Massey Poll ranks us # 23 this morning !


We’re somebody !

The thrilling win taking the advantage All-Time 56-55-8 last held by us 1986 in the Deep South’s Oldest Rivalry, pushed us back into the polls and sent Auburn tumbling to # 35 in the Massey Poll, which was one of the Original Official BCS Polls too.  They also ranked Georgia # 1 in 1966, our 6th National Championship.


Kenneth Massey also moved us up to # 30 in his All Sports from his perspective, which covers only 10 college sports.  Men’s Soccer ?


Beating Auburn is very important.  How important ?  Certainly always way more important than beating Georgie tek yellowjackets, which is why I consider Auburn our 2nd best Rivalry with Florida # 1.  Anyone who still says it is the nerds in 2nd place, obviously has not followed our sports but theirs.  Just because the bad sports’ nerds consider us their # 1 Rivalry, doesn’t affect my feelings whatsoever that after 1955, they really don’t mean diddle-e-squat to us and I’d rather really not play them – nothing to gain and lots to lose.

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