3 days from now ! Saturday is BIG DAY for Georgia Bulldogs January 2nd ALL DAY Penn State Bowl Game Saturday morning at NOON and FLORIDA in men’s basketball 8pm, both on ESPN. Men WIN AGAIN 29 Dec tonight as Geno, Kenny Paul has -0- turnovers – none along with 7 assists ! And, a blocked shot ! He also had a steal. 5 points.

Non-Conference is now over with this rousing win tonight, and we are so ready for Florida Saturday night prime time on ESPNU which is channel 883 Comcast in Gainesville !

15 and a half minutes before it was over, we were ahead by 5 points !


Our DEPTH showed-up then and we poured it on !


Maten, Yante was 8 of 15 from the field and 4 of 4 from the line for 20 points and 7 boards, but did have 4 fouls and 5 turnovers.


Frazier, J.J.  was 6 of 8 from the field including 4 of 5 from 3-point for 17 points, only 1 foul 4 assists and just 2 turnovers.  JJ also had 2 steals !


Ogbeide, Derek did not miss a shot from the field, added 7 boards ! And, a blocked shot !


Mann, Charles  and Gaines, Kenny were not nearly as good tonight, but Kenny Gaines did have 4 assists.  And, both had 2 steals !


Geno, Kenny Paul has -0- turnovers – none along with 7 assists !  And, a blocked shot !  He also had a steal.  5 points.


My vote ?


Kenny Paul Geno had the MVP game tonight.


3 days’ time from now, SEC slate begins with Florida !


O’Connell Center – slightly better gym than we provide to our guys !


$ 50 million dollar gym with pool.


Rowdy Reptiles make the O’Dome a hard place to win Saturday nights !


But, we can be up to the task.




It only seats 11,500 so I believe we can build our student-athletes a better and bigger gym !


Our new gym should be about $100 million dollars and should serve all men’s and women’s sports.  The O’Connell Center O’Dome is 39 years’ old themselves.  So both are due. 20,000 seats !




And, the bowl game that morning.


Big Day Saturday noon and 8 p.m.  Follow both.


I am predicting victories in BOTH !





12-30-2015  Wednesday

Lady Bulldogs win 56th straight home non-conference behind Pachis Roberts’ 5-5 free throws and 10-13 from the field. Michael Bennett’s dance is good ? I’ve seen better DE than Michael Bennett too like JJ Watt for example.

Pachis Roberts has had some excellent games for The Lady Bulldogs.  This 25-point effort was brilliant in 28 minutes’ action with only 2 fouls, 5 boards, only 1 turnover, 2 steals, 3 assists, 5 for 5 from the charity stripe and 10 of 13 from the field !


How about that going into SEC play next.


Marjorie Butler WATCH : 1 of 5 from the field.  There is little need to say anything to her about her shooting.  She refuses to listen that we have many far better shooters than herself.  Why does she do this every game ?


Were I half as smart as she, I would dribble the ball up the court and pass it off.  Be done with it.  Why shoot ?  It ruins your game gal.  I have played with many ones who could not shoot.  They know their role.  They do what they do.  It’s like a 2nd baseman.  They are NOT there for anything but defense.


I have grown to enjoy these games all on TV now thanks to The SEC Network.


Great announcers.


Insightful commentary.


Caliya Robinson once again proved she gets it !  Budding superstar in the making for certain !  4 of 7 from the field.  2 of 3 free throws.  9 rebounds.  9.  2 assists.  3 blocked shots !  Only 1 turnover.  And, 2 assists !  In only 23 minutes’ action only 2 fouls.  Outstanding effort !




Pachis Roberts is a beautiful lady who played at McEachern in Powder Springs.  She’s a 2.


Pachis Roberts is just a Junior so we get her all this year and next year.








I have seen better defensive ends than Michael Bennett.   JJ Watt for example.  So the Seattle Seahawks’ defensive end who says Todd Gurley II is no damn good as a running back finds in fact far better defensive ends than himself.  Michael Bennett only  has 1 Pro-Bowl in all these years and he is already 30 years’ of age.


And, you call your dance good, Michael Bennett ?



I’ve seen a better dance than yours too Michael Bennett.


Texas A & M undrafted in 2009 Michael Bennett ?  Excuse me.  Todd Gurley II is a LOT better football player than you EVER will be.  Anyone would be a better dancer Michael Bennett.



5 more days of college football for the last of The Dream Team ! The Great Exodus of 22 players all who STARTED for us. Thank you guys ! Also, the 11 whom I think come back and do not declare for the NFL Draft after the Penn State Bowl Game. GOODBYE TO THE DREAM TEAM !

You can click on these guys’ names below to see what they’ve done :


Starting Right Offensive Tackle : John Theus Started all 13 games this season, has great future ahead of him in the NFL, will be invited to combines.  Invited to Senior Bowl and accepted to Senior Bowl in 33 days’ time. Working out at Ryan Goldin at GATA Training in Duluth after the Penn State Bowl Game !

Starting Inside Linebacker : Jordan Jenkins, Started 10 of the 13 games including all the last 4, will be invited to combines. Invited to senior bowl and accepted to Senior Bowl in 33 days’ time.  Has Great NFL career ahead of him !

Starting Fullback : Quayvon Hicks, Started 3 games this season, jerked around his whole career here and never properly utilized because of some penchant for playing walk-ons in this we’ve got something besides winning that’s important here B.S.  Started 6 of his 13 games in 2014, Started 6 of his 13 games in 2013.

Starting Inside Linebacker : Jake Ganus, Started all 13 games this season, declared by entire staff as the Most Valuable Player of this football team this season and I might add without ANY doubts, not yet invited to combines or Senior Bowl, holding out hope, got Married, great guy !

Starting Wide Receiver : Malcolm Mitchell, Started all 13 games this season, has tremendous numbers, one of everyone’s Most Favorite Bulldogs of All-Time !  Great all-around guy too !  Outspoken in a good way.  Fun to watch by God !  When he gets the ball he turns upfield and gives it his all !  Great blocker and prides himself on his blocking like Hines Ward.  Has a swagger about his stance where he leans his head and takes off.  Hard to describe but it is Signature.  Like a dogged determination to be great.  Suffered from NOT having a damn QB both his Junior and Senior Seasons !  # 103 passing game and this man is IT.  Has IT.  Is IT. Great future in the NFL awaits.  Can do anything he wants to do.  Invited to Senior Bowl in 33 days’ time and accepted to Senior Bowl.  Will be invited to Combines.

Starting Place Kicker : Marshall Morgan, played in all 13 games, great personal tragedy

Starting Tight End : Jay Rome, Started this season, never had ball thrown to him.  No concept about all that.  Has 40 catches for 400 yards. Biggest question mark about this team is how Mike Bobo refused to throw to the Tight Ends last season and then this year the new guy – well, we all know Mark Richt called all the plays for 15 years.  Maybe we throw some to him in the bowl game.  Starter Several Games 2014 too, and Started in 2012 as well. This is the type of guy who surprise you.  Seen it a lot.  He goes out and proves himself and someone gives him a shot.  He has nothing but pride for his accomplishments here, despite all the B.S. to not throw the damn ball to him.

Starting Wide Receiver : Justin Scott-Wesley, an exciting Starter for us Started a bunch of games in his career here.  Thank you Justin !

Starting Tailback : Keith Marshall, dear God what is it that Keith Marshall is the guy who no one made any effort toward getting him the ball in space ? I pegged him for the NFL on day 1.  So many big injuries vs vols.  He has been ready to play this season.  We didn’t give him the ball.  He quits after this bowl game.  He has a game left and he quits afterwards, but he could come back.  He is declaring for the NFL Draft. Maybe they will see in him what I do.  2 of his last 3 games here, this God Damn Coaching Staff did not give him a single freaking carry.  I’d quit too damn it.  Love you Keith Marshall sir !  Keith Marshall was a Starter here for us at Tailback in 2013.  He was a Starter here for us at Tailback in 2012 too.  Has a Medical Redshirt Year 2016 for us if he only wants it !  Please want it sir !  Really hoping he is invited to Combines.

Starting Center : Hunter Long,  Started Several games for us this season.

Starting Offensive Left Guard : Kolton Houston, Started all 13 games for us this season. NFL beckons. Working out at Ryan Goldin at GATA Training in Duluth after the Penn State Bowl Game !  Under-sized but frame can handle more weight.  Invited to Combines ?

Starting Defensive End : Josh Dawson, Started 4 games in 2014 and Started in 2013 too, played in all 13 games this season.  Thanks Josh !

Starting Defensive End : Sterling Bailey, Starter 11 of the 13 games this season. Also was a Starter last season in 2014 and he Started 9 of 12 games in 2013.   Great guy !  Best of luck in the NFL sir !  Invited to Combines ?

Starting Defensive Tackle : James DeLoach, Starter 3 games this season !  Way to go sir !

Starting Nose Tackle : Chris Mayes, Starter 12 of the 12 games he played this season.  Started 8 of his 11 games in 2013 too !  Best of luck in the NFL sir !  All the best ! Invited to Combines ?

Starting Cornerback : Devin Bowman, played in the 1st 5 games this season after being Starter in 8 of his 12 games last season !  Also was a Starter in 2012.

Starting Linebacker SLM : Junior Leonard Floyd, not a sack machine.  Does have a motor when he comes to play.  Harasses the QB, not sack him.  When he gets his ass in gear can take over a game by himself.  Tremendous upside with the right coaching.  Starter every game after he faltered on grades getting-in.  Will be invited to Combines after he declares.

Starter as Kicker : Patrick Beless, got to play vs Southern University Baton Rouge, also was our only Starting Kicker the 1st two games of 2013 when Marshall Morgan was suspended those 2 games.  Made all his field goals and extra points !  Thanks Patrick !

Starting Wide Receiver 2015 season Kenneth Towns !  He personally won 2 games for Coach Kirby Smart’s predecessor.  Imagine how those 2 games go without Kenneth Towns and his season.  My God, his season !  Thank you Thank you Thank You !  Kenneth Towns Started for us 2015 !  A real success story in my book !

Starting Punter : Collin Barber, was our Punter the 1st 10 games then we made our Starting QB the only Starting QB on the roster, the Punter and watched him throw a pass off his back foot no follow through on a botched-fake punt.  Just junk.  Collin, thanks for your efforts. Sorry your career ended like that sir !

Starting Long Snapper : Nathan Theus.  Great job in the classroom too Nathan !  Yes, I noticed.  Has been Invited and Accepted to play in the NFL Players’ Association Collegiate Bowl.  See below for more information on this All-Star Game sponsored by the NFL Players’ Association to showcase collegiate seniors to the NFL.

Starting Outside Linebacker Junior Tim Kimbrough Started last 7 games of the season 2015 for us with strong NFL future, then before the exams lost his Starting Job last game regular season and came in off the bench hiding it from us that what ?  Then, the day after the Final Exams, he was not allowed to practice and the interim coach could no longer lie about it and said he was suspended.  Duh.  Not at practice.  He might have to declare for the NFL Draft maybe even Supplemental NFL Draft.  Really bad situation going on here, and his parents really need to GATA.  Come on Tim !  We’re all rooting for you.  Is this grades ?  If so, he can try to get them up by Fall.  Come on Tim !  You can do it !  Will not be invited to Combines unless he comes back next year, makes the team, and then will be.




The NFL Combines Players Official Invite List will be made public in February 2016.




69 % Win Percentage for these guys.




For # 11 All-Time in Wins.


Damn disgraceful the coaching staff wasted this much talent to be 69 % Win Percentage in their careers here.


In fact, after 2007, it’s BEEN THE DAMN SAME AROUND HERE !


4 Losses per season average for 8 years now.

Not exactly hail to the conquering heroes.  But, it’s not their fault.

Long Live the New King !




110 roster spots on the Senior Bowl 2016, these guys are still possibles :



  • Jake Ganus


    ILB 6-2 227 SEC

  • Quayvon Hicks


    FB 6-2 251 SEC

  • Keith Marshall


    RB 5-11 212 SEC

  • Marshall Morgan


    PK 6-3 194 SEC

  • Jay Rome


    TE 6-6 250 SEC




There have been no Accepted Invitations from The University of Georgia to the East-West Shrine Game January 23, 2016 in Tampa at 4 p.m.




Both the Senior Bowl and the East-West Shrine Game for players who have exhausted their college eligibility will be broadcast again this season on the NFL Network.


NFL Players’ Association Collegiate Bowl is the 3rd Draft Eligible All-Star game for seniors and Chris Conley played in this one.  The NFL Players’ Association sponsors the event 26 days’ time from now. It is on an NBC Channel January 23 at 3 pm.




Mike Holmgren is one of the coaches this 2016 All-Star game.  Carnell “Cadillac” Williams is on his coaching staff.





Nathan Theus is the only Bulldog so far to commit.





I do not expect these guys below to declare for the NFL Draft, but they may, if they choose to do so :

I see these guys coming back : (Always some who surprise and announce they are declaring for the NFL Draft – sometimes because of grades.)


Starting LB Chuks Amaechi Starter at Outside Linebacker for us this season

Starting LB Reggie Carter  Several Starts Inside Linebacker for us this season.  Also made a Start in 2013.

Starting WR PR KOR Reggie Davis unfortunate drops but great season able to put it behind him, Starting Wide Receiver half the games this season !  The 1st six games.  Then, played all the other games.  Punt Returner Kick-Off Returner.

Starting Tailback 2015 Brendan Douglas Great Running Back.  Natural position is Fullback.  He might make an NFL roster, seriously ! Sleeper pick-up by a smart team. Starting Running Back 2015 for The Georgia Bulldogs !  He has not been used like he should’ve been, but then again that is mostly true about all our players.  Isn’t it ?  Just waste talent.  It’s a crying God Damn Shame how we’ve wasted talent for 15 seasons now.  Should have played Fullback, where he plays more if he had.

Shattle Fenteng – Shoulder surgery after playing in the first game this season for us.

Trent Frix played in 11 games including last 10 in a row as Long Snapper !

Starting Right Guard Brandon Kublanow – Started every game last year and this year at Right Guard.  Yet again another undersized OL but has the frame to work with that can handle more weight.

Greyson Lambert piss off guy !  Starting “Game Manager” for he sure isn’t any damn QB.  Note the new guy at titular offensive coordinator when Coach Kirby Smart’s predecessor called all the plays for 15 years Brian Schottenheimer said before Greyson Lambert was named the Starting QB said that he would NEVER make a game manager his starter.  He did not.  We all know who named this guy as QB.  Hit the road Jack !  Please ?  Oh God, get this guy out of here.  Little shit.   All this talent around you and you are # 103 Passing.  Inexcusable.  You also FUMBLE the damn ball boy.  And, you are AFRAID to throw the football down the field so that you do not lose your job.  Excuse me, you have been yanked in and out of the games so much we all know you suck.  Tell the damn coaches to play the guy who can throw the ball down the field, for God’s sake boy !  Can you take ANOTHER TRANSFER ?  Did you get your master’s degree and can do that ?  Please tell me yes ?  You and Hutson Mason cost your prayer circle buddy boss his job.  I presume you know that ?  Both of you ?  God Awful Passing Attack and you can not run – like Hutson Mason could not either.  Did I say Piss Off ?  Declarer for the NFL Draft. Do something.  Just go.

Ryne Rankin played in all 13 games this season at Inside Linebacker.

Starting Strong Safety Quincy Mauger Starter 12 of 13 games at Strong Safety this season after Starting 7 games last year for us too !

Starting Right Guard Greg Pyke Starter 1st Nine Games this season at Right Guard.  Playing some in last game of the regular season.  Greg Pyke is not undersized


The cupboard is not bare.  Not with all the talent in this state.


Now, I expect fully for you all 33 to get your degree.  It will be worth about $5 million to you in your lives !


Part of my strategy in naming The Great Exodus was to combat the B.S. by the Apologists that this was a young team this season.  It was anything BUT !  It was in fact the LAST of THE DREAM TEAM.


I hope that you heard me ?


Thanks to all for what you did.  I wish it was more for you here.  I am sorry it was not.  It was not my fault that you were so poorly freaking coached.  There is still much in your futures, and the new Coach Kirby Smart welcomes back all of you to find out what you can accomplish as a team.  For the others of you now leaving after the Penn State Bowl Game, thanks to you too – The Dream Team The Great Exodus !


That was such a stupid name to name you The Dream Team.  It is always the end of the career for such a “coach” to label and put so much pressure on guys who never were given proper coaching.


I would take the blame for that, were I a DISNEYdawgs.com fan – but, it is NOT my fault.  I did all I could do to get you proper coaching in here, and finally now have.


I know it does not feel like we have a Coach yet, but we do.  Maybe he will join you and us December 31 in just 3 days’ time now !


God I hope so. Even just to be here watching and talking about being a part of all this ending to The Dream Team and witnessing The Great Exodus.


He might win, and then you will see him finally on January 12, 2016.  It will not mean anything either way that he does finally decide to show-up for this great job and all you great football players for ALL THESE YEARS January 12 or December 31 because his bowl game over there is for our hated Rival.


Free Publicity ?


It was 4 weeks’ ago yesterday that your “coach” was fired and he was ANNOUNCED by ESPN 36 hours from then.


It will have been 6 friqin’ weeks and 3 days with no coach.  Well, we have a coach.  Well, I guess we don’t.  I guess he doesn’t give a shit to be here and be part of this.


I’ll be here.


Stay out of Trouble guys !


You have much on the line.


Do it the right way – which is to WIN !


What’s Important Now !


Even if the Coach can NOT see it.


That he should be :


What’s Important Now !








If you can find a better list of the Georgia Bulldogs for 2015 and their futures you are a better man than I.  I could not find it.  So like all my blogs I wrote it myself for myself to track them.


I do hope that you enjoy this list.


We all are Georgia Bulldogs Mr. Blue of http://www.TheDawgBone.com sir


If you can put your bullshit behind you of the Apologists and get on with being God Damn Bulldogs, Mr. Blue ?


If you are waiting for me to KISS YOUR ASS, you can stick it up your ass Mr. Blue !




There was NOT a better job of research and presentation of why the God Damn Son of a Bitch had to be freaking fired for his friqin’ 4 losses a season for the latest 8 years either with his 36-31 record vs bowl teams and his 37-1 vs non-bowl teams 73-32 his last entire 8 years here of bullshit meaningless bowl games.


So you hold it against me that I WAS RIGHT and you were wrong Mr. Blue you small little piece of shit and you and BLUTO both.


Friq you BOTH !


Itty-bitty teenie-weenie pussies !


Who WON Mr. Blue and BLUTO ?


Who WON you wusses ?


Go ahead you can say it.


We ALL know.


Get the Picture ?


I say again there is not a better job of research of 2015-2016 Georgia Bulldogs and what their future is than this.


Coach Kirby Smart’s 1st Season will be a LOT better than his predecessor’s was. “Podcast: Why Kirby Smart’s first season at UGA will probably be different than his predecessor’s was.”

Signature Win ?


What about SIGNATURE LOSSES by Coach Kirby Smart’s predecessor his 1st season sir ?


His predecessor lost to an unranked Coaches’ Poll Boston College in the Music City Bowl for God’s sake.

He got blown-out by Florida.  He ended losing 10 of 15 games at Florida.

He demonstrated he had no clue on time-outs and pressure situations for calling a running play against Auburn and watching the clock run out at the goal line.  Unbelievable.  Have no time outs, you do not run the ball at the end of the game on the goal line.

And, he lost to South Carolina settling for nothing but field goals, another trait of his SETTLING for field goals.  We scored no touchdowns.


The writing was on the wall when he BRAGGED that he had KNOCKED the LID OFF This Proud # 11 All-Time Wins’ Program by beating # 4 vols 2001.  Signature Win ?


Or, was it a 4-loss season like ALL HIS OTHER seasons after 2007 – averaging 4 losses a season after 2007 as he did.


I’ll answer that.


He demonstrated all his short-comings 2001.  He redshirted DJ Shockley you recall.


He ALWAYS guessed wrong.


Everything he did.


Just guesses.




And, you submit that Coach Kirby Smart can not have a signature WIN 2016 ?


Excuse me ?


How about






Brandon Adams – AJ-C podcast DawgNation


Look Brandon Adams, a season ending in MUSIC CITY BOWL, is NOT A SIGNATURE season sir !  Losing the Music City Bowl.


Podcast: Why Kirby Smart’s first season at UGA will probably be different than his predecessor’s was





There is not going to be a bowl game I’m interested in until Tuesday 29th LSU game 9 pm. And, frankly in the 8pm game I hope Alabama LOSES so we get our Coach FINALLY. Sparty can NOT win.

I had, truth be told, passing interest if Georgia Southern University would win its first bowl game ever – after they were snubbed last season when they earned their bowl game and damn well deserved to be playing in it.


They did, and I say again that Georgia Southern not Georgie tek yellowjackets are the best other program in this state.  Have been, are and will be.


Other than that 1 bowl game and even it I did not watch much of, there is not going to be any TV on in our home watching 5 worthless bowl games again today, and more Monday and Tuesday until 9pm.


LSU vs 7-5 Texas Tech ?  9 pm Tuesday – sorry I am NOT watching that bullshit either.


Wednesday morning at noon the 30th Auburn vs Memphis.  Get real.  I’m not watching that.


7-5 NC State playing Missy State 3:30 Wednesday the 30th ?  No thank you.


7-5 Louisville at 7pm on the 30th Wednesday playing Texas A&M. I just am not watching it.  The only interest I have in these games is if The SEC wins.  The SEC West was horrible in the bowl games last season and if they are again The SEC is going to SUFFER again and hurt the conference again.  The entire football world looks at us in bowl games and whines about us losing – which is something we do not do very often.


Until 4 pm on Thursday the 31st, I am NOT watching ANY bowl games.


I know Alabama wins the game.  I will watch it.  I will NOT be rooting for Alabama however.  NOT !  I want my damn Coach !  Not on January 12th but on December 31st.  Maybe he can get his ass over here and watch us play Penn State and LEARN SOMETHING ABOUT THIS FREAKING TEAM he said he wanted our $5,380,200 a year to Coach.


I hardly see how Sparty can win.


Unless you are in some kind of pool there are NO BOWL GAMES OF INTEREST until these 2 :




12-26-2015 Merry Christmas !


8:00 PM ET ESPN ALA -9.5

3 Michigan State



2 Alabama



4:00 PM ET ESPN OKLA -4.0

4 Oklahoma



1 Clemson


Again, as I’ve said every day since 36 hours after his predecessor was FIRED for losing HERE at Georgia, Coach Kirby Smart is living with his WRONG DECISION to have pride about Alabama winning. Now, ESPN looks at this in-depth for you.



Heather DinichESPN Staff Writer

  • College football reporter
  • Joined ESPN.com in 2007
  • Graduate of Indiana University



The only head coach doing this, or ever has done this is interviewed EXCEPT for Coach Kirby Smart’s predecessor here.


He refused to comment after his former boss ripped him a new asshole over it.  You recall of course that I said AT THAT TIME that he had to BE HERE and do THIS JOB that he wanted to beat Oklahoma and win a NC.  His offense scored NOTHING nada zero, not even a field goal.





Merry Christmas !

Lady Bulldogs Monday night 28th at 7 pm – Marjorie Butler watch

Marjorie Butler in her most recent game, again, was 2 of 6 from the field, yet only 2 other Lady Bulldogs played more minutes.


Joni Taylor has to explain that ?


Why would our WORST SHOOTER get more minutes than EVERYONE else on the team except 2 players ?


After Monday night’s game, it’s all SEC games.


Last season Margorie Butler ran off Coach Andy Landers with her shooting.


The year before last, Coach Andy Landers was NOT PLEASED with her shooting.


The year before that she also could not shoot.


God Damn it Majorie Butler QUIT SHOOTING !


Pass the ball to all the other gals.  You can NOT shoot gal.


I will be GLAD when you are gone after this season.


Best of luck in the medical school.  I am certain you will do well.  If you want to be Academic All-America you have to be a STARTER.


You keep shooting the ball, and you will HAVE TO BE YANKED.


You are a very selfish player Majorie Butler and a horrid shooter.


I am tired of it.






Merry Christmas

Full Cost of Attendance table I made includes Scholarship and Cost of Attendance BOTH which is the then Full Cost of Attendance

Iowa State $19,030
West Virginia $19,613
Kansas $20,364
Florida $20,550
Iowa $21,010
Florida State $21,684
Kansas State $22,306
N.C. State $22,368
Mississippi State $22,420
Texas A&M $22,470
Georgia $22,680
Ole Miss $22,704
Oklahoma State $22,740
Purdue $23,002
Utah $23,022
Arkansas $23,066
Nebraska $23,448
Virginia Tech $23,739
Kentucky $23,748
Oklahoma $23,955
Texas Tech $24,044
North Carolina $24,120
Louisville $24,344
Indiana $24,418
Maryland $24,504
Missouri $24,704
Georgia Tech $24,748
Oregon $24,780
Ohio State $24,800
Wisconsin $24,994
Arizona $25,200
Arizona State $25,209
Minnesota $25,374
South Carolina $25,565
Texas $25,862
Michigan State $26,126
Oregon State $26,316
Clemson $26,912
Michigan $26,984
Virginia $27,092
Washington $27,112
LSU $27,288
Alabama $27,434
Washington State $28,176
Colorado $28,562
Auburn $29,164
Tennessee $29,376
Rutgers $29,933
Illinois $30,150
Cal $32,168
Pitt $32,324
Penn State $34,598
UCLA $34,752
Baylor $54,160
TCU $55,640
Syracuse $61,242
Miami $61,942
Boston College  $63,022
 Duke $63,999
Vanderbilt $64,250
Wake Forest $64,540
Notre Dame $64,775
Stanford $65,165
USC $67,562
Northwestern $68,095









I have no idea why no one else can make such a table as these 2 tables, but I need it myself to understand it myself, so I created these tables for you and for me just now.  I also had to find the document which no one seems to want to show to you, either.


I’d say I am well ahead of the game here in this analysis therefore.


I know how to use Internet tools, and I know how to properly present it.


I also am smart enough to understand all this.




As you can see of the 65 Power 5 Conference teams who voted to pay Cost of Attendance to student-athletes on Full Scholarship (pro-rated if student-athlete is on partial scholarship like baseball.), The University of Georgia is # 11 which means there are 54 Power 5 Conference teams whose costs of the education are higher.


The University of Georgia has always touted this as an ADVANTAGE that our cost of the education here is LOWER than really nearly everyone, as you can see.


Now, let’s look at just the stipend amount paid out over 9 months.  If student-athlete stays over for Summer School too like I did, the student-athlete would get this amount divided by 9 each month for 9 months and then get this amount per month an ADDITIONAL 3 MORE months, so the stipend is actually the number below divided by 9 paid monthly for 12 months in this case of the student-athlete being there all 12 months.


Boston College $1,400
USC $1,580
Syracuse $1,632
Georgia Tech $1,720
Purdue $1,760
Michigan State $1,872
Iowa $1,938
Notre Dame $1,950
West Virginia $1,971
Minnesota $2,194
Michigan $2,204
 Duke $2,206
North Carolina $2,236
Kentucky $2,284
Colorado $2,294
Oregon $2,340
Wake Forest $2,400
Iowa State $2,430
N.C. State $2,430
Oregon State $2,484
Northwestern $2,492
Illinois $2,500
Virginia $2,564
UCLA $2,595
Georgia $2,598
Ohio State $2,602
Stanford $2,625
Washington $2,679
Texas A&M $2,706
Virginia Tech $2,770
Miami $2,780
Vanderbilt $2,780
Alabama $2,892
Rutgers $2,921
Indiana $3,036
Kansas $3,076
LSU $3,096
Maryland $3,162
Arizona $3,300
Pitt $3,300
Florida $3,320
Arizona State $3,358
Washington State $3,542
Cal $3,552
Utah $3,574
Clemson $3,608
Missouri $3,664
Nebraska $3,726
Baylor $3,882
Florida State $3,884
Arkansas $4,002
Kansas State $4,112
South Carolina $4,151
Texas $4,310
Wisconsin $4,316
Ole Miss $4,500
Oklahoma State $4,560
Oklahoma $4,614
TCU $4,700
Penn State $4,788
Texas Tech $5,100
Mississippi State $5,126
Louisville $5,202
Auburn $5,586
Tennessee $5,666


Now, UGA is # 25, which means there are 40 schools (mostly SEC and Big XII teams) who PAY MORE to the student-athlete.  I dare say MY TABLES I just created in the last 15 minutes myself here will be used as  URL Link to EVERYONE so that EVERYONE has a LEVEL PLAYING FIELD and knows exactly, explained in full detail what they get when they arrive on Campus starting Fall this coming year 2016.


I would say too that the obvious LIARS at the top of this 2nd chart I just created for you, which I used online tools to SORT based on amount in column 2, saying that their cost of a cellphone and their cost of transportation there at their school – such as Georgie tek yellowjackets – WILL be FORCED to fix their LIES and MISREPRESENTATIONS about how they calculated such lies as this.


