How far has Mark Richt actually fallen ? Is Georgia really any good ? Does anybody good really want this job ? What is everyone really saying about Mark Richt ? Can Mark Richt really just blame his Coordinators, again ? Is that going to fix this ? If you have a question about any 1 of these talking points, all you have to do is to click it – and it will take you the URL Link to prove that point to YOU. With all this talent, is this really what you expect ? What are your expectations ? Has Mark Richt LOST IT after 2007 ? We know The SEC East has been DOWN after 2007, but what is anyone else in the Nation really doing these 8 years since ?


Click any below, and it will take you to the URL Link where you can prove that 1 point to yourself.

Obviously, the cause for all this mess is the head coach is stupid both on the field and every word out of his mouth.  What is Mark Richt himself saying :

“I see your frustration; I understand your frustration. I wasn’t born yesterday. I’ve coached football for 25 years so I know what the hell I’m doing. OK?” Mark Richt to fan in Macon

“What I do is not who I am. If I become what I do and I become just a football coach you’re asking for disaster. My identity is in Christ. That gives me peace no matter what happens here.” CMR

“I don’t think we’ve gotta create motivation. I think we’ve gotta temper it.” Mark Richt 2015 prior to AL game

Bone-headed coaching decisions by Mark Richt

“If I become what I do become just a football coach you’re asking for disaster My identity is in Christ That gives me PEACE no matter what happens here at Georgia” Mark Richt cares about winning ?

Faton Bauta team 5-2 has -0- snaps at QB starting 8th game now – well game over 5-3 now. Duh without 1 single designed run for guy I said had to be moved to TB last year.

Mark Richt quotes

Pictures of Mark Richt

Religion and Mark Richt – is THAT the problem here ?

“There’s something besides winning that’s important here.” Mark Richt telling us it’s ok to lose – not important – not what defines him he says.

What everyone else is saying about Mark Richt :

David Greene : “Here we are November and we don’t even know who our QB is. As an entire team they just kind of seem lost like they just don’t know what they want to do and how they want to do it.”

Pulled a “Richt”

Dean Legge – YouTube covered The Georgia Bulldogs 15 years “It’s too late for Mark Richt”

Sporting News does NOT rank Mark Richt one of the Top 25 College Football Coaches 2015

“Georgia’d again” Pulled a “Richt” renamed by CBS Announcer Gary Danielson to Georgia’d

“This past offseason saw a national consensus anoint Georgia as college football’s most notorious underachiever.” Matt Hinson The Triangle

“Culture here is not functioning properly. We’ve got troubles in our program that need to be fixed – the culture. Jeremy Pruitt loud boisterous – bad culture – at my alma mater – evaluating now” Fran 

“Georgia hasn’t won these types of games or been where it ultimately wants to go in the postseason in what feels like a very long time.” Matt Hinton The Triangle

Harrison Martin looks at after 2007 reason to fire Mark Richt

Kimberly Nash : ” I get it. I do. Georgia fans tired being on other end big time losses. It sucks. No one is happy to see their team be looked at like they’re a joke every year seems CMR pointed at”

Mark Richt called the Charlie Brown of College Football

Mark Richt can NOT win the Big Game

Not won single big stage bowl game nation both top polls for season watching him Mark Richt era let alone even played in one. Did beat # 23 FSU 2002 a 5-loss team & # 19 Hawai’i 2007 both long ago

Mark Richt did not bring his team in to the game ready to play

Mark Richt proven 7 times chose wrong starting QB

Roster mismanagement – playing of Favorites – lack of development of players most especially at QB by CMR of ALL QBs after DJ Shockley he redshirted 2001 which I got into about with Bluto 2001 AB-H

“If we are going to hire a religious instructor let’s go to the Candler School of Theology…and get some of their people to come coach our football team” College & Pro Hall Fame Fran Tarkenton

“It’s when it comes to winning big games Richt’s reputation as the Charlie Brown of college football-always within striking distance of prize never able to follow through-takes shape” Matt Hinton

“Right now it is almost expected for Georgia to collapse 2-3 games year. For Georgia to lose a game they shouldn’t every year. For Georgia fans to hope for the best and expect worst.” Cory Brinson

“There is no college football team over past decade who UNDERACHIEVED as much as Georgia.The Dawgs have had enough talent to rival anyone in country. But for whatever reason can’t win must wins” 5MA5H

“Hearing that #UGA power brokers & big dogs now asking questions/talking about potentially moving on–unlike ever before in Mark Richt era.” Bruce Feldman

NCAA Rankings to evaluate our team

“Richt has failed in too many big moments: It’s time for change at Georgia.” Jeff Schultz AJ-C

# 2 Coaches’ Hot Seat Mark Richt after losing 3 of 4 with 8th best talent in America here

Obviously, we have one of the very best tippy-top best jobs in all of America.

