“When a team throws 11 touchdowns passes in 10 games you have to look to the offensive coordinator for explanation.”



Bullshit !


You are NOT going to blame this bullshit this season on the God Damn Coordinators again !


You did that 8 times !


8 Freaking times Mark Richt has REPLACED his coodinators.


4 Offensive Coordinators

4 Defensive Coordinators


When you have LOST 32 games in these 8 years now, the God Damn STUPID SHIT freaking coach is the God Damn Problem, asshole !


All we need a new Offensive Coordinator ?


Kiss my friqin’ ass !


That is NOT the problem.


He has LOST 18 of the last 24 games vs Top 15 teams, yet averages the # 8 Scout.com recruiting ranking over these same 8 years currently – us the # 11 All-Time Wins’ Program !


He has LOST 12 times to unranked teams either in AP or Coaches’ Polls for the season or time of game in these same 8 years currently now.


He has had the SHIT kicked out of his sorry ass 7 times these same current 8 years – losing 7 times by MORE than 3 TD.


5 unanswered TD

4 unanswered TD


And, the loss to unranked should’ve been 5-Loss vols !


This is systemic !


He’s a dumbass.


All you have to do is listen to ANYTHING out of his mouth.


CATEGORIES on the right here have 211 of the most prominent Sports Authorities on College Football.  All say Mark Richt has GOT TO GO.


And, you want to replace another – give him 9 freaking Coordinators and all will be well.


Then, you follow that up with Jake Eason, he’s our answer !


Hell, he had Matthew Stafford and bragged to all of US that Joe Tereshinski III is the best Quarterback for us.


Then, he lost to freaking Vandie.


Somewhere the blame HAS TO BE at the feet of Mark Richt.


Quit with this bullshit Alex Zorn.


Oh, God Damn it, then you QUOTE Barrett Damn Sallee !




Oh, yeah, that really makes your point Alex Zorn.




Stick it up your freaking ass !




Mark Richt can not beat his way out of damn wet-paper bag !


How ELSE to you AVERAGE LOSING 4-GAMES a season for 8 years with the # 8 best talent in the nation not only verified by his # 8 Average Scout.com recruiting ranking, but ALSO by his 86 NFL Draft Picks # 5 nationally.


Oh, give him a new Offensive Coordinator – Coordinator # 9 for Mark Richt – that’s it, Morgan Fairchild is my wife !


Just wait until Jake Eason gets here !


He’ll complete the recruiting and finally have some talent here to not Georgia another big game, not pull a Richt again.


Uh, huh.


All we need is better recruiting – just give him Jake Eason and he will be right !


Recruiting and Coordinators have NOT been our problem.


Mark Richt has all the ALL THE EXCUSE MAKERS dreaming up the NEXT EXCUSE for Mark Richt !


Welcome to the crowd, Alex Zorn




Open mouth, switch freaking feet Alex Zorn – Saturday Down South !


When a team throws 11 TD passes in 10 games dumbass, you look at the God Damn QB the coach selected as our best.

We are # 11 in All-Time Wins !


Why in the hell do we put up with this shit ?




Pussies who tell me that Mark Richt is NOT gone for his bullshit 32 losses these current 8 years, remain the problem around here.


Oh, we beat 5-5 Auburn and 4-6 Kentucky, so now these God Damn Pussies are bragging on THIS DAMNED SEASON saying we can reach 10-win season when 30 teams are on target for 10-win seasons and we are ranked # 30 because we have beat no one.  In fact, Auburn and Kentucky are the 2 best wins we have this season.




If you have NO MORE EXPECTATIONS in life than stating repeatedly that Mark Richt is going nowhere, you will NOT drag my Proud Bulldogs’ Football Program down with you.


Not without me having my say about how damn stupid he is, and you for continuing this bullshit hype of Mark Richt.


He can NOT beat the top teams.


He does lose to CUPCAKES.


And, you gentlemen are pussies !


We’re # 11 all-time in wins and he has # 8 talent yet for 8 years he has lost to 18 of 24 vs. Top 15 teams.


And, thrown-in for good measure, another 12 losses to teams unranked AP or Coaches’ Polls either time of game or for season after 2007.


If you think he sticks around for this, YOU are the problem !




You God Damned Pussies !

10 teams Mark Richt does not have a winning record against

11-20-2015 :

Included among the ten teams Mark Richt does not have a winning record against are :




Central Florida

Boise State

Boston College

Michigan State


Oklahoma State





The kind of teams Mark Richt beats more often than not, are ALL cupcakes !