# 28 for Bulldogs in Anderson-Hester Seattle Times Poll – former Official BCS Poll too



We are the # 6 team in The SEC barely almost # 7 SEC team to Missy State.

# 28 for Bulldogs in Anderson-Hester Seattle Times Poll – former Official BCS Poll too



Arky  and 4-loss vols should be 5-loss vols nipping at our heels, too.


The SEC is the top conference in the Seattle Times Poll.


Sickening looking at the teams ranked ahead of us in ALL these polls, with the # 8 talent, isn’t it ?


We have NO GOOD WIN.




And, two (2) blow-outs.


Seattle Times does not come out with their poll until Monday, so I had to wait on this one.  I was not rubbing salt in the wounds to wait until now to let it be known.


It is what it is.  We are in his 15th season, he has lost 18 of the latest 24 after 2007 vs Top 15, along with 12 unranked teams beating us like the vols this season again, and 7 count them SEVEN (7) blow-outs of


MORE THAN 3 TD after 2007


with two (2) more of those this season.


15th season and he has NO QB.


He ran off Jacob Park whom I had hoped to be a 4-year Starter.  TCU gets him ?


He would’ve STARTED against Florida AND Kentucky.


Brice Ramsey Mark Richt can not be bothered to teach the basics of throwing the football following through and being set, and this numb-nuts Greyson Damn Lambert is another in a LONG STRING of Mark Richt wrong guesses at QB Joe Tereshinski III, Joe Cox, Hutson Mason and now Greyson Damn Lambert.


15th season.


Want I should rattle off the teams AHEAD of us in this poll ?


Trust me you do NOT want to know who they are.






We can NOT throw the football.


Our coach came here as the QB coach and Offensive Coordinator.


We are clueless on personnel on Offense, have been, continue to be, will be.


All these CUPCAKES all season long and 2 games.  Can we be bothered to get up for the only 2 games ?




5 unanswered TD

4 unanswered TD


And, the loss to the unranked vols to-boot !

And, then CUPCAKES… all cupcakes.



Auburn is our best win and in The SEC,  they are 2-5


Where are the guys who told me how great Mark Richt is ?


Singing a different tune, are you ?


Hiding behind your damned keyboard ?


Well, punk ?


When we are # 11 all-time in wins and # 5 in NFL Draft Picks and # 8 in average recruiting ranking, why have we LOST 18 of latest 24 after 2007  vs Top 15 ?


Oh, and why 12 LOSSES MORE against unranked teams after 2007 ?


And, why averaging 4 losses per season after 2007 – 8 years now, 32 losses ?



NASCAR has really messed-up their format Kyle Bush and Kevin Harvick reset to 0 with Jeff Gordon and Martin Truex Junior


I drove Talladega.

Last race of the season, Miami Sunday.

NASCAR has really messed-up their format Kyle Bush and Kevin Harvick reset to zero with Jeff Gordon and Martin Truex Junior.

How silly is that ?

Brian France owns NASCAR.  He does whatever he wants to do !

Which is nothing.

1 guy won 4 races and he is tied going into the last race with no bonus points, just finish position, all that NASCAR allows.

2 guys won only 1 race and they are tied with Kyle Bush with his 4 wins ?

That’s just wrong.

Another guy won 3 races and he too is left holding the bag, Kevin Harvick tied with Jeff Gordon (retiring after the race) and Martin Truex Junior when Gordon won only 1 race all year of 35 races and Truex has won only 1 race all year.

Poor format.

Reset the top 4 to zero and finish position all that matters of those 4.  The other 39 get to race but they do not count AT ALL.

Stupid, if you ask me.

There are other more deserving drivers as well than Gordon and Truex !

1 guy won 6 races and dominated NASCAR all year long.  He is OUT.  2,691 points behind the 4 final racers.  Why is he out ?  Because Matt Kenseth got bumped by Joey Logano’s teammate, so Kenseth took-out Joey Logano.  Wrecked him on purpose, got interviewed, said he wrecked him on purpose to remove him from the race because Logano’s teammate took Kenseth out.

NASCAR do anything about ANY of this ?


Another, former Champion, won 5 races and yet Jimmy Johnson is out.

Then, there is the guy who took out Joey Logano on purpose and admitted it who won 5 races as well and he is out not for taking Joey Logano out on purpose and eliminating him, but because Logano’s teammate took Matt Kenseth out in a wreck.