I have maintained to the student-athletes that the value of their education at The University of Georgia is around $ 5 million to them, based upon my own personal calculations.  Then, again, I was honored as Top 5 % of my Graduating Class at the Foy Fine Arts Building based upon my grades.  I applied myself AND competed in sports as a walk-on.  My Dad paid for my education and I worked part-time in addition for The University of Georgia on campus.  I also had another part-time job off-campus.  I overloaded every quarter taking 239 hours taking always over 20 hours per which took Dean Fluellen’s personal signature at the beginning reluctantly and later no issues with him obviously.


What you do with your life, I really don’t care.


But, I would like to make these liars explain how in the blazes it costs less in the slums of a city in downtown Atlanta with a population of 7 million than it does cost the same student-athlete 58 miles away on the most beautiful campus in the World ?  How does transportation or the cost of a cellphone cost $878 less for the liars ?


Answer, it does NOT.


But, they are costing their student-athletes $ 878 which is $ 97.56 a month for either 9 months or for 12 months because of their institution’s bold-faces LIES !


Expect there to be class action lawsuits as a direct result of my 2 easily understood tables herein by the student-athletes at these schools at the top of this 2nd list of mine this morning to make these schools explain how transportation or cost of cell phone is $ 97.56 month less downtown than 58 miles North ?


Come to The University of Georgia where we lie less.


When you go to ANY school, our Federal Government REQUIRES that each institution provide the “true cost of attendance” above and beyond the cost of matriculation fees, tuition, books, room and board.  Asian men downtown the slums might want to come get their Engineering Degree 58 miles North once “true cost of attendance” is properly provided to them.


Everyone estimates it differently, as you can see.  Even just 58 miles apart.


Who do I think wins this battle ?






Every person who enrolls who has been LIED to by those of the 2nd list which is the list of the “STIPEND AMOUNT” the scholarship student-athlete receives divided by 9 per month in attendance.


The NCAA is STILL insisting that the student-athlete is NOT BEING PAID for his services.


The IRS rules govern how much INCOME you have received, upon which you pay your taxes.


A football player on scholarship to the Georgia Institute of Technology this coming Fall will be provided a stipend check of $191.11 per month for 9 months unless he is in Summer School too – which case he gets $191.11 those 3 Summer months too – for a grand total of $2,293.32.


A football player on scholarship to the University of Tennessee at Knoxville (vols) this coming Fall will be provided a stipend check of $629.56 per month for 9 months ($5,666.00) unless he is in Summer School too – which case he gets $629.56 those 3 Summer months too – for a grand total of $7,554.72.





$5,261.40 MORE paid to vols’ player than yellowjackets for full year


$ 438.45 per month MORE paid to vols’ player than yellowjackets


Everyone is going to change their Cost of Attendance. Trust me !  They HAVE TO !


Anyone who thinks that this is NOT going to change is out of their minds, because the vols are paying their players $5,261.40 MORE than the yellowjackets are.


In the Fall, finally someone will sit down and figure this all out, as I have just done for them and say, hello vols ?


Are you there vols ?




Got an opening ?


The student-athletes are given 6 years to graduate.  They have 5 years with redshirt and 6 if they have a medical redshirt too – such as Keith Marshall does for 2016 season up-coming.


Let me see now, Keith Marshall says I can either take 6 years at $31,568.40 MORE to play for the vols – or, I can take $31,568.40 LESS to play for Georgie tek yellowjackets and have them take their team to Knoxville to  get my knee injured up there as a member of the Georgie tek yellowjackets playing against the vols up there in Knoxville and nearly ruin my entire career.


$31,568.40 more vols with yellowjackets visiting to Knoxville ?

$31,568.40 less yellowjackets at the vols in Knoxville ?


Let me think now ? Hmm ?


Choose your option please recruit Keith Marshall sir, knowing now that which you do now know sir ?


This is a rhetorical question you’re asking right ?


You are talking to college kids here.


$31,568.40 LESS for me to go there to Knoxville where my knee was injured in the game there in Knoxville as a yellowjacket.


Uh, I will take door # 1.


There is something here you can discuss to make up this difference to me ?






Merry Christmas !


“Whomever does the best in bowl practices will be the one playing.” “Brice Ramsey is practicing very well.” “Greyson Lambert will start” Bryan McClendon says all 3 ! Tracy Rocker should be our interim head coach – not Bryan McClendon. Do it NOW ! UGA # 118 Third Down Conversions. # 98 First Downs made. # 103 Passing Offense. # 101 Red Zone. Will Muschamp, who does not want to give Chris Smith enrollment offer by Steve Spurrier for January. Hey Chris Smith come catch passes with your 4.49 speed for Coach Kirby Smart sir. And, play cb or I think more natural Safety for Coach Kirby Smart too sir. We have a slot available NOW for mid-season enrollment and we are a LOT better school according to U.S. News and World Report Top Colleges 2016 sir. You also can step right in at Kick-Off Return Man and Punt Return Man ! NOW !

“Brice Ramsey is practicing very well.” “Whomever does the best in bowl practices will be the one playing.”  “Greyson Lambert will start.” Bryan McClendon says all 3 !  Tracy Rocker should be our interim head coach – not Bryan McClendon. Do it NOW !  UGA # 118 Third Down Conversions. # 98 First Downs made. # 103 Passing Offense.  # 101 Red Zone.



( http://discovermagazine.com/~/media/Images/Issues/2013/December/SantaSleigh.jpg )


You are a damned liar Bryan McClendon and caught at it !


“Brice Ramsey is practicing very well” interim head coach Bryan McClendon says now.

“Greyson Lambert will start,” Bryan McClendon says.

Which is it ?

And, why lie and say whomever practices the best in YOUR bowl practices will be the ONE playing ?


I am so damned tired of hearing about Greyson Friqin’ Lambert, who LOST his job at Virginia for God’s sake.  Virginia !


If you knew one damned thing about coaching Offensive Coodinator Co-status runt, you would’ve taught Brice Ramsey how to set his feet on EVERY throw for the MORE THAN A MONTH you had to do so twit.


Cough cough Co-offensive coordinator.


Best of luck over there trying to get guys to come play for you THERE pothead.  It’s not as easy recruiting there as it was for you here coasting as our running backs’ coach – a position I would have HIRED your DAD for, not you.


Your Dad must have been pretty damn disappointed in your arrest for drugs Bryan McClendon sir ?


Wasn’t he ?


You aren’t going to be my damn co-offensive coordinator.


Nor EVER my interim head coach.


Speak up !


Tell the kids that drugs are dumb ?  Supposed to be getting an education and preparing yourself for the NFL which you NEVER did EITHER of.


Tell them how you are a good example sir of what NOT to do in college ?


# 118 on 3rd Down Conversions by our Offense

We played a seriously weak schedule # 80 in the nation – clearly one of the worst easiest schedules for us ever.

We beat no team who was even reasonably good.

# 87 on our 4th Down Conversions by our Offense

1st Downs on Offense we simply could not choose a QB still trying-out in November

# 98 1st Downs on Offense

# 81 Fumbles Lost led mostly by Greyson Lambert & Isaiah Mackenzie.

# 103 Passing Offense after # 88 last year with Mike Bobo Passing Offense

# 79 Passing Yards per Completion, when we did pass it was 4-yards

Again as it was last year with Mike Bobo

# 101 Red Zone Offense which we installed in Fall Practice with the # 1 Starting QB all year # 3 and not involved in installing the Red Zone Offense therefore


# 33 record at 9-3 which means 33 teams will put up 10-win season 2015-2016


Obviously, Greyson Lambert is NOT the answer.  If he were, he would NOT have been YANKED time and time again, all season long.

He’s an old man.

He’s not going to get ANY better.

What you see is what you get.

When you have our Running Backs’ coach all these years, until just recently when we hired Thomas Brown for a short stint, who never ran the ball in his life making these decisions for FIRED guy – who LOST his job and was FIRED because of Greyson Lambert – then you are obviously going to have a lot of bad decisions a week from tomorrow at the same playing field where we’ve lost 11 of most recent 16 games there.

So, we announce the RB coach all these years says that “Brice Ramsey is practicing very well.”

And, then as soon as he can mutter that, he says that “Greyson Lambert is going to Start.”


The only other 2 comments he has made since he took over because Coach Kirby Smart’s predecessor we FIRED named him Assistant Head Football Coach, are first that whomever does well in practice will be the one playing and secondly he has maintained from upon high that he is just the interim head coach and as such is focused only on our bowl game.  Then, we found out he had taken the “Co” Offensive Coordinator role at South Carolina and patently refused to tell us until Christmas Eve.

Oh joy.

Anyone who looks at our stats, knows Greyson Lambert is NOT our guy !

WTF are we doing ?


2015 December 11 this blog reported Tracy Rocker DL & LB coach 2016.

Tracy should of course be named the in fact interim head coach.  Not someone named by Coach Kirby Smart’s predecessor who goes to South Carolina as “Co” offensive coordinator for Will Muschamp.  With him not wanting to give Chris Smith the enrollment offer by Steve Spurrier for January.

Hey Chris Smith come catch passes with your 4.49 speed for Coach Kirby Smart sir.  And, play cb or I think more natural Safety for Coach Kirby Smart too sir. We have a slot available NOW for mid-season enrollment and we are a LOT better school according to U.S. News and World Report Top Colleges 2016 sir.

Chris Smith also can step right in at Kick-Off Return Man and Punt Return Man !  NOW !  Chirs Smith come catch passes from Jake Eason Jacob Eason the next 3 years !  Jake Eason goes in the NFL Draft then anyway.  So, play him NOW or you will Start him only 2 years.  What a freaking waste that would be when Greyson Lambert is in fact # 103 Passing 2015 against # 80 easy Official NCAA Strength of Schedule !



Think about how this plays out ?


We have Tracy Rocker shown on our sidelines, and it does NOT say Interim Head Football Coach for The University of Georgia.


Instead, we will see for all the years up-coming this pothead – great publicity there for us OFFICIALLY naming him –  RECRUITING over there.


And every time in a lull in the broadcast INSTEAD they will pan around find Bryan McClendon when South Carolina has NEVER had a NATIONAL RECRUITER AWARD WINNER there EVER, and it will say Co-offensive coordinator South Carolina – former interim HEAD COACH – OFFICIALLY – named by The University of Georgia whom he is RECRUITING AGAINST RIGHT NOW TODAY for Chris Smith !


God Damn it.


He only refused all this time until Christmas Eve to announce THIS because he did NOT want ME to talk about him and cause him to NOT have this on his resume.




“Know what to do WHEN.  Do it Now.”


Don’t give me this shit that you do not know whether Jake Eason Jacob will be drafted in 2019 NFL Draft.





Tyree Crump and  Jordan Harris have been recruited by Coach Mark Fox both speedsters with 4-Star status both 6′ 2″ and 6′ 4″ fantastic !  Bainbridge and Seminole County respectively are right next to each other in the SW corner of this state !
Both get to play next year.  Fabulous !
Coach Kirby Smart’s bowl game is Thursday night December 31 2015.  Ours is Saturday a week from tomorrow.


This is why Bryan McClendon was purposely trying to hide what he was doing from us for ALL THIS TIME !  He did not want us to name Tracy Rocker interim head coach !


It’s Penn State damn it.  I REALLY want to even the series against Penn State AND I really want to beat one of the All-Time Wins’ leaders AHEAD of us with us # 11.


Bluto – get the picture obviously NOT -state senator I don’t care about where their Defensive Coordinator does NOT want to go to from Penn State to Auburn.

Bleacher Report Brian Jones I don’t give a shit about getting to 10 wins or getting to 40 wins.


None of that means a damn thing.


I am fascinated that former QUARTERBACK and Dean’s List student John Lilly has flatly turned down working for dumbass in Miami of Florida where he will do the same as he did here, and call every play.


That does interest me.



It’s 77 degrees the next 3 days in a row.  Lake Lanier is OVER full pool and added over a foot the last day.  It’s rained 5 inches in 2 days’ time now.  Santa’s Sleigh is now seen in the sky with solar panels !  And Greyson Damn Freaking Lambert is going to start for side-kick of ousted FIRED boss when Tracy Rocker should be the interim head coach.

Chris Smith reminds ME of Coach Kirby Smart, as a player !


Merry Christmas !


Trade Bryan McClendon for Hines Ward as WR Coach ? Jake Eason named USA Today Offensive Player of the Year Award

Bryan McClendon was arrested for drugs Wednesday April 23, 2003. Trade him to South Carolina Will Mushchamp for NFL Hall of Fame Hines Ward as WR Coach ?

I think the world of Bryan’s Dad, Willie McClendon who is one of my All-Time Most Favorite Bulldogs winning The SEC Offensive Player of the Year Award 1978 setting The Georgia Bulldogs’ Single Season Rushing Record !  What a great guy !  We would leave our seasons’ tickets seats and go to the Railroad Tracks and watch him !  Then, sometimes back to our seats.  Sometimes not.  It was great fun !  And, Willie McClendon kicked-ass !  He and Kevin McClee.  We had great times with Willie as our running back.  Erk Russell Defensive Coordinator.  1312 yards rushing Willie McClendon 1978 is one of 15 Georgia Bulldogs with over 1,000 yards rushing in a season !


Then Willie McClendon became a coach here at UGA coaching running backs 1989 to 1993, after he had backed-up Walter Payton and did well in the NFL.


Everyone respects Captain Willie McClendon !


I know everyone says his son is a great recruiter.  I believe that he will find it far tougher to recruit for South Carolina.  His Dad, however, says he needs to branch-out, that it will be good for his career.  So, I defer to that opinion.

There are reasons why South Carolina can NOT recruit players there like we do here.



U.S. News and World Report Top Colleges Rankings 2016 :


# 1 Princeton

# 36 yellowjackets

# 47 Florida

# 51 Miami of Florida

# 61 U.S. News and World Report Rankings Top Colleges The University of Georgia

# 70 Texas A&M

# 72 Baylor

# 75 Michigan State

# 82 Iowa

# 89 N.C. State

# 96 Alabama

# 97 FSU

# 102 Auburn

# 103 Missouri

# 104 Nebraska

# 105 Tennessee

# 108 South Carolina


It’s not a very good school.  Their fans root for their team and support them even though they’ve NEVER done a thing in football EVER !


We recruit in South Carolina better than they do.


Title for Bryan McClendon and raise ?  Have at it son.  Best of Luck and I mean that over there !  Just not against us.  I knew it was ALL wrong to have YOU coaching our running backs.  You never ran the ball for us.  You did not know how to coach it like Thomas Brown does obviously !  Interim coach ?  Sorry, I don’t see that either.  I am happy for you for that, but unhappy it’s not Coach Kirby Smart coaching us this bowl game.  Will it look good on your resume ?  Sure.  If you win.  I think your handling of this entire situation having taken this offer some time ago now and hiding the information shows your experiences with Coach Kirby Smart’s predecessor doing the same kind of bullshit.


You take a job, take it !


Be man enough to say you took it.


We ALL KNEW you had taken a new job.




Your coaching staff for this game is pitiful.  If you are going to be given the reigns, man-up and get some top coaches for the damn game.  It’s Penn State.

I know you think from your experience under the OLD REGIME here is that no one cares if we win or lose.  Yes, we do by God Above.


I never saw you as a running backs’ coach here, you caught passes here Bryan McClendon sir.  You returned a very limited few kick-offs and punts.  You did drugs.  You got arrested for doing them.  I thought you were a bad influence on the kids frankly.


Now, you are leaving ?




Why not tell us that a month ago ?


Afraid to man up ?


Think it’s cute ?


I don’t.


Not in to your ability to go to South Carolina and recruit shit over there.  Best of luck trying.  But, you will find it was EASIER to recruit here than there sir.  Tell the kids NOT to do drugs.  Tell them you made a mistake.  It’s wrong.  That is a nowhere bad useless stupid decision.   Do the kids not know you were arrested for drugs ?


I am sorry.  I have remembered it since you did it.  You let me down as Willie’s son.  Now, your Dad Running Backs’ Coach for us all these years ?  Fantastic !  You ?


Trade you for Hines Ward as Wide Receivers’ Coach for us ?  Everyday and twice on Sunday !

You caught 56 passes here at UGA Bryan McClendon for 830 total yards in your career.  Not exactly Willie McClendon OR Hines Ward.


Great Recruiter ?


I think your Dad is right Bryan McClendon.  You need to branch-out and find out if the signings were a result of UGA the # 1 place for all recruits to want to go, or if you can do the same at a school that frankly is a pretty sorry school compared to UGA.  And, no HISTORY.


Well, they have history.


Just all no good.


Think you can pluck players from Georgia over there to South Carolina ?  Sure you can.  But, not like here.


I see you as kind of coasting through life on the shoestrings of your Dad, Bryan McClendon.  That’s how I see it.


If Coach Kirby Smart was offering a job here as Wide Receiver Coach or Special Teams’ Coach, you should have taken it !  If not, you had no choice.  In either case, trade you for Hines Ward as WR Coach ?


No brainer from my point of view.


That’s how I see it.




Hines Ward is 39 years’ old.  Perfect for Coaching !  14 years in the NFL, Hall of Fame CLEARLY career.  The # 1 best blocker.  The # 1 best Special Teams’ guy.  The # 1 Best Wide Receiver !  Not a bad dancer either.  Can not think of a thing as a drawback for Hines Ward, Super Bowl MVP !  Impeccable character.  Hard worker.  Tough Guy !  God didn’t make anyone better than Hines Ward.

1,000 NFL Receptions

12,083 NFL yards

12.1 NFL yards per Reception

85 NFL Touchdowns

If that is not Pro Football Hall of Fame, there never was one !

He is my damn hero !

( http://static.nfl.com/static/content/public/static/img/fantasy/transparent/200×200/WAR179227.png )

12 fumbles in 14 NFL years !

Stick that in your pipe and smoke it !

620 First Down Catches Mr. Clutch !

Never ever missed a catch !

When they threw to the other side, he kicked the shit out of the Safety on that side to break his other WR loose.

Knocked their teeth in.

He had 428 yards rushing, 7 of more than 40 yards.

He did all that here at UGA too, and was our QB !

He threw a couple of passes in the NFL.  I remember them.  I watched him.  I found myself rooting for Pittsburgh because of him.  Loved watching his exploits.

Kick-Off Returner, he always got 26 plus yards, always !

He did it ALL.

Punt Returner yeah he did that too some.

Did he make tackles ?  Did he make tackles !

When Pittsburgh turned it over on turnovers, it was ALWAYS Hines Ward kicking someone’s butt, or several of them to get them down.

Always !

He lost only 7 fumbles lost in 217 games !

.03 a game

He also recovered several fumbles his teammates dropped.


Here at Georgia, Hines Ward had 1000 yards rushing 2000 yards receiving and another nearly 1000 yards passing.

He completed over 60 % of his passes and had a QB Rating for his Career here at Georgia over 127.

QB Rating 127+ at Georgia !

He was also besides being right at 1000 yards passing right at also ANOTHER 1000 yards nearly in punt returns and kick-off returns for us.

He did not sell popcorn at halftime.

He has been my damn hero for OVER 20 years !  I have watched him compete for 2 decades.  I know everything about Hines Ward.  On Dancing for the Stars HE WON, I watched him Dance  and he is GREAT !

God knows whatever the man tries to do, he DOES !

Hines Ward had MORE RECEPTIONS in a year every year here at UGA than Bryan McClendon did in his entire career !



Hines Ward was a 1oo0 yard per season rusher at Forest Park High School and the same season was a 1500 yard passer per season too.  High School All-America.

And, he batted .406 in high school baseball, one of the all-time best !

1993 SCHOLASTIC COACH Schutt Sports Group Top 100, he’s smart !

 SEC Academic Honor Roll

1st Team All-SEC



Willie McClendon ?  Yes sir !

Trade Bryan McClendon for Hines Ward ?

You’re kidding me right ?



I’ll take Hines Ward, please !


( http://www.ugafootballlive.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/12/CW7tb0yWsAEcNeY.jpg )


“Hines Ward expresses interest in job on Georgia staff”




Jake Eason, Bulldogs’ Starting QB vs UNC Peach Bowl Chick-fil-A Kick-Off Classic September 3rd named by USA Today # 1 Offensive Player of the Year.


ALL-USA Offensive Player of the Year: Jacob Eason, Lake Stevens, Wash.


Merry Christmas !



Georgia Bulldogs’ Football program worth $102 million per Forbes # 6. Todd Gurley II is PRO-BOWL NFL All-Star as ROOKIE ! AJ Green (5) Geno Atkins (4) Justin Houston (4) Thomas Davis (1). Lady Bulldogs today TV 1 p.m.

Merry Christmas !  Georgia Bulldogs are well-represented 5 more this season who are named Pro Bowl All-Stars by the NFL, while Forbes Magazine named our Football Program # 6 best in worth at $102 million dollars !  Todd Gurley II is the 19th Bulldog 1000 yards season plus 20 catches 180 yds. Lady Bulldogs TV 1pm today Wednesday but not on Comcast SEC Network. Coach Kirby Smart has NOT announced his Defensive Coordinator nor his RB coach yet.  Bulldogs are 4th latest 11 years Pro Bowl NFL All-Stars with 31.






Imagine ?  Cam Newton is Pro Bowl.  I thought he was just going to be a tight end here at Georgia is all since Coach Kirby Smart’s predecessor told him he had Aaron Murray with his 67 % Win Percentage and his 10% of his plays interceptions, fumbles and sacks !


To watch The Lady Bulldogs live today on TV – click this URL Link Watch Live !




Todd Gurley II is PRO-BOWL as ROOKIE !  AJ Green  (5) Geno Atkins (4)  Justin Houston (4) Thomas Davis (1) for the Pro Bowl 2016.




Champ Bailey has 12 Pro Bowls

Fran Tarkenton has 9 Pro Bowls

Richard Seymour has 7 Pro Bowls

Ray Donaldson has 6 Pro Bowls

Jake Scott has 5 Pro Bowls

Bill Stanfill has 5 Pro Bowls

Guy McIntyre has 5 Pro Bowls

Len Hauss has 5 Pro Bowls

Hines Ward has 4 Pro Bowls

Terrell Davis has 3 Pro Bowls

Mo Lewis has 3 Pro Bowls

Marcus Stroud has 3 Pro Bowls

Garrison Hearst has 2 Pro Bowls

Rodney Hampton has 2 Pro Bowls

Tim Jennings has 2 Pro Bowls

Bobby Walston has 2 Pro Bowls

Joe Geri has 2 Pro Bowls

Jimmy Orr has 2 Pro Bowls

Marion Campbell has 2 Pro Bowls

Mack Strong has 2 Pro Bowls

Herschel Walker has 2 Pro Bowls

Charley Trippi has 2 Pro Bowls

11 other former Georgia Bulldogs’ Football Players have 1 Pro Bowl NFL All-Star Selection.







Hoops’ Dawgs Mark Fox has it going on, now off until Tuesday 29th then SEC slate we’re ready for. Lady Bulldogs play tonight 10-1 RPI # 7. Joni Taylor has a problem 29% from the field for Marjorie Butler’s career here at Georgia 98 of 328 shots !



Merry Christmas !


Mark Fox is a KEEPER.  He really has it going on.  2 ACC teams slaughtered !  The Hoops’ Dawgs are now off until Tuesday 29th, then we go into our SEC slate we’re ready for after that game Tuesday.  That was GREAT FUN watching that last night on Comcast 792 SEC Network !




I have NO QUESTIONS about it !


Of course, I lettered in this sport TOO, unlike Bluto – who doesn’t play ANY sports.


The Lady Bulldogs play tonight, are 10-1 on the season with RPI # 7, however, they have one very selfish player on the Lady Bulldogs’ team who by herself made Andy Landers QUIT coaching knowing he had to put up with her yet all year this year !  A fantastic gal Academic All-America like Coach Kirby Smart, but damn the gal can NOT shoot to save her soul.  I am so aggravated with her.  She has done this all 4 of her years here, when she is surrounded by EXCELLENT SHOOTERS who CAN shoot the ball.


Joni Taylor better figure it out, or hit the road !


We LOST at Michigan State by 21 points when she went 0-3 from the 3-point line and 0-6 from the field, making no free throws.  Marjorie Butler is our point guard, and even with no one to play point, Joni Taylor should have BENCHED her ass right then because Joni Taylor recruited her here and has seen what a horrible shooter she is, yet JACKS IT UP.


We had a guy on the men’s team like this year’s ago Litterial Green .


Litterial Green attempted 26 shots from the 3-point line in his professional career and made 2.  That’s a .07 shooting percentage.


Litterial Green


God Damn ballhog at Georgia, he drove me to remember him to this day.


The Atlanta Crackers had a guy like this, and the Braves called him up !



Mack Jones has passed away now 2004, but I swear to God I watched all the time swing at any ball thrown BEHIND HIS DAMN BACK ! All of them.  They threw it behind his back, Mack Jones swung at it !  We went every night to the Atlanta Crackers’ games at Ponce de Leon Ballpark. I cringed to see him come to the plate.




For his career, Mack the Knife, Mack F. Jones had 3091 at-bats !  He struck-out 756 times !  Batting Average ?  Hell no, strike-out average of .244


For this, the Braves paid him ten thousand a year and then 18 thousand a year at Atlanta.  We went to Fulton County Stadium when the Crackers moved there and then the Braves and I had to put up with him then, again.


It’s like reading any Bluto – state senator get the picture post the dumbass writes as he is ALWAYS WRONG, or any lie from Coach Kirby Smart’s predecessor – which was every word out of his mouth and still is.

Mack Jones’ fielding average was only .975.  The guy sucked !


Litterial Green averaged 2.9 points per game !  And, God knows he jacked the damn ball up.  He averaged 1 assist per game.




All these guys are better free throw shooters for us than Litterial Green :


Shandon Anderson Willie Anderson Kentavious Caldwell-Pope Vern Fleming Jarvis Hayes Cedric Henderson Jumaine Jones Alec Kessler Trey Thompkins Damien Wilkins  Dominique Wilkins*



So, why wasn’t Litterial Green  an All-America player for us ?


UGA Basketball All-Americans
  • 1990 – Alec Kessler (UPI)
  • 1985 – Cedric Henderson (AP All-Freshman)
  • 1984 – James Banks (Playboy)
  • 1984 – Vern Fleming (Kodak)
  • 1983 – Vern Fleming
  • 1982 – Dominique Wilkins, 2nd Team (Consensus)
  • 1981 – Dominique Wilkins, 2nd Team (Sporting News)
  • 1970 – Bob Lienhard (Helms)
  • 1969 – Bob Lienhard (Helms)
  • 1953 – Zippy Morocco (Helms)






Field Goal Attempts
  • Career – 1,611, Litterial Green (1989-92)
Free Throws Made
  • Career – 549, Alec Kessler (1987-90)
Free Throw Attempts
  • Career – 744, Litterial Green (1989-92)







Who do you think is our career scoring leader ?




Ballhog bad shooter Litterial Green.



( http://abihoops.com/images/0ccf19499bfb7fa04fe6938761681ede.png )


The Lady Bulldogs have some big games coming-up :


Florida twice

Texas A & M

Missouri twice


Mississippi State

South Carolina



If Marjorie Butler shoots like she has here for us in these games, we lose all 9 of those games and end the season with 10 + losses.  Starting out 10-1 this would be a disaster.


When Litterial Green hit only 39 % of his field goals with Orlando, his career was over.  They finally figured the guy out !  I hated watching him play.


Litterial Green came back though after several years of no one wanting him, and shot 0 % for Cleveland and 21 % for Milwaukee.  This ended his career.


I could have told them.




Now, on the other hand, our men’s team is # 44 RPI with # 3 Strength of Schedule in the nation !




We have so many guys who can shoot the ball that it’s not funny.


Marjorie Butler

#24, G, Georgia


3-point shots in her career here, in 125 Marjorie Butler attempts, our ballhog point guard has made 26 for 19 % from the 3-point line.  She’s actually gotten WORSE over her 4 years here now.


29% from the field for Marjorie Butler’s career here at Georgia 98 of 328 shots.





Let our First Lady Mary Beth Lycett Smart – in heels take THOSE shots for us instead !  She’d drill them !



“One can only imagine what’s in store if ‘Bama actually loses in Athens in two weeks.” GTP Bluto state senator Get the Picture


“One can only imagine what’s in store if ‘Bama actually loses in Athens in two weeks.” 

GTP Bluto state senator Get the Picture.


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It cost $42 grand invoice from employment agency to tell us ? Hey, Thomas Brown – RISING STAR – RISING STAR !



I could’ve told them for nothing to fire his dumbass.  Thomas Brown, bad move young man.  Attach your wagon to  a RISING STAR, not a sinking ship.  You and Bryan McClendon.  Oh, well.  You like Cuban goulash with loads of hard-crusted bread ?


AJ-C Seth Emerson says you can not make-up your mind, Thomas Brown ?


2 posts back-to-back, 1 Bluto states “vols are my pre-season favorite 2016” and next “vols no one respects for playing cupcakes forever.”


Which the freaking shit is it Bluto ?


get the picture ?


I didn’t think so.


No one else does either.


For God’s sake, state Senator Bluto – make up your damn mind boy !



Now that we KNOW we don’t have a QB prepared ready-to-go, 2 points : (1) Bowl (2) 2016 season.

12-22-2015 :

Merry Christmas !

