplished that by God.

And, you did nothing while half your team was over there taunting them on their bench pre-game.

So, I will JUST PLAY 1, the one who has -0- snaps at QB all season long in game 8 against our # 1 Rival, my job on the line.

“All the time y’all probably thought I was being coy but I really really didn’t know. Even on this decision – very very close decision to name the Starter. I think they all can get us in the right plays; all can get us in the right protections; I think they all can function extremely well and help us win. That is what made it tough. I can not tell you how many times it went back-and-forth quite frankly. It was very close. It really has been a tough decision because they all are extremely hard workers; all smart; all capable; all talented. It was a battle that didn’t define itself; no one really pulled away.” 

Imagine 8th game of the season, and a guy who has not taken a single snap all season at QB, is made starter ?  Can you imagine that ?  15th season the head coach.  15th.  Results ?  He was not ready-to-play.  He had not been prepared to be ready-to-play.  Desperation move by a desperate – on the way out head coach.  4 Interceptions, and he is our running QB yet you had not 1 single designed run for him the entire game.  Did anyone else get a snap 1 snap at QB vs Florida # 1 Rival you are 5-10 against ?  No.

Talk about dumbass.

Our quarterbacks are none of them prepared and no advantage is taken for one being able to run the ball, for example.  If he can run, no designed runs are called.  Have him pass.  The running QB.  Have him pass.  NEVER call his number to run.  Shit, I wanted him made a running back last year.  Will Mark Richt even think of that, THIS YEAR ?

So astounding the difference his 1st 95 games and the 97 since, that on 4th and 3 from their 9-yard line, Mark Richt SAVED FACE by kicking a field goal so he would not be shut-out.


Another meaningless bowl game

It is no surprise the special teams are not even practiced at ANY G-Day Game, even.  It was 5 days’ before the end of Fall Camp, before Special Teams were worked-on.  We did not practice or have any concept for 2015 once again on special teams.

We’re taking the whole entire week OFF this week, in this bullshit Mark Richt “coaching” we get around here anymore – except for 2 days practice.

No practice AT ALL yesterday, as I reported on this blog yesterday.

Practice today and tomorrow ONLY.

No practice AT ALL Friday.

No practice AT ALL Saturday.

No practice AT ALL Sunday.

Meanwhile, the Florida Gators whom Mark Richt is only 5-9 against, have practiced EVERY FREAKING DAY.

Florida barely lost to LSU, oh so close and really could have won the game.

” Oh, take the friqin’ week off boys.  You earned it.  We’ll have some fun at practice on Wednesday and Thursday ONLY this week.  Other than that, you guys have done so well, that well – heck – just take the damn week off from practices ALL WEEK ! “

Mark Richt : “I am a Christian.”

1.He told us that Cam Newton is only a Tight End and would not be considered as our QB.

2.He told us that Nick Marshall is not as good a QB as Hutson Mason and would only play db.

3.He told us that Joe Tereshinski III is a better QB than Matthew Stafford.

4.He told us that Joe Cox, chronic shoulder and flu Okie State better QB than Zach Mettenberger whom I called for pre-game to Start.

5.He told us that Hutson Mason is a better QB than Brice Ramsey, Jacob Park and Faton Bauta.

6.He with this bad experience as a backdrop tells us Greyson Lambert is a better QB than Brice Ramsey.

Mark Richt was wrong on all 6 of these choices for his QB.  He has been proven to have been wrong on all 6.

Mark Richt ran up to the Referee when he informed Mark Richt he was suspending the game, and Mark Richt told him, hold on, I do not want to play anymore.  Let me talk to the other coach, first.

August 25, 2015 kick-off Saturday week, and yesterday our # 1 and Starting QB still was not practicing with the ones.  Today, he did.  Two-thirds of the time all Spring and now ALL FALL camp, he has not.  His leadership of the team has been undermined. His confidence and the team’s confidence in him has been obliterated. His timing with the ones, and their timing with him continues to be the biggest bone-headed coaching decision of Mark Richt 2015-2016, so far.  The # 1 Center two-thirds of the time, has not worked with our # 1 QB and the # 1 Center is NEW.  The all important Tight Ends 2015-2016 have not worked with our # 1 QB two-thirds of the time.  Our wide receivers, whom we are relying on so many newcomers to come through for us this season, have not worked with our # 1 QB two-thirds of the time either.  Our OL has not worked with our # 1 QB two-thirds of the time and yet they are expected to make him a success by knowing what his tendencies are and how to protect him.  Our running backs, way too many of whom have put the ball on the carpet, are expected to have no exchange issues this season also having not practiced whatsoever with our # 1 QB two-thirds of the time.

