Whom can We hire – now that Champ Bailey, too, says “it’s time for Mark Richt to move on, 15 years is too long for Mark Richt.”


The blind leading the blind.  As Mark Richt has REFUSED to sign the over $ 4 million dollar a year contract through 2019, he is NOT BOUND by the terms and conditions therein, and reverts to the existing $ 3.5 million dollar contract until and if he signs the new contract now nearly 11 months on his desk growing dust.  It’s a testament to the absolute stupidity of Greg McGarity that he did announce the agreement late last year during the bowl game.  I am sorry, that was a LIE by Greg McGarity – such a dumbass.  Imagine how Mark Richt re-acted to Greg McGarity announcing to us the new contract during the Charlotte bowl game ? A win is a win when it’s a win.  And, a contract is a contract when it’s a contract.  Handshake does not mean the CONTRACT is signed.  Neither party is obligated to the new terms and conditions until and if it is agreed to.  Greg McGarity clearly and obviously is not suited to negotiate contracts.  He is not suited for the purpose for which he is intended.

I need not point out to you that Greg McGarity DOES have a contact for employment and has had since just prior to the 2010 season.

One of his responsibilities is the negotiation and agreement with the various coaches under his direct control.  He’s not even suited for that purpose.

As for his Record as our A.D. on OTHER RESPONSIBILITIES, he is also supposed to be responsible for the RESULTS of most especially the Cash Cow FOOTBALL.  Greg McGarity has on his watch had The Georgia Bulldogs not in the Top 25 best teams in the NATION.  And, his record in the other sports, too, since he came on-board here hired by Mike Adam$ to replace Mike Adam$’ other A.D. RED PANTIES, is piss poor in all sports.  Of course, specifically, is a pedestrian 51-24 in football, thanks to Mark Richt.  But, this is Greg McGarity’s MAIN RESPONSIBILITY : Football success !

51-24 is NOT success for the # 11 All-Time Program in Wins he took over.  In fact, we have significantly gone DOWN HILL since Greg McGarity took over.  Downhill specifically in his main area of responsibility – football and downhill in all sports.

Piss Poor Job by Greg McGarity.

Greg McGarity is 51-24 as our AD in his primary sport.

Now, we learn Greg McGarity lied to us.

There is no agreement to the new terms and conditions of the new contract, therefore there is no new contract.

How plain can you be ?

No wonder the open records’ request went unfulfilled. No record to be forwarded since there is no new contract to review.

You sign a contract.

Or, you do NOT.

No half-way to this.

And, LIES by Greg McGarity that he has a new AGREEMENT with Mark Richt when he damn sure did NOT and still does NOT.

Send the fool to Georgia Law Classes !

I took them ALL at UGA.

I can assure you there is NO CONTRACT.

I know all these guys know more about college football than Mark Richt ever will :

Mark Richt named NOT EVEN in the Top 25 of College Football Coaches 2015 by Sporting News

Urban Meyer is # 1

Nick Saban is # 2

Mark Richt is NOT even in the Top 25

James Franklin is ahead of him, for example.

Jimbo Fisher is ahead of Mark Richt, too.

Les Miles is ahead of Mark Richt.

Bob Stoops is ahead of Mark Richt.

Jim Harbaugh at Michigan, another ranked ahead of Mark Richt as college football coach.

Gary Patterson at TCU who I wanted instead of Mark Richt, is always considered better than Mark Richt.

Mark Dantonio at Michigan State is always considered a better coach than Mark Richt as well.

David Shaw Stanford always, as well, is considered a better coach than Mark Richt

These guys are smart

They are technically on the leading edge of innovation in the game

They are technically correct in their football in-game decisions

They coach up their players and have them ready for big games

They have good offenses that never let up

They would all out-recruit Mark Richt in the state of Georgia as our coach.  All of them.

They would get MORE of the very elite players in this state

They would GO AFTER the top offensive linemen here

They ALL know who is their quarterback

This is their Calling.


They none of them long instead to be a preacher man.

None of them state that they prefer something else besides winning

Not 1 of them in their lifetime would even begin to consider making the statement even once that their goal for their recruits to their school is so that he then as their coach at a State Sponsored School can lead them to Christ.

That is NOT what they are paid for.

Many on this list DO NOT MAKE OVER $ 4 MILLION dollars a year.

They each put an absolute emphasis on special teams, many making special teams their own private Idaho

They ALL pride themselves, practice it first and foremost, and play all their stars on special teams

They each have a unique technical knowledge of defenses

They design plays

NONE of them would turn their back on any of their recruits

ALL of them KNOW with all their heart that college quarterbacks are like God in this sport, and they groom and prepare their quarterbacks, many of whom are not ranked anywhere near as good as those we have, but they get in their heads during recruitment, make them promises, work with them personally each of the quarterbacks daily and try to infuse a complete understanding of what they as coach want from their college quarterbacks.