NASCAR had a race yesterday, but with no real NASCAR heroes and little coming-up to be a NASCAR hero, the sport is dominated by drivers who work for an owner who has more money and therefore better cars.

The old days when a driver might win on guts and skill and bravado are lone gone.

Big-time money now rules the sport.

If you an individual driver or drive for an owner who does not own half of America, you can not possibly be expected to win anything.  The top teams are made-up of multiple drivers who would none of them be a top driver were it not for the owner who has all the money.  That owner can spend whatever he wants to do whatever he wants with the engines.  His engines are the best.  Another driver can buy engines made by the big-money owner.  He will do well.

Then, there are the races themselves.  Daytona for example is anyone’s race.  Big-time money owner has no advantage at all. Driver skill unrelated to Daytona winners.  NASCAR thinks we want to see all 43 drivers all side-by-side-by-side on final lap, each purposely wrecking the other guy with no penalty and no recourse for the wrecked driver.  And, NASCAR purposely puts a restrictor plate on the engines to limit the in-take, so all cars are totally equal.  Excuse me ?

So, they get in packs at Daytona and push the 1 ahead of them to win.  If you do not have teammates or team-up with others, you are left without anyone pushing you.  Not pushed, lose.  Push, then get to last lap and bump the guy out of the way.  Anyone can win !  Absolutely anyone.  1 of these type tracks of the 35 races is in the Chase they call this new stupid format.

Other tracks are so small that instead of 500 miles, they run 500 laps where the guy in the lead is lapping the guy who qualified last when they restart.  These “small tracks” are so small that no one can pass anyone except to wreck them.  Might have 25 cautions !  Stop race, clean up the track, go to the store and come back.  Crazy.

The restarter can lag behind, or gas it early – his choice.  Or, do as Kevin Harvick last week with a bad engine and purposely hit a guy to end the race under caution because if he had to race all the way around, he would be eliminated before the last race Sunday at Miami.  NASCAR not only allows all this, they actually encourage it by not kicking cheaters out.  They dock them points.  Excuse me, the docked points are GONE, and everyone reset to zero idiots !

The “Chase” format NASCAR is now using, is just wrong.

Dad used to take me down to Hampton.  I loved it.  The sport was exciting and the drivers who were top drivers, were top drivers.

The sport has become a trophy for everyone Jeff Gordon and Martin Truex Junior love.  They neither have any business being in the last race, while others far more deserving have no say in it.

I have been down to many races in the infield but the track is so old and none of them are properly maintained, especially here.

You go through the tunnel.  You stay there until the race is over.

If it rains which it always does at Hampton, you could be there all day and night.

Yesterday, NASCAR just said I quit.  Race is over. Gave up.  We declare the guy leading at time of rain who purposely did not pit with everyone else, the winner : Dale Earnhardt Junior.

His daddy was called the Intimidator.  He would always go to the pits get 4 tires every wreck.  And, then he would get on your back bumper and hit you – wreck you to get by.

There is no recourse for the guy bumped out of the way.  He is just eliminated.

Until you have 4 racers all that is left and 2 of them totally undeserving but there because 3 of the biggest drivers in the sport were wrecked.

At least I have not had to listen to the announcers who can not speak a word of English Jeff Hammond and Larry McReynolds.  Lord God, I cringe to listen to them.  Oh, they know so much about NASCAR.  No one cares. The sport has been ruined. If you cannot speak the language, you should not be on TV announcing.  I do not know if Mike Joy or Allen Bestwick ever raced or were grease-monkeys and they seem to understand the sport !  That is why everyone likes them.  And, what’s up with having races in weird cities where no one ever goes to the races there ?  NASCAR says they want to spread it around, so traditional tracks always packed are replaced in far away cities where no one gives a hoot about attending with all empty seats.  How stupid can you be ?

This new “Chase” format of NASCAR is horrible, makes no sense whatsoever, and reminds me of college football before we got to at least a 4-team format to determine the champion. NASCAR thinks this is good.  4 guys – 2 of whom have no business in the championship race – all reset to zero. (5,000 points each.) Stupidity rules in NASCAR today like college football did until we got at least the last final top 4 teams.  No one said NASCAR has the last 4, the best 4.  They clearly are NOT.


Are the owners of NASCAR related to Mark Richt ?