Where is Bainbridge, Georgia – we all know where McDonough or Morrow is, but do you know where Bainbridge is ?


10 miles from Florida state line, halfway between Jacksonville and Panama City.  Suburb of Tallahassee.  About 15 minutes East from the Chattahoochee River – maybe that’s how you get there, take a raft and about 50 cases of beer – way down Yonder !

Kirby has always had a plan : Never living for the minute !

Marvin Griffin is our 1st Governor I remember.

Herman Eugene Talmadge, Senior was the Governor before him; Dad talked about him; I remember that.  And, then he became Senator forever as we all know – from not far from there himself.  Senator Herman Eugene Talmadge and Senator Richard B. Russell were there forever it seemed.  And, 1 of Dad’s 4 brothers named his 1st son my cousin after him : Eugene.

Dad was from down there.  His whole family still is.

Governor Marvin Griffin is from Bainbridge, and was a Brigadier General in the Army.  Kirby Smart is the most famous person from Bainbridge since : it’s not close.

There are 2,900 proud families in Bainbridge this morning !

When you see the license plates with Decatur County on them, this is Bainbridge – the county seat.

If you went down I-75, you’d be nowhere near the place, East.

If you drove over to Birmingham and took I-65, you be way far out of the way, and again nowhere near the place, West.

It’s in the middle of nowhere.

Do you know where the Okefenokee Swamp is ?

It’s not there, either.  Way West of that.

Do you know where Seminole County is ?  The farthest West county in the state.  That’s where it is, right next to Seminole County.

Do you know where Dothan is maybe driving to Panama City Beach ?  It’s an hour from there, mostly South and East from Dothan.

I am not sure you can even get there from here !

It’s 5 hours from Athens, due South and some West. Over 250 miles South.  At the far West of the state of Georgia.


There are only 2,900 families in Bainbridge, and they don’t know how they got there !


Kirby Smart is their most famous son since General and Governor Marvin Griffin.  I know who both are !


Kirby Smart was Team Captain of The Georgia Bulldogs Football Team in 1998 here.


His motor on the field is legendary !  Our teams were good with him !  Surely you remember him on the field ?  All-SEC 1st team.  Great defensive back back there with Champ Bailey TOGETHER !  His buddies are lining-up to join the staff here !  Brilliant in the classroom, he has a Master’s Degree.

His Dad, Sonny was the head football coach at Bainbridge High and Kirby the # 1 Athlete in the entire county.  Baseball, football, Kirby is an Athlete !

He called the plays at Georgia when he was playing – the shortstop the quarterback on the field – and he has called the plays not Nick Saban.

He’s fiery, and full of vim and vigor.  He’s a player’s coach and gets in the grille of the players and gets after their ass.  He’s hard-nosed and tough.  I remember him well.  He’s a good guy who wants to win !

4-time All-SEC Academic Honor Roll at Georgia all 4 years, Kirby Smart picked-up his bride from a basketball game here, playing for The Lady Dawgs Miss Georgia Basketball 1999 sharpshooter from Morrow, McDonough, Mary Beth Lycett.  They were the talk of the campus everywhere they went !  There’s team captain football team and his lady Miss Georgia Basketball everyone always said !

She didn’t know where Bainbridge was.