Our Official NCAA Strength of Schedule is # 72 so far and our 4 CUPCAKES coming-up have a LOSING RECORD too, so we end up with the # 75 SoS in the nation. We get a CUPCAKE in our meaningless bowl game. Auburn 4-loss team. We lost to a 4-loss vols already. Our AVERAGE WIN is over # 107. Our BEST win is over # 61. THIRTY (30) teams EVERY YEAR are 10-win or 9-win teams maybe 37 this year. I’d like to just see us just beat 5-4 Auburn unranked.


Auburn is a horrible football team.  They have played a far tougher schedule than we have, and they have a significantly tougher schedule up-coming as well compared to us.

Auburn has no offense

Auburn has no defense

Auburn has no special teams

Auburn has no quarterback

Auburn gets no pressure on any QB

There isn’t anything that Auburn does.


2015 is a season known for our CUPCAKE city schedule.

Our game is at NOON again.  Another morning game for us.  They all are MORNING GAMES for us.  Well, we had two 3:30 games, but got BLOWN-OUT by more than 3 TD in BOTH.

Despite all these cupcakes, we could not get close to getting-up for the only 2 games we had all season.

Big Game, Big DUD.

All this despite # 8 Scout.com recruiting ranking # 5 most NFL Draft Picks and # 72 toughest schedule for our # 11 All-Time Most Wins’ Program.

Anyone else have a problem with this picture ?

http://stats.ncaa.org/rankings/ranking_summary  It’s over in misc reports toughest schedule

Auburn’s SoS is # 18 in the nation this 2015 season.

Auburn has wins over # 33 Texas A & M and # 35 Louisville.

What’s our best win ?

# 216 Southern

# 159 Louisiana Monroe 1-8

# 75 Vandie 3-6

# 74 Kentucky  4-5

# 62 Missouri 4-5

# 61 South Carolina 3-6

If you are wondering, those are our ONLY wins all year.  Impressive.  Great Season !

Mark Richt is great alright uh huh.

There are 30 teams EVERY YEAR who have 10-win or 9-win seasons.


Georgia Southern University are # 69 this year

Georgie tek yellowjackets are 3-6

Auburn are 5-4  We’re playing for All-Time Lead in Deep South’s Oldest Rivalry

Greyson Lambert was big-time lousy again last week vs # 74 Kentucky 4-5.

By all means now, let’s brag on Mark Richt that he can get to a 10-win season ?

I’d like to see us just beat unranked 5-4 Auburn.  Is that asking too much ?


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