(1) We have great running backs to run the football down Penn State’s throat like I did all the Apologists for all the years, taking no flack.  I want this win !  We lost to Penn State in a bowl game I went to.  I hated it.  No fun !  How is it that Penn State has not beat any Power 5 Conference foe with a  winning record all season long, like us ?  I wrote a post about who should’ve been running the ball this season, and AFTER THAT post, those very players got their 1st carries ALL SEASON long.  Once again, we will run the football.

(2) Jake Eason starts  Coach Kirby Smart’s career off right vs North Carolina in the Peach Bowl Kick-Off Classic September 3 here.  It will be great fun !  See ya here.  Chick-fil-A Kick-Off Classic at Georgia Dome.  I have to say those have been serious no fun with the previous regime here for me.  Boise State bought T-Shirt here ashamed wear it, West Virginia in the Sugar Bowl here some numbnuts Apologist told me never happened here when I booed Mike Adam$ and sat down behind 0-28, SEC Championship Games after 2005 here losing to Alabama on dumbass no don’t spike it 3 times he tells our QB in front of me here, and getting blown-out by LSU the year before that here at the Georgia Dome.


He did, however, win the Peach Bowl here at the Georgia Dome 2006 over Virginia Tech who had lost to 5-loss should’ve been 6-loss Georgie tek yellowjackets – after he’s lost in 2006 to 4-8 Vandie at Our House who lost EVERY SEC game 2006 except beating our numbnuts “coach.”  Said “coach” cough cough that 2006 season also lost to should’ve been 5-loss vols and to should’ve been 6-loss Kentucky among other of all our losses 2006.  This negates anything positive at Georgia Dome by a long wide margin 2006 !

And, he did, however win over LSU 2005 here at the Georgia Dome but ended the season worse ranked 2005 in every single poll worse ranked than said LSU team AND Alabama BOTH.  This is because he went down to the site of the annual Gator Bowl and lost to should’ve been 4-loss Florida telling us all (lying like he always does) that Joe Tereshinski III is the best QB for us that game when DJ Shockley was injured, when in fact Joe Tereshinski III was the ONLY QB he POSSIBLY could’ve started against should’ve been 4-loss Florida 2005 who POSSIBLY could’ve lost to that lousy Florida team 2006.  He ALSO lost to Auburn 2005, so in all 3-loss season 2005 losing 3 of his last 6 games 2005 same as this distasteful season losing 3 of 4 in October this season and the one he won was the only win without scoring a TD in 20 years which COST HIM HIS FREAKING JOB !  So, this negated 2005 anything positive at the Georgia Dome by a long wide margin 2005 !


He also had YET AGAIN ANOTHER LOSS at the Georgia Dome 2003 getting BLOWN-OUT by LSU 13-34 in a 3-loss campaign 2003 same as 2015 and same as 2005, same as 2008 and same as 2014 too !  In fact, he averaged a 4-loss season after 2007 here mostly because of his record at the Georgia Dome and at the site of the annual Gator Bowl.


And, of course numbnuts did get a win at the Georgia Dome 2002, but not until he lost to Ron Zook 2002 a Florida team who even with the win did not make the Final AP Poll and should’ve been a 6-loss Florida team; but they beat us him when supposedly a QB coach and offensive coordinator he went 0-13 on 3rd Down Conversions for the damn game to a should’ve been 6-loss Florida !  So, this negated 2002 anything positive at the Georgia Dome beating a 5-loss Arky unranked any poll 2002 by a long wide margin 2002 !


This was ALL BECAUSE his coaching staffs SUCKED, hiring pray circle buddies of his and never not once trying to hire the best coach out there at ANY position for 15 seasons.





Prediction 2016-2017 season Coach Kirby Smart :  12-2


I figure Alabama beats us and I give our new QB 1 Mulligan DURING the season too somewhere because that is what we’re USED TO !


I am figuring a big recruiting class after January 12th.  We are # 14 Scout.com recruiting ranking this morning, and have no commits since we lost 3 of 4 games in October when we started week # 5 ranked # 6 in the Coaches’ Poll and # 8 in the AP Poll.


Bryan McClendon can get us ranked in both AP Poll and Coaches’ Poll with a win.  I would’ve coached that game were I Coach Kirby Smart.  But, he isn’t.  Bryan McClendon leaves after the game to join up with dumbass in Miami of Florida who has been down there LYING to them, now – like all he did here.






The vols are the pre-season Favorite for 2016 ?  Bullshit Bluto – state senator – get the picture ?


vols have not been ranked in the Final AP or Coaches’ Polls for 7 years prior to this one and ARE NOT RANKED today in EITHER the AP Poll or the Coaches’ Poll 2015 EITHER.


They would have to beat Northwestern Friday morning the day before our bowl game Bluto to be ranked even this season, and that would require other ranked teams and those ahead of them in the POLLS such as ourselves to ALSO lose, or it will be the same 8 seasons you GUARANTEED numbnuts dumbass “coach” would still here TODAY coaching us you BRAGGED at the Georgie tek yellowjackets’ game !


That of course is the “he’s not going ANYWHERE” famous quote, dumbass !




They OBVIOUSLY – like us – DON’T HAVE A QB EITHER, which is why they thought Jim McElwain’s resume would look GOOD to Jake Eason and have shopped several other QB choices to try to find them one, which is why the PED QB Will Grier left.


What a dumbass Bluto – living up to your name I see !


No, wizard is he ?





Our puppy died with the same won/lost percentage our FIRED coach left with over his last 8 years.  I am saddened by Russ’ passing so quickly after we saw him.  He was a DGD who stepped-in when he had to to fill-in before UGA X Que.


UGA X Que will go down as the Winningest Bulldog.






Tim Kimbrough has FINALLY been announced as SUSPENDED as this blog said after the Final Exams were over a week ago tomorrow.





I guess they did not want to be one-upped AGAIN by the AJ-C over at Athens Banner-Herald who are stupid enough to think we will pay to read their bullshit, available free elsewhere – as you can see ?


Coach Tracy Rocker has finally been announced retained, as this blog reported a month ago now :


Georgia: Per source, Kirby Smart plans to retain defensive line coach Tracy Rocker.”






Sam Pittman OL Coach UGA looks the part !


If I ever saw an OL coach in my lifetime, Sam Pittman is it !

I have NOT been very impressed with Bret Bielema at ALL !  Not when he was at Wisconsin, nor at Arkansas either one ! Bret Bielema  lied to the Arky OL that Sam Pittman refused to meet them to tell them that we are ponying-up a LOT more for him here, and that well – he doesn’t like Bret Bielema either; when in fact, he had a meeting scheduled the very next morning to do so.  But, Bret Bielema called a press conference to tell Arky fans how bitter he is at Sam Pittman and carried the players over to his home unannounced like he could not tell them then too that UGA is paying a LOT more AND he does NOT like Bret Bielema one iota.


Who does ?






Crazy Man Bret Bielema Sics Players on New Georgia OL Coach



NCAA March Madness looking good for both men and women – Our Dirty Dozen RB will be just fine in bowl game ! All I want for Christmas



Merry Christmas to everyone  this week !


The men’s win over Georgie tek yellowjackets is our best win of the year, but they are going to fire Brian Gregory as soon as they can afford it.  We have a full squad and are ready for SEC play.  UGA Hoops’ Dawgs are # 40 in the RPI, on target for the NCAA Tourney.  It seemed like we would never get over the Jim Harrick, Sr. Jr. show, hires that were made by Mike Adam$ at the specific advice by Vince Dooley that he had “reservations.”  He was quite open about all that before Mike Adam$ insisted he knew he was good at Pepperdine. We have turned the corner finally this season.  We have a very good team, as we all saw yesterday.




The ladies are doing quite well.  Amazing when we have such a challenge shooting the ball.  The Lady Bulldogs are # 6 RPI today !   We beat the RPI # 9 and RPI # 8 this season !  And, the Lady Bulldogs also beat Georgie tek yellowjackets who have no good win and go into ACC play totally unprepared.








Our football team has only 1 game left before all this crap is behind us, and it has been now 4 weeks and one day now since Coach Kirby Smart’s predecessor was FIRED, with his announced by ESPN 36 hours later.  We have loads at talent at running back, and I have no concern is this area at all.  Our Dirty Dozen Running Backs have NOT been given the football; but, again all of this is behind us after just one more game – a game where NEITHER opponent has beat a Power 5 Conference foe all season with a winning record.  Maybe something can be done about our 5 wins in 16 games at the Gator Bowl by Coach Kirby Smart’s predecessor – fired 4 weeks and 1 day ago now.  Our recruiting class is ranked # 14 with no one committed since we lost 3 of 4 games in October !  I would like to beat Penn State to even our record with them All-Time.




Yeah !


Merry Christmas !


All I want for Christmas is a    new gym !


For the new year, I’d like to see Jake Eason, whom Coach Kirby Smart turned-around despite the dumbass move of his predecessor to try to save his job by flying out there the very day before he was fired by a boss whom he reported to for 6 full complete seasons and therefore knew it, become UGA’s # 5 NFL 1st Round 1st Pick in the NFL Draft.  We have 4 previous NFL Draft # 1 picks overall.




Matthew Stafford  2009

Harry Babcock  1953 WR also KR

Charley Trippi 1945 who went on and was equivalent to Super Bowl MVP

Frank Sinkwich Half back


Jake Eason ?

“Just like Football” ? Chant at game. ACC 3 teams on NCAA Probation Football & Men’s Basketball : Syracuse, Miami of Florida and Georgie tek yellowjackets. TIMOTHY LAMONT KIMBROUGH, JR flunks off team for Bowl Game – has to get grades up to make 2016 team

12-20-2015 :



In football, Georgie tek yellowjackets lost to 4-8 Virginia for God’s sake and lost to 6-6 Virginia Tech who would not even be in a bowl game without the win over Fish Fry, while for the season they ended-up 3-8; yet for some unknown ungodly reason – we struggled against the 3-8 yellowjackets in football 13-7.  We were # 7 in the nation this season in football.  We are not supposed to struggle with a 3-8 team who lost to Virginia and Virginia Tech.  So, in football, we FIRED the coach.  Immediately.  Summarily.


Just like football ?


Now, it is true, just like Football, Georgia tek joins a list of 3 in total ACC teams on NCAA Probation in both Football and in Men’s Basketball : Syracuse, Miami of Florida and Georgie tek yellowjackets.


In fact all 3 will be on NCAA Probation next year 2016 as well.


June 13, 2017 in fact before the Georgia Institute of Technology comes off its latest (4th) NCAA Probation.  Back-to-back NCAA Probations in Football and Men’s Basketball for the Georgia Institute of Technology.  Repeat Offenders of the Major Infractions Database.

Repeat Violators – Major Infractions.


And, punished as repeat violators of NCAA Major Infractions !


This is Georgia Institute of Technology’s 4th NCAA Probation and 3rd since 2005 !


Were this the case for The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs the AJ-C DawgNation and all 50 of their reporters would say The University of Georgia – on NCAA Probation in Football and Men’s Basketball until June 13 of 2007 – beat rival Georgie tek yellowjackets this afternoon by 14 points 75-61.


Just like football ?


Well yeah just like football 3 ACC teams are on NCAA Probation in men’s basketball – including specifically the Georgia Institute of Technology for cheating – and still losing to us !




The sportswriters of the AJ-C are biased.  You know ?  Like you are chanting that – just like football – when the comparison in football is that they were a 3-8 team and we were # 7 in the nation when we were playing Alabama favored to win when all week the numbnuts you call your freaking hero told the team and all we fans that it was his job to DE-MOTIVATE his players.


Well, he accomplished that.  As well as he did frankly all season long. Then, got fired for it – which you said to me would NEVER HAPPEN !  Now, he joins a team on NCAA Probation in Football as their football coach.  How wonderful !


Just like football ?


Not hardly.


8,011 attended the Stegesaurus to watch !  This is a LOT more than any Georgie tek yellowjacket’s game downtown in the slums of a city of 7 million !


They play in the Big Tit.


They renovated their Big Tit.


Put a new name on it.


It’s still the same old building.


In fact, the most they’ve had at the Big Tit all season is only 6,549 against Cornell, a school I almost went to.




When I went there for my Official Visit, they fed me escargot.



That did it for me.





The smallest man on our roster 5′ 10″ J. J. Frazier is still drilling his shots even after he cramped-up and crumpled to the floor 3 times still throwing down baskets !


We had fewer turnovers, more blocked shots, more assists, 14 more points, more offensive rebounds, shot the ball better from the field, shot the ball better from the 3-point line, 10 more points on turnovers, 9 fewer fouls – at one point they took our guy and slammed him to the court from the 3-point line and yet no Flagrant Foul called!, 7 more fast break points, scored 14 more points in the paint, and while down 5 early, stormed back before half to be losing by only 1 and ran away with the game to begin the second half eventually winning by 2 Touchdowns.


A LOT better than in FOOTBALL.




Same as football ?


Excuse me, not hardly !


Same as football ?  Mark Fox is NOT going ANYWHERE anytime soon.


Trust me on this !


Same as football ?  You just don’t know anything about sports.  Mark Fox is a LOT better coach than Coach Kirby Smart’s predecessor, who goes to Miami of Florida on NCAA Probation in Football  and in Men’s Basketball, the same as Georgie tek yellowjackets.


Greg McGarity has no need to rush away from this win !  He has no meeting scheduled Sunday morning 4 weeks’ ago now today to fire Mark Fox.


Same as football ?


Not hardly.


TIMOTHY LAMONT KIMBROUGH, JR flunks off team for Bowl Game – has to get grades up to make 2016 team.  He had started 7 games in a row at Linebacker for Coach Kirby Smart’s predecessor, but in the last game he was held out of the Starting role.

Everyone acts like they don’t know what the issue is, or refuses to say.  When the grades came out after the Finals which ended Thursday, he has not been allowed to practice with the team.

The 4th best football player in the state of Indiana 2013, and our Starting Linebacker, Tim Kimbrough has been declared Academically ineligible for the Bowl Game.  He has until Fall to get his grades up.  Or, he can try for the Supplemental Draft.

His career is a promising one, but if he can not make the team 2016, this would seriously damper his career – as the likelihood of getting drafted in the Supplemental Draft is not high because the NFL team selecting him such gives up their pick, which they have been unwilling to do except in extraordinarily sure circumstances.


Supplemental NFL Draft Picks such as Paul Oliver face an uphill battle getting into the NFL.


It would be best for Tim Kimbrough, one of my favorite Bulldogs, to get his grades up.


NFL teams have to submit an offer for a Supplemental Pick.  If their offer is higher chosen by round, than every other team, they get the Supplemental NFL Draft Pick.  They must GIVE UP their pick for whatever Round they submit the following year, if they have offered the highest Round for the said NFL Supplemental Draft Pick.


It was devastating to Coach Kirby Smart’s predecessor when this happened to Paul Oliver exactly as this.  He was taken in the 2007 NFL Supplemental Draft, but is the only Bulldogs Football Player in the predecessor’s entire 15 years here who was !  Paul Oliver was a 5′ 11″ with 4.59 speedster and fantastic safety for us out of Marietta.  But, he failed his grades and was declared Academically ineligible.  So, he had to go the NFL Supplemental Draft.


Paul Oliver was selected with the San Diego’s bid of 4th Round. And he went on to have 144 tackles, 4 interceptions and 11 pass deflections.   He had caught the Reggie Ball pass when these same Georgie tek yellowjackets were accused of having such a dumbass QB who could not even count to 4 (downs.)  So, on 4th down to end the game after the Paul Oliver interception, he threw the ball in the stands ! Our best player on our team that game : Reggie Ball.


It has been determined that from concussions, we lost Paul Oliver.


Same as football ?


I am sorry, but I do not see it !


Our men’s basketball team, players, season this season and Coach Mark Fox are ALL a LOT better than for our football this season.


Aren’t they ?


Night and Day !


These are MY PREDICTIONS, and I believe that I have been MORE than proven right on MY PREDICTIONS, and have established a name for myself, haven’t I, on MY PREDICTIONS.




AND, our men’s basketball team beat their men’s basketball team by 2 TOUCHDOWNS !



Stegesaurus SEC NETWORK LIVE noon this morning Saturday 12-19-2015 Georgie tek yellowjackets at Georgia Hoops’ Dawgs Channel 792 Comcast. Brian Gregory 58-73 win % 44 %. I am really proud of these guys. You know I did this ? Among the graduates today, Faton Bauta is transferring to Colorado State for Mike Bobo. 4 weeks tomorrow !

12-19-2015 :


The University of Georgia student-athletes who graduated, now that Final Exams are complete.


Football: Patrick Beless, Risk Management and Insurance; Devin Bowman, Housing; Cameron Faulkner, Management; Merritt Hall, Risk Management and Insurance; Kennar Johnson, Sociology; Hunter Long, Sociology; Keith Marshall, Finance; Chris Mayes, Communication Studies; Malcolm Mitchell, Communication Studies; Jay Rome, Communication Studies; Justin Scott-Wesley, History; Rantavious Wooten, Housing.

Baseball: Zachary Freeman, Communication Studies.


Equestrian: Sara Parr, Communication Studies; Erica Webb, Biological Science.


Gymnastics: Lindsey Cheek, Biology, Psychology and Microbiology.


Men’s Basketball: Adrian Jones, Recreation & Leisure Studies; Juwan Parker, Management. 


Softball: Adele Harrison, Psychology; Paige Wilson, Management. 


Swimming & Diving: Bobby Chambless, Marketing; Jared Markham, Sport Management; Jordan Mattern, Biology; Amber McDermott, Communication Studies; Darcie O’Brien, Advertising/Fashion Mdse.; Shannon O’Malley, Marketing; Derek Onken, Mathematics; John Simmons, Consumer Economics; Conor Sweeney, Master of Sports Management; Nicole Vernon, Psychology.


Track & Field: Braydon Anderson, Criminal Justice; Drew Branch, International Affairs; Morgann Leleux, Advertising; Erika Ramsey, Human Development and Family Science; Johnathan Smith, Art; Maya Thomas, Consumer Economics.


Women’s Golf: Rocio Sanchez Lobato, Economics.


Women’s Tennis: Maho Kowase, Master of Sports Management.






2015 UGA Graduation Success Rate Report

Sport 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015
Baseball 62 65 63 64 62 59 58 68
Men’s Basketball 23 18 36 43 50 63 71 100
Men’s CC/Track 67 69 68 79 67 79 82 82
Football 48 57 68 65 69 82 75 73
Men’s Golf 75 88 89 86 100 89 90 91
Men’s Swim/Dive 92 100 100 89 90 83 82 89
Men’s Tennis 88 82 73 75 60 63 75 88
Women’s Basketball 79 79 77 77 92 100 91 91
Women’s CC/Track 64 72 75 85 95 91 90 89
Women’s Golf 71 86 88 88 100 83 67 67
Gymnastics 92 100 100 100 100 100 100 100
Soccer 89 85 92 95 95 96 96 94
Softball 74 82 91 95 100 100 94 95
Women’s Swim/Dive 91 84 86 88 88 96 100 100
Women’s Tennis 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 88
Volleyball 100 92 91 92 92 89 91 91
Equestrian 91 68 72 73 71 84 88




As you can see, for football the graduation success rate has been going down steadily the last 3 years now in a row, and before that – well, we just recruited the wrong element here all together.


For the year we won the Fulmer Cup for example, 2008 – when we were ranked # 1 for the 1st time in UGA history pre-season consensus both the AP and Coaches’ Polls, and ended up beating # 24 a 4-loss team in a meaningless bowl game then too –  our football players graduation success rate was under 50 at 48.


Every 4-year letter winner student-athlete on The Lady Bulldogs has graduated, by stark comparison.  That is EVERY YEAR – FOREVER !






Developing the student-athlete and helping the student-athlete out in college and after college is an important aspect of EVERY COACH in EVERY sport at EVERY school.  So, too is winning.  There simply are not any coaches that don’t help the student-athlete to be a better person.

Among the graduates today, Faton Bauta is transferring to Colorado State for Mike Bobo.  He can play immediately there.  I will bet that plays will be designed for him to run the football.


Not that Mike Bobo has done well out there at winning or recruiting, because he has NOT !


     Coach Mike Bobo


We have an official new member of the !!

Faton Bauta who Started for Coach Kirby Smart’s predecessor, his job on the line, had not had 1 snap at QB  all season long at ALL !


It was a desperation move on his part, part of his trophy for everyone, his playing of Favorites, and nothing points more to the desperation of it all that he then did not design a single running play for the running quarterback who when brought-in at QB prior to that, every play was a designed run.


But not 1 snap at QB all season !


He lost his job over this desperate move on his part.


He knew that.


He didn’t care.


And, you told him he did not need to win that game that left him 5 wins of 15 games vs our # 1 Rival Florida and 5 wins of 16 games for his career at The Gator Bowl.




By the way, his job on the line, we gave up 4 unanswered touchdowns !  While his QB threw 4 interceptions and was NEVER REPLACED even for 1 snap !


It left Kirby Smart’s predecessor despite all his talent here, not in the top 25 vs ranked teams for his entire last 8 years here !


But, you guaranteed ME that he’d be back ANYWAY !


And, I disagreed.


Didn’t I ?


He’s not  Arnold Schwarzenegger !


Is he ?


You were WRONG !





Thank God, he is not coaching there this time.  That at least gives us a fighting chance !


Our Bowl game is two weeks from today in the said Gator Bowl a little over an hour from The Swamp – their Home Away from Home and NAMED FOR THEM.


Then, in yet another desperation move on his part again to save his job, he jumps on a plane to visit Jake Eason the day before he is fired.  He knew he was going to be fired.  You do not work for a man 6 entire complete seasons, and not know you are being fired the next day !


How did either one of these dumbass moves – desperation dumbass moves – on his part work-out for him ?


Well ?


Georgia used to have to play all its games away, because we did not have a stadium.


We played Georgie tek every year in Atlanta never in Athens, Auburn every year not in Athens, Florida every year not in Athens,   It’s time this changed too.  Hopefully Coach Kirby Smart can fix this !




Why do Georgie tek yellowjackets keep Brian Gregory with his 58-73 record in 5 years there ?


Because they do not care about winning, either – like YOU !



For the last 8 years, you have not given a shit about winning – any and everything you could do to shut me up about it !  That you will NOT give it up 4 weeks tomorrow does not surprise me.

David Rosenberg has said it all to ALL : ” ‘I’ve come HOME to take-over’ Bulldog once, Bulldog for Life ! Go Dawgs !” So, the question is, why can’t you ? Now, Dasher! Now, Dancer! Now, Prancer, and Vixen! Go Kirby : “It’s time for this program to reach for the rings,” David Rosenberg summarizes !











A Georgie tek yellowjackets’ fan writes a different point of view on all this on his blog here in Atlanta, replying to one of my posts here that he LIKES it ! Then, he goes back to his blog and says about us that we’re a “crummy little school in Athens.”


He does WebPages for a living, but when you click his URL Link, it really does not have pieces you can like or not, no rating system, no information about if anyone looks at it, and no way to reply even.



What he does do, however, is plagiarism of every researched detail study of everything this blog has ever done.


He did LIKE one of my posts here.


I decided I would see what he has to say.


Well, here are a couple of his thoughts :


Here’s a few statistical facts”




” very long time ago, some guy named Michelangelo who was smart, painted good”




Maybe English is his second language ?


Ich habe Die Deutsche Sprache gern !


Ich habe Die Deutsche Sprache auf Die Universitat Georgia gelernt.


He coaches a soccer team and writes on the Internet.


He follows Atlanta sports and specifically writes about that.


He has had 45,502 readers to his site, so his site is not like this one, which has those numbers in a day.


But, his perspective as a fan who hates us is worth the read.


His conclusion is a big let-down after you read it all.  That’s assuming what is at the bottom of the page is an ending to the blog post.


And, he wimps-out and waters down his own points he makes.  Actually, those are my points he cut and pasted without URL Link without references without footnotes, and without a LINK to this site as the source either.  My blog posts ALWAYS have URL Links to that which is relevant.  That which consumes me in my quest for similar discussions on Georgia Bulldogs’ Sports and how great This University of Georgia is, and from where I am a proud successful graduate.


There are after all a third of a million of us.


As for his team, well he says he is a fan of Georgie tek yellowjackets, but he writes about us ?


I clicked his Avatar and read one blog entry.


This one.


He has 7 categories and 3 are on us !


He is a pompous son of a bitch, if you ask me.


Pontificate from upon high.


I am reminded of many such so-called “fans” of their team who has 7 seasons of -0- wins and another 5 more seasons of -1- win only.


How many did they win this season ?


Was it 3 ?


Honestly, I could care.


Which is how they all come across to me, talking down to us, while ignoring the facts in so doing.




They are all easily blind-sided.


I kept waiting for him to say that he loved us too, or some such bullshit.  But, no, he never did.


Consumed with us, but unwilling to admit we are a lot more fun to follow than some 3-win team.


And, he never carried it anywhere – never had a point.


Just spewing hatred to The Georgia Bulldogs – # 11 All-Time in Wins and # 3 All-Time at winning bowl games.


We have another of both of those the year we fired our coach, while they are quite satisfied to keep their Fish Fry “coach” and his high school offense with 3-win season.


They have had 18 seasons worse than this 2015 season they just completed.


I chose between Cornell, UGA and Georgie tek.  I went down there.  There were no ladies.  Just Asian men.  They talked about how great their school was, but I felt unsafe in the slums and constantly looked around.  I would never send my daughters there.


Never in God’s Green Earth !


While we are # 15 nationally and # 2 in The SEC at prestige of Academics and Athletics, they have won one AP Poll National Championship in their entire existence !


That was in girls’ tennis many years’ ago.


He turns his nose up I am sure at us being the # 1 Party School many if not most of the surveys.


Excuse me, campus life was important to me !


I lettered in 4 sports.


Sports are important to me, as there are only 3 seasons !


They are in the slums of a city of 7 million, and should have long ago moved their campus back when the land was worth something.


We are the # 1 college town in America.


We are an Internationally recognized University.


I worked 3 years in Australia my wife and I transferred there and back.  They hired me quickly when they saw my degree.


That was a hell of a lot of fun !


We are # 61 and them # 36 in the 2016 U.S. World and World Report rankings of best schools.


To listen to them, they try to make the impression they are # 1 Harvard.


Not hardly.


No one ever goes around bragging they are # 36.


Yet, that is ALL they do.


“We’re # 36 !”


We have 26 seasons of 80 % win percentages, and this guy summarizes MY ENTIRE blog and fails to point that out.


4 teams only have played in more bowl games than the Flagship University of this great state of over ten million residents, while they have as many Asian men as we do ladies !


Of the 4, only 1 barely has more bowl wins than us.


We travel to bowl games ALL THE TIME !


It’s great fun too !


In business, every business owner I left my offices and sold to for 38 years retiring comfortably thank you were ALL University of Georgia graduates.


I wear my ring every day of my life !


43 % of all the Top 21 teams in All-Time Wins competed in The SEC !


They name their stadium for a college drop-out : Bobby Dodd.


He dropped-out of college from the University of Tennessee at Knoxville !


As for your own trade school, giving out bad grades does NOT make you a great school.


You studied WebPages’ design there ?


Or, took math courses ?


The Academic Ranking of the Top World Universities has us very highly ranked, and again from my own personal experience the Director of the Human Resources Department for Australasia of a $ 10 billion dollar multinational company in Sydney Australia told me she wanted to fly me there for the interview with my wife because of my college.


This is exactly what she said.


I carried my papers from the Foy Fine Arts Building where I honored as Top 5 % of my graduating class.


I hardly think # 36 is where I wanted to go with no ladies.


In the slums.


With NO sports.


A fan of that ?


Folks let you get away with that ?


“Oh, I am a Georgie tek yellowjackets’ fan.”


You are ?


What the hell for ?


To get your ass kicked ?


To be taken to task ?


He talks about us averaging # 8 Scout.com recruiting ranking and apparently clicked my URL Links to that and summarizes indeed 8.


Why not compare your “team” then ?


It begs the question asshole ?


# 52 Scout.com recruiting rankings for your high school football team in the slums no one attending to the point, where you blew-up half your seats, and even then could not count the number of seats.


Like you can not count to 4 on 4th down.


Our guys arrested ?


Yes, sir.


And, each time I give them HELL !


You hide behind your keyboard with guys on your team who sold copious amounts of drugs you talk about with their small kid on his lap in a van on your stinking campus.  Then, he jumped out of the van and ran across your campus to the slums.  He was making a drug deal on campus.


What did you do with this Felon ?


You played him against us.


That’s right.


After he admitted all this to the AJ-C, you played him EVERY stinking DOWN against us.


FBI Most Wanted List.


We have nothing such even remotely similar.


Your fight song promotes your poor sportsmanship.


You are nerds who can not even speak the English language, quite obviously.


Your “new” gym is a joke and is a remodel of the Big Tit.


That’s what we call it.


The Big Tit.


Does it not look like a Big Tit now after the remodel ?


So impressed.


It is still the same building.


Your rambling wreck was in fact a train in 1892.


So, why the car from 1930 ?


Our UGA is the Most Recognized in all of Sports !


He is cute and cuddly, and everyone loves him.


You have an inanimate object, misnomer for Ramblin’ Wreck.