Despite all the talent here, Mark Richt is a huge underachiever. He’s averaged the # 8 Scout.com recruiting ranking 2nd best nationally 2001-2015 and verified by the NFL with the 2nd most NFL Draft Picks nationally 2001-2015. Yet, while he starts his 15th season at the helm here with all this talent, 14 other coaches have been there at their school only 3 years on the average to win their national championship on Mark Richt’s watch head-to-head then with Mark Richt. They averaged all 14 national champions on the Mark Richt watch the # 8 Scout.com average recruiting ranking too.

Coaching is getting more from less. Here, Mark Richt has done the complete absolute OPPOSITE, hasn’t he ?

After this season, this is what we lose – prompting this “put or shut up time.”

Starting Offensive Tackle : John Theus

Starting Outside Linebacker : Jordan Jenkins

Starting Fullback : Quayvon Hicks

Probable Starting Inside Linebacker : Jake Ganus

Starting Wide Receiver : Malcolm Mitchell

Starting Place Kicker : Marshall Morgan

Starting Tight End : Jay Rome

Starting Wide Receiver : Justin Scott-Wesley

Starting Tailback : Keith Marshall

Possible Starting Center : Hunter Long

Starting Offensive Tackle : Kolton Houston

Starting Defensive End : Josh Dawson

Starting Defensive Tackle : Sterling Bailey

Defensive Tackle : James DeLoach

Starting Nose Tackle : Chris Mayes

Cornerback : Devin Bowman

Starting Linebacker : Leonard Floyd

Kicker : Patrick Beless

Starting Punter : Collin Barber

Starting Long Snapper : Nathan Theus

In addition to all these 20 players we lose after this season kicking-off a week from Saturday, our Junior Class this season is weak, with only a couple of players in our Junior Class this season.

Indeed, it is : “I agree it’s put up or shut up time.”


Coaching decisions, stubbornness and stupidity, along with complacency that well winning isn’t all that damn important anyway in the whole scheme of God’s Plan, remain our issues. Don’t they ?

Stubbornness is not a Christian trait; in fact, just the opposite, Christians are the antonym of adamant, headstrong, inflexible, ornery, persistent, relentless, tenacious, self-willed, and set in one’s ways.

With past disasters such as Mark Richt saying that the players are not allowed to discuss that they all said that Mark Richt took Florida lightly last season.

“We still have a good bit of time before we have to figure something out at QB.”  Mark Richt August 9, 2015 with kick-off less than a month away now.

I actually have a lot of confidence in Mark Richt, as I know exactly who he is.  He is a fine man, and not particularly is he is known for being smart – in fact, just the opposite.

The Red Zone Offense was installed with the Starting QB not on the damn field.

“Georgia held its fourth practice of fall camp today and the rotation at the quarterback position continues. Faton Bauta found himself with the first team again, Brice Ramsey with the second and Greyson Lambert with the third team.”

This is all a ruse, and Bluto says this is somehow good for our team, our program because the opposing DC is then confused whom he should prepare for.

Excuse me dumbass, but our whole entire friqin’ team is not fine-tuning their game with the Starting QB either.  That is the nuance that matters.

This is bad for the new center.

This is bad for the running backs.

This is bad for the wide receivers.

This is bad for the tight ends.

This is bad for the OL.

This is bad for the Fullbacks.

This is bad for everyone.

Every one.

We’re stupid.

We’re absolutely beyond help.

We are clueless.

There is no sense of urgency because our head coach says he does not give a damn shit about freaking winning.

# 9 team my ass.

The # 9 team would be working his unprepared QB so that he is prepared.

He would have done so LAST FRIQIN’ YEAR for him.

Instead, here we are more dumb shit coaching decisions.

Hey, Mark Richt we do too care about just only winning – not some higher objective here at UGA.

Go be a damn preacher man.

“Richt’s decision to kick a squib kick to Georgia Tech after the Dawgs had taken the lead with 18 seconds remaining on the clock last season was an absolutely indefensible call. That allowed the Jackets to get the ball with good enough field position to tie the game up and send it into overtime, where they won.”