MORE than half of them specifically have their quarterbacks designed into their run game

These coaches look at their roster and fit their game strategies to the talent they DO HAVE

Not one of them has some set preconceived notion of what EVERY GAME will be

Mark Richt tells us when we get blown-out being stubborn about our old-style offense, that WE HAVE TO BELIEVE IN WHAT WE DO, AND CONTINUE TO GO BACK OUT THERE AND DO IT AGAIN UNTIL WE ARE SUCCESSFUL AT HIS ANTIQUATED OFFENSE.

Every stinking one of these coaches has been offered a job in the NFL

Mark Richt never has been

No one in their right mind would offer him a job in the damned NFL

Mark Richt for 13 seasons told us specifically that he would NEVER hire a guy from the NFL

Mark Richt is stubborn.

That is not a Christian trait.


There have been 14 guys win NC since Mark Richt took over here, on his watch.

They averaged being there 3 and one half years.

They averaged the # 8 Scout.com recruiting class averaging the 5 classes (with Redshirt) that made up their NC team.

Mark Richt averages the # 8 Scout.com recruiting class, 2nd best nationally and verified by his 86 NFL Draft Picks starting with Quincy Carter whom Mark Richt KICKED-OFF our team December 2000 as his 1st coaching decision here – other than KEEPING Rodney Garner as our recruiting coordinator.

Mark Richt REFUSED to come to our campus and take over our program although hired December 20, 2000.  He FINALLY at MY INSISTENCE finally showed up just prior to the February signing date.  First, he wanted to play in the FSU game against Oklahoma in the damn bowl game that he looked like shit in.  Second, he wanted to say goodbye (for December, January and February) to his Church there in Tallahassee. And, thirdly, finally Vince Dooley put his damn foot down and forced Mark Richt to get his ass up here when Mark Richt said he wanted to go to an ASISSTANT COACH seminar for weeks on end showing up here mid February he told Vince Dooley.


This guy is NOT a coach, NEVER HAS BEEN ONE, considers it BENEATH HIM, loathes the profession, and NEVER WILL BE ONE.

I would not rank him one of the Top 25 college football coaches 2015 either, just as Sporting News has not.


Hire any of these Top 25 College Coaches 2015 according to Sporting News, or any NFL head coach – whole bunch of whom don’t make any more than we pay his losing bullshit ass of over $ 4 million a year through 2019 -but, only 25 cents on the dollar buyout of Mark Richt’s contract – he was stupid enough to agree to.

Sporting News does NOT rank Mark Richt one of the Top 25 College Football Coaches 2015

Sports Illustrated Zac Ellis “I consider Georgia the best coaching job in the country because access to players relative to competitors with state of Georgia 3rd nationally sending recruits Power 5”

“If Georgia were to make a change at the top it would be a highly-coveted job perhaps even as attractive as the opening at Southern California.” Dan Wolken USA TODAY Sports

Kirby Smart

Justin Fuente

Pep Hamilton, Indianapolis Colts offensive coordinator

Tom Herman, Houston head coach

Dan Mullen

Thomas Brown

DJ Shockley

Buck Belue

David Greene

David Pollack

Matt Stinchcomb

Hines Ward

Champ Bailey  — who by the way Called for Mark Richt “time to move on, 15 years too long for Mark Richt”

Jim Donnan – that’s right he was # 12 won/lost his last 4 years and Mark Richt his last 8 years # 22.

Fran Tarkenton – he’s smart, very very very smart

Jake Scott

Matt Robinson

Steve Spurrier

None of these guys are out-of-balance in your lives where they think that : “There’s something besides winning that’s important here at Georgia.”

Jim Harbaugh at Michigan makes $ 5 m

Gary Patterson at TCU only makes $ 3 m I wanted him when we hired Mark Richt

Jimbo Fisher FSU makes $ 4.1 m I am sure he’d love to get our recruits and be in SEC

Brian Kelly Notre Dame makes $ 4 m

Chip Kelly Philadelphia Eagles NFL makes  $7 m but he might have to come back to college

Tom Herman Houston makes only $ 1.35 so we could get him for a bargain

Matt Campbell Toledo makes $ .5 m half a million another bargain

James Franklin Penn State makes $ 4 m but someone will scarf him up before we do anything

David Shaw Stanford makes only makes $ 3 m and I love this guy’s football knowledge too

Rod Carey Center Northern Illinois is only 44 years old only makes $ .5 half a million bargain

Dan Quinn Falcons NFL lost last night makes $ 4.5 m

Mike McCoy San Diego Chargers NFL only makes $ 4 m

I mean let’s be realistic here.

Mark Richt does not know football, as we are painfully aware watching his in-game decisions on time outs, on choice of QB, on preparing back-up QB, on roster management, on game strategies like pooch kicks, and when to pound it or finesse at 4-yard line, on basic simple football knowledge, discipline which he thinks is PUNISHMENT which it is NOT, getting players ready to play, motivation is another area Mark Richt is just useless at even trying to do – he is NOT a football coach.  He did not play the game; he sat the bench; he made no decisions at FSU and they fired Bobby Bowden and replaced him with a guy I’d love to see us entertain; while Bowden never took Richt under his wings and taught him how to be a head coach.