You have so much penis-envy of us, that you come across as nothing but a bunch of pussies !


Why is UGA the # 1 choice for recruits in this sport you so direct your blog post about ?


Because of all the top football programs, this school is # 3 nationally in academics.  The 2 schools better than us in EVERY RANKING of colleges who are also at the top of the best football programs, are NEITHER better than us in football.




I of them was long ago, but even they can not match us in bowl games.


Speaking of which, where is your bowl game ?


Oh, I see.


Don’t want to discuss that, EITHER, now do you ?


Now, how the hell do I reply to your blog post where you stole and copied my blog posts and re-posted them as your own work boy ?


I am assuming, of course, you are a boy ?


I mean ALL of the students there at your trade school are all boys.


Mostly Asian.


Again, a third.


We have more ladies !


I kissed a girl and I liked it !


You should try it !




SEC is 294-147-10 vs the All Cupcake Conference, and Bobby Dodd removed you from The SEC because he told us all that he did not like the Revenue Sharing.  Excuse me, we distribute more monies to each school in The SEC than you make in total football revenue at your joke by Coke (in-between nothing but unsafe slums.)




We win 3 games against ACC teams to your every 1 win against SEC teams !


You are on NCAA Probation in FOOTBALL and will remain there for cheating until June 13, 2017.




You’re # 19 in Wins in football and we # 11, and you have not won shit since 1955.


You buy a ticket and they give you 2 free cokes, 2 bags of boiled peanuts, and 2 free hot dogs, along with a parking pass.

Still no one goes, and no one cares.


Starting 1975, you have beat us ten times.  4 decades 10 wins.  Underachieving us ?


You telling us that ?




You have an Indoor Practice Facility for football ?


No you do NOT !


92 yards from end to end.


Excuse me, even a math major with English his second language, can figure out you have 92% of a Indoor Practice Facility for football !


Even then, you have cement walls to run into at the end of 92 yards.


And, garage doors to get in it.




Every single item you discuss is an utter joke when compared to your own “team,” so why the heck bring it up ?


To Hell with YOU !


Now, go change your damn fight song to cease and desist promoting poor sportsmanship which is all you nerds ever do.


Besides LOSIING to us in every conceivable fashion.




And, quit stealing my graphics, my research, my points, and re-posting it ALL as your own thoughts.




Provide a URL Link to 1 fact, for once !


Fact ?


How the hell is that a fact ?


Because YOU SAID IT ?


You did not say anything.  You make no point.  At the end, you appear to take everything back you even began to make the framework for using nothing but my research and my work.  You were stupid enough, and arrogant enough to say you LIKED my blog.


By the way you ball less thief, hit the reply below if you have any balls.


This is your last blog entry.  The only blog entry I find when I go to your “site.”


And, why is it when I try to enlarge your font to read it, it runs off the page ?


Other than that, I loved what you had to say !




Do you even know that the reason for my great following here is that I did the research you stole from me on the blog post you said you LIKE and specifically gave the details to everyone as to why he had to go ?




You did a Google search on the Internet and found something bad about us, and spent 3 days writing a blog entry copying my research thinking you could make us look bad.




No, sir.


You kept and are satisfied with your 3-win Fish Fry.


I, on the other hand, personally got ours FIRED !





“It may not be the most advantageous thing for him and his future that he has to want to come back and finish” [at Alabama] Nick Saban says last night.



Coach Kirby Smart, sir, give it up over there NOW !



I said this to you Coach Kirby Smart, the day you took this gig here.  You have ignored what is obvious.


“It may not be the most advantageous thing for him and his future that he has to want to come back and finish” [at Alabama] Nick Saban says last night.


Now, Nick Saban has to tell you to get the hell out of Dodge.


This is NOT smart.  Just as it was NOT SMART of your predecessor here when he tired to hang on and serve 2 Gods (3) at FSU against Oklahoma where his offense was shut-out in their loss.


Figure it out !


What does EVERYONE, including now even Nick Saban, have to beat you over your head to GIVE IT UP Coach Kirby Smart sir ?




SEC Country is NOT the AJ-C and has THEIR OWN STAFF of reporters.


Not that Bluto understands any of THIS either !




But, according to Bluto – state senator Bluto – it’s nice that Coach Kirby Smart is so loyal to Alabama !


get the picture ?



Deejay Dallas de-committed November 10, 2015 after he had been made QB and wants to play QB in college then, and now. He was great WR 2014, and frankly 91 QB rating this 2015 season over with Glynn Academy’s loss 6-10 to Allatoona this last week – NOT 3rd to de-commit this week AJ-C liars !


Misleading AJC DawgNation Jeff Sentell headlines about 3rd de-commitment this week, do not seem to do justice to the facts.  And, when you read the misleading headline story, there is not 1 word in the story about it.  I thought you should really know the truth.

Deejay Dallas November 10, 2015 de-committed to Coach Kirby Smart’s predecessor because the old regime here had prayed with him long and hard about being a WR and possibly playing at defensive back too.

He is 5′ 11″ tall and 179 lbs and has been the QB in Brunswick.  Now, since he was made QB, he told Chad Simmons of Scout.com back on November 10, 2015 that he no longer was committed to the former regime here.

Glynn Academy lost last week to Allatoona 6-10 with him playing QB.  Not WR or maybe DB.

And, Michigan has been recruiting him since October 9 when Glynn Academy beat Ware County 14-7.

The previous year, 2014, Glynn Academy lost 4 games.  That is when Deejay Dallas then joined Glynn Academy, after the 4-loss season last year.

I am sorry he might be a QB at Georgia Southern University, but Tulane hired Willie Fritz from Georgia Southern University.  Tracy Ham was 5′ 11″ and 179 lbs. and 4.63 in the 40-yard dash, but Erk Russell nor anyone else is the coach at Georgia Southern University this morning.

Penn State assistant head coach and co-defensive coordinator Brent Pry, who is set to play UGA in his bowl game Saturday January 2 was offered the job this week.  GSU’s bowl game is December 23.  I would not expect any decision by then, and Charleston Southern’s coach Jamey Chadwell might end up the coach at GSU.

That’s less than 2 hours away for Deejay Dallas to go to Statesboro a little more than 100 miles away.  Savannah newspapers would welcome Deejay Dallas to Statesboro.



But, praying to God long and HARD by Deejay Dallas about being QB at Georgia with 6’6 220 lbs Jake Eason in the recruiting class in-coming NOW a year before you do Deejay Dallas sir with his 45 TD passes this year to your only 7 TD passes this 2015 season now over for you is only the 1st of MANY misfits for this athlete if he wants as he says he does to continue to play QB only in college.

Hard truth.  His injury has little to do with this.  It’s his change in position from WR to QB prior to November 10, 2015 when he de-committed from Georgia.  This Jake Eason announcement yesterday just rubbed salt in that wound.

Deejay Dallas had only thrown 4 passes prior to joining Glynn Academy after their 4-loss season last year 2014.

This season, he has primarily been a running back with 1139 yards on 155 carries with 50 completions of 90 passes for 678 yards with a 91 QB rating. I am sorry Deejay Dallas, but I think you’re right that you should play your senior season next season, see who ends up the coach at Georgia Southern University because your 45 receptions 2014 turned heads but only 14 receptions 2015 season now over with your loss this last week really highlights sir your 8 fumbles and 3 interceptions at QB 2015.

Doesn’t it sir ?

Would it have been better for you to say WHERE YOU ARE GOING TO who does want such a slight, small, short QB in college sir ?  I wish you the very best in your up-coming senior season Deejay Dallas but son I don’t think you handled this correctly on social media sir.  Announce where you are going ?  Michigan ?  To play what ?  Wide Receiver where you shined ?  You really think you are shining at QB ?


I do not.


Frankly you did better at kick-off returns last year 2014 than you did this season for Glynn Academy too.  So, as I see it, you took a step BACK this year moving from a more natural position, obviously, to be QB at a different high school Glynn Academy.




Jeff Sentell AJ-C, sir, you did not do this story justice sir.  Obviously, you don’t even want to tell us about Georgie tek yellowjackets wanting him at QB too ?


Glynn Academy coach Rocky Hidalgo handed you this QB job on a silver platter but at The University of Georgia, we have too many defensive backs and receivers  that you might be a bit rusty for now, right ?


Move along little doggie.




Jeff Sentell – 2 points sir.  (1) Do not pander to clicks with headlines to the millions of Dawg fans trying rain on our freaking parade boy.  (2) Do justice to your stories and quit worrying about how you want to be the guy he tells whether he is going to be Georgia Southern University’s QB or Georgie tek yellowjackets’ QB or play at Michigan where he plays what exactly – some position he has never played like Defensive Back ?


Jeff Sentell, hello ?  He de-committed from the prior regime here November 10, 2015, didn’t he Jeff Sentell ?


And, Deejay Dallas 2 points for you sir : (1) you are not going to be in charge of how the game progresses at college, sorry.  And, (2) Do not run to social media and tell ME who you are NOT going to play for the day after Jake Eason commits here at QB, but instead sir tell us where the hell you will be going.




5′ 11″ 179 lbs. 91 QB rating 55 % completions QB at UGA ?  Be realistic please, ok ?  And, since you de-committed November 10, 2015 with Scout.com Chad Simmons, why tell AJ-C Jeff Sentell today that you are de-committing from UGA AGAIN ?  You can only de-commit once Deejay Dallas, sir. The day after Jake Eason announces AGAIN it’s Georgia, you let loose with this doozy ?


What did you think I would say Deejay Dallas OR Jeff Sentell ?


That you NEITHER came clean today ?


Uh, yup.

Coach Kirby Smart : “I feel comfortable with Thomas Brown. I think he’s a great young man and a great asset to the program. I’m working to keep him here.”




Coach Kirby Smart : “I feel comfortable with Thomas Brown.  I think he’s a great young man and a great asset to the program. I’m working to keep him here.”




And, yes Buck Belue Jake Eason Starts North Carolina September 3 Peach Bowl Kick-Off Classic.


Why did we lose to Vanderbilt 2006 ?


Because Coach Kirby Smart’s predecessor said Joe Tereshinski III is a better QB than Matthew Stafford.



Do you know who Vanderbilt beat in 2006 ?


Tennessee State, Temple and Duke.


Duke was 0-12.


Vanderbilt was 1-7 in The SEC.


Temple was 1-11.


But, they beat us because Joe Tereshinski III is a BETTER QB than Matthew Stafford !

No question Greg McGarity has staked his future on unproven coaches such as Joni Taylor Lady Bulldogs and Coach Kirby Smart



Honestly, I thought we deserved to have a new gym and proven head coaches.


Let’s look at his 2 new hires now shall we  ?


The Lady Bulldogs have not skipped a beat for season 1 but how could they when Andy Landers left the program retiring and left us with 4 top senior starters.  While Andy Landers left Joni Taylor with 4 Senior Starters, The Lady Bulldogs are set to have 1 of their better seasons.


That is saying something !


The Lady Bulldogs have 3 very impressive wins and only 1 loss on the season to a team who is very good and spanked us hard at their house.  A 21-point loss at Michigan State, a team we beat last year.  A game where we demonstrated how poorly we can shoot.  This remains a point of emphasis as we wind down our non-conference slate when the Finals are over.  We must make our free throws and have the gals who can shoot, take the shots.


# 29 in the AP and # 29 in Coaches’ Polls week 6 now :




The Lady Bulldogs Strength of Schedule is # 28 :




The Lady Bulldogs RPI is # 6 :





Are we UCONN ?


Unfortunately, no.  We have the Stegesaurus and UCONN comes here and takes our great gals in-state to play on their teams.


Would a new gym benefit Joni Taylor and her Lady Bulldogs ?


Without question, it would assist in keeping our talent in-state.


It would help Mark Fox too on him getting in-state talent.


Our Facilities for Men’s and Women’s Basketball are not that which we provide to our football team.


Our next game is Sunday at 2 pm for The Lady Bulldogs – watch all games live free on georgiadogs.com.


Our next home game for The Lady Bulldogs is a week from today next Wednesday 23rd.


9-1 on the season.




The SEC slate starts for The Lady Bulldogs on January 3rd.  The day after our coachless Gator Bowl game.


Bowl Game Saturday Jan 2nd and SEC season Lady Bulldogs Sunday Jan 3, 2016.


There is a lot of basketball before March Madness, and The Lady Bulldogs program is the # 6 best program in the nation.  So, we have a proud tradition of not only doing well, but doing very well in March Madness with our Lady Bulldogs.  We also graduate all of them, like our First Lady in heels Mary Beth Lycett Smart.


Mackenzie Engram  in her 2nd year hasn’t broken-out yet

Mackenzie Engram is shooting a very good 41 % from the floor and less than respectable 68 % free throws, 3rd best rebounder, and 3rd best block shots averaging 10 points a game.  Mackenzie is a very pretty lady.


Tiaria Griffin is our sharpshooter 1 of the 4 seniors
She is shooting a very good 42 % from the floor, outstanding team-leading 82 % free throws, and team-leading 38 % from the 3-point line, 3rd most assists, least number of turnovers, 2nd most steals averaging 15 points a game, destined for great WNBA career obviously.


Shacobia Barbee is our leader on the court

She is shooting 46 % from the field but only 64 % from the charity stripe despite getting the most free throws from her aggressive style play, team-leading rebounder with nearly 10 a game, with the least number of fouls on the team headed to stardom in the WNBA, team assist leader !  Averaging 13 points a game.


Merritt Hempe is a workhorse inside

She benefits greatly from the strong cast getting her the ball shooting 56 % from the field and the same from the free throw line, which is not good from the free throw line, while her shots from the field are underneath,  2nd on the team in rebounds and most on the team personal fouls, 2nd most blocked shots, averaging 13 points a game.


 Marjorie Butler Academic All-America our sure-handed point guard headed to Medical School

She is nearly the team-leader in fewest turnovers and has the ball the whole time !  Amazing dribbler.  Also nearly the team-leader in assists obviously.  She shoots only 67 % from the free throw line which is a hinderance, has taken the team’s 3rd most 3-point shots making only 5 of 28 for 17 % which has to stop I called before the season began, and shoots a team-low from the field worst on team 31 % which is also something I pointed-out pre-season she had to NOT do.  Do not take the shots.  Dish it off only.  She holds the entire team back when she shoots, and if she takes a lot of shots, we have no hope at all in the up-coming SEC slate.  Averages 5 points a game.


All but Mackenzie Engram are seniors and she a sophomore.


Joni Taylor has several super-subs including her Freshman recruit she signed this season :


Caliya Robinson  Joni Taylor gets Freshman sensation Caliya Robinson in the games and she puts the ball in the hoop !  Averaging 7 points a game.  She shoots 50 % from field outstanding and 73 % from the free throw line also top-notch !  2nd best free throw shooter on the team and 2nd best on the team from the field !  Team-Leader in Blocked Shots despite not starting until next season with The Great Exodus of 4 senior starters for Joni Taylor.


Need to make hay now Joni Taylor !


And, getting it done !


Amber Skidgel Joni Taylor’s 2nd super-sub sensation Freshman will Start next season as well for Joni Taylor and is an absolute force underneath.  In high school, she scored a lot of points, in college she has not gotten untracked yet – just not shooting the ball well at all yet while she gets acclimated to the intense defenses in college ball.  Women’s college basketball really took off once the WNBA settled in and college ball truly is the feeder system where the intensity is just so great !  It’s a lot of fun to watch these gals get the hang of the college game and grow.  Right now, Amber has work to do while Caliya is destined to WNBA greatness !


I expected more from Halle Washington at this point and she will do well coming-up, while Pachis Roberts has been injured when she contributes so much to the team.  Haley Clark plays quite a bit but fouls too much, while Hannahkohl Almire frankly has shown some great promise in her limited play so far.  And, Shanea Armbrister is doing fine too.




That’s our dozen gals and their play so far.  It’s been fun watching them !


Right now, a Starting 5, and two super-subs.


And 5 significant players who come off the bench where 2 more starters have to come from for next season for Joni Taylor.


But Joni Taylor HAS NOT RECRUITED WELL replacing Andy Landers and will leave this team with ALL THESE SENIORS seriously lacking year 2 of Joni Taylor next season.  She has lined-up a great group for 2017.  So 2015 good team.  2016 no hope.  2017 looks great.  This is where we are with Joni Taylor.  I said when Greg McGarity hired Joni Taylor that she just had to recruit well and so far she just has not.


Obviously this is NOT GOOD that Greg McGarity hired Joni Taylor only to sit and watch the 2016 recruiting cycle with NO HELP for a team with 4 Starters Seniors.  Bad news.


Now for football, well, Coach Kirby Smart is certainly as high a profile non-proven coach as there is.


Before the hire, I called for him to be hired.  I listed several proven coaches too.


Joni Taylor I did not guess but, I did study her and determine I thought we needed a proven head coach.


Joni Taylor will have to recruit 5 serious ladies for next season to make it.


Coach Kirby Smart has ALREADY proven his worth signing the # 1 football player in the nation to QB September 3 against North Carolina in the Peach Bowl Kick-Off Classic.


The ratings for that game just went out the roof !


Anything he does after that is gravy from my point of view !  His predecessor did as much damage as he could to not only the national brand and huge rebuilding effort but also in jumping on a plane when he knew he was being fired the next day to mess it up as best he could for us with Jake Eason.  Kirby has to prove Nick Saban taught him to be a head coach.


So, at this point after all my harassing of his predecessor to admit he didn’t care about winning and forcing him to be fired – I am ecstatic about Coach Kirby Smart turning this around for Scholar Athlete Jake Eason to join-in on Coach Kirby Smart’s Vision for doing better than we have the previous 8-year period, referred to by Jake Eason at the trophy ceremony announcing he’s buying-in with Coach Kirby Smart as tough times for Bulldogs’ fans.


Joni Taylor has proven capable on the Court and talking to the press, and in recruiting to-date not well although with some possibly lined-up for 2017 so far.

Coach Kirby Smart is not an unknown or unproven or unknowledgeable or someone who has to prove himself in the years up-coming – not after getting Jake Eason here he is NOT  !  He was dealt a serious blow by his predecessor trying to save his job he knew flying out there only to have Ben Cleveland have to tell him the VERY NEXT DAY after he left, that he’d been FIRED !


Anyway, Coach Kirby Smart is my hero, not only for marrying Mary Beth Lycett, being Academic All-America, Bainbridge Georgia Most Favored Son, but for telling you DISNEYdawgs.com fans how full of it you are that 18 days…


18 days !


Fired November 29, you are still fawning over a guy averaging 4-loss season these latest 8 years of me taking crap off you on the Internet only to have me stuff it down your throat and up your other orifice – since.


I nailed it !


And, now you.


Pat Forde says Coach Kirby Smart is to be determined.




As far as I am concerned – not now !


Not after getting Jake Eason !




As for Greg McGarity, if he builds us a new gym, I will leave him alone forever now.


I am satisfied with Coach Kirby Smart and with Joni Taylor !


I am happy.


You are NOT !


I take great satisfaction in both instances !


I was right and you were wrong talking about his entire career, because he was fired NOT for that, but because of his last 8 years of nothingness win 3 lose 1.  Adding-in what he did his first 7 years here of win 4 lose 1, wasn’t why he got fired and was not taken into account as much as how he lost it after 2007.


Move on.


I am happy with Coach Kirby Smart NOW, and I don’t give a hoot that you refuse to apologize to me for being an Internet bully to me to for 7 years because you are proven to be the petulant stupid child I always knew you to be !


Write some more for me about how bad the firing of him please !


18 days  Good Lord you still fawn over the 4-loss a season last 8 years LOSER with all this talent !


Give it a rest !


It’s over !


I won.


I was right !


You were, and are, wrong !




You’ve NEVER been right !

Our new QB next 3 years 2016 2017 2018 blown-away by Coach Kirby Smart, Athens, Sanford Stadium, the ladies ! Wins Top Athlete of 2015 Award with heavy emphasis on his 3.83 GPA and work with cancer kids USA Today administered Athlete of the YEAR – Gatorade Award – accepts trophy – says Georgia not Gatorade gators !



Our new QB next 3 years 2016 2017 2018 blown-away by Coach Kirby Smart – Athens – Sanford Stadium – the ladies !  Wins Top Athlete of 2015 Award with heavy emphasis on his 3.83 GPA and work with cancer kids  USA Today administered Athlete of the YEAR – Gatorade Award – accepts trophy – says Georgia not Gatorade gators !


Jake Eason, as I have been TELLING YOU.  Jake !  His family and friends call him Jake and what a guy !


2 commitments for Coach Kirby Smart !  2 of the very best athletes in all of the world !  2 guys who both go on to the NFL as top 1st Round NFL Draft Picks after 2018-2019 season and then after 2019-2020 season.  2 headliners.


2 Elite 2 good guys 2 with top grades 2 with community service part of their daily lives !


What a coup !  His predecessor made it as hard on Coach Kirby Smart as he could, and Coach Kirby Smart TOLD YOU he had sold him on coming here to this great school !


To Start against North Carolina in the Peach Bowl Classic to begin the new year !


No one here to tell him like numbnuts did 2006 telling Joe Tereshinski III that HE was the Starter over Matthew Stafford.


That bullshit is in the past.


No Vince Dooley here to tell the kid that no freshman is going to start for HIM !


A real coach.


A real student-athlete.


1 student-athlete to another.


2 kindred spirits.


Coach Kirby Smart and Jake Eason.


Jake Eason will win the Academic All-America like Fran Tarkenton and like Coach Kirby Smart !


“It was completely surreal,” said Eason, 18. “I’m pretty overwhelmed right now. To think that this trophy has gone through the years and gone to guys like Peyton Manning, whose jersey I have at home, and LeBron, who I’ve grown up watching on TV, it’s just amazing. Then Bobby Wagner is here, who I watch every Sunday. I’m starstruck. It’s kind of a life-changing moment.”

6′ 6″ Pro-Style QB affirmation of Coach Kirby Smart’s hires, threw 43 TD passes this season.




Our predecessor here hasn’t thrown that many TD combined the last 2 years !


12 TD passes 2015 for Coach Kirby Smart’s predecessor 1 by Brice Ramsey

24 TD passes 2014 for Coach Kirby Smart’s predecessor 3 by Brice Ramsey


Coach Kirby Smart tweeted right after Jake Eason’s trophy ceremony and announcement that through tough times he was NOT letting 2 coaches getting fired get in the way of him coming here – only here :


Now, who wants to catch a skinny post ?


Always thinking ahead Coach Kirby Smart.  He’s been after wide receivers since he announced he is our Coach.


“The Gatorade Player of the Year award recognizes outstanding athletic excellence as well as high standards of academic achievement and exemplary character demonstrated on and off the field. Eason is now a finalist for the Gatorade Male High School Athlete of the Year award. USA TODAY High School Sports administrates the nationwide selection process in collaboration with Gatorade.”


“Eason has size, strength, athleticism and can make all the throws from all the angles,” said Greg Biggins, national recruit analyst for Scout.com. “He moves well. He owns a ‘plus’ tool in every category. He’s a smart kid who was raised on football. Put him in any system and he’ll excel.”


“Eason, who turned 18 last month, has maintained a 3.83 GPA in the classroom. An active member of his Holy Cross Catholic Church community, he has volunteered with the Never Ever Give Up foundation, helping to ensure children fighting cancer get the support and resources they need, in addition to visiting with patients.”


220 lbs.

Jacob Eason wins Gatorade National Football Player of the Year, recommits to Georgia


NFL Draft Pick # 1 overall after the  2018-2019 season 3 years from now and UGA’s 3rd Overall # 1 NFL Draft Pick after Charley Trippi and Matthew Stafford !


( https://usathss.files.wordpress.com/2015/12/23475635000_5fc523461c_o.jpg?w=1920&h=1284 )


Boo hoo The Georgia Bulldogs are without their coaches for the bowl game at the Gator Bowl for the Gator Bowl where the Gator Bowl is annually held. Won 5 of 16 games there at the Gator Bowl including January 1 last year. Remember 2014 ? Lost then too.



His staffs NEVER showed-up down there anyway !  We’ve LOST 11 of the latest 16 games at that God Damn hellhole Stadium.




Won 5 of 15 games there at the Gator Bowl at the site of the annual Gator Bowl called the Gator Bowl is the Gator Bowl for the Gator Bowl against the Gators.  And, we LOST to Nebraska there January 1 last year you know 2014 ?  Remember ?  Won 5 of 16 games there at the damn Gator Bowl.


Now we have a chance to square-it with Penn State All-Time in history.


Excuse me !


Hello ?


Dumbasses ?


Hello ?


Brian Schottenheimer and predecessor to Coach Kirby Smart neither showed-up at any of the meaningful games this season.


Jeremy Pruitt at least did his part in the non-meaningful games – but he isn’t going to be there either.


Penn State is the opponent and they haven’t beat a single Power 5 Conference Opponent with a winning record.


Neither have we !


We are 1 bowl win behind 2 other Major Football Factories 3rd All-Time in Bowl Wins.


I swear to freaking God we’ve been a rudderless ship for 15 years.


Why don’t you tell me again how great the fired guy is ?


Jesus Christ.


This is relevant that it is Penn State.  We do need a win over them, you know ?


We drove down for the game to cap 1982 season against Penn State, and stayed at the Fairmont Roosevelt.  I would not say anything about this trip was memorable.  Just their QB.



So, we do need a win against Penn State.


Some of these coaches not being there is a blessing.


Others like Jeremy Pruitt, not so much a blessing as it is an embarrassment that we swap trade defensive coordinators and he runs instantly over there while ours stays over there until January 12, 2016.


Who is the damn coach at this school anyway ?


It’s not the fired guy.  We know that.


The kids can all go party hearty – they have no one to answer to until January 12, 2016.  And, they are !


Excuse me, who is in charge of this operation ?


The win or loss counts against Bryan McClendon, but he’s off to Miami right after the game.  Where is his allegiance ?  Who is he recruiting for ?  What is he doing with his time ?


As has gone on for the last 15 years, with these staffs put together by a FIRED guy who said repeatedly that there’s something besides winning that’s important here at Georgia and now that he’s finally by God Above fired, he admits that all along it was just the right thing all around he states now afterwards that he got fired.


That he never did give a shit about winning.


That that is not how he judges himself but leading the boys to Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.


And, his prayer circle buddies as his assistant coaches on his staff.


And, Favoritism shown toward his prayer circle buddies on the team.


But, damn I want to beat Penn State – get that taste out of my mouth.


It took me 16 hours driving down there and back over 1000 miles.


I hated losing to Penn State 1982.


Hated it.


Damn it !


I want to beat Penn State.


Supposedly, you do better if you have a coach you know ?




Anyone out there in charge of this damn football program between NOW and January 12, 2016 ?


A month of partying, arrests, 3 suspensions, and I have never seen such a load of bullshit in all my life.


That’s how I feel about this.


I want to beat Penn State.


That’s Vanderbilt’s former coach James Franklin at Penn State.


We come across like Bumpkins in all this.


No coach for the game at all ?


Who is in charge of this football program until January 12, 2016 and why do Alabama and Miami of Florida get their guys to come now and coach now and ours is NOT here either ?


Jesus Christ !

All 3 Suspended ? Certainly sounds that way to me. Now, we learn it’s 3. Online Athens Banner-Herald Dawgbytes pay-per-view site says not telling you who other 2 are. AJ-C Seth Emerson for FREE tells you who the other 2 are and what they did at the arrest. Broken trust with me – no car, no gas, no cash, no insurance, no car payments, no driver’s license – you WILL understand I promise !



Do you know what a degree from The University of Georgia is worth ?


About $ 5 million dollars !




Now, we learn it’s 3.  Online Athens Banner-Herald Dawgbytes pay-per-view site says not telling you who other 2 are.  AJ-C Seth Emerson for FREE tells you who the other 2 are and what they did at the arrest.  Save your monies for the pay-per-site.


Let’s see now, you’re driving the vehicle and certainly know what’s going on in it, were arrested last month on the very same charge, the vehicle reaks – again – and your buddy – again – is arrested again.  You’re not, this time.


Think you get NO SUSPENSION for this ?


You are UNDER AGE.  Illegal in EVERY state of this great nation because of your age.  You’re driving a 2-ton weapon around like this twice in a month’s time.

You are going to DUI school.  You are paying for it.  I don’t and will not pay for the driver’s ed class for you.  When you have accomplished that, let me know ?  Until then, do NOT ask me for ANYTHING !




I am not supporting your habit.


You can go to prison for all I care.


And, so I get this straight – another guy is in the vehicle  He knows they both got arrested last month.


He gets in the same vehicle.


It reaks.


You have a small container also smelling like illegal drugs.


You thought it wise to be there with these 2 ?


Bring your own ?


Keep a container it was in ?


Get out.


Still have it on you.


You also underage.


You think you’re not suspended ?


Maybe the old fired loser who said yesterday it was good timing all around that he got fired- for not caring about winning and saying instead that there’s something besides winning that’s important here.


Maybe he’d let you get away with it if AB-H Online Athens doesn’t name you and you are not arrested according to Dawgbytes.


And, he’d be there telling you like he did last month when you last were arrested that at least he loved you.


And, God.


Don’t forget God told him to tell you that God Loves You too !


His policy was to tell you he loves.


