There has NEVER been an Offensive Coordinator at Georgia other than Mark Richt

He has ALWAYS called all the shots.  Watching the game on TV, I could tell he was making the calls on Offense.

How’d the offense do ?

They sucked !

That’s how they did.

Mark Richt will be named “settled for field goal” once he retires.

He also will be marked with making the wrong choices at QB.

When the offense left the field, he raised his mic.

There is no question that we all put pressure on Mark Richt following his showing vs Florida.

We still have not beat any good teams.

Auburn is 2-5 in The SEC.

Missouri is 1-5 in The SEC.

Vandie 2-4

Kentucky 2-6

South Carolina 1-7

And, of course, we LOST to 4-Loss vols.

Any Offensive Coordinator for Mark Richt has always been nothing but a puppet Offensive Coordinator.

Mike Bobo is doing like shit out there at whatever his school is he is the coach for, as I said all along he wouldn’t.  Nor has he recruited anyone out there, so his future is also bleak.

Not that he did shit here either.  Because he most certainly did NOT.

Mike Bobo’s record at *Offensive Coordinator  (*=puppet) is that of Mark Richt’s here, which speaks for itself that the Offense settled for field goals, lost 18 of 24 vs Top 15 time of game # 41 nationally after 2007 when we’re # 11 All-Time in Wins and also lost 30 of 64 games vs teams who went on to a bowl game as the puppet O.C. after 2007.

Brian Schottenheimer is no different : Mark Richt calls the shots, and always has.

Seemingly lost on the this morning, is that it was the DEFENSE that won the game and most certainly proved nothing positive about Mark Richt and Brian Schottenheimer teaching their quarterbacks a damn thing.

Our QB play was abysmal again, which it was last year with Mike Bobo too.

Yes, Huck. Mark Richt clearly is involved in the offense.

He always has been, sir.

After all that Brian Schottenheimer said all Summer about game managers at QB, you really think Brian Schottenheimer had, has, or will have any say on Greyson Damn Lambert ?

The guy sucks at QB.  Sucks.  Worst Mark Richt QB ever !  And, that is saying something with the likes of Greyson Lambert, Hutson Mason, Joe Tereshinski III and Joe Cox – all bullshit artists bragged about by MARK RICHT.

No one else bragged about these Mark Richt Quarterbacks EXCEPT Mark Richt.

Mike Bobo and Mark Richt average 4 losses a season after 2007 together, and it continues without Mike Bobo.

Our problem is on OFFENSE and always has been.

Only figure that when we give up 4 unanswered TD or 5 unanswered TD that the defense is the problem.  Mark Richt will not be able to retain Jeremy Pruitt, who is HOT-TO-TROTT about all this bullshit on offense during his tenure here – and with good Damn Reason !

We are clueless on offense !  Absolutely totally clueless.  We have no damn QB !  How the hell in year 15, do we have no QB ?  Try explaining that ?  The Auburn fumbles over-shadowed the Reggie Davis fumble on special teams, the horrible over-throws on deep balls by Greyson Damn Lambert – his FLAT pitch FUMBLE to Sony Michel – 3rd and 41 yards to go – his inability to tuck and run – his poor progressions – our inability on offense to do ANYTHING but rely on special teams and defense to bail them out when Mark Richt doesn’t even practice special teams which rank right up there with Offense as the problem around here has been the problem around here continues to be the problem around here and always will be the problem around here with Mark Richt the coach and why we can’t beat SHIT with him as our coach – taking a knee down 3-10 then bragging by the coach that “I think we’re on the right track” – the bobble by Isaiah McKenzie on the horrible pass behind him by Greyson Damn Lambert – the drop by Isaiah McKenzie on 3rd down right to his breadbasket – and with Isaiah McKenzie jawing early in the game and then slams the ball down in the end zone after scoring NOT CALLED PENALTY – Malcolm Mitchell on the back of the defender on a pass that should NEVER have been released –  and the utter continuation of our total inability to give our Dirty Dozen Running Backs of Thomas Brown an Opportunity EVEN.

If we were playing a real team, do you think we would’ve won because Mark Richt called the Offense like he has for 15 years here now ?

Well, do you ?



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