5 of the 14 seasons so far, Mark Richt did not have 10-win season. When they say Mark Richt had 10-win season, are they representing that season as a great year ? Sure they are ! Here are the details they DO NOT WANT TO DISCUSS !


Sure they are BRAGGING about Mark Richt’s 10-win seasons.  That is their whole entire purpose in representing the seasons Mark Richt did win 10-win seasons  –   stating therefore that the season in question was great.

Shall we just discuss this then ?


Well punks ?


We know that 5 of the 14 so far, they are not representing as great seasons 36 %.

So, what about the other 64 % ?


These are great seasons ?

2002-played a 5-loss Arky in SEC Championship then played meaningless bowl game against 5-loss FSU # 23 bowl game because he went 0-13 on 3rd down conversions against a hapless should’ve been 5-loss and was unranked Final AP Poll even with their Ron Zook Florida win over Mark Richt.  That’s great season ?  Or, we played cupcakes and LOST to them ?  Which is it ?  Surely, this is not being represented as greatest ever, right ?  Embarrassed by Ron Zook, ruined the season.  That is what really happened.  Say we won SEC Championship but only Top 25 Final Coaches’ Poll SEC team was a 4-loss Auburn who was # 24 when we beat them 5-3 in The SEC.  The SEC was down 2002, wasn’t it ?  Come on you can say it !  We all know !

2003-lost 3 games.   In The SEC Championship, we got embarrassed 13-34.  LOST by 3 TD !  LOST 3 games.  Played 4-loss Purdue in meaningless bowl game.  For God’s sake, this is great season ?  Lying Mark Richt Apologists.  Aren’t they ?  Also lost 2003 to a 5-loss should have been 6-loss hapless Ron Zook Florida again.  Good God any fan with me 2003 hated the damn season.  Right ?

2004-lost to should’ve been hapless 4-loss Phillip Fulmer and lost to Auburn in an annihilation blow-out 6-24.  That’s 3 TD without extra points !  Good God, that’s a great season ?  Wtf are you smoking ?  You have the balls to represent this as a great season either ?  Obviously, you did not suffer through the season of wins over cupcakes.  Did you ?

2005-lost 3 games.  This is great season, losing 3 games ?  By whose reckoning ?  Say we won SEC Championship but we were the # 3 SEC team in EVERY STINKING POLL !  How is that an SEC Championship ?  Tainted as 2002 is, isn’t it ?  Lost 3 games and you make this season out as the greatest ever ?  I presume you did not go to the Sugar Bowl at the Georgia Dome that never happened, right ?  Did not have to suffer through like we did there being nice to West Virginia fans beside you behind 0-28, coming-in to the game not ready to play, like Mark Richt so often does.  We lost to Florida who should’ve lost 4 games.  We lost to Auburn who should’ve lost 4 games too !  You like to fluff over this stuff, don’t you ?  You were NOT there as we.  NOT.  No way.  Not to represent this as the greatest ever.

2007-lost to a 6-6 South Carolina who did not even play in a bowl game !  LOST 14-35 in a blow-out of Biblical Proportions by 3 TD to the vols for God’s sake !  We lost to a should’ve been 5-loss vols.  Our best win ?  4-loss Auburn we beat is our best win 2007.  So, we got to play # 19 Hawai’i for crying out loud in our bowl game no one cared about meaningless bowl game no one watching.  This is what transpired 2007.  Were you in a different country to represent 2007 as the greatest ever ?  Well punks ?  How in the name of Hell do you make this out as great ?  You obviously were NOT there with me as we lost that to that hapless 6-6 South Carolina not even in a bowl game 2007.  Right ?  You did not go right ?  Hells Bells you were not even a fan of our team in 2007, were you punk ? Now, this is the greatest ever ?  2007 ?

2008-pre-season # 1 both Coaches’ & AP Polls, behind 0-31 at half vs Alabama who was # 8 when we had dropped to # 3 because well we played like crap all year and because 20 players went out and CELEBRATED being # 1 pre-season 1st time in UGA history.  Then, we played Florida when we were # 8 and they were # 5 when we LOST 10-49.  Seriously.  Politely like little ole ladies at Theatre Under the Stars, Florida players clapped when we scored the TD at the VERY END OF THE GAME or it is 3-49.  Slaughtered by 6 TD even with the TD.  Then, we played # 22 Georgie tek yellowjackets.  You guessed it, all 3 of the teams we played 2008 regular season who ended up making ANY Top 25 Poll, beat us them scoring 45 points !  It was our worst season in Bulldogs’ HISTORY.  NOTHING but BAD PRESS !  Seriously anyone bragging about 2008 obviously has a poor memory, right ?

2011-we lost 4 games.  We lost the 2 games to begin the year and the 2 games to end the year.  In-between, we played NOT 1 SINGLE TEAM who made ANY Top 25 Poll for the 2011 season !  Bragging about that are we ?  Yes, sir – the Mark Richt Apologists brag about 10-win season ALL THESE SEASONS reviewed here !