His policy was if not arrested, hide it if could and no suspension – or at least not an announced suspension.


That’s what his policy was.


Cover it up if he could.


If didn’t have to call Police, then no arrest – even if over $ 500 in cash and other valuables is stolen from another team member.


A Felony therefore.


Don’t call the Police.


Kick them off the team, all 3 of them.  But, do not call the Police.


That’s what the Police Chief told us at the News Conference.


That NO ONE called the Police.


You are banned from seeing EITHER of these other 2 boys, son.


Both of them.


Banned for life.

They NO LONGER can be with you ever again.


Not for 2 seconds together.


You hear me ?


If they are not kicked-off the team and you’re not kicked-off the team, you can NEVER be with them EVER again son.


That goes for all 3 of you numbnuts.


You are representing The University of Georgia AND its proud brand-spanking new Head Coach Kirby Paul Smart.


Not like this you aren’t.


Trust me boys.


Finals week ?


Driving impaired ?


In a car with 2 others who are impaired and you have a small container reaking of illegal drugs yourself on your person ?  In your pocket ?


Oh, no.


This isn’t bad.


Nothing like that.


You didn’t get arrested.


I’ll cover for you on that since you were not arrested and by the way, God Loves You and So Do I and you are FORGIVEN.


You 3 guys are going DOWN boys !


This is what you think – not be suspended – by Coach Kirby Smart ?




Admittedly, I do not do drugs.  I need such a habit during Finals Week where I spend monies to forget what’s going on.  That what it does to you.  Forget. Then study, or not.  Doesn’t matter.


Pay some more money.


Get in another loaded weapon car.  Drive around reaking of drugs.  Keep little containers of it even after you smoked it.  Under age.


Bulletproof – not be suspended.


News flash !


Want me to tell you how this goes down with me and you’re my son ?


Repercussions.  Punishments.  Privileges yanked.  I am removing my name from that vehicle.  I am not paying for that insurance.  I am not making payments for that car.  I am not buying that gas.  I am NOT handing you any cash.  I will buy books, with you.  I am COMING to your residence.  I will be there when I am THERE.  I will have a key.  I find this shit, I am throwing it in toilet.


I am paying for you to go to The University of Georgia.


You are too big to spank now.


Your punishments now are big-boy punishments.


See how you like not having a car.


As starters.


See how you like have a keeper 24-hours a day.


You have embarrassed me.


Guess what ?


I can get through to you 3.


Maybe you do not give a shit how much bad press you get us representing us getting arrested twice in a month for the same offense ?

“In what universe was UGA ‘patient’ with Coach Kirby Smart’s FIRED predecessor ?” “The fan base was very patient with Coach Kirby Smart’s predecessor. They were a lot more patient” high school state champion coach Rush Propst says. 16 freaking days and we were impatient after 8-year slump ?

12-14-2015 :


You think ?  We waited through 8 seasons averaging 4-losses a season, which also included these most recent 8 years 73-32 overall made-up of 37-1 vs non-bowl teams 36-31 vs bowl teams, not in the top 25 vs ranked teams for these latest 8 years, 12 losses to unranked teams time of game or for season in these most-recent 8 years, 7 losses by more than 3 TD in these current 8 years, and being unranked half the time these most current 8 years as well 2009 2010 2013 and 2015 – doing all this with the # 8 talent # 5 Most NFL Draft picks to verify his Scout.com average recruiting class ranking of # 8, beating only # 21 FSU 5-loss team 2002 and # 19 Hawai’i 2007 (neither in the most latest 8 years either) as his only 2 BCS wins and his 2 best bowl wins while UGA has been to 15 Big Bowl Games winning most of them all 15 with both us and the opponents ranked at the top of the Final AP Poll for # 11 All-Time Wins UGA.

There are 33 teams Division 1-A FBS who are 10-win season 2015.  33.  UGA 17 seasons of 0 or 1 loss.  UGA 26 seasons of 80 % win percentage.

Having Mike Bobo, AJ Green, Knowshon Moreno and Matthew Stafford losing 3 games and playing 4-loss # 24 Michigan State in yet another meaningless bowl game 2008 when he won the Fulmer Cup, started this 8-year swoon slump losing it and not caring.

The only 80 % win percentage these most recent 8 years now ?  A season in which he got the shit knocked out of him 7-35 and then he tells Aaron Murray 3 times in front of me, no do not spike it like you want to.  No.  No.  I’ll catch Nick Saban off-guard and he will not expect a pass with no time on the clock.  Not be ready for it.  Coach Kirby Smart pressured Aaron Murray, tipped the pass at the line of scrimmage, AND covered the receivers on the 1 play he got then by his design.


These are his highlights and you pussies think we were NOT PATIENT 8 excruciating years of inexplicable losses to lesser-talented teams ?  In 2008, game 5 kick-off, he was 80 % win percentage 76-19.  First 95 games here 80 % exactly win percentage game 5 kick-off 2008.


Win 4 lose 1.


Win 3 lose 1 since.


What are you looking at ?


Something else ?


Here, look again would you mind ?


Bickering ?


They have a different set of rules December 14, 2015 when he was fired with cause in November.

November 29.

November 30

December 1

December 2

December 3

December 4

December 5

December 6

December 7

December 8

December 9

December 10

December 11

December 12

December 13

December 14


16 freaking days !


He is not 75 % win percentage you friqin’ little piece of shit liar – not the games I’ve been to all these 8 solid years of ABSOLUTE nothingness boy.


Stick it up your ass !


“No question Kirby makes more of an impact than Mark,” high school state champion coach Rush Propst explained. “Mark had grown tired of the bureaucracy of that was going on. … The fan base was very patient with Mark. They were a lot more patient than they would be at Alabama or Auburn. Georgia’s just different. …  For Jeremy to go back to his home state to be a defensive coordinator is very important to him. Let me say this about Jeremy – and he won’t say this – but he wanted it to work at Georgia. He wanted to bring Georgia back to the heyday of the 80s. … When mama calls, it’s hard to say no.”








posted by Rick :

“In what universe was UGA ‘patient’ with Coach Kirby Smart’s FIRED predecessor ?  Has any program in college football history fired a coach winning 75% of his games ?  If anything, we’ve been shown to have a historically impatient fanbase, and one that largely deserves what is coming.”


posted by Brandon

“Auburn fired their coach 2 years after winning a championship and finished that year with an 0-8 conference record, 3-9 overall and lost to their two biggest rivals by a combined score of 87-0. I’m pretty sure had he done that at any point in his career he’d have been canned immediately too”


posted by Rick

“Exactly, Brandon. Mack Brown regressed. Philip Fulmer regressed. Even Frank Solich had a 7-7 season at the end (although he’s #2 to Richt as worst firing I am aware of).  While he wasn’t the .800 coach we hoped he might be in 2005, but he was every bit the .750 coach he had always been on the day we fired him.”


posted by Rick

“The sad thing is that I agree with you that a coach fired coming off a 3-9 season, and an overall winning percentage light years worse than Richt (or even Donnan) is one of the better examples out there. Auburn fired a terrible coach that happened to have a national championship. We fired the greatest coach in history because he didn’t.  Absolutely unprecedented. It’s that ridiculous article arguing for firing Osborne that you posted a while ago come true.”


posted Rick

“Yep, all things that when assessed objectively, using simple mathematical principles that we use in every other field except sports, are totally expected in a 15 year career of the greatest coach in our history.  You’re right, though, we fired him based on a list of dreary-sounding anecdotes. The problem is that if you aren’t Nick Saban, those anecdotes will pile up after 15 years.”



posted by Rick

“Overachieved relative to school history. Underachieved relative to the expectations we (including myself) had for Richt in 2005. But when you fire him, you don’t get another. You get whatever you get, and every single coach hired in the SEC this millenium that didn’t already have a top 10 finish on his resume has been a failure compared to him save one (Les Miles).  Relative to the expectation we can reasonably have for the hire we just made, he exceeded expectations at every stage in his career.”



posted by Rick

“There certainly can be differences of opinion on what is an acceptable level of success. Regardless of talent, what matters is wins and losses, and anyone who requires the UGA coach to win 80% of his games was correct to argue for his termination. He would likely never win at that rate on a consistent basis.  However, we can estimate how easy it is to find a coach that can win 80% of his games. It’s insanely difficult. The only examples in the SEC this century are a guy who already had a national title under his belt and a guy who had just won a BCS bowl at Utah to finish in the top 5.  We hired a defensive coordinator. There hasn’t been a remotely successful hire of this type in the SEC since….well, him. But hey, maybe lightning does strike the same place twice.”



posted by Rick

“Look, the way you have constructed it sounds plausible, but look out there and judge empirically: how many programs are roughly on par with UGA in terms of resources relative to their conference peers? A dozen? Twenty? I see 5 others in the SEC alone.   Why can almost none of them win consistently at a 75% rate?   The reason is that you’ve cheated in small ways with your evaluation, but those small cheats add up. 4-0 against cupcakes including Tech – should we really expect to beat tech (2015 orange bowl winners) 100% of the time? And what about out of conference teams like Clemson that we routinely face? And what about bowl games, which should presumably match us against equivalently successful foes? And what about the SEC championship game?   Most importantly, what about when the team just isn’t very good? Every non-Saban team has down years every 5 years or so. To assume a ‘floor’ of .500 in conference for those teams is wildly optimistic.  That’s why very rarely see coaches consistently winning 75% of their games, and when you get a coach that does it, it is crazy to let him go unless you have backchanneled a homerun replacement. That is so clearly not the case here.”



posted by Gaskilldawg

“If Smart makes us 20% better than the past 3 years then we will average 13.5 wins per season. Good luck with that.”



posted by Doggoned

“I get the thread, just not the incessant bickering.”







Hello ? Your phone isn’t ringing enough for you after The Coach got here ? Guess what ? Then, it’s not us calling !



We didn’t want you anyway.  You’re injured.  Walk-on.  Prove you are ok, and see if you earn a scholarship.


As for the guy from Texas, go stuff yourself.  We are here to win.  You are NOT it boy !


And, for the cough cough quarterback, good as well boy.


We have plenty of injured players come here offered prior to the injury who never panned-out.  And, plenty of better players.


Same for the other 2 that there are plenty of other players.


If you figured you come here and play trophy for everyone, we’ve been down that road.


All 3 of you are average, at best.


I mean good Lord.


Make a big announcement and all boys !


We are looking for Bulldogs.


You 3 are NOT IT !


Don’t let the screen door slam on your backsides on the way out.


You are not Bulldogs !


Our goal here is not fill the roster with guys who don’t want to be here, think they are great, make big negative announcements, none of the 3 of you have any speed at all, none of you 3 are Athletic, none are any damn good, and if all you want is a damn prayer circle – try Cuba or little Cuba – Miami !


See ya’


Piss Off !


Try telling everyone where you do want to go ?


Oh, no one wants you ?


I see.


We don’t either that’s why if your phone isn’t ringing enough for you, hello it’s not us !



Rebuilding Job for Coach Kirby Smart ?

12-14-2015 :


Well, the first guy to hire Coach Kirby Smart was Jim Donnan; and he says Coach Kirby Smart faces a rebuilding effort.


Coach Kirby Smart says we lack Quality Depth, lack Explosive Players on Offense he calls it, specifically stated that there is no excuse for our woes at Wide Receiver with all the talent that has been available in this state, that our OL and DL are LACKING, and of course everyone knows we have NO QB.  We also did not sack anyone and tackled no one behind the line of scrimmage. We lost to another team this season again who is unranked and was at time of game as well in either the AP or Coaches’ Poll once again, even with their win over us.  We are unranked ourselves in both the AP Poll and the Coaches’ Poll again 2015 as we have been half the time after 2007 in 2009, 2010, 2013 and now again 2015.  He’s gone; so he can not now get us ranked for 2015.  That is up to Bryan McClendon who is taking his assistant head coaching job but not until Bryan gets his way to add coached a team for 1 game as interim coach first.  This is ALL your doing.  You are to blame.  You said after yellowjackets game, he’d be back and you love him.  I told you guaranteed you that he’d be gone after the yellowjackets game.


Now, you surmise we’re great because of all the talent only the fired guy is responsible for bringing here.  You said Trent Thompson and Terry Godwin would leave after Mike Bobo was gone.  Mike Bobo had us the # 88 Passing Offense last year.  He has done extremely poorly at Colorado State losing to 3 teams without a winning record, like he did when he was here.


We have good players.  They have not been given the ball.  They were told that there’s something besides winning that’s important here.  They have no idea how to win.


In addition, we are :


# 118 on 3rd Down Conversions by our Offense


This is really really really bad.  When you can not convert 3rd Downs, you send your “special” teams and defense back out again and again to bail their butts out.  It causes unanswered points which we saw happen this season of 4, 4 and 5 unanswered touchdowns scored on us.


We played a seriously weak schedule # 80 in the nation – clearly one of the worst easiest schedules for us ever.


We beat no team who was even reasonably good.


# 87 on our 4th Down Conversions by our Offense


# 61 in Blocked Punts Allowed


1st Downs on Offense we simply could not choose a QB still trying-out in November

# 98 1st Downs on Offense

# 81 Fumbles Lost

# 61 Kick-Off Return Defense

# 117 Kick-Off Returns by us

# 101 Net Punting had 2 punters on Scholarship

# 103 Passing Offense after # 88 last year with Mike Bobo Passing Offense

# 79 Passing Yards per Completion, when we did pass it was 4-yards


Again as it was last year with Mike Bobo


# 69 Punt Return Defense

# 101 Red Zone Offense which we installed in Fall Practice with the # 1 Starting QB all year # 3 and not involved in installing the Red Zone Offense therefore


# 89 in our Defense Sacking their QB – which I told you preseason we would be


Guaranteed it


You said we had Great Sacking ability this season.  We did not, as I told you.


# 71 vs # 80 SoS cupcakes for our Defense Tackling behind their line of scrimmage


# 33 record at 9-3 which means 33 teams will put up 10-win season 2015-2016


Not a goal obviously dimwits !






We have averaged 4 losses per season over the entire last 8 seasons !


Rebuilding job for Coach Kirby Smart Jim Donnan says ?




We’ve padded our won/lost record these most recent 8 years Coach Kirby Smart is hired to FIX by going total 73-32 made-up of 37-1 vs non-bowl teams (41 bowl games starting now) and only 36-31 vs bowl teams for 8 years now !  Average 4-loss season.


The 1 part of the team that did its part against the cupcakes anyway, we traded Defensive Coordinators with Alabama.


When we did have talent, we did not play him but others in trophy for everyone.


When we did have talent, they did not get the ball in Big Games !


When we did have talent, they made their names in the NFL and lost here being told they were NOT as good as the ones ahead of them on Kirby Smart’s predecessor’s depth chart.


We had 9 coordinators under his predecessor and you told me all he needed was a 10th.


He had Matthew Stafford, Mike Bobo, AJ Green and Knowshon Moreno in 2008 lost 3 games and played an unranked opponent in our “bowl game” no one watching it either, except for us.  We Won the Fulmer Cup that year.


The Day our new Coach gets hired, you insist on having his predecessor in town for the Gala; and, a guy who he told he loved he told him in jail the last time he was arrested a month ago, gets arrested again.


# 11 All-Time in Wins # 3 All-Time in Bowl Wins # 5 NFL Draft Picks # 3 Talent In-State we are not in the top 25 against ranked teams after 2007.


Predecessor’s “Dream” team recruits leave in the Great Exodus after this season 20 seniors all of whom have started for the predecessor.


You tried to make that out as a young team this season.  Uh huh, you are so full of shit.


So, now, you announce this is NOT a rebuilding job for Coach Kirby Smart.


You bragged on his recruiting when it has been proved he should have done better especially with Elite Prospects.


We have EVERY RESOURCE to be far better than averaging 4 losses per season over 8-year period.


But, we are.



Averaging 4 losses per season with him as the guy who told you over the weekend that the timing was right all around for him to leave because he had by God Above quit coaching this team after 2007 and told you repeatedly to your glee that here at Georgia, there’s something besides winning that’s important.


No, there is not.


It is all you talked about.


10-Win seasons


10-Win seasons 33 others have 2015 too and he NO GOOD WIN at all whatsoever.


2-6 SEC Auburn is his “best” cough cough win.


7 losses by more than 3 TD after 2007, we simply were not ready to play.


12 losses to unranked teams time of game or for season after 2007, inexplicable losses abound.


That National Brand Buck Belue states has been damaged.


CBS renamed it from Charlie Brown loser from “Pulling another FILL IN HIS NAME _____” to we Georgia’d another Big Game.


He had a full roster for the first time in a decade this season.


And, for it we play in the Gator Bowl AGAIN !


Against a team who beat not one single Power 5 Conference Team with a winning record.


Guess what ?


We didn’t either.


We averaged the # 8 Scout.com Recruiting Rankings VERIFIED by # 5 Most NFL Draft Picks and didn’t do diddle-e-squat because we were dumb as shit, failed to coach them up a reflection on the coaching staff beyond any reasonable doubt, lost games we were not supposed to lose, and lost every big game.


Now, we have a new Coach, and you still want to fawn over the son of a bitch who wants to say to his new team Miami of Florida HIS PLAYERS and YOU DisneyDawgs.com fans love him !  Miami of Florida who in their entire existence had a short period of years LONG AGO where they did well against Big East Cupcakes AND NOTHING SINCE !


A team we own a 7-4-1 record against : Miami of Florida.


A team in the all cupcake conference and still can not win.


Are we a rebuilding program ?


God damn it, get your heads out of your asses !


We have to get more from less, not less with more.


We have change the entire culture around here, which Coach Kirby Smart has said to you from Day 1, is YOUR # 1 PROBLEM that you are dragging your feet on the FIRED guy and trying to split-up The Mighty Dawg Nation telling us how much you love his freaking losing predecessor !


How is he going to get the team to buy-in and get back to TRYING to win with all these players here he has to change their perceptions of and change their habits on and off the field with you sitting there like a spoiled rotten petulant child whining still he’s been FIRED.


And, call all this summarized on this blog today, as “successful?”


I told you before you were the problem.


You said I was.


Now, you come read MY BLOG because you want to know :


“Hey I wonder what Thomas Brown says about all this?”


If it were up to you, he would still be coaching the bowl game !


But, it was up to me


Not you.


Wasn’t it ?


What the friq – given these PROVEN FACTS on this blog today above – is a rebuilding job in your dumbass mind ?



Mike Bobo update : Bowl Game is 2 weeks from tomorrow – LOST to 3 teams without a winning record, talk about inexplicable losses

12-14-2015 :


Mike Bobo plays in a “bowl game” 2 weeks from tomorrow as a 7-5 team in Tucson in the Sonoran desert on a dry river bed still called the Santa Cruz River on I-10 less than an hour from the Mexican border against 6-6 Nevada.

He has the # 70 recruiting class for 2016, largely because he has commitments from 4 of his 13 as JUCO transfers 2 years and gone.  He has no 4-Star and only seven 3-star commitments.  This means he has commitments from 6 players already who are below 3-star commitments.



Nevada has 19,000 at their games and Colorado State gets 24,000 attendance.


Mike Bobo signed the worst dead-last recruiting class this year 2015.  Yes, it was even worse than Georgia State.


Mike Bobo lost to :

5-7 Minnesota gophers

4-9 Colorado

6-6 Utah State who plays the zips in their “bowl game”

4-loss unranked Boise State who plays their “bowl game” December 23 – that’s next Wednesday

and San Diego State who plays their “bowl game” the day after Boise State


They had no good opponent.


# 94 Passes Intercepted

# 92 Fumbles Lost

# 114 Penalties per Game

# 121 Blocked Kicks Allowed

# 105 Rushing Defense


Absolutely abysmal as a sound, well-coached team.

Antithesis of that.


# 118 Official NCAA Strength of Schedule Colorado State

# 80 Official NCAA Strength of Schedule Georgia

# 2 Official NCAA Strength of Schedule Alabama


Colorado State has a losing record in college football.


Mike Bobo continues his inexplicable losses with 3 inexplicable losses to 3 teams who did not even have a winning record – even with their win over Mike Bobo.


I do not think anyone will be watching their, or any of their opponents’ soon up-coming bowl game.


You might.


You seem to like this kind of shit.

Academic Prestige and Top Sports – Florida top SEC school and Georgia # 2





Florida is # 12 nationally

Georgia is # 15 nationally


” The whole thing was the right time. ” I told you he did not want to coach here after 2007 – that he’d QUIT. Given-up. Told us there’s something besides winning that’s important here at Georgia. You guys NEVER were able to read it. I certainly was. I told you so !

“The whole thing was the right time”

Recruiting we’ve been averaging # 8 – what was it supposed to have been ? Worse ? Better ? Our recruiting class is ranked # 13 today.



For years I have submitted it should be higher.  We should recruit better I said.  Not just the incredible holes in recruiting when we were running an old-style antiquated out-of-date offense requiring fullbacks and we went 6 consecutive recruiting classes not recruiting a single fullback when there are 200 top fullbacks out there many from here in-state every year.  Not just the holes on OL and DL years and years with all the talent here in-state to fill those.  Not just all the misses on top quarterbacks, sometimes even when we had them in-house and told them to play some other position that the one “ahead” of them on the depth chart is far better so no reason even consider him at QB. Not just explosive players on offense and failure utter failure of getting top WR to come here with that offense that was so pass-happy.

ESPN announces today that we have the # 1 recruiting base.

I’ve pointed out to you for years how great The University of Georgia is for a football recruit.  That we’re an International World Class University, and that we rank far higher than almost every other football program.


That they should want to come here for the education.


All about the millions of us who are fans of The Georgia Bulldogs.  Millions upon millions upon millions upon millions !


That our facilities our stadium and our campus so beautiful both, Classic City Athens # 1 college town, # 6 in merchandise sales for our beloved Bulldogs and # 1 Party School – not fair to rank us with the amateurs !


The ladies ranked # 6 in the nation, and I realize I am biased I think higher even than that !  And, we have a predominantly ladies University.  All the choices for degrees, even Engineering.


# 1 Mascot all sports all-time – world’s most recognized mascot !


# 11 All-Time in Wins


# 3 All-Time in Bowl Wins


# 2 Forbes’ Magazine Most Football Revenue !


# 5 Most NFL Draft Picks !


# 11 All-Time Academic All-Americans The University of Georgia.


15 Big Huge Bowl games both teams ranked top of the Final AP Poll nation watching us, mostly won by us and 6 of those NC.


26 Bulldogs’ Seasons of 80 % Win Percentage.


39 Bulldogs have Won the NFL Championship Trophy !


4 Bulldogs – most in the world – have been named MVP NFL Championship Game.


Our reputation in recruiting running backs !  UGA  University of Ground Attack !


Our other sports and how we’ve Won 50 National Championships.


We do need a new gym.


All the stars for The Georgia Bulldogs going on to great fame in coaching and in announcing !


17 seasons of 0 or 1 loss.


ESPN states we’re # 1 destination in recruiting for ALL these reasons I have been telling you we are so great.


This state produces the # 4 most recruits who go on to the NFL.


This state produces the # 1 most recruits to The SEC.


This state produces the # 3 most recruits to the Power 5 Conferences.


The resources at hand at This Great University give us worldwide appeal to recruit players to join all this talent in-state from all over.


Georgia Bulldogs’ Scout.com recruiting rankings :

2016 # 13

2015 # 4

2014 # 12

2013 # 8

2012 # 14

2011 # 4

2010 # 21

2009 # 4

2008 # 5

2007 # 17

2006 # 4

2005 # 4

2004 # 6

2003 # 11

2002 # 9

2001 # 8

15 years’ recruiting rank avg recruiting rank # 8.




We really have not had the Elite talent.  Unfortunately when we did, we wasted it.


We should get far more of the very Elite talent than we have.  But, when guys like Todd Gurley II says that he is sick and tired of being mediocre, losing, and going to lousy stinking bowl games as a result, other Elite recruits heard him loudly and clearly.


Many knew it before even coming here.


Surely we were negatively recruited against.


We went too many times and gave away scholarships for kickers and punters – that is NOT done.  They make them walk-on.


We had 2 scholarships tied up together for 4 years at Punter !


We’re actually supposed to do even better than we have been at Average Scout.com Recruiting Rankings of # 8 for 15 years now.


It should be higher.


Way too many 3-stars given scholarships here and any of them injured after offering and they committing who got an injury, we kept it in place while others retracted their offers.


Of course, we ALSO kicked them off the team at alarming rates.


We got down to 72 signed scholarship recruits who were left out of 118 signed to be playing here and that was this time last season !


We played favorites.  We played a trophy for everyone.


We LOST football games.  4 a season average for 8 years, including this one.




Read a blog yesterday who states now that the fired guy was a successful coach.




I have news for you, he was far from successful and did not recruit well.


We will do far better without him.


Far better.


Said that for 8 years now.


Now, you will see it !


This is the break-down on Georgia Bulldogs as # 1 best recruiting situation :



Our recruiting class is ranked # 12 today Scout.com.


We have not gotten ANY commitments since he went on his ANNUAL SWOON !


Come here because we do it the right way.


We do not over-recruit.


Signed 34 players this Summer.  34.


This gives us 152 signed scholarship players these last 6 years.


They only give each school 85 at any time.


How was that NOT over-recruiting ?


We culled our recruits every year.  How else with 85 Scholarship limit did we sign 152 for 6 years now ?


Well ?


Silence is deafening.



Our recruiting class ranked # 13 today by Scout.com is about to go WAY UP folks !


Way up !


The Elite talent has taken notice !


They are buying-in.


Georgia is hot again !


We rate.


We are expected to do better than we have been these latest 8 years of meaningless bowl games.


Like this one.


It appears the FIRED predecessor here is waiting to announce his Assistant Football Coach until AFTER Bryan McClendon gets his one-game head coach on his resume.


Here are ALL the Top 65 football programs ranked by ESPN today as the Top 65 nationally at their recruiting situation :




Some jobs are cushy easy places to recruit.


We’re it !


# 1 UGA – we don’t steal kids from California, Texas, Ohio, Pennsylvania very often; but we are in the Bible Belt the Sunbelt where everyone either is or wants to be !  City of 7 million World Class City 58 miles away HUGE DRAW to THE ENTIRE WORLD !  We got one from up North there in the land of frozen tundra from New Jersey even.  And redshirted him so we saw him 2 years and handed him the ball 18 times a game in the Big Games and LOST.  We should get top players from up North for these reasons here in this post by me. We have appeal nationwide however and Charley Trippi came from Pennsylvania !

Get us back to NOT LOSING EVERY BIG GAME and getting blown-out 7 times after 2007 by more than 3 TD and will kick some ass !

Georgia was suffering from good guy syndrome and suffering from our fans of a FIRED coach trying to make his job such a cushy job they gave him.  I FIXED THAT !  The Elite prospects were stolen away, and did not buy-in on this there’s something besides winning that’s important here at Georgia


The hell there was !


Hello !


# 2 Ohio State – this is a good state for recruiting talent, very very good.  Not as good as Georgia, so they come here and steal our kids.

# 3 Texas – what is their deal anyway ?

# 4 Southern California – what is their deal too ?

# 5 LSU – the school absolutely sucks

# 6 Alabama – the school is not considered good school

# 7 Florida – they should be better than they are.  We give them HUGE ADVANTAGE playing OUR GAME every other year at THEIR home away from home and the site of the ANNUAL GATOR BOWL !

# 8 Florida State – is a stinky school and holds itself back therein and purposely joined the ACC from the Big East they made their name in beating up nobodies at both conferences ONLY.

# 9 Michigan

# 10 Oklahoma – is a stinky school and holds itself back therein.

# 11 Auburn – is a stinky school and holds itself back therein.

# 12 Texas A & M

# 13 Clemson – is a stinky school and holds itself back therein.

# 14 Notre Dame – great school Touchdown Jesus and no coach.  Used to be on top of the heap beating up service academies and Pac-12 Podunk teams and Big Ten Podunk teams. Then decided to be on their own an Independent.  Worst bowl record all-time of anyone.  Snooty fans think they’re God reincarnated. Not been competitive in my entire lifetime it seems now.  Yeah !  Still top school.  Still has tradition.  Still has seriously long-suffering fans.  In the rust belt with no talent.  Has to go elsewhere to recruit which is why they played games against all these teams all over the nation.  But, they kinda sorta wanted to join the ACC – but, whiffed.  Only play less than the required number of ACC teams to be considered in the ACC conference in football. Still the ACC sold-out to Notre Dame and give up its bowl game for the limited number of ACC opponents to Notre Dame !

# 15 UCLA

# 16 vols – no talent in-state

# 17 Miami of Florida Hurricanes – bad venue

# 18 Penn State

# 19 Oregon – no talent in-state too far away from the talent

# 20 Stanford – land of fruit and nuts with lots of talent bad venue no one cares top school though

# 21 Oklahoma State – no talent lots competition out of state to go to Texas and get it

# 22 TCU – plays in crappy-assed Big XII huge disadvantage brand name

# 23 Michigan State – considered second fiddle in-state forever too far from talent

# 24 Ole Miss – pretty ladies that’s a draw, nice campus too, talent not there

# 25 Arkansas – no talent in-state


The 40 teams after Arkansas are at such a disadvantage a coach there would quit for ANY of the other jobs that are easier to recruit to.