“As I wrote at the time, the squib kick, which probably will haunt Richt the rest of his career, ranks as one of the worst decisions I’ve seen a Georgia head coach make in five decades of attending games at Sanford Stadium. Even Richt called it “a poor decision on my part.”

“It was the kind of call that indicated Richt didn’t have confidence in his kickoff coverage team. There’ve been other bad decisions in the past seemingly prompted by a case of the doubts, as when he chose to attempt a field goal against Central Florida in a bowl game rather than going for it and letting his young offense build some confidence.”

“And, last year against Florida, Richt electing not to go for it on fourth-and-short in the first quarter sent the wrong message.”

Bill King quotes.

And, from my seats, I saw Mark Richt tell Aaron Murray all 3 times he asked Mark Richt should I spike the ball, no.  That too was Mark Richt’s call.

Like the 1st and Dumb from the 4-yard line losing by less than a TD vs Steve Spurrier last year.

“The fact remains that if you’ve got the best running back in the nation and he’s having success against the other guys, the smartest call is to give him the ball when you’re down close to the goal line. Even if everyone in the stadium expected Todd Gurley to get the ball, that was still Georgia’s best option. Richt candidly admitted after the game that Georgia should have run the ball.”

No sir, Bill King.  No sir.  Sir. Mark Richt said after the game, that if he Mark Richt had it to do all over again, that he Mark Richt would have pounded it with Todd Gurley II.

“More often, the UGA head coach has been hammered by fans for poor clock management, dating back to the Auburn game of his very first season at Georgia, when he called a running play from the Tigers’ 1-yard line, trailing 24-17 with 16 seconds to play and no timeouts. The Tigers stopped Jasper Sanks for no gain and there wasn’t enough time to get another play off, leaving Richt to admit he made a mistake in not taking a couple of passing shots at the end zone.”

“Unfortunately, after many more seasons, clock management continues to plague Richt, who has a tendency to not call timeouts when he should, or not call them quickly enough, and to call them when he shouldn’t, as in last year’s Tech game, when the Jackets looked likely to get a delay-of-game penalty on their key field goal attempt that tied the game as time expired, but were saved when Richt suddenly decided to stop the clock to “ice” the kicker.”

“Last season against Florida, some indecision on Richt’s part allowed the clock to run down before he finally called a timeout late in the first half. With the Gators facing fourth-and-2 at their own 45, the clock rolled down from 1:35 to 1:09 before Georgia called timeout. Down 14-7, Georgia just ran out the remaining time after finally getting the ball back.”

“As Richt noted after the game, “I did a bad job of deciding what to do. … If I was going to call a timeout, I should have called it sooner. As I’m processing the decision, the clock’s ticking. That was a poor job by me.”  ”

“And, returning to that fateful game against Bama in Atlanta in 2012, even before the point where you can argue he should or should not have had Murray spike the ball, Richt allowed a bunch of time to roll off the clock before calling a timeout, time that could have made the difference and allowed the Dawgs to score and wind up playing for the national championship.”

Mark Richt is not the sharpest knife in the drawer.

He continues to prove that daily.

Willie Martinez.

Telling us Joe Tereshinski III is a better QB than Matthew Stafford.   He never was.

The loss to Vandie for God’s sake who won 2 games all season.  Good Lord.

Telling us that here at UGA, we answer to a more important goal here than winning.

Mark Richt is a dumbass.

A very rich, dumbass, but a dumbass nonetheless.

Mark Richt recently has been labeled as “pulling a Richt” for his dumbassness.

Championship season key #2: Squib kick and its ugly cousins

How far has Mark Richt actually fallen ? Is Georgia really any good ? Does anybody good really want this job ? What is everyone really saying about Mark Richt ? Can Mark Richt really just blame his Coordinators, again ? Is that going to fix this ? If you have a question about any 1 of these talking points, all you have to do is to click it – and it will take you the URL Link to prove that point to YOU. With all this talent, is this really what you expect ? What are your expectations ? Has Mark Richt LOST IT after 2007 ? We know The SEC East has been DOWN after 2007, but what is anyone else in the Nation really doing these 8 years since ?


Click any below, and it will take you to the URL Link where you can prove that 1 point to yourself.