2012-LOST by Biblical Proportions another of 7 games after 2007 we got the ever-living shit beat out of us by MORE than 3 TD !  We got blown-out by South Carolina 7-35.  A 4-TD beat-down !  Then, in front of me Mark Richt 3 times OVER-RULED Aaron Murray and told him “NO, DO NOT SPIKE THE BALL.”  After the game, Mark Richt said he was certain that Nick Saban would not figure it out that he would have Aaron Murray throw a PASS.  Seriously, catch them off-guard he still maintains to the day.  The ball was batted-down at the line of scrimmage and never made it to the intended receiver who by the way was COVERED.  They pressured Aaron Murray AND they covered our receivers BOTH !  Dumbass.  Instead of 3 passes, that was it.  And, we were done.  2 of the MOST DEVASTING LOSSES in the HISTORY of HISTORIES for our PROUD FOOTBALL PROGRAM.  You let them brag about that ?  That our coach was such a dumbshit that 3 times Aaron Murray told Mark Richt IN FRONT OF ME that he wanted to spike it.  All 3 times CMR told him emphatically NO !  He’s STUPID.

2014-last year was a great year ?  Oh, come on assholes !  Who are you trying to FOOL ?  Me ?  Yourself whistling passing the graveyard ?  We started last year as you seem to have forgotten LOSING to lesser-talented South Carolina who was 7-6 last year and 3-5 in The SEC and that INCLUDES their win over us ! Then, we got BLOWN-OUT by a coach and team who had lost 10 of their 13 games going in to the game !  20-38.  The players ALL ran to the media and TOLD THEM MARK RICHT TOOK FLORIDA LIGHTLY !  What did Mark Richt do ?  He told the press to tell his players to SHUT-UP !  They beat the ever-living shit out of us last year by 3 TD not counting extra points.  Then, against a team averaging # 52 recruiting to our average # 8, we lost at HOME to Georgie tek yellowjackets to give Fish Fry not even a losing record at Sanford !  God Damn it shut the friq up about 10-win seasons.


Got it ?


This season we have beat NO TEAM who is ranked, will be ranked, was ranked.  And, we have LOST to a 4-loss should’ve been 5-loss team.  We have given up 4 and 5 unanswered TD.  We suck.


You think you can brag about 10-win seasons of Mark Richt with ME ?


Or, you give the freaking hell up on your bullshit of 10-win seasons by Mark Richt ?


Which is it punk ?


Look, there was a time when 10-win seasons meant something. We played 11 games those seasons.  11.  The top teams play 15-game seasons nowadays.  10-win season ?  30 teams on track for 10-win season this season and we’re # 30.  Know why ?  Because we beat NO ONE and because we lost to 4-loss should’ve been 5-loss unranked vols.  Got it ?


So, when someone says to you Mark Richt has done this or that, say excuse me ?  And then send them here TO ME.  You do not insist that my blog be listed on the Dawgbone, so you have to come here to this renegade site to hear the TRUTH about Mark Richt’s 10-win seasons.  Renegade is their term.  That’s your fault.  The Mark Richt Apologists have come in here and TOLD you they do NOT WANT ME TO BE HEARD !  I am NOT a renegade !  I am a true Bulldogs’ fan, always have been my ENTIRE life, go to the games, and love the players.  I just don’t happen to think this coach is very smart; in fact, I know he is NOT !  And, he has squandered talent like it is going out of style !  Excuse me, I do not like this coach as a coach.  I LOVE him as a man.  I hate his sorry ass as a damn coach.  That does not make me a Bulldogs’ renegade.  It makes ME your HERO because after 2007, I have TURNED ON MARK RICHT.





Or, you can ask them :


Are you saying that those seasons were the greatest ever ?  That he beat a string of unranked cupcakes, and lost all the important games, accomplished NOTHING absolutely NOTHING because he LOST 4-games a season average after 2007 and nearly that over his entire career.


Just ask them which season they are making out as the greatest ever ?


Be specific. Because what I have suffered through with my seasons tickets is putting up with him bragging to me that he knocked the lid off this # 11 All-Time Wins’ Program with 6th most bowl appearances and 4th best bowl results 15 Big Huge Bowl Games National Stage by UGA – mostly all Won and 6 of which saw us named National Champion by this poll or that poll afterwards – knocked the lid off this program beating # 4 vols 2001 a season in which he lost 4 games – on the average, like all the rest.

I cut him some slack that year.

2002 things were looking up, but the season had a sour taste to it, didn’t it ?  Cut him some slack for that.

It went ALL DOWNHILL after that, really.


Truly it has.


Lake Lanier is at 1071.12 over full pool !  Our football program after 2007 is NOT !