# 28 Mississippi State – when it did get talent they stole it from the state of Georgia bad facilities rescources


# 32 North Carolina – plays in inferior all cupcake conference of all small schools none who play football except Florida State who made its reputation getting South Georgia recruits and North Carolina sees itself as 2nd fiddle to FSU.  ACC small schools make the point that you only need 6 players to play basketball but football requires more like 18 top players every year to compete.  There are not 18 top football players every year in North Carolina and no tradition – not in football.  Still they missed the boat taking our FIRED guy.  He would’ve fit right in there.


# 34 South Carolina – well first they need to get rid of fighting animals as their mascot !  And, they have NEVER done squat at football.  South Carolina does have talent in-state but Clemson is perceived long-term as the better football program. Joining The SEC helps South Carolina a good bit.  With right coach can win with their talent in South Carolina but frankly too many disappointing recruiting classes to put themselves on the map.  Folks go there and are not impressed.  Joining The SEC should’ve and did help them but they need to have a bigger fan base committed to more than making noises and settling for 2nd fiddle.  And, the school sucks.


# 36 Missouri – it’s a 1000 miles from nowhere !  No talent there.  No way to get there.  Bad stadium.  Bad school. Poor fan base.  No reason for a prospect to want to go there, even if they had a coach for him to consider as a good coach.  Not competitive no matter what they do.  No hope.  Way North and Way West from any hope of getting a kid or parents to send them there.  Should however run up record on the abject failures in that vicinity.  This is their only claim to fame.


# 38 Nebraska – there was a time when they were on top of the heap.  They had coaches who were top coaches and got folks to there even more in the middle of nowhere than Missouri.  When that ended, they like Notre Dame who suffers from the same malady of used to be on top of the heap, dropped-off the face of the earth together.  No one wants to go to Nebraska.  50 years ago this was not true.  Folks did.  But, not for the sorry school or lousy location, but because they were WINNING !  This season, they beat not 1 single Power 5 Conference opponent with a winning record.  They do want to win !  That’s an advantage they had over us.  Here, there’s something besides Winning that’s important – or, so I am STILL TOLD today !


# 45 Georgie tek yellowjackets – There was a time when UGA did not have a stadium.  That lasted 4 decades.  We had to play our games for the 1st four decades of our football NOT HERE.  Georgie tek had the stadium – stinking old stadium they blew-up half of and still can not fill downtown in the slums of a city of 7 million. Had they SOLD all their campus downtown and moved North some a long time ago, they might have gotten some of the ladies in this state chalk full of beautiful ladies.  They could have built nice campus and nice stadium – considered then safe for Daddies to send their little girls to but they are too damn STUPID to have figured that out.  Land not worth what it was now.  Surrounded by slums.  Bad place.  All this talent and not a lady in the state going there.  Asian men yes.  They have the percentage of Asian men we do of ladies here at UGA.  Sad.  Really not done a damn thing after 1955 when they were in The SEC.


When The SEC got really good at football, Bobby Dodd could not compete for these reasons !  So, he went to the newspapers and told us all that The SEC Revenue Sharing was the problem.  Give lesser equal share. Had they stayed in The SEC, they would be getting $ 31 million 2015 and more next year !  So they give away 2 free cokes 2 free hot dogs parking pass and a bag of boiled peanuts and no one goes except Bulldogs fans who buy season tickets and throw them all away except one game.


Bobby Dodd was a college drop-out.  Names the Stadium for the fool !


Here, read it yourself :




We’re going to sign more Elite talent, now !

Watch us !


Team Rankings  |  Conference Rankings  |  Position Rankings
Team Rankings
Rank School Commits Conf Points Top

1. Florida 25 SEC 3323 3 1 10 12 12 13 0 23 2 3.40
2. Alabama 19 SEC 3311 4 1 12 6 10 8 1 17 2 3.74
3. Ohio State 17 Big Ten 3224 4 1 13 3 10 6 1 17 0 3.88
4. LSU 17 SEC 3057 3 1 11 5 5 11 1 17 0 3.76
5. Michigan 22 Big Ten 2982 2 0 10 12 12 10 0 22 0 3.45
6. Stanford 20 Pac-12 2948 4 0 12 7 9 9 2 20 0 3.55
7. Penn State 18 Big Ten 2913 4 1 9 8 7 9 2 18 0 3.61
8. Michigan State 18 Big Ten 2895 1 0 11 7 8 9 1 18 0 3.61
9. Mississippi 18 SEC 2846 3 1 10 7 11 7 0 17 1 3.67
10. Notre Dame 19 Indep 2802 2 0 9 10 9 9 1 19 0 3.47
11. Oregon 19 Pac-12 2643 2 0 9 10 10 9 0 18 1 3.47
12. Florida State 16 ACC 2621 4 1 8 7 6 8 2 15 1 3.63
13. Auburn 17 SEC 2614 2 0 9 8 8 9 0 15 2 3.53
14. Georgia 15 SEC 2588 4 1 9 5 9 6 0 14 1 3.73



Team Rankings  |  Conference Rankings  |  Position Rankings
Team Rankings
Rank School Commits Conf Points Top

1. Ohio State 18 Big Ten 3252 5 1 13 4 11 6 1 18 0 3.83
2. Florida 24 SEC 3151 1 1 9 13 12 12 0 22 2 3.42
3. Alabama 18 SEC 3134 4 1 11 6 10 7 1 16 2 3.72
4. LSU 17 SEC 3047 3 1 11 5 5 11 1 17 0 3.76
5. Michigan 22 Big Ten 2826 2 0 10 10 12 10 0 22 0 3.32
6. Penn State 18 Big Ten 2804 4 1 8 9 7 9 2 18 0 3.56
7. Michigan State 18 Big Ten 2800 1 0 10 8 8 9 1 18 0 3.56
8. Notre Dame 19 Indep 2783 2 0 9 10 9 9 1 19 0 3.47
9. Stanford 18 Pac-12 2778 4 0 11 7 9 9 0 18 0 3.61
10. Mississippi 18 SEC 2772 3 1 9 8 11 7 0 17 1 3.61
11. Auburn 17 SEC 2719 2 0 10 7 8 9 0 15 2 3.59
12. Oregon 19 Pac-12 2699 1 0 9 10 10 9 0 18 1 3.47
13. Georgia 15 SEC 2674 4 1 10 4 9 6 0 14 1 3.80


Team Rankings  |  Conference Rankings  |  Position Rankings
Team Rankings
Rank School Commits Conf Points Top

1. Ohio State 18 Big Ten 3252 5 1 13 4 11 6 1 18 0 3.83
2. Alabama 18 SEC 3134 4 1 11 6 10 7 1 16 2 3.72
3. LSU 17 SEC 3047 3 1 11 5 5 11 1 17 0 3.76
4. Florida 24 SEC 3042 1 1 8 14 13 11 0 22 2 3.38
5. Michigan 22 Big Ten 2826 2 0 10 10 12 10 0 22 0 3.32
6. Penn State 18 Big Ten 2804 4 1 8 9 7 9 2 18 0 3.56
7. Michigan State 18 Big Ten 2800 1 0 10 8 8 9 1 18 0 3.56
8. Notre Dame 19 Indep 2783 2 0 9 10 9 9 1 19 0 3.47
9. Stanford 18 Pac-12 2778 4 0 11 7 9 9 0 18 0 3.61
10. Mississippi 18 SEC 2772 3 1 9 8 11 7 0 17 1 3.61
11. Auburn 17 SEC 2719 2 0 10 7 8 9 0 15 2 3.59
12. Georgia 15 SEC 2674 4 1 10 4 9 6 0 14 1 3.80

Coach Kirby Smart’s 1st Arrested/Suspended/Kicked-Off : “Chauncey Rivers DL Frosh arrested early Saturday morning for possession of 1 ounce or less of marijuana a misdemeanor charge was booked in the Athens-Clarke County jail at 1:12 a.m. on Dec. 12 with bond posted at $1000. He was listed as “currently incarcerated” as of 2:15 a.m. according to Athens-Clarke County’s website.”


“This is the second marijuana-related incident for Rivers at Georgia. He and freshman linebacker Natrez Patrick were arrested on Nov. 4 on charges of misdemeanor possession of marijuana. The November arrest led to both players being suspended for Georgia’s game against Kentucky on Nov. 7. A former four-star defensive end according to 247Sports Rivers appeared in four games for Georgia in 2015. He recorded four total tackles over the course of the regular season.”

“Chauncey Rivers DL Frosh arrested early Saturday morning for possession of 1 ounce or less of marijuana a misdemeanor charge was booked in the Athens-Clarke County jail at 1:12 a.m. on Dec. 12 with bond posted at $1000. He was listed as “currently incarcerated” as of 2:15 a.m. according to Athens-Clarke County’s website.”


This football program is fractured broken-up.


1 fired guy whom everyone wants to fawn over.

1 new guy who doesn’t want to come here and take charge solely himself.

And, 1 guy whom is solely responsible – you know ?  The head coach of this football team.

While this is Coach Kirby Smart’s first arrested/suspended/kicked-off,  I am quite certain that his predecessor here is over at the jail now telling him how much he loves him.  Which is after all what he told him less than a month ago when he LAST WAS ARRESTED.  His predecessor got all the accolades for recruiting him here.

The fired coach is in-town tonight for the Gala Event.  I wonder if we sold any game jerseys of Todd Gurley II at the Gala ?  The fired coach’s brother-in-law  married to his sister Kevin Chappy Hynes.  Did he get any monies for said jerseys owned by in fact The University of Georgia ?  Maybe Chappy is over there too at the jail  both of them together telling him how much they love him.  Not maybe.  Probably.  Probably on all counts.


Coach Kirby Smart’s reaction will be totally different.


Trust me !


To make my points once again : All these people need to get the Hell out of here !  That would be (1) fired coach (2) his brother-in-law (3) the kid arrested twice in a month and (4) anyone else sending mixed messages that they love the kid for twice being arrested for what is in every state of this great nation against the law because of the kid’s age.

And Coach Kirby Smart needs to be here – like Jeremy Pruitt is at Alabama.


This is exactly why they all need to get the Hell out of here.  And, exactly why Coach Kirby Smart needs to be here in charge of the team he was hired to be in charge of – just as Jeremy Pruitt was hired to be in charge of their defense at Alabama – NOT Coach Kirby Smart.


Why again is Coach Kirby Smart not calling all the shots as the in-fact Coach of this football team  ?


Loyalty to whom ?


Your fiduciary responsibility is to whom hired you and whom is paying you $5,380,200 plus retirement – including incentives.  We expect you to be taking care of these kids sir.

Both of these arrests would have been made in EVERY state in the nation, as the kid is under-age in Colorado, Washington, Alaska, Oregon and Washington D.C.  He is taking finals now and the Bulldogs’ football program is broken-up with the fired guy back and Coach Kirby Smart NOT IN CHARGE until January 12, 2016.


If I were the Coach, I would have quit Alabama the New York Nanosecond Nick Saban hired Jeremy Pruitt and he told Alabama he was no longer the defensive coach here at Georgia but there at Alabama – if not SOONER !


I would then go to the jail and get in the kid’s grille and have it out with him.


Have it out.


Do you hear me ?


Then at the jail, bail the boy out, call his mom, tell her to come get the kid and take him out of my home where he would be studying until she arrives.  And, then I would stand there and insure he takes his finals and does well.


After the finals, I would then kick him off the team for 2 arrests in less than one month’s time.


And, I would call his mom again and tell her she needs to see if she can keep him in school at Georgia, that his scholarship is OVER.


Congratulations Chauncey Rivers for being the 1st.  No one else can EVER say that.


I do not send mixed-messages.  I tell it like it is.  I pull no punches.  I take no shit off anyone ever and never will.  I do the right thing.  I am consistent.  I am not 2-faced.  Everyone knows exactly where they stand with ME by God !

“Georgia has not been a championship caliber program for some time. In fact the only real bright spot that played with any consistency in 2015 was the defensive side of the ball.” David Rosenberg Bulldawg Illustrated.



“Georgia has not been a championship caliber program for some time. In fact the only real bright spot that played with any consistency in 2015 was the defensive side of the ball.”        David Rosenberg  Bulldawg Illustrated.




Yes David Rosenberg but we are sending him over there to help Alabama RIGHT NOW while Coach Kirby Smart is not coming HERE until 12 January  2006.  It’s NOT RIGHT !

How screwed-up is that ?

12-11-2015 Friday night


Coach Kirby Smart made a plea to ALL The Bulldog Nation to cut it OUT in his opening remarks regarding the embarrassing and counter-productive chasm between those Apologists still hanging-on for no good reason and the rest of us trying to fix this mess !


UPDATE on this :


We have annual Gala, and the guy who all the blogs STILL fawn over, is invited by the senior class.


So, we have to make Jake Eason go to Sanford Stadium where none of our players are.


And, numbnuts is supposed to be hosting RECRUITS for the last 2 days now of the recruiting period.  And, tweets they are coming to Coral Gables.  I’ve been to Doral Country Club several times down there.  And, eaten the Cuban food.


But, he jumps on a plane to here.


Wants to let everyone know how much his players here love him.


For hiring a dysfunctional staff for 15 years.


For sending us this year to Gator Bowl, oh joy against another unranked opponent.


AND, they wanted HIM to coach them in that meaningless bowl game too !


And our unranked opponent has not beat a single Power 5 Conference Opponent with a winning record.


Nice bowl game.


Saw where someone said nobody would watch it.


Both staffs FIRED.


And, we have Coach Kirby Smart NOT at the Gala of the team he alone is the head coach of !


We don’t know what we’re doing.


Obviously, we got a far better coach (anyone would’ve been.)


And, all this is going on.


I swear to God !


The guy was not in the Top 25 vs ranked opponents for 8 years now !

Could not win the Big Games !

Lost to 12 unranked teams time of game or for season for 8 years now !

Blown-out 7 times by MORE than 3 TD for 8 years now !

37-1 vs non-bowl teams 36-31 vs bowl teams for 8 years now !

Averaging 4 LOSSES per season for 8 years now !



And, someone thinks after we FIRED him that we want HIM to coach us in the bowl game, or be at OUR Gala ?


I hope you guys are proud of yourselves ?




Then, Chipper Towers (Apologist to this very day) puts up a picture where numbnuts was trying to SAVE his job and flew out there to a diner the day BEFORE he was fired.


No folks !


Recruits should be at the Gala !  For heaven’s sakes guys !


And, OUR Coach Kirby Smart should be at OUR Gala !


Good Lord !


And the fired coach who is head coach at team we are 7-4-1 all-time against should be down there having a party for HIS RECRUITS who are there going, uh – where is the new coach who said he wanted me here ?


Does anybody else agree with me on ANY of this ?


I am a better salesman than this.  I know better than this.


Good Lord !


What are the Apologists of the FIRED COACH doing now ?


Holding a God Damn Vigil on FACEBOOK for his sorry ass and whining to everyone that it is unjustified that he was FIRED.


You got it.


And, no Chipper Towers – that’s a month old picture now.  You know ? Back in NOVEMBER !

Yeah ! Now, it is reported Tracy Rocker is staying


Excellent !




Coach is making a lot of good choices !


And although it is not surprising that Jeremy Pruitt is the Defensive Coordinator for Nick Saban at Alabama now, I know he could have helped Coach out as well.


I suppose we can not have both Coach Kirby Smart and Jeremy Pruitt, but it’s my thoughts that before Coach Kirby Smart got here, that we did not have a Defensive Coordinator until Jeremy Pruitt since Erk Russell.


Notice what numbnuts did ?


Brought in Kirby Smart and made him running backs’ coach.  That one will go down the annuls with all his other worst choices ever.  Can you imagine had he had him coaching our defense instead since 2005 ?


Numbnuts might actually still be here !


So, from my view, that’s actually a Blessing in Disguise !


He makes one good hire on his staff, and puts him too out of position like all the other coaches under him almost exclusively were.  It was a joke.  Bryan McClendon at RB coach, for example, which I said at TIME bad choice.  His Dad ?  Sure Willie RB coach, but Bryan knew NOTHING about RB coach.  Not a thing.


He had QB coaching TE.


He had RB coaching WR.


He had TE coaching defensive secondary.


All he did, it seemed.


Why is he gone ?


1 sure choice/decision was hiring Coach Kirby Smart as RB coach.  Now, while that is great for the coach involved to get experience at other positions on OTHER SIDE OF THE BALL, it puts the coaches at disadvantage having respect of the team, and the team at disadvantage not having a coach at that position who knows a thing about it or even ever played it.  No concept.

Coach Kirby Paul Smart earned Academic All-America 1998 at The University of Georgia. Chuck Dowdle Interview.


Fran Tarkenton was The University of Georgia’s first ever Academic All-America in 1960.

There are 131 UGA Academic All-America in all 19 sports, which is # 11 All-Time all schools winning Academic All-America.

Coach Kirby Paul Smart earned Academic All-America at UGA 1998.

Some other of the 131 at UGA All-Time include Bill Stanfill, Kevin McClee, Jeff Pyburn, Terry Hoage, Chad Kessler, Alec Kessler, Matt Stinchcomb, Jon Stinchcomb, Coco Miller, Kelly Miller, Courtney Kupets, Gordan Beckham, Ty Frix, Aaron Murray, and Drew Butler.


Congratulations to these Scholar-Athletes for The University of Georgia all 131 of them, including Coach Kirby Paul Smart !


True meaning of the word Scholar-Athlete.


You will see all 131 UGA Academic All-America at this URL Link :




You will see that UGA is # 11 All-Time with 131 Academic All-America here:



I personally am extremely proud of these 131 ever here at UGA.  They did have to be a Starter on their team AND have the grades which qualified them for Academic All-America to be listed of the 131.  I had the grades; I was not a Starter.  I know how much hard work in the classrooms this requires.


To whom much is given, much is expected.  And, these Scholar-Athletes are extremely gifted in the classroom and on the playing field. Rare.  Very Rare.  Very very very Rare.  These are both Gifts.


The best of the best.


Smart and Athletic.


God gives very few both.


Then, they had to work hard at both their Academics and their Sports.


There is no question that Coach Kirby Paul Smart is special.


This is what the Press Release was trying to say, but did a poor job of it.  I had to look it up. I thought I remembered this when he was here 1998.  I certainly remembered it about Fran Tarkenton, Matt Stinchcomb, Jon Stinchcomb, Kirby Smart, Gordan Beckham, Drew Butler, Alec Kessler, Chad Kessler, Ty Frix, Bill Stanfill, Kevin McClee, Aaron Murray, Jeff Pyburn, Kelly Miller, Coco Miller, and Terry Hoage.


We will continue to excel with Coach Kirby Paul Smart Academic All-America UGA, 1st Team All-State AAAA Bainbridge High Football Baseball Basketball 3-time 3-sport Letterman, 1st Team All-SEC Georgia Bulldogs Defensive Back DB, Captain Georgia 4-Years SEC Academic Honor Roll, and Christian married to our own Lady Bulldogs Mary Beth Lycett Smart who before Sunday was the more famous of their family !  BMOC Bainbridge Georgia Most Famous son after Governor Marvin Griffin Army Brigadier General Big Man on Campus.


He is BMOC now !

His Dad, Head Football Coach Bainbridge High School Sonny Smart, said to him this week that he will have to get off the porch and run with the Big Dawgs Now !


That is what his Dad said to him this week.


As you can see, Kirby Smart has ALWAYS run with the Big Dawgs.


Kirby told Sonny this !


I thought I always had been running with the Big Dawgs, Dad ?


I am certain over time, that those of you still talking about his predecessor 12 days’ later, such as Bernie yet again today will soon realize we are ALL All-In behind Kirby Smart !  And, why !

The Best of the Best and why I cry when I talk about him too : I am just very proud of Coach Kirby Paul Smart.


You should listen to this Chuck Dowdle Interview of Coach Kirby Paul Smart :





2008-2015 Georgia Bulldogs’ Football vs Ranked Teams Big Games. Thomas Brown is Coach Kirby Smart’s first hire offer to fix this.



2008-2015 :  


# 25 vs Ranked Teams time of game Won 16 of 39 games 41% Win% :



# 25 vs Ranked Teams time of game not at Home Won 9 of 24 games 37% Win%:



# 27 vs Ranked Teams for season year Won 11 of 36 games 30% Win% :



# 27 vs Ranked Bowl Teams time of game Won 15 of 38 games 39% Win% :



# 27 vs Ranked Teams season year not at Home Won 6 of 23 games 26% Win% :



# 28 vs Top 10 time of game Won 5 of 17 games 29% Win% :



# 31 vs Bowl Teams 36-31 also 37-1 vs non-bowl teams CKS’s predecessor was 73-32 total :



# 31 vs Top 10 season year not at Home Won 1 of 11 games 9% Win% :



# 32 vs Top 10 for season year after 2007 Won 2 of 17 games 11% Win% :



# 32 vs Ranked Teams season year Away games Won 2 of 10 games 20% Win% :



# 33 vs others trying to be 10-win season 2015 at 9 Wins of 12 predecessor to CKS :



# 36 vs Ranked time of game not at Home Won 8 of 20 games 40% Win% :



# 39 vs Both Teams Ranked time of game Won 14 of 32 games 43% Win% :



# 40 vs Top 15 teams time of game Won 6 of 24 games 25% Win% :



# 41 vs Both Teams Ranked season year Won 8 of 20 games 40% Win% :



LOST to 12 teams 2008-2015 unranked time of game or for season year :

2009 Okie State not ranked AP Poll season

2009 vols not ranked any poll ever 19-45 lost

2009 Kentucky not ranked any poll ever lost at Sanford Home game

2010 Colorado not ranked any poll ever

2010 Florida not ranked any poll ever

2010 Central Florida UCF  not ranked AP Poll time of game

2013 Missouri not ranked Coaches’ Poll time of game

2013 Vandie not ranked in both Coaches’ Polls and AP Poll time of game

2013 Nebraska not ranked AP Poll for year & not ranked either poll time of game

2014 South Carolina not ranked either AP or Coaches’ Polls for the year

2014 Florida not ranked any poll ever yet blown-out 20-38

2015 vols not ranked any poll at all 2-3 team 31-38




LOST 7 games 2008-2015 by MORE than 3 TD :

10-49 crocodiles 2008

19-45 vols 2009

17-41 crocodiles 2009

10-42 LS who 2011

7-35 gamecocks 2012

10-38 bammer 2015

3-27 crocodiles 2015




Averaged 4 losses a season 2008-2015 for 8 excruciating years of inexplicable losses.




Especially inexplicable Averaging # 8 Scout.com recruit rank & # 5 Most NFL Draft Picks.


The Georgia Bulldogs are # 11 All-Time in Wins :




The Georgia Bulldogs are # 3 All-Time in Bowl Wins with 28 behind AL & Southern Cal :



We average only 3.3 losses per season for 123 years so 4 losses a year for 8 years – gone.


These become the goals for Coach Kirby Smart to be better than this.  Right ?  That Coach Kirby Smart has to improve on these results against ranked teams.



Welcome to the staff to get this done, Thomas Brown – assuming you accept the public job offer from Kirby to you Thomas Brown ?  Kirby announced to the press today that he LOVES Thomas Brown and wants him here for us as our Coach and is doing all he can to keep him here.  Thomas Brown that would be a LOT better than attaching your wagon to a sinking ship.  Find a rising STAR and team-up with Kirby !


Jake Eason. O.C. Quit fawning over the FIRED guy. You FLATTER this guy bragging on his WINS ? Seriously ? What are our real GOALS if it’s not 10-win season ? Coach TOLD YOU to CUT IT OUT in his OPENING REMARKS. Do you cut it out ? Hell no. You keep it up 11 days now. How’d your VIGIL facebook go ? You have been NOTHING but a bully toward me. NOTHING !



I see you use my exact words, I coined, and I copyrighted, on your blog.  My exact point, precisely.  I know you read my blog and that you then write your own.


Mr. Blue at the Dawgbone, I call you out again sir !


Bluto – get the picture, you sir are once again called-out.


Chipper Towers AJ-C you sir are called out, again.  You really pissed me off today.


Huck, you are called out sir.


There are myriad of you guys out there who formed a clique and kowtowed to those now driving our Great Bulldog Nation to ruin.


Stick it up your ass !


We have WORK to do here.




We are Georgia Bulldogs !


We are part of why the Most Important Bulldog 2015 wants to BE HERE.  We are STRONG.  We are millions !

He’s a self-described pocket-passer.  He will Start in Game 1 vs North Carolina at the Georgia Dome all eyes on him September 3rd in Atlanta, where he flies into our City of 7 million in the World’s Busiest Airport and will see the # 1 Transportation this city provides the world over.  A World Class City 58 miles away from the Classic City.  It will be a whirlwind tour.  He will see our Olympics’ venues.  Depending on the time of day he lands, he will see our traffic.  Oh God our traffic.  He will play 3 years.  He will be the # 1 pick in the NFL, or could be.  That would be our 5th # 1 NFL Draft Pick after Charley Trippi, Frank Sinkwich, Harry Babcock, and Matthew Stafford.  It will kick-off Coach Kirby Smart’s career !  He will have started it all !  His Official visit day is the day after tomorrow here in Athens the # 1 College Football Town with 17 starters in the NFL today Georgia Bulldogs !


He wants to go into broadcasting after his NFL career like all these former Georgia Bulldogs you see daily reporting on college football for all these top media outlets !


He is the # 2 QB nationally, but he comes to a STARVED program with clearly the # 1 fan base out there.




We buy the # 6 most branded merchandise.  He will not relinquish his # 1 Starter role here.


We are the # 1 Party School 2011, and every year ranked right at the very top because we have more women than men.


We will showcase him and make him look good because our defense and running backs are great.


We will improve on Special Teams now that we are trying to finally.


We will give him chances to go for it.


We do LOVE him.


His father calls him Jake.  That’s good enough for me !  So, I remain the ONLY to call him Jake.


39 former Bulldogs have lifted the NFL Championship Trophy, including Charley Trippi !


4 former Bulldogs have lifted the MVP Trophy of the NFL Championship Game including Charley Trippi.


We have the # 6 best stadium.


We are building now our Indoor Practice Facility.  It is clearly the # 1 IPF already !


I do not consider the Swamp any comparison to our own Sanford.  Neither does ANYONE else.


Notre Dame is nice stadium and good school too – like all his choices.


We are 33 % to have him move in to a dorm here with Finals going on NOW, and time for him to move in really anytime starting next week.


That would be ideal and what I did.  I started classes in January and moved into Russell Hall 3B between 1,000 women in Brumby and Creswell in December myself to get acclimated.

He makes his choice after us his last visit.


The campus of UGA is the # 1 campus.  It is in full splendor right now.


We have beautiful women who will be EVERYWHERE the day after tomorrow.


MRS degree.


Our ladies are # 6 best nationally.  Southern Belles.


Nothing like Washington.


We are the Bible Belt.


We are the Sun Belt.


It is going to be 77 degrees when Jake Eason is here.


It is.


We want him, need him, got to have him, and have a 33 % percent chance of landing him.


He is smart.


He is very smart.


He is big.


He is prototypical NFL QB as Matthew Stafford.


You know ?


The guy who our Coach’s predecessor tried to mess this up for us going out there to visit him to SAVE HIS JOB the day before he was FIRED and who told us Matthew Stafford is not as good a QB as Joe Tereshinski III.  That Joe Tereshinski III  is a better QB than Matthew Stafford.  That’s what numbnuts said to us !  He only came here the # 1 Best QB in the nation and left here the # 1 best QB in the nation, # 1 NFL Draft Pick Over-all.  But, Joe Tereshinski III is our best QB, Coach Kirby Smart’s predecessor told Matthew Stafford.





That guy.


He knew he was being fired.


You are not paid $ 3.7 million (dumbass never did sign the new contract) and not know your boss is going to FIRE YOU at 9 am the next morning after working with him for 6 complete full years to the day.


It was NO SURPRISE to me, him or anyone else – BUT you !


His life here will be wonderful.


It’s NOT cold.


But, the bugs do die in January unlike Gainesville.


Gainesville and Jacksonville are hell holes.


And, too hot.


Their fans are jorts wearing rednecks.


They are arrogant and their women do not measure up to our Ladies.


We have great Women’s Sports and he can pick his wife as Coach Kirby Paul Smart did his here, Miss Georgia Basketball 1999 Mary Beth Lycett Smart.


These will be his best days of his life as they both say they were for them.


And, for me.


He is concerned about the Offensive Coordinator.


He has every reason to be.


Cart before the horse, better get this fixed today or latest TOMORROW Coach Kirby Paul Smart, sir !


Florida’s coach is not that good of a coach Jim McElwain.  His pedigree and results do not bode well for him.


He let one of his best players ruin his season this season by taking a bottle of pills, not telling them ALL to come to HIM before they took anything.


Inexcusable how sorry their offense.


Join that ?


There ?


Or, frozen tundra of Touchdown Jesus who has not done shit in his entire lifetime with their all-time losing bowl record ?


Well, Coach it is down to THIS day after tomorrow.


He decides THEN.


Not January 12, 2016.


By then, he will be IN CLASS sir.


In class.