Obviously, the cause for all this mess is the head coach is stupid both on the field and every word out of his mouth.  What is Mark Richt himself saying :

“I see your frustration; I understand your frustration. I wasn’t born yesterday. I’ve coached football for 25 years so I know what the hell I’m doing. OK?” Mark Richt to fan in Macon

“What I do is not who I am. If I become what I do and I become just a football coach you’re asking for disaster. My identity is in Christ. That gives me peace no matter what happens here.” CMR

“I don’t think we’ve gotta create motivation. I think we’ve gotta temper it.” Mark Richt 2015 prior to AL game

Bone-headed coaching decisions by Mark Richt

“If I become what I do become just a football coach you’re asking for disaster My identity is in Christ That gives me PEACE no matter what happens here at Georgia” Mark Richt cares about winning ?

Faton Bauta team 5-2 has -0- snaps at QB starting 8th game now – well game over 5-3 now. Duh without 1 single designed run for guy I said had to be moved to TB last year.

Mark Richt quotes

Pictures of Mark Richt

Religion and Mark Richt – is THAT the problem here ?

“There’s something besides winning that’s important here.” Mark Richt telling us it’s ok to lose – not important – not what defines him he says.

What everyone else is saying about Mark Richt :

David Greene : “Here we are November and we don’t even know who our QB is. As an entire team they just kind of seem lost like they just don’t know what they want to do and how they want to do it.”

Pulled a “Richt”

Dean Legge – YouTube covered The Georgia Bulldogs 15 years “It’s too late for Mark Richt”

Sporting News does NOT rank Mark Richt one of the Top 25 College Football Coaches 2015

“Georgia’d again” Pulled a “Richt” renamed by CBS Announcer Gary Danielson to Georgia’d

“This past offseason saw a national consensus anoint Georgia as college football’s most notorious underachiever.” Matt Hinson Grantland.com The Triangle

“Culture here is not functioning properly. We’ve got troubles in our program that need to be fixed – the culture. Jeremy Pruitt loud boisterous – bad culture – at my alma mater – evaluating now” Fran 

“Georgia hasn’t won these types of games or been where it ultimately wants to go in the postseason in what feels like a very long time.” Matt Hinton Grantland.com The Triangle

Harrison Martin looks at after 2007 reason to fire Mark Richt

Kimberly Nash : ” I get it. I do. Georgia fans tired being on other end big time losses. It sucks. No one is happy to see their team be looked at like they’re a joke every year seems CMR pointed at”

Mark Richt called the Charlie Brown of College Football

Mark Richt can NOT win the Big Game

Not won single big stage bowl game nation both top polls for season watching him Mark Richt era let alone even played in one. Did beat # 23 FSU 2002 a 5-loss team & # 19 Hawai’i 2007 both long ago

Mark Richt did not bring his team in to the game ready to play

Mark Richt proven 7 times chose wrong starting QB

Roster mismanagement – playing of Favorites – lack of development of players most especially at QB by CMR of ALL QBs after DJ Shockley he redshirted 2001 which I got into about with Bluto 2001 AB-H

“If we are going to hire a religious instructor let’s go to the Candler School of Theology…and get some of their people to come coach our football team” College & Pro Hall Fame Fran Tarkenton

“It’s when it comes to winning big games Richt’s reputation as the Charlie Brown of college football-always within striking distance of prize never able to follow through-takes shape” Matt Hinton

“Right now it is almost expected for Georgia to collapse 2-3 games year. For Georgia to lose a game they shouldn’t every year. For Georgia fans to hope for the best and expect worst.” Cory Brinson

“There is no college football team over past decade who UNDERACHIEVED as much as Georgia.The Dawgs have had enough talent to rival anyone in country. But for whatever reason can’t win must wins” 5MA5H

“Hearing that #UGA power brokers & big dogs now asking questions/talking about potentially moving on–unlike ever before in Mark Richt era.” Bruce Feldman FoxSports.com

NCAA Rankings to evaluate our team

“Richt has failed in too many big moments: It’s time for change at Georgia.” Jeff Schultz AJ-C

# 2 Coaches’ Hot Seat Mark Richt after losing 3 of 4 with 8th best talent in America here

Obviously, we have one of the very best tippy-top best jobs in all of America.