Vince Dooley could have taught Mark Richt this stuff, but Mike Adam$ fired him.  Richt’s minions – none of whom were fans of our school before he came here – say he is so much better than Vince Dooley but if you look up Vince Dooley’s last 11 years compared to Mark Richt :

Vince Dooley (1978 – 1988)

SEC Record: 53 – 12 – 2 (.806)

3 SEC Conference Titles

1 National Title

Mark Richt (2004 – 2014)

60 – 26 (.698)

1 SEC Conference Title

ZERO National Titles

Here are Mark Richt’s 4 main conference rivals (besides Nick Saban he is now 2-6 against) over last 11 years :

South Carolina: 6 – 5

Tennessee: 7 – 4

Florida: 5 – 6

Auburn: 8 – 3

26 – 18 (.591)

Jesus Christ.

Wake up !

Smell the damn roses

Average Recruiting Ranking over this period last 11 years # 8.

All these NFL Draft Picks.

Gruesome is the best word to describe what Mark Richt HAS NOT DONE with all this talent.

I have been looking at all these rankings of college football coaches, and he is not considered one of the best.  Bullshit from media about his record including 2001-2007 aside, he has not done shit after 2007 against ANYONE.

No one.

He can’t beat shit anymore.


He sucks as a coach and he is viewed that way nationally on EVERY LIST.

I have been studying where Georgia stands as a job head coaching here.  We are at the VERY TOP of EVERY LIST.

With good reason as I wrote to you yesterday.  I care not that I am biased toward loving my alma mater; the facts are UGA is a HUGE BIG DESTINATION, which is why Mark Richt took this gig.

We’ve run the string out as far as we can with him.

Mark Richt :



CONFLICTED WITH 2 GODS HE IS TRYING TO SERVE : God is # 1 he says but Family might be # 1 certainly # 2 right ? and UGA which is NOT # 1 with him and clearly not # 2 either.

Pay $ 4 m get a real coach, who considers this HIS DAMN CALLING coaching us.  We are ALL all-in and he is NOT.  Is he ?

Frankly, I think ANYONE ELSE would actually recruit better and get more of the very tip top players.

He ignores his trenches, and leaves holes all the time with too many at some position and not enough at many other holes.  He does not get his guys ready to play.  He is clueless at motivation.  We can not cover for him any longer.

Only BCS Bowl Wins ?  # 23 FSU 2002 a 5-loss team after beating 5-loss Arkansas for SEC Championship Game in DOWN SEC 2002, and in 2007 when he beat # 19 Hawai’i.  That’s it.  Never played in real BCS Bowl game the world watching.  2 Bullshit # 23 and # 19 teams he has beat.  This is his high water mark, unless you consider 2005 when he came in # 3 of SEC teams in EVERY POLL.  ALL OF HIS HAPPENED 2001-2007.  How about now ?  Since his high water mark is 2012 when he got blown-out 7-35 four TD blow-out by Steve Spurrier USCe and same year mucked up the game refusing to let Aaron Murray spike it as Aaron Murray 3 times over-ruled Mark Richt only to submit to Mark Richt who told us all later he really thought Nick Saban would NOT expect a pass with no time to run even if spiked it.  You get that ?  Nick Saban caught off-guard dumbass Mark Richt said not looking for Aaron Murray pass.  Seriously dimwits THIS IS HIGH WATER MARK after 2007 ?  You’ve got to be freaking kidding me ?

N.B. at the Alabama kick-off 2008 another of his sorry-assed motivation attempts black-out he called for, he was winning 80 % of all his games !  Eighty point zero.  80.00.  Since he is 67 %.

You get that ?

Not some 10-win season bullshit in 15-game seasons, 67 %.

This is what he’s done recently.  67 % wins.

What period is this 67 %

1st 95 games as coach here 80%

97  games since  as coach here 67%

Get it that time ?

Greg McGarity J. Reid Parker Director of Athletics ad@sports.uga.edu

Jere Morehead e-mail address (since I firmly am convinced the problem is Greg McGarity no good at his job since he got here) president@uga.edu

Only Nebraska’s head coach Mike Riley is more on the hot seat this morning than Mark Richt.


# 1 Coaches’ Hot Seat this morning Mike Riley – Nebraska

# 2 Coaches’ Hot Seat this morning Mark Richt – The Georgia Bulldogs.

N.B. Nebraska fans certainly have EXPECTATIONS for their program.  If they hire the wrong coach, they get rid of him and move-on.

“Most of the coaches in America would crawl across broken glass to take the head job at a high-resource program sitting atop a recruiting goldmine.” Sports Illustrated Andy Staples

Over $ 4 million per year through 2019

Why is this the place EVERYONE wants to be at ? Why are WE the BEST ?

Mark Richt is in a maze after 2007 and doesn’t know what the hell he is doing any more. He’s LOST IT !


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