Hire the Offensive Coordinator today or tomorrow or your chances are not nearly as good sir.


You can thank your predecessor for going out there the day before he was FIRED and having Ben Cleveland have to tell him the news the very next day.


But, it is what it is.


Hire O.C. this very second.


WINWhat’s Important Now






Coach Kirby Paul Smart is not an excuses man and tells it like it is.  He did as All-State AAAA Player in High School, Junior Beta Club, Beta Club.  He did as a player here Academic All-America Smart as Shit, 1st Team All-SEC !


And, he is telling you cut out this bullshit in his opening remarks directed directly to YOU about hanging-on to the old regime who I told you was not getting the job done.


You could not formulate a response to my detail research, study, and URL Links provided for which I have used the Internet for 39 years now.  On Georgia’s Debate Team.




There are no excuses but life is full of them if you want to waste your time looking for them.  It’s not going to help a bit, and only serves to make you out to be one of those pussies who thinks it’s hard to find some excuse when again life is full of them.  You have choices.  Try to focus on your choices, not excuses.

Or, not.


I don’t give a shit what you do.


The time you invest in making-up EXCUSES is easily combatted on YOUR POINT of your EXCUSE.  All I have ever done is take your excuse and shove it up your ass !


Your EXCUSES never work.




Do what you want.


What I want is to again say where we are and have been for 8 solid years is UNACCEPTABLE.


Those of you who have discussed this with me have ADMITTED I am right and that it is UNACCEPTABLE.


The rest of you can go shove it.


You know you LOST.


You know I Won.


That’s good enough for me !


Ha ha ha !

What does Coach Kirby Smart have to do to be better than his predecessor his predecessor’s last 8 years here for which his predecessor was FIRED ?

Well ?

Just how mediocre the bar for success – Goals – did Coach Kirby Smart’s predecessor set these most recent most current latest 8 years of mediocrity fawned over still as great by his apologists, excuse makers, and liars  – with all this talent ?  How poor the results for him for 8 entire seasons that now Coach Kirby Smart must do better than to justify his predecessor being fired in your mind ?

Well ?

Speak up ?

Quit telling us what he did OVER THE PERIOD 2001-2015 because THAT is NOT what he was FIRED for, but for what he did NOT do after 2007, and you damn well know it you snot-nosed piece of shit pontificating to me about how you want your damned son to play for a guy who was a few bubbles off plumb after 2007.  Wasn’t he ?


Go ahead


you can say it


We ALL know !

Quit telling me how many 10-win seasons he had in 15-game seasons for the top teams, or what a fine man he is, or how you wish he’d been more hands-on on offense this year when the new coach put you in your place on that in his opening remarks, as well.  He is hands on on Offense, Defense, Special Teams the whole entire friqin’ program !  On and off the field DEMANDING EXCELLENCE.

All you do is whine about Greg McGarity and how great the guy he fired.  It was Jere Morehead’s decision, not Greg McGarity who only made his recommendation which is the SAME AS MINE, by God Above !


So, why keep it up ?


Why all day everyday all you do is cry over spilled milk ?


He lost it.


He’s been gone all this time now.


And, what do you continue only all day every day to do ?


Cry about it.


Why ?


Because you want to JUSTIFY still your unjustifiable position that he is now, or ever will be again a great college football coach.


He has the WRONG GOALS.


I told you all this.


All you did was and still is to bully me.


Isn’t that what it’s called what you’ve done to me for these latest 8 years on the Internet ?


Bullying me.


Right ?


Guess what ?


You’ve got SHIT all over yourself as he has PEED on YOUR FREAKING CEREAL bully.


Now, all you are left with is MORE CONTINUED excuses and WRONG GOALS you pontificate from upon high to me 11 days after he was fired.

ME !

The man who SHOWED YOU UP.


Didn’t I ?


That’s really what this is all about still 11 days later, isn’t it ?




Internet Bully.


Hiding behind your keyboard.


Pussy.  Be a MAN !


Coming here to Apologize yet as a man you ball less son of a bitch bully ?


Grow a PAIR.


You pussies !


I called y’all out.


You know who you are.

Chipper Towers AJ-C is one.

He deleted my posts.

Made up excuses which were ALL LIES when he did KOWTOW to the ousted fired guy you still have a hard on for so that you did NOT you THOUGHT have my thoughts out there !


Bend, spindle and mutilate my posts you freaking little friqin’ bully.


It did NOT work !


Tens of thousands have been here since the day I was proven RIGHT as rain and you proven to be WRONG.


Did you get that ?


So, why are you not here to Apologize yet in 11 days’ time ?


Because you’re pussies.


That’s why.


Not men.


A man would STAND UP and say it loudly and plainly :

‘Thomas Brown : I am sorry, and I was wrong.  You were RIGHT ALL ALONG.’




I read your bullshit blog every day.


I deleted or renamed the category about the ousted asshole !


I did that when he was fired.


I promised, nay guaranteed it after the yellowjackets’ game.


And, there is not 1 post with one word of his name I have posted in 11 consecutive never-ending days now.


You ?


All you can talk about.


Here, shove this up your ass.


He’s a joke !


He is the very definition of Laughing Stock !


He goes down there and at the press meeting takes his jacket off and has on a Bulldogs’ freaking belt.


He does this type of “pulling a ____  ” – fill the blank in with his last name – about every 5 seconds of every freaking day.


He did here after 2007.


He’s lost it.


You support him all you want.


Just quit calling your blog a Bulldogs’ blog because it is in fact and always has been NOTHING but a blog for him about him and to do nothing but make him out as great.


It still is.


It ALWAYS will be.



Coach Kirby Smart, sir, HIRE YOUR DAMNED STAFF NOW SIR !


You can not sir, hire a staff when you tell your staff you’re trying to HIRE,  keep it a secret, do not show loyalty to the one paying you $5,380,200 plus retirement plus expenses but to the one you NO LONGER WORK FOR who is paying you only $1.3 million sir, don’t come here until AFTER significant damn few days are left after Jake Eason comes here the day after tomorrow.

You have seen our Quarterbacks and the lack of teaching and development and the lack of wide receivers and depth on the OL, and lack of use of the tight ends, lack of fullbacks in an offense specifically requiring a fullback sir.  He is the head-liner for us.  You met him last night.  Out there.  He’s going to be here the day after tomorrow.

You could not possibly have taken this job after turning down dozens of head coaching jobs, and have no idea who your offensive coordinator would be.  It can’t be Mike Bobo.  He has his own network and will always compete with you sir.  He will NEVER be your employee.  You knew that Coach Kirby Smart over a year ago when he took the head coaching job.  A job you turned down first sir.

You are sending MIXED MESSAGES sir to your staff you are trying to hire.


You are behind the 8-ball.


You are snookered with your actions and statements of loyalty to a place who will understand just how badly you are missed here as ESPN told you yesterday sir.


I said it the day you were announced, sir.

I see you’re reading the posts, so I know you know.


Mike is NOT IT sir.

Quit the old job.  They will be fine sir.


Your loyalty is under-mined right now to those you are in the living rooms of sir.

You know this.

You’re as Smart as I sir.

Figure it out.


Quit telling them you will be there until Tuesday 12 January 2016.


Good Lord.


This is basic common sense if you keep that up, that you will NOT be able to have your STAFF here before January 12, 2016 at the EARLIEST.


Keep Bryan McClendon.

Keep Thomas Brown.


Hell, keep Jeremy Pruitt.


If you can’t manage him, let him go that day.  Say February 15th for example.


Hire your Offensive Coordinator !


You know who he is.


Tell him to announce it.


Get him vetted.

Get him named.


Tell him you are quitting over there at Alabama.

Tell them that is NO LONGER where your heart is.


Tell Nick you’re sorry but this place is a damn mess.


You are making huge mistake Coach.




Keep Tracy Rocker for God’s sake Coach !

Keep Jenna Jackson.

Keep Kelly McDaniel.


But, get your Offensive Coordinator in here.


We ALL heard you say that you balance spread offense with Pro-Style and keep the defenses off balance by doing so.


So, hire the guy now sir !


You can get more of your staff when you get here.


You have to stop recruiting for a day and hire your Offensive Coordinator Coach !


Hire a Special Teams Coach, sir !

THIS is the mistake your predecessor MADE 20 December 2000 when Vince Dooley told him to come be our coach sir.  February 17th if it was up to him, he would have finally showed-up.  He did get here just prior to Signing Date.

He hired cronies of his – prayer circle buddies of his and put them mostly all out of position teaching that which they did NOT know.


While this is good for their and was for your development, it puts those players at a disadvantage sir !


You can’t teach what you don’t know.


Ask your predecessor !


He couldn’t teach what he didn’t know.  And, he didn’t know shit !  He didn’t play this game but only a back-up.


In case you cannot read or did not know or want to be happy in your ignorance, you come across as pussies saying all this shit about him specifically winning you say still to this day – all of YOU still fretting over him being FIRED for this :

# 40 at beating Top 15 teams 6 of 24 games after 2007 for # 11 All-Time Wins Ga


He lost it !  Many in many professions do.  There are examples abound of people who start out well, and fall on their collective faces because their foundation was wrong, and they did not work on it or give a shit to learn.

N.B. he accomplished these “feats” to set the bar this low with the # 8 Scout.com Average Recruiting Ranking and # 5 Most NFL Draft Picks 86 of which 17 are Starters in the NFL for The Georgia Bulldogs Football Program # 11 All-Time in Wins and # 4 All-Time in Bowl Wins.  In THIS state with all this talent regarded as # 3 best state sending recruits to Power 5 Conferences, # 1 best to SEC, and # 4 most to any college to play football !  Criminal !

You will forever be lying about 10-win seasons for the bastard.  33 teams 2015 who can have 10-win seasons in Division 1-A  –  FBS Football Bowl Subdivision.

33 Thirty-three 10-Win Season Teams 2015 !


He was a dumbass.  He squandered talent.  His goals were trophy for everyone.  He was more interested in leading the boys to Jesus Christ and said so than coaching.  He could NOT win the Big Games.  He NEVER got us on the Big Stage the end of ANY season the Nation Watching us and our Bowl Opponent Both Ranked at the Top of the Final AP Poll as The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs have done 15 times before he got here and NONE since, mostly won by UGA at the rate of higher than all teams except really just 1.  And, of these 15 Big Huge Bowl Games by UGA, 6 we were ranked # 1 by this poll or that poll – polls used by ALL OTHER teams to claim their 6 National Championships with.

# 25 vs Ranked Teams time of game after 2007 miserable 16-23

# 25 vs Ranked Teams time of game not at Home after 2007 miserable 9-15

# 27 vs Ranked Teams for season year after 2007 miserable 11-25

# 27 vs Ranked Bowl Teams time of game after 2007 miserable 15-23

# 27 vs Ranked Teams season year not at Home after 2007 miserable 6-17

# 28 vs Top 10 time of game after 2007 miserable 5-12

# 31 vs Bowl Teams after 2007 miserable 36-31 was 37-1 vs non-bowl teams 73-32 total

# 31 vs Top 10 season year not at Home after 2007 miserable 1-10

# 32 vs Top 10 for season year after 2007 miserable 2-15

# 32 vs Ranked Teams season year Away games after 2007 miserable 2-8

# 33 vs other teams trying to be 10-win season 2015 at 9-3

# 37 vs Ranked time of game not at Home after 2007 miserable 8-12

# 39 vs Both Teams Ranked time of game after 2007 miserable 14-18

# 40 vs Top 15 time of game after 2007 miserable 6-18

# 41 vs Both Teams Ranked season year after 2007 miserable 8-12


He LOST to 12 teams after 2007 unranked time of game or for season year


He LOST 7 games after 2007 by MORE than 3 TD


Averaged 4 losses a season after 2007 for 8 excruciating years of inexplicable losses !


He was FIRED for this.  Get over the man-crush you have on this damned LOSER !


Just think ?


You called ME not a fan of Georgia, or certainly not as GOOD a fan as yourself and banned me so that I could not say that which my alma mater now states as FACT !


Imagine that !


You said I was a “hater.”  You sir are NOT a Georgia Bulldogs’ fan as Coach Kirby Paul Smart TOLD YOU in his OPENING REMARKS you are NOT and are TRYING only to make The Great Bulldog Nation a house-divided.  Now, all the OTHER TEAMS YOU ROOT for is now added to with yet ANOTHER team you are a fan of – NONE of which I am.


You said it took just as much effort to make excuses, lie, and apologize for his FAILURES EVERY YEAR as it did for me to give YOU TIRED you called them MISREPRESENTATIONS you called my posts about the Greatest Bulldogs’ Coach in HISTORY you said, when after 2007 he was a SHELL of his damn self prior.  Just as easy to support him you REPEATED daily to ME, as to hate.  I never hated the guy, was a huge fan of his until game 5 of 2008 season when he was 76-19 for 80 percent win percentage exactly.  Win 4 lose 1 to win 3 lose 1 since.  No one ever hated the guy.


We HATE YOU for your derisive nasty bullying tactics and refusal to admit the truth to this very day.




It is ALL you EVER FREAKING did to me.


Bully me.


I would tell you what I really think about you, if you send me an e-mail.


I promise asshole.


So, you did not want to read what I had to say.


So, how did that go for you ?


Well ?


How did it go for you ?


Cat got your freaking tongue, has it ?


You can locate the URL Links to these FACTS here on this blog on December 8, 2015 with Subject of the post :


“What does Coach Kirby Paul Smart have to do to be better than his predecessor over the last 8 years – for which his predecessor was FIRED ?”



do not be asleep on the sidelines

or walk around with your damn head down

get in the game

and coach

if you know how

get us on the Big Stage at the end of the seasons beating better than # 19 Hawai’i 2007 and # 21 FSU 5-loss team 2002 in the Final AP Poll as the only 2 BCS Bowls his predecessor won – note please even BOTH of these are 2001-2007 too, NONE after 2007.  See that ?  No.  You do not see that.


Continue your harangue on your blog TODAY about getting to 40-wins for 4 years.  No.  He is short of that.  39 in 15-game seasons for the top teams !  39.  He is DONE.  Finished Caput.  Fin Terminated.  Ended at 39.  Ended this season at 9.  Stick that up your ass !


I told you so.


Did I say that ?

develop your back-up QB every year CKPS sir unlike him

win 80 % of your games in a season like we’ve done 26 times here at UGA !  That was what was so great about 10-win seasons back when I was in school in 11-game seasons.  They were 80 % win percentage seasons.  Of the 26 for UGA All-Time, 1 is after 2007.  Want we should discuss that one season of nothing but total bullshit from your friqin’ pussy hero ?

do not go unranked AP and Coaches’ Polls half the next 8 years as we’ve accomplished with all this talent the most recent 8-year period HALF THE FREAKING TIME: 2009, 2010, 2013 and now again 2015 him as the “coach”  a term I never used for him. I called him ONLY by his 1st and last name, never with “coach” and never just “coach” because he was an abject freaking FAILURE as “coach.”

your dipshit hero is GONE and leaves 2015 for Bryan McClendon to get us ranked this 2015-2016 season.  He is NOT.  I took a snapshot of the AP and Coaches’ Polls and we ARE NOT RANKED 2009, 2010, 2013 or 2015 WHEN HE WAS here.


He can NOT get credit for getting us ranked 2015-2016 if we do.


It will be Bryan McClendon who accomplishes that or not.


Not him.


He’s gone.


We’re NOT RANKED AP or Coaches’ Polls, either one.


Tell me again oh please how he had years of 10-win seasons in 15-game seasons for the top teams, of which he was NOT !


Or ?


Please, tell me AGAIN 11 days after he is FIRED from here, does not work here, and has ANOTHER JOB at another place you brag to ME on your blog today you are NOW a fan of him there – unless he plays us with our 7-4-1 record against YOUR TEAM YOU ROOT FOR because of HIM you tell me today.


Stick that in your pipe and smoke it !


Or ?



Or, stick it up your ass, bully !


I was right and you WRONG.


You’re still wrong.


I don’t care what you do or whom it is you root for; but, by God Above do NOT tell me you’re a fan of The Georgia Bulldogs rooting for a team we’re 7-4-1 against All-Time.


You piece of shit.



get us in a Big Bowl Game Nation Watching End of Season 1 time both teams ranked at the Top of the Final AP Poll as we’ve done 15 times !

Be ranked # 1 by ANY ole damn poll !



have http://www.GeorgiaDogs.com correct their list to 6 National Championships in Football by the same damn polls exactly that yellowjackets have their 6 NC in.

Call out the dumbasses about their 10-win bullshit as NOT your goal


Call out AGAIN the dumbasses still crying about your predecessor


Fire Kevin Hynes, as UGA’s chaplain


Tell him to move back to Florida with his brother-in-law


Quit stumping for him at our Gala End of Year Celebration where everyone gets a damned trophy for being # 33 this year for this # 11 All-Time Wins’ Program.


Tell Kevin Hynes you are NOT selling The University of Georgia owned game Jersey autographed by Todd Gurley II, who said he was sick and tired of being here and losing and being mediocre and now today says the same to his NFL team for giving him 9 carries in the loss, again.  His NFL Head Coach replied that he was RIGHT there !  Ours told him to shut-up !   That those proceeds of selling his GAME JERSEY BELONG to UGA, and that you can NOT give him one penny of those monies.


That will send him packing right then !


It’s against The Law of This Great Land !


We’ve always had some other goal here under the ousted guy.


Kevin Hynes was your predecessor’s 1st hire here after retaining Rodney Garner.  He is like all the coaches your predecessor left behind for you – just exactly like that Coach Kirby Paul Smart – almost all freaking losers.


Have him move on.


Hire a professional non-denominational counselor who can counsel our kids.  Kevin Hynes did a shit ass job of that here.  Shit ass !


Crony of the old regime.


You know ?


The ones you are having all these troubles with ?


The ones you talk about in your Opening Remarks.


Get rid of this disaster Kevin Hynes, sir !


Do it NOW.


Kevin Hynes says that he is here to lead the recruits to Jesus and to win.


They are SENT to him and him given free access to them, and they are FORCED to sit down and pray with him that THEY then are led to the Lord.  That is what he does for counseling and that is why we have had ALL THIS BAD PRESS for 15 years, this year again !


God damn it, get his sorry ass out of here and all the bullshit he does 100 % percent against The United States Constitution.  We can NOT collect funds at annual Gala for Jerseys owned by UGA signed by our current student-athletes after we gave it to them, and hand it to Kevin Hynes.


We should have been sued for this a long time ago.


His bullshit did NOT work.


Did it ?


13 billion years ago 100 billion galaxies formed in one nanosecond in the big bang with each galaxy having 100 million stars of which our sun is 1 – not something in 6 days which was created 4.5 billion years ago and 9 billion years after the big bang.  Excuse me we know the speed of light.


Non-denominational counselor.


Please sir.



Tell the recruit in Texas to shove it up his ass !

Tell the recruit from Mississippi that hasn’t heard from you YET, that he is welcome to come here and move on to the next recruit.  Jesus Christ folks !


24 hours in a freaking day and you are from Mississippi wanting to go to Mississippi State ?  We will kick your sorry ass.  Want to come here ?  Come on !  Love to have you !  Sorry this is short.  I’m on the way to someone I think I really can sign (dumbass.)

not send mixed messages to the student-athletes that well he will love them whether the kicker misses the kick and we lose again or not

demand Excellence !

if you do not get it, demand it again

if you still do not get it, put in the back-up

develop Quality Depth

do NOT play Favorites !

show-up ready-to-play

hire coaches who are going places

get up and comers not pray circle buddies

might be good for THEM but have coaches teach what they know

hire a special teams coach

play our very best players on special teams

do NOT ask a DE to BLOCK for our Punter, wrong skill set dumbass

do not take opponents lightly

do not give up 4 and 5 unanswered TD

know when to call time-out

know when not to call time-out

make adjustments

have a game plan

have a game strategy

have players not be penalized

have players not be arrested

do not let discipline be confused with punishment

teach players to obey the rules

get more out of less, not less out of more

for the 1st time in 15 years, get in the grille of a player and GATA !


try to win

when you have a Pro-Day act like it’s important and show off your players by having them as prepared for that, as for a game !


Practice Special Teams every G-Day Game !

Don’t install the Red Zone Offense with the # 3 QB playing # 1 QB that day.


Don’t wait until 4 days’ prior to Fall Camp being over to install the Special Teams’ Packages !

do not state that there’s something besides winning that’s important here


and NOTHING else matters

act like a football coach

do not be a pussy

The SEC is not a Church League

act like it

be able to figure out who your best players are

presumably that is easier if you were a Starter and not a back-up

make Smart decisions obviously easier if you’re Academic All-America

Win : what’s important now !

GATA – Get After Their Asses Erk Russell !

do not settle for Field Goals at NCAA record pace

know when to take your starters out

know when to have your starters with the ball

recruit great talent

get them the ball

basically other than recruiting # 8 Scout.com recruiting rankings with # 5 most NFL Draft Picks of 86 – both of which were squandered – and not being on NCAA Probation, do everything else differently.  Do nothing else we have been doing, AT ALL !  None of the bullshit.

be better than 5 wins in 15 games against our # 1 Rival. If he can get the game out of that hell hole in Jacksonville that would be an added plus

GATA – here to win not a trophy for everyone.  Keep their noses clean and graduate.  And whether they are saved or not is of no concern whatsoever :  It’s a conflict of interest and in Violation of The United States Constitution

maintain an average Scout.com Recruiting Rank of # 8

maintain high numbers of NFL Draft Picks # 5 at 86 starting 2001

maintain not getting us on NCAA Probation

goals in discipline are to teach the kids to obey the rules on and off the field.  And not send them mixed messages about their objectives on or off the field such as visiting them in jail and telling the guy who beat up his 89 lbs girlfriend 3 times that our coach loves him.  The freaking shit I do.

Nor do I want a wimp ass freaking coach telling him I do.  In front of multiple witnesses at the dorm repeatedly he picked her up and slammed her to the floor for daring to say to him he was not her boy friend.  I love him ?  God Damn it you freaking assholes supporting that type of mixed messages that he loves him in freaking jail after this !  Friq you and the coach.  He did not help this kid with that mixed message.  Should have told him quit beating up girls.

no brawls on the field

treat all opponents with RESPECT

when they are on ground, help them up !

be gentlemen on the field of play

do not let the team stand at the end of the Clemson walk and taunt the opponent before they beat the shit out of us

channel their energies toward the next play instead

study the opponents

study ourselves

do what we do best

not what the damn coach only knows what to call

every player here has something to offer, tailor play to each or get a damn different job

do not tell us it would be a damn disaster for you to be known as a college football coach

do not tell us that you really deep-down want to be a preacher man

Do it The Georgia Way.

Do it the right way and lose ?

Forget that shit too

Not saying dumbshit stuff like his job is to DEMOTIVATE his players prior to Alabama game this season.  Not pooch kicking with a 3-point lead giving them the ball at 43-yard line with 13 ticks left vs a team who call us their # 1 Rival last year.  Not decoy your best player who by the way was quoted as saying he was tired of being mediocre and losing and instead call the # of the QB who was # 90 Passing last year to run around with his 50 rushes for us for 15 yards total and if nothing there pass the ball through the end zone vs South Carolina last year when he was also totally incapable of passing the ball more than 4 yards floating every pass.  Better at time-outs, better at in-game strategies and adjustments.  Not sending a guy who has now left the program this season who had at the time not had a single snap at QB all season long to not only start but play the entire game running your same old antiquated out-of-date offense not tailored to his running game and that even after 4 interceptions, still never taking him out.

Do not tell us that Cam Newton can ONLY be your TE and that Aaron Murray is a better QB than Cam Newton instead.

Do not tell us that Joe Cox with chronic shoulder and the flu is better QB than Zach Mettenberger vs Okie State

Do not tell us that Hutson Mason is better QB than Nick Marshall who can only therefore play defensive back for you.

Do not tell us that Joe Tereshinski III is a better QB than Matthew Stafford.


See if you can address yourself to his 8 years of mediocre 4 LOSSES a year not to some arbitrary # of wins that once was good back when I was at school here in 11-game seasons when what we really were talking about back then AND NOW IS 80 % WIN PERCENTAGE SEASONS of which he had 1 of the last 8.

One.  And, it a season he coached so poorly that he was slaughtered 7-35 for one of his 7 losses after 2007 of MORE THAN 3 TD.  And, the same very one season of the last 8 (his best) cough cough where he 3 times in front of me told Aaron Murray # 27 all-time win percentage as our Starting QB with 10 % of his plays fumbles interceptions and sacks, that no Aaron Murray, I disagree I believe we should NOT spike it.  That I will catch Nick Saban off-guard and he will NEVER expect an Aaron Murray pass.

Kirby Smart covered his now here predecessor’s receivers and went after Aaron Murray BOTH !  In short, that he be Kirby Smart not the God Damn Frqin’ fool he replaced !

win The SEC Championship more often than none in a decade


Re-unite The Great Bulldog Nation by telling EVERYONE to cease and desist about how many 10-win seasons his predecessor had in 15-game seasons !  He’s gone. His goals were NOT our goals.  This page details why he was fired and sets forth the GOALS for Coach Kirby Paul Smart at The University of Georgia.  I not give a shit if you root for Miami of Florida.  Or that loser.  Either way.  Do not bother telling me you are rooting for him because he is a nice man.  Stick it up your ass !


You are DISNEYdawgs.com fans pussies who want to brag on 10-win seasons and break apart this Great Bulldog Nation because you NEVER were a fan of this program !


NEVER in God’s freaking Green Earth !


I am tired of reading you telling me you are rooting for Miami of Florida, that you love the guy, that you want him at OUR GALA, that you want him to coach our bowl game to get to 10-win bullshit season that he has so many 10-win bullshit seasons in 15-game seasons for the top teams, that he is a Christian, and that you want your son to play for such a God Damned Freaking Lying Dumbass Loser !


GET WITH THE PROGRAM you pussies like him.


You LOST.  I Won !  You owe me an Apology.  I was right ALL ALONG all these years – wasn’t I ?


Friq you !


Quit with your damned excuses !


We might get what we want ?


We might end like the vols, an unranked team then and now in both AP and Coaches’ Polls, who BEAT US !


Basically by themselves got him FIRED !


Might end like them ?


That your bullshit excuse ?




Ball less son of a bitch.


Pussies !



Grow  a pair.


For the 1st time in your bullying worthless shit life, be a MAN about SOMETHING !




1 time !


Who can we hire ?


Who would want to come here ?


UGA only has 1 National Championship and it only because Vince Dooley got lucky and had Herschel Walker show-up miraculously.


Georgia never has been any good at football.


Georgia fans never went to Georgia.


Georgia is a sorry school.


The only reason we are good is because of some pussy who got fired.


If he only had a new O.C. his 9th Coordinator in 15 years.


If he only had Jake Eason.


If he only had a QB.


If he had been more hands on on the offense.


If this guy or that guy was not injured.


If Hell freaking froze over.


If a bullfrog had wings, he could fly – instead of bumping his ass on the rocks !


Wait until next year.


Wait until the year after next !


3-year plan : Wait until the year after that !


I do NOT settle for underachievers !


There are no excuses !


They NEVER are in anything.


You make a FOOL of yourself with ANY excuse ever in ANY THING !


They are saying behind your back, that which I say to your God Damn Freaking Face every time you open your mouth with yet again some God Damn Excuse !


Your reply ?


You can NOT post here.


How that work out for you either ?


Want the URL Links to THIS BLOG that 100 % were USED AGAINST your freaking wimp ass hero ?


Happy to provide them.


We need Brian VanGorder.








I had a flat tire.


It wasn’t his Fault, I swear to freaking God !


This is you Bluto, John Adam Belushi, state senator he would become – get the picture ?








What does Coach Kirby Paul Smart have to do to be better than his predecessor over the last 8 years – for which his predecessor was FIRED ?

12-8-2015 Day After Coach Kirby Smart introduced in Press Conference

What does Coach Kirby have to do to be better than his predecessor his predecessor’s last 8 years here for which his predecessor was FIRED ?

Well ?

Just how mediocre the bar for success – the 15 Goals – did Coach Kirby Smart’s predecessor set these most recent most current latest 8 years of mediocrity fawned over still as great by his apologists, excuse makers, and liars  – with all this talent ?  How poor the results for him for 8 entire seasons that now Coach Kirby Smart must do better than to justify his predecessor being fired in your mind ?

Well ?

Speak up ?

All you do is whine about Greg McGarity and how great the guy he fired.  It was Jere Morehead’s decision, not Greg McGarity who only made his recommendation which is the SAME AS MINE, by God Above !

First below I provide YOU the URL Link, then 2nd I provide the table found at that URL Link of what Coach Kirby Smart has to do for next 8 years to be better than we’ve been for the last entire 8 years now, then 3rd after the table I provide you a one-line description how bad we’ve been.  In case you cannot read or did not know, since there seems to be some question about all this specifically winning you say still to this day to all of those still fretting over him being FIRED for this :

N.B. he accomplished these “feats” to set the bar this low with the # 8 Scout.com Average Recruiting Ranking and # 5 Most NFL Draft Picks 86 of which 17 are Starters in the NFL for The Georgia Bulldogs Football Program # 11 All-Time in Wins and # 4 All-Time in Bowl Wins.  In THIS state with all this talent regarded as # 3 best state sending recruits to Power 5 Conferences and # 1 best to SEC and # 4 most to any college to play football !  Criminal !

