Coaches’ Poll has us # 28 with us # 6 in just The SEC after besting Auburn now 2-5 in SEC play. We have no good win and a loss to a 4-loss (should be 5-loss) unranked vols.


Obviously none of the teams we’ve beat are ranked, and 1 of the ones we lost to are not ranked either.

We remain unranked for this performance this season according to the coaches.  Wonder if Steve Spurrier still got a vote this week ?

No, he did not.

All of the teams at the tail-end of this miserable season we’re playing again this year are unranked as are we for now half the time after 2007 unranked 2009, 2010, 2013 and now 2015, half of the 8 years 4 unranked recently now for Mark Richt with our # 8 best talent in the nation as verified by his avg ranking and by his # 5 most NFL Draft Picks.  All 3 of our last 3 opponents all got a vote in today’s coaches’ poll.

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