Sports Illustrated Zac Ellis “I consider Georgia the best coaching job in the country because access to players relative to competitors with state of Georgia 3rd nationally sending recruits Power 5”

“If Georgia were to make a change at the top it would be a highly-coveted job perhaps even as attractive as the opening at Southern California.” Dan Wolken USA TODAY Sports

“Most of the coaches in America would crawl across broken glass to take the head job at a high-resource program sitting atop a recruiting goldmine.” Sports Illustrated Andy Staples

# 11 All-Time in FBS (1-A) Wins

# 12 Won/Lost 1997 – 2000

15 Big Bowl Games National Stage everyone watching us playing team also ranked Top Final AP Poll with us by Vince Dooley and Wally Butts – zero by Mark Richt

6 National Championships UGA in Football

16 UGA named Walter Camp All-America

39 Bulldogs have lifted NFL Championship Game Trophy

What do we need to do to win our 7th national championship in football ?

Why is this the place EVERYONE wants to be at ? Why are WE the BEST ?

We know the SEC East has been DOWN after 2007, but what is anyone else in the nation really doing in these 8 years since ?

after 2007 pie chart 6-23 vs top 15 time of game AP or Coaches'after 2007 pie chart 6-16 not Sanford vs year top 25F report card

69-31 after 2007 and 72-19 for 2001-2007. 62 % of his losses are AFTER 2007
69-31 after 2007 and 72-19 for 2001-2007. 62 % of his losses are AFTER 2007

Mark Richt vs Top 25 Game of 38 games 14 22 Pie Chart.5397 after 2007 vs bowl teams 6731 chart CMRCMR avg lost games per year through 2007 & afterMark Richt vs Top 10 gameMark Richt vs Higher Ranked Teams Season 4-8 4-22

Number of Losses after 2007 Chart

Average Scout.com recruiting class for Actual National Champions # 8

Average Scout.com recruiting class for Mark Richt # 8

Average Recruiting Ranking of every team with BETTER results than Mark Richt – showing that Mark Richt does not do as well despite having better talent

Average Number of years on Mark Richt watch it took NC coach to win his NC there 3.5 years

Mark Richt’s actual own RESULTS after 2007 (After a fantastic start here 2001-2007, we can NOT judge him now for 2016 based on what he did 2001-2007.) :  How far has Mark Richt actually fallen ?  Obviously, after 2007 we have not beaten anyone, not Top 5, not Top 10, not Top 15, not Top 25, not Top 25 season not at Sanford, not even beat the teams who went on and played in bowl game even that season Mark Richt played them, 7 times blown-out more than 7 TD after 2007, and 12 losses to unranked teams :

12 losses after 2007 to unranked teams AP or Coaches’ time of game or for season

3rd longest stretch between SEC titles since the league was formed in 1933

4 losses per season average 2008-2015 eight years unranked half years 2009 2010 2013 2015

7 losses after 2007 by more than 3 TD while prior he never lost any that badly

80% win % kick-off game 5 of 2008 76-19 is # 7 nationally his 1st 95 games but only 65-32 then 67% win percentage since # 26 his latest 97 games

# 6 at 35-17 vs bowl teams through 2007 – # 27 at 34-30 after 2007 likely to lose as win if opponent even plays in a bowl game the top 82 teams !

# 7 at 17-15 vs ranked teams for the year through 2007 – # 29 at 11-25 after 2007

# 7 at 24-14 vs ranked teams time of game through 2007 – # 31 at 16-24 after 2007

# 9 at 7-5 vs Top 10 game through 2007 – # 31 at 5-12 after 2007

# 27 in the nation in games not at home after 2007 against Top 25 teams for the season year

2-15 after 2007 vs teams making AP or Coaches’ Poll Top 10 for the season for the year

69-32 Won/Lost Record after 2007 piddling puny paltry pathetic pitiful 4 losses a season average losses after 2007

2-9 as Visitor vs ranked teams for the season Top 25 AP or Coaches’ starting 2007

Attrition – Arrested/Suspended/Kicked-Off

5-10 vs Crocodiles our # 1 Rival World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party

6-23 vs Top 15 time of game after 2007

Half years after 2007 Mark Richt unranked ALL Top 25 polls for year 4 of 8 most recent years 2009 2010 2013 2015

86 NFL Draft Picks 2001-2015

# 5 NFL Draft Picks Mark Richt era with 86 – coaching is getting more from less – here

Has Mark Richt LOST IT despite all this talent ?

Avg # losses 2001-2007 is 2.71 and after 2007 is 4.14

Over $ 4 million per year through 2019

“Georgia fans have every right to be upset. We’ve had ton of success in W-L column – definitely different in first 7 years vs. last 7 years… Georgia has taken a step back.” Cory Brinson


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Have you begun to lose faith in Mark Richt now ?