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“I think Coach Brian Schottenheimer is a great coach. I think he knows what he’s doing. I think he knows how to coach QBs extremely well. I’ve got a lot of faith in that.” Mark Richt


“I think Coach Brian Schottenheimer is a great coach.  I think he knows what he’s doing. I think he knows how to coach QBs extremely well. I’ve got a lot of faith in that.”  Mark Richt head coach who calls ALL the shots on Offense and always has – and none on Defense and never has.  He also calls all the shots on Special Teams which is why he’s never had a Special Teams’ Coach like over 100 of his Rivals.  He’s had 8 Coordinators 4 on Offense and 4 on Defense.  Now the answer is another Coordinator is to blame – not he himself who in direct contradiction to Brian Schottenheimer – insisted on Greyson Lambert after just 5 practices with the number ones – another like his bad choice last year of Hutson Mason – another game manager whom Brian Schottenheimer would have NEVER selected.  Brian Schottenheimer could not have been more forceful that he would NEVER select Greyson Lambert this season as his QB – then the very next day and from that day forth not 1 word from Brian Schottenheimer and Mark Richt then selected Greyson Lambert and stuck with him as I guaranteed he would when he did.  All of this is no different than when Mark Richt told all of us that Joe Tereshinski III is a better QB than Matthew Stafford.


# 88 Passing Offense Official NCAA stats last year Year 14 Mark Richt 2014

# 104 Passing Offense Official NCAA stats this year Year 15 Mark Richt 2015


This is NOT Brian Schottenheimer’s fault and replacing him is NOT going to fix our ills.


Is it ?


Mark Richt has made a LOT of poor hires to his staff.  That is where the problem is, was, has been, continues to be, and will be – he’s a bad coach.  And, saying this after the horrible season again this year after horrible season last year, cements that !


All we need is to admit that Mark Richt has made yet again ANOTHER poor hire on his coaching staff, and replace the 9th Coordinator in 15 seasons and that will fix everything !


Isn’t this where you’re supposed to tell me that you’re a better fan of this team than I and that he’s on-target to another 10-win season just as 41 other teams are 2015 ?  Us without one good win all season !


Well, punks ?


Isn’t it ?


I told you all off-season this was going to happen AGAIN this year.


You told me I was wrong.


I told you Alabama kicks our butts.  You told me we’d win.  You told me we’d lose to the vols.  That was acceptable to you !  You told me that Florida would be no problem for Mark Richt 2015 and I told you he had won 5 of 14 now 5 of 15 against lesser-talented teams at Florida many times in that horrible record against our # 1 Rival.


You tried to tell me Georgie tek yellowjackets are our # 1 Rival.


No they’re NOT !


You do not have a head coach who’s obviously lost it after 2007 and blame his failures on his hires for his Coordinator positions and give him a 10th Coordinator in 15 seasons as a valid excuse !


Why don’t you ADMIT you’re wrong about Mark Richt ?


Ezekiel Elliott, of course is right as well !  He gets 27 carries many games for Urban Meyer, who made him say he was wrong that he said Urban Meyer was wrong giving him only 12 carries against Michigan State, who already had a loss – a very ugly loss to 4-6 Nebraska – not even in a bowl game !  And, of course, he owned Mark Richt who is only 2-4 against him.  Mark Richt has done this kind of crap habitually here at UGA; take Knowshon Moreno for example whom he redshirted so we only saw him 2 years and then he gives him only 17 carries on the average against the top teams Mark Richt played with him as our running back – all losses for the same reason as Ezekiel Elliott’s loss Saturday.


Coaches have to be responsible for this.  A player, like Nick Chubb did, will ALWAYS call you out on it.  If Vince Dooley had done that with Herschel Walker, he too would have been called out for it.  If Wally Butts did that with Charley Trippi, he would speak up about it.  And, rightfully so.

Urban Meyer brought his team ready-to-play, but he did not think that Ezekiel Elliott’s right leg was ready for a grind of 27 carries, so he cut it in third and lost the game because of that.  There were other games where he had similar rushing per carry, and still got 27 carries and over 100 yards.  Michigan State knew, had game strategy to stop Ezekiel Elliott and made him question, and so he did not try !  You’re going to be criticized for not trying.  At least at schools who give a shit, like Alabama, LSU, Ohio State etc.  Here, we have a ton of little pussies who think like our coach that there’s something BESIDES WINNING that’s important HERE !

No.  No there’s NOT !


Mark Richt, sir, my question for you sir is that if Brian Schottenheimer is such a great hire by you your 8th Coordinator in 15 years’ time, why didn’t you let him make the decisions such as NEVER starting a game manager as you clearly ALWAYS have preferred, sir ?