Sports Illustrated Zac Ellis “I consider Georgia the best coaching job in the country because access to players relative to competitors with state of Georgia 3rd nationally sending recruits Power 5”

“If Georgia were to make a change at the top it would be a highly-coveted job perhaps even as attractive as the opening at Southern California.” Dan Wolken USA TODAY Sports

“Most of the coaches in America would crawl across broken glass to take the head job at a high-resource program sitting atop a recruiting goldmine.” Sports Illustrated Andy Staples

# 11 All-Time in FBS (1-A) Wins

# 12 Won/Lost 1997 – 2000

15 Big Bowl Games National Stage everyone watching us playing team also ranked Top Final AP Poll with us by Vince Dooley and Wally Butts – zero by Mark Richt

6 National Championships UGA in Football

16 UGA named Walter Camp All-America

39 Bulldogs have lifted NFL Championship Game Trophy

What do we need to do to win our 7th national championship in football ?

Why is this the place EVERYONE wants to be at ? Why are WE the BEST ?

We know the SEC East has been DOWN after 2007, but what is anyone else in the nation really doing in these 8 years since ?

after 2007 pie chart 6-23 vs top 15 time of game AP or Coaches'after 2007 pie chart 6-16 not Sanford vs year top 25F report card

69-31 after 2007 and 72-19 for 2001-2007. 62 % of his losses are AFTER 2007
69-31 after 2007 and 72-19 for 2001-2007. 62 % of his losses are AFTER 2007

Mark Richt vs Top 25 Game of 38 games 14 22 Pie Chart.5397 after 2007 vs bowl teams 6731 chart CMRCMR avg lost games per year through 2007 & afterMark Richt vs Top 10 gameMark Richt vs Higher Ranked Teams Season 4-8 4-22

Number of Losses after 2007 Chart

Average recruiting class for Actual National Champions # 8

Average recruiting class for Mark Richt # 8

Average Recruiting Ranking of every team with BETTER results than Mark Richt – showing that Mark Richt does not do as well despite having better talent

Average Number of years on Mark Richt watch it took NC coach to win his NC there 3.5 years

Mark Richt’s actual own RESULTS after 2007 (After a fantastic start here 2001-2007, we can NOT judge him now for 2016 based on what he did 2001-2007.) :  How far has Mark Richt actually fallen ?  Obviously, after 2007 we have not beaten anyone, not Top 5, not Top 10, not Top 15, not Top 25, not Top 25 season not at Sanford, not even beat the teams who went on and played in bowl game even that season Mark Richt played them, 7 times blown-out more than 7 TD after 2007, and 12 losses to unranked teams :

12 losses after 2007 to unranked teams AP or Coaches’ time of game or for season

3rd longest stretch between SEC titles since the league was formed in 1933

4 losses per season average 2008-2015 eight years unranked half years 2009 2010 2013 2015

7 losses after 2007 by more than 3 TD while prior he never lost any that badly

80% win % kick-off game 5 of 2008 76-19 is # 7 nationally his 1st 95 games but only 65-32 then 67% win percentage since # 26 his latest 97 games

# 6 at 35-17 vs bowl teams through 2007 – # 27 at 34-30 after 2007 likely to lose as win if opponent even plays in a bowl game the top 82 teams !

# 7 at 17-15 vs ranked teams for the year through 2007 – # 29 at 11-25 after 2007

# 7 at 24-14 vs ranked teams time of game through 2007 – # 31 at 16-24 after 2007

# 9 at 7-5 vs Top 10 game through 2007 – # 31 at 5-12 after 2007

# 27 in the nation in games not at home after 2007 against Top 25 teams for the season year

2-15 after 2007 vs teams making AP or Coaches’ Poll Top 10 for the season for the year

69-32 Won/Lost Record after 2007 piddling puny paltry pathetic pitiful 4 losses a season average losses after 2007

2-9 as Visitor vs ranked teams for the season Top 25 AP or Coaches’ starting 2007

Attrition – Arrested/Suspended/Kicked-Off

5-10 vs Crocodiles our # 1 Rival World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party

6-23 vs Top 15 time of game after 2007

Half years after 2007 Mark Richt unranked ALL Top 25 polls for year 4 of 8 most recent years 2009 2010 2013 2015

86 NFL Draft Picks 2001-2015

# 5 NFL Draft Picks Mark Richt era with 86 – coaching is getting more from less – here

Has Mark Richt LOST IT despite all this talent ?

Avg # losses 2001-2007 is 2.71 and after 2007 is 4.14

Over $ 4 million per year through 2019

“Georgia fans have every right to be upset. We’ve had ton of success in W-L column – definitely different in first 7 years vs. last 7 years… Georgia has taken a step back.” Cory Brinson


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