Let me go pull the 1-line descriptions out for you as a Summary before I provide you the DETAILED proof.  You will forever be lying about 10-win seasons for the bastard.  Yet you can see at the end, the last table, is the list of 33 teams 2015 who can have 10-win seasons in 1-AA Division FBS Football Bowl Subdivision.


33 Thirty-three 10-Win Season Teams 2015 !




He was a dumbass.  He squandered talent.  His goals were trophy for everyone.  He was more interested in leading the boys to Jesus Christ and said so than coaching.  He could NOT win the Big Games.  He NEVER got us on the Big Stage the end of ANY season the Nation Watching us and our Bowl Opponent Both Ranked at the Top of the Final AP Poll as The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs have done 15 times before he got here and NONE since, mostly won by UGA at the rate of higher than all teams except really just 1.  And, of these 15 Big Huge Bowl Games by UGA, 6 we were ranked # 1 by this poll or that poll – polls used by ALL OTHER teams to claim their 6 National Championships with.

# 31 vs Top 10 not at Home for season year after 2007 miserable 1-10

# 31 vs Bowl Teams after 2007 miserable 36-31

# 27 vs Ranked Bowl Teams time of game after 2007 miserable 15-23

# 28 vs Top 10 time of game after 2007 miserable 5-12

# 25 vs Ranked Teams time of game after 2007 miserable 16-23

# 25 vs Ranked Teams time of game not at Home after 2007 miserable 9-15

# 27 vs Ranked Teams for season year after 2007 miserable 11-25

# 32 vs Top 10 for season year after 2007 miserable 2-15

# 32 vs Ranked Teams season year Away games after 2007 miserable 2-8

# 37 vs Ranked time of game not at Home after 2007 miserable 8-12

# 41 vs Both Teams Ranked season year after 2007 miserable 8-12

# 39 vs Both Teams Ranked time of game after 2007 miserable 14-18

# 40 vs Top 15 time of game after 2007 miserable 6-18

# 27 vs Ranked Teams season year not at Home after 2007 miserable 6-17

# 31 vs Top 10 season year not at Home after 2007 miserable 1-10

# 33 vs other teams trying to be 10-win season 2015


Now, here are the DETAILS of these 15 goals for Coach Kirby Paul Smart over he next 8 years to compare with the latest 8 years for which his predecessor was FIRED summarily :


(1) http://www.cfbtrivia.com/cfbt_records.php?fry=2008&thy=2015&away=on&neut=on&yrk=on&yrr=on&yrl=01&yrh=10&cres=1


Team records (Current FBS Teams) Years 2008-2015
Opponents that are/were ranked at the end of the year (or currently) from 01 to 10
Highest Rank of the AP Poll or Coaches Poll
Showing Actual Game Results
Away and Neutral Site Games


Pos Team Record Points Opps Rec (-HtH)
1. Boise St. (2-1-0)–0.66667 (23.33-19.67) (32-4-0)–0.88889
2. Alabama (7-6-0)–0.53846 (30.08-25.92) (151-13-0)–0.92073
3. Michigan St. (5-5-0)–0.50000 (23.60-32.20) (107-17-0)–0.86290
3. Northwestern (1-1-0)–0.50000 (20.00-40.00) (21-3-0)–0.87500
5. Florida St. (3-4-0)–0.42857 (26.00-35.14) (81-9-0)–0.90000
6. Florida (7-10-0)–0.41176 (22.76-24.65) (189-24-0)–0.88732
7. South Carolina (4-6-0)–0.40000 (19.40-33.40) (117-8-0)–0.93600
7. Ohio St. (4-6-0)–0.40000 (29.20-30.30) (111-13-0)–0.89516
7. Texas (4-6-0)–0.40000 (20.40-29.60) (105-15-0)–0.87500
10. Oregon (5-8-0)–0.38462 (29.69-31.08) (149-15-0)–0.90854
11. USC (3-5-0)–0.37500 (27.00-31.50) (84-13-0)–0.86598
12. Auburn (4-8-0)–0.33333 (20.83-34.83) (133-17-0)–0.88667
12. Utah (2-4-0)–0.33333 (21.17-32.17) (63-9-0)–0.87500
14. Stanford (3-7-0)–0.30000 (26.40-32.00) (108-14-0)–0.88525
15. LSU (3-9-0)–0.25000 (17.17-24.83) (135-13-0)–0.91216
15. TCU (2-6-0)–0.25000 (23.88-28.75) (89-8-0)–0.91753
15. Oklahoma (2-6-0)–0.25000 (26.25-34.88) (89-9-0)–0.90816
15. Iowa (1-3-0)–0.25000 (20.50-21.75) (43-6-0)–0.87755
15. North Carolina (1-3-0)–0.25000[1] (22.75-29.75) (42-6-0)–0.87500
15. Louisville (1-3-0)–0.25000 (19.50-35.50) (40-7-0)–0.85106
21. Mississippi (2-8-0)–0.20000 (18.90-32.40) (110-15-0)–0.88000
21. Clemson (2-8-0)–0.20000 (23.00-34.30) (109-17-0)–0.86508
21. Georgia Tech (2-8-0)–0.20000 (25.70-36.50) (105-17-0)–0.86066
21. Duke (1-4-0)–0.20000 (17.80-46.80) (56-8-0)–0.87500
25. Virginia Tech (1-6-0)–0.14286 (21.14-32.00) (79-8-0)–0.90805
25. Texas A&M (1-6-0)–0.14286 (22.29-40.14) (76-11-0)–0.87356
25. Oklahoma St. (1-6-0)–0.14286 (27.86-39.57) (75-11-0)–0.87209
28. Penn St. (1-7-0)–0.12500 (12.62-38.38) (83-14-0)–0.85567
29. Wisconsin (1-9-0)–0.10000 (22.20-35.20) (110-17-0)–0.86614
31. Georgia (1-10-0)–0.09091 (22.18-36.91) (124-15-0)–0.89209
30. Nebraska (1-10-0)–0.09091 (24.00-37.55) (116-20-0)–0.85294

vs Top 10 not at Home for the season year after 2007 miserable 1-10 nationally # 31


(2) http://www.cfbtrivia.com/cfbt_records.php?fry=2008&thy=2015&bwl=on&tbwl=on&jrc=on&cres=1&scrview=1


Team records (Current FBS Teams) Years 2008-2015
Showing Actual Game Results
Teams that went to bowls Teams that went to bowls


Pos Team Record
1. Alabama (60-12-0)–0.83333
2. Oregon (46-16-0)–0.74194
3. Ohio St. (43-15-0)–0.74138[1]
4. TCU (38-14-0)–0.73077
5. Boise St. (42-16-0)–0.72414
6. Oklahoma (50-21-0)–0.70423
7. Stanford (39-18-0)–0.68421
8. Florida St. (46-22-0)–0.67647
9. Kent St. (4-2-0)–0.66667
9. San Jose St. (4-2-0)–0.66667
11. Michigan St. (43-22-0)–0.66154
12. Utah (28-15-0)–0.65116
13. Florida (40-23-0)–0.63492
14. Oklahoma St. (42-26-0)–0.61765
15. LSU (39-25-0)–0.60938
16. Missouri (31-20-0)–0.60784
17. Auburn (35-23-0)–0.60345
18. Clemson (42-28-0)–0.60000
18. Notre Dame (36-24-0)–0.60000
20. Cincinnati (28-20-0)–0.58333
21. Houston (23-17-0)–0.57500
22. Baylor (27-20-0)–0.57447
23. Texas (31-23-0)–0.57407
23. USC (31-23-0)–0.57407
25. South Carolina (36-27-0)–0.57143
25. North Texas (4-3-0)–0.57143
27. Virginia Tech (41-31-0)–0.56944
28. Wisconsin (32-25-0)–0.56140
29. Western Ky. (10-8-0)–0.55556
30. Arkansas (25-21-0)–0.54348
31. Georgia (36-31-0)–0.53731

vs Teams who went to a bowl game that year he played them after 2007 miserable 36-31 nationally # 31


(3) http://www.cfbtrivia.com/cfbt_records.php?fry=2008&thy=2015&grk=on&breakdown=on&sgrb=on&cres=1&scrview=5&tview=4&sortby=BTM


Team records Years 2008-2015
Opponents that are/were ranked during game time
Highest Rank of the AP Poll or Coaches Poll
Showing Actual Game Results
Sorting by Bowl Team Percentage


Pos Team Record Game T10 Game Rnk Majors Bwl Tms Home Away Neutral
1 Alabama (38-12-0)–0.760 (20-7-0)–0.741 (38-12-0)–0.760 (38-11-0)–0.776 (37-12-0)–0.755 (13-4-0)–0.765 (13-4-0)–0.765 (12-4-0)–0.750
2 Oregon (27-11-0)–0.711 (10-7-0)–0.588 (27-11-0)–0.711 (26-10-0)–0.722 (26-10-0)–0.722 (12-3-0)–0.800 (10-4-0)–0.714 (5-4-0)–0.556
3 Stanford (25-12-0)–0.676 (9-8-0)–0.529 (25-12-0)–0.676 (25-12-0)–0.676 (23-11-0)–0.676 (15-4-0)–0.789 (7-6-0)–0.538 (3-2-0)–0.600
4 Ohio St. (22-12-0)–0.647[1] (6-6-0)–0.500 (22-12-0)–0.647 (22-12-0)–0.647 (21-12-0)–0.636 (7-5-0)–0.583 (10-4-0)–0.714 (5-3-0)–0.625
5 Oklahoma (28-16-0)–0.636 (10-8-0)–0.556 (28-16-0)–0.636 (27-15-0)–0.643 (26-16-0)–0.619 (9-4-0)–0.692 (11-6-0)–0.647 (8-6-0)–0.571
6 Florida St. (16-11-0)–0.593 (7-7-0)–0.500 (16-11-0)–0.593 (14-11-0)–0.560 (16-11-0)–0.593 (5-5-0)–0.500 (5-4-0)–0.556 (6-2-0)–0.750
7 Houston (7-5-0)–0.583 (1-0-0)–1.000 (7-5-0)–0.583 (2-3-0)–0.400 (7-5-0)–0.583 (4-1-0)–0.800 (2-4-0)–0.333 (1-0-0)–1.000
8 LSU (27-18-0)–0.600 (9-14-0)–0.391 (27-18-0)–0.600 (27-18-0)–0.600 (24-18-0)–0.571 (12-5-0)–0.706 (8-10-0)–0.444 (7-3-0)–0.700
9 Boise St. (8-6-0)–0.571 (2-0-0)–1.000 (8-6-0)–0.571 (6-2-0)–0.750 (7-6-0)–0.538 (2-1-0)–0.667 (1-3-0)–0.250 (5-2-0)–0.714
10 TCU (16-13-0)–0.552 (9-9-0)–0.500 (16-13-0)–0.552 (10-11-0)–0.476 (15-13-0)–0.536 (6-4-0)–0.600 (6-7-0)–0.462 (4-2-0)–0.667
11 Michigan St. (18-16-0)–0.529 (9-3-0)–0.750 (18-16-0)–0.529 (17-16-0)–0.515 (17-15-0)–0.531 (8-7-0)–0.533 (5-6-0)–0.455 (5-3-0)–0.625
12 James Madison (1-1-0)–0.500 (0-1-0)–0.000 (1-1-0)–0.500 (1-1-0)–0.500 (1-1-0)–0.500 (0-0-0)–0.000 (1-0-0)–1.000 (0-1-0)–0.000
13 USC (16-16-0)–0.500 (8-6-0)–0.571 (16-16-0)–0.500 (15-16-0)–0.484 (15-16-0)–0.484 (6-7-0)–0.462 (7-8-0)–0.467 (3-1-0)–0.750
14 Cincinnati (8-9-0)–0.471 (0-3-0)–0.000 (8-9-0)–0.471 (8-8-0)–0.500 (8-9-0)–0.471 (3-2-0)–0.600 (4-4-0)–0.500 (1-3-0)–0.250
15 Virginia Tech (13-15-0)–0.464 (2-6-0)–0.250 (13-15-0)–0.464 (13-14-0)–0.481 (13-15-0)–0.464 (3-5-0)–0.375 (7-3-0)–0.700 (3-7-0)–0.300
16 Georgia Tech (12-15-0)–0.444[2] (5-7-0)–0.417 (12-15-0)–0.444 (12-15-0)–0.444 (12-15-0)–0.444 (8-2-0)–0.800 (2-10-0)–0.167 (2-3-0)–0.400
17 Oklahoma St. (15-19-0)–0.441 (5-11-0)–0.312 (15-19-0)–0.441 (15-19-0)–0.441 (15-19-0)–0.441 (8-9-0)–0.471 (6-7-0)–0.462 (1-3-0)–0.250
18 UCLA (17-19-0)–0.472 (2-7-0)–0.222 (17-19-0)–0.472 (16-17-0)–0.485 (14-18-0)–0.438 (10-9-0)–0.526 (6-10-0)–0.375 (1-0-0)–1.000
19 Utah (11-13-0)–0.458 (3-6-0)–0.333 (11-13-0)–0.458 (8-9-0)–0.471 (10-13-0)–0.435 (7-7-0)–0.500 (3-5-0)–0.375 (1-1-0)–0.500
20 Auburn (18-24-0)–0.429 (8-15-0)–0.348 (18-24-0)–0.429 (18-24-0)–0.429 (18-24-0)–0.429 (9-9-0)–0.500 (6-12-0)–0.333 (3-3-0)–0.500
21 Notre Dame (12-15-0)–0.444 (2-7-0)–0.222 (12-15-0)–0.444 (10-15-0)–0.400 (11-15-0)–0.423 (7-3-0)–0.700 (3-10-0)–0.231 (2-2-0)–0.500
22 Clemson (14-18-0)–0.438 (8-4-0)–0.667 (14-18-0)–0.438 (14-17-0)–0.452 (13-18-0)–0.419 (6-5-0)–0.545 (2-10-0)–0.167 (6-3-0)–0.667
23 Iowa (10-14-0)–0.417 (4-5-0)–0.444 (10-14-0)–0.417 (10-14-0)–0.417 (10-14-0)–0.417 (4-6-0)–0.400 (4-5-0)–0.444 (2-3-0)–0.400
24 Wisconsin (13-18-0)–0.419 (3-10-0)–0.231 (13-18-0)–0.419 (12-17-0)–0.414 (12-17-0)–0.414 (6-5-0)–0.545 (3-6-0)–0.333 (4-7-0)–0.364
25 South Carolina (14-21-0)–0.400 (7-13-0)–0.350 (14-21-0)–0.400 (14-21-0)–0.400 (14-21-0)–0.400 (8-7-0)–0.533 (3-12-0)–0.200 (3-2-0)–0.600
25 Louisville (6-10-0)–0.375 (1-5-0)–0.167 (6-10-0)–0.375 (6-10-0)–0.375 (6-9-0)–0.400 (1-3-0)–0.250 (3-5-0)–0.375 (2-2-0)–0.500
27 Georgia (16-23-0)–0.410 (5-12-0)–0.294 (16-23-0)–0.410 (16-21-0)–0.432 (15-23-0)–0.395 (7-8-0)–0.467 (5-7-0)–0.417 (4-8-0)–0.333

# 27 vs Ranked Bowl Teams after 2007 miserable 15-23

Sorted on column # 6 “Bowl Teams” (Also 4th column from the end) Ranked teams time of game who went to a bowl game that year he played them after 2007 miserable 15-23 nationally, so if they were ranked time of game and played in a bowl game LOST 23 won only 15.  These are ANY bowl team of the 41 bowl games (Top 82) who were ranked time of game.  Trust me it matters not how you break it down, he SUCKED !  So, why all the wringing of hands over him being gone ?  Because you THOUGHT he was GREAT ?  Good Lord !  Tell me you’re really not that stupid, are you ?  Pray tell ?



(4) http://www.cfbtrivia.com/cfbt_records.php?fry=2008&thy=2015&grk=on&breakdown=on&sgrb=on&cres=1&scrview=5&tview=4&sortby=G10


Team records Years 2008-2015
Opponents that are/were ranked during game time
Highest Rank of the AP Poll or Coaches Poll
Showing Actual Game Results
Sorting by Top Ten Percentage


Pos Team Record Game T10 Game Rnk Majors Bwl Tms Home Away Neutral
1 Boise St. (8-6-0)–0.571 (2-0-0)–1.000 (8-6-0)–0.571 (6-2-0)–0.750 (7-6-0)–0.538 (2-1-0)–0.667 (1-3-0)–0.250 (5-2-0)–0.714
1 Houston (7-5-0)–0.583 (1-0-0)–1.000 (7-5-0)–0.583 (2-3-0)–0.400 (7-5-0)–0.583 (4-1-0)–0.800 (2-4-0)–0.333 (1-0-0)–1.000
3 Michigan St. (18-16-0)–0.529 (9-3-0)–0.750 (18-16-0)–0.529 (17-16-0)–0.515 (17-15-0)–0.531 (8-7-0)–0.533 (5-6-0)–0.455 (5-3-0)–0.625
4 Alabama (38-12-0)–0.760 (20-7-0)–0.741 (38-12-0)–0.760 (38-11-0)–0.776 (37-12-0)–0.755 (13-4-0)–0.765 (13-4-0)–0.765 (12-4-0)–0.750
5 Clemson (14-18-0)–0.438 (8-4-0)–0.667 (14-18-0)–0.438 (14-17-0)–0.452 (13-18-0)–0.419 (6-5-0)–0.545 (2-10-0)–0.167 (6-3-0)–0.667
6 Oregon (27-11-0)–0.711 (10-7-0)–0.588 (27-11-0)–0.711 (26-10-0)–0.722 (26-10-0)–0.722 (12-3-0)–0.800 (10-4-0)–0.714 (5-4-0)–0.556
7 USC (16-16-0)–0.500 (8-6-0)–0.571 (16-16-0)–0.500 (15-16-0)–0.484 (15-16-0)–0.484 (6-7-0)–0.462 (7-8-0)–0.467 (3-1-0)–0.750
8 Oklahoma (28-16-0)–0.636 (10-8-0)–0.556 (28-16-0)–0.636 (27-15-0)–0.643 (26-16-0)–0.619 (9-4-0)–0.692 (11-6-0)–0.647 (8-6-0)–0.571
9 Stanford (25-12-0)–0.676 (9-8-0)–0.529 (25-12-0)–0.676 (25-12-0)–0.676 (23-11-0)–0.676 (15-4-0)–0.789 (7-6-0)–0.538 (3-2-0)–0.600
10 Florida (15-22-0)–0.405 (11-11-0)–0.500 (15-22-0)–0.405 (15-22-0)–0.405 (14-22-0)–0.389 (5-5-0)–0.500 (4-12-0)–0.250 (6-5-0)–0.545
10 TCU (16-13-0)–0.552 (9-9-0)–0.500 (16-13-0)–0.552 (10-11-0)–0.476 (15-13-0)–0.536 (6-4-0)–0.600 (6-7-0)–0.462 (4-2-0)–0.667
10 Florida St. (16-11-0)–0.593 (7-7-0)–0.500 (16-11-0)–0.593 (14-11-0)–0.560 (16-11-0)–0.593 (5-5-0)–0.500 (5-4-0)–0.556 (6-2-0)–0.750
10 Ohio St. (22-12-0)–0.647[1] (6-6-0)–0.500 (22-12-0)–0.647 (22-12-0)–0.647 (21-12-0)–0.636 (7-5-0)–0.583 (10-4-0)–0.714 (5-3-0)–0.625
10 Central Fla. (3-9-0)–0.250 (2-2-0)–0.500 (3-9-0)–0.250 (2-6-0)–0.250 (3-8-0)–0.273 (1-4-0)–0.200 (1-5-0)–0.167 (1-0-0)–1.000
10 East Carolina (5-8-0)–0.385 (1-1-0)–0.500 (5-8-0)–0.385 (4-6-0)–0.400 (5-8-0)–0.385 (3-4-0)–0.429 (1-3-0)–0.250 (1-1-0)–0.500
16 Iowa (10-14-0)–0.417 (4-5-0)–0.444 (10-14-0)–0.417 (10-14-0)–0.417 (10-14-0)–0.417 (4-6-0)–0.400 (4-5-0)–0.444 (2-3-0)–0.400
17 Georgia Tech (12-15-0)–0.444[2] (5-7-0)–0.417 (12-15-0)–0.444 (12-15-0)–0.444 (12-15-0)–0.444 (8-2-0)–0.800 (2-10-0)–0.167 (2-3-0)–0.400
18 LSU (27-18-0)–0.600 (9-14-0)–0.391 (27-18-0)–0.600 (27-18-0)–0.600 (24-18-0)–0.571 (12-5-0)–0.706 (8-10-0)–0.444 (7-3-0)–0.700
19 Baylor (11-23-0)–0.324 (6-10-0)–0.375 (11-23-0)–0.324 (10-22-0)–0.312 (11-23-0)–0.324 (8-9-0)–0.471 (2-12-0)–0.143 (1-2-0)–0.333
20 Arizona (11-22-0)–0.333 (5-9-0)–0.357 (11-22-0)–0.333 (10-21-0)–0.323 (11-22-0)–0.333 (7-8-0)–0.467 (3-10-0)–0.231 (1-4-0)–0.200
21 South Carolina (14-21-0)–0.400 (7-13-0)–0.350 (14-21-0)–0.400 (14-21-0)–0.400 (14-21-0)–0.400 (8-7-0)–0.533 (3-12-0)–0.200 (3-2-0)–0.600
22 Auburn (18-24-0)–0.429 (8-15-0)–0.348 (18-24-0)–0.429 (18-24-0)–0.429 (18-24-0)–0.429 (9-9-0)–0.500 (6-12-0)–0.333 (3-3-0)–0.500
23 Utah (11-13-0)–0.458 (3-6-0)–0.333 (11-13-0)–0.458 (8-9-0)–0.471 (10-13-0)–0.435 (7-7-0)–0.500 (3-5-0)–0.375 (1-1-0)–0.500
23 Southern Mississippi (2-10-0)–0.167 (1-2-0)–0.333 (2-10-0)–0.167 (0-6-0)–0.000 (2-8-0)–0.200 (0-4-0)–0.000 (2-6-0)–0.250 (0-0-0)–0.000
25 Oklahoma St. (15-19-0)–0.441 (5-11-0)–0.312 (15-19-0)–0.441 (15-19-0)–0.441 (15-19-0)–0.441 (8-9-0)–0.471 (6-7-0)–0.462 (1-3-0)–0.250
26 Mississippi (14-23-0)–0.378 (7-16-0)–0.304 (14-23-0)–0.378 (14-22-0)–0.389 (14-23-0)–0.378 (7-10-0)–0.412 (5-12-0)–0.294 (2-1-0)–0.667
28 Georgia (16-23-0)–0.410 (5-12-0)–0.294 (16-23-0)–0.410 (16-21-0)–0.432 (15-23-0)–0.395 (7-8-0)–0.467 (5-7-0)–0.417 (4-8-0)–0.333
27 Texas A&M (13-25-0)–0.342 (5-12-0)–0.294 (13-25-0)–0.342 (12-25-0)–0.324 (12-25-0)–0.324 (4-12-0)–0.250 (5-10-0)–0.333 (4-3-0)–0.571

vs Top 10 time of game sorted on Column # 3 “Game Top 10” after 2007 miserable 5-12 nationally # 28




(5) http://www.cfbtrivia.com/cfbt_records.php?fry=2008&thy=2015&grk=on&schedanl=on&cres=1&scrview=2&tview=4


Team records Years 2008-2015
Opponents that are/were ranked during game time
Highest Rank of the AP Poll or Coaches Poll
Showing Actual Game Results


Pos Team Record Year T10 Year Rnk Majors Low Div IA Win Rec Bwl Tms Opps Rec (-HtH) Home Away Neutral
1 Alabama 38-12-0 17-(34.0%) 36-(72.0%) 49-(98.0%) 0-(0.0%) 49-(98.0%) 49-(98.0%) (476-128-0)–0.788 17-(34.0%) 17-(34.0%) 16-(32.0%)
2 Oregon 27-11-0 17-(44.7%) 28-(73.7%) 36-(94.7%) 0-(0.0%) 37-(97.4%) 36-(94.7%) (370-94-0)–0.797 15-(39.5%) 14-(36.8%) 9-(23.7%)
3 Stanford 25-12-0 12-(32.4%) 24-(64.9%) 37-(100.0%) 0-(0.0%) 35-(94.6%) 34-(91.9%) (339-110-0)–0.755 19-(51.3%) 13-(35.1%) 5-(13.5%)
4 Ohio St. 22-12-0[1] 15-(44.1%) 26-(76.5%) 34-(100.0%) 0-(0.0%) 33-(97.1%) 33-(97.1%) (324-90-0)–0.783 12-(35.3%) 14-(41.2%) 8-(23.5%)
5 Oklahoma 28-16-0 12-(27.3%) 33-(75.0%) 42-(95.5%) 0-(0.0%) 42-(95.5%) 42-(95.5%) (410-116-0)–0.779 13-(29.5%) 17-(38.6%) 14-(31.8%)
6 LSU 27-18-0 20-(44.4%) 31-(68.9%) 45-(100.0%) 0-(0.0%) 41-(91.1%) 42-(93.3%) (420-124-0)–0.772 17-(37.8%) 18-(40.0%) 10-(22.2%)
7 Florida St. 16-11-0 10-(37.0%) 21-(77.8%) 25-(92.6%) 0-(0.0%) 27-(100.0%) 27-(100.0%) (269-68-0)–0.798 10-(37.0%) 9-(33.3%) 8-(29.6%)
8 Houston 7-5-0 1-(8.3%) 6-(50.0%) 5-(41.7%) 0-(0.0%) 12-(100.0%) 12-(100.0%) (114-31-0)–0.786 5-(41.7%) 6-(50.0%) 1-(8.3%)
9 Boise St. 8-6-0 3-(21.4%) 11-(78.6%) 8-(57.1%) 0-(0.0%) 13-(92.9%) 13-(92.9%) (134-37-0)–0.784 3-(21.4%) 4-(28.6%) 7-(50.0%)
10 TCU 16-13-0 8-(27.6%) 23-(79.3%) 21-(72.4%) 0-(0.0%) 28-(96.5%) 28-(96.5%) (275-71-0)–0.795 10-(34.5%) 13-(44.8%) 6-(20.7%)
11 Michigan St. 18-16-0 19-(55.9%) 27-(79.4%) 33-(97.1%) 0-(0.0%) 33-(97.1%) 32-(94.1%) (327-87-0)–0.790 15-(44.1%) 11-(32.4%) 8-(23.5%)
12 USC 16-16-0 15-(46.9%) 23-(71.9%) 31-(96.9%) 0-(0.0%) 31-(96.9%) 31-(96.9%) (301-83-0)–0.784 13-(40.6%) 15-(46.9%) 4-(12.5%)
12 James Madison 1-1-0 0-(0.0%) 1-(50.0%) 2-(100.0%) 0-(0.0%) 2-(100.0%) 2-(100.0%) (17-8-0)–0.680 0-(0.0%) 1-(50.0%) 1-(50.0%)
14 UCLA 17-19-0 12-(33.3%) 24-(66.7%) 33-(91.7%) 0-(0.0%) 31-(86.1%) 32-(88.9%) (315-119-0)–0.726 19-(52.8%) 16-(44.4%) 1-(2.8%)
15 Cincinnati 8-9-0 4-(23.5%) 11-(64.7%) 16-(94.1%) 0-(0.0%) 17-(100.0%) 17-(100.0%) (164-46-0)–0.781 5-(29.4%) 8-(47.1%) 4-(23.5%)
16 Virginia Tech 13-15-0 10-(35.7%) 20-(71.4%) 27-(96.4%) 0-(0.0%) 28-(100.0%) 28-(100.0%) (268-77-0)–0.777 8-(28.6%) 10-(35.7%) 10-(35.7%)
17 Utah 11-13-0 9-(37.5%) 18-(75.0%) 17-(70.8%) 0-(0.0%) 22-(91.7%) 23-(95.8%) (219-72-0)–0.753 14-(58.3%) 8-(33.3%) 2-(8.3%)
18 Notre Dame 12-15-0 12-(44.4%) 21-(77.8%) 25-(92.6%) 0-(0.0%) 25-(92.6%) 26-(96.3%) (255-75-0)–0.773 10-(37.0%) 13-(48.1%) 4-(14.8%)
18 Georgia Tech 12-15-0[2] 12-(44.4%) 21-(77.8%) 27-(100.0%) 0-(0.0%) 25-(92.6%) 27-(100.0%) (253-77-0)–0.767 10-(37.0%) 12-(44.4%) 5-(18.5%)
20 Oklahoma St. 15-19-0 13-(38.2%) 24-(70.6%) 34-(100.0%) 0-(0.0%) 34-(100.0%) 34-(100.0%) (318-94-0)–0.772 17-(50.0%) 13-(38.2%) 4-(11.8%)
21 Clemson 14-18-0 15-(46.9%) 26-(81.2%) 31-(96.9%)