“Alabama cornerback Cyrus Jones was among the Alabama players who confirmed Smart is headed for Georgia — but not quite yet. ‘He told us he’s going to stay with us through the playoffs,’ Jones said.” Agent can’t comment after SEC Championship game we’ve not won in 10 years’ time.



“Alabama cornerback Cyrus Jones was among the Alabama players who confirmed Smart is headed for Georgia — but not quite yet.  ‘He told us he’s going to stay with us through the playoffs,’ Jones said.”


“I’m happy for him. With his passion for the game, you can’t help but gravitate toward him. He loves the game. Whatever we’re doing, meetings, practices, he lives and breathes football. He’s definitely an animated coach but that’s what you love about him. He deserves this.”


“Kirby Smart would not respond on the field when asked if he was going to be Georgia’s next coach. He and his wife, [Mary Beth Lycett Smart Miss Georgia Basketball 1999 famous for her community work and blogs]  later ducked out a back entrance to the locker room while media members waited at a different entrance. Smart’s agent, Jimmy Sexton, smiled at several questions but said, ‘Sorry, I just can’t comment.’ ”




Jeff Schultz AJ-C has long been a long-term friend of mine.  I like the guy.  As for the asswipes who keep it up about Kirby’s predecessor and how worried they are :




Attend the damn Gala ?  Oh, Good Lord !  He is so stupid he doesn’t even know not to wear UGA tie and UGA belt to Miami of Florida announcement, and have you read his quotes down there ?


God damn, he is really stupid.


Still reading all these blogs oh, I am wringing my hands over this decision, oh miss the dumbass so much, such a nice guy, how many wins is friqin’ enough anyway, oh and the ever-present I sure was surprised along with the hatred sent Greg McGarity’s way of what a tough day he had.


Let it go children.


You LOST !


I Won !


That’s what you really hate.  That every word out of my mouth for 8 long years was all 100 % correct !


Ha ha ha !


Kirby Smart has a contract for one and a third million to do what he did tonight.  Get used to it, he has games in January 2016 to play too.  He’s obligated.  It’s messy to quit and split your duties.  It did NOT work out for his predecessor where trying to play Oklahoma where his offense was shut-out !


I still say Nick Saban is about to quit coaching now.  Nothing to prove and losing Kirby Smart really is a blow.


So, everyone is going to make the announcement now except Kirby Smart !


Let the bullshit continue from the very ones driving to continue to drive a wedge between The Great Bulldog Nation.


Hey Bluto and Bernie, go stick it up your ASS !


Ha ha ha !



It doesn’t bother you that you have a man crush on a pussy coach who is a dumbass that you STILL hang on to for God knows why ?


Oh, he won so many games.


You should sit here on this blog and see all the Miami of Florida blogs with URL Links to this one and the tens of thousands every day who come here for all the news, not just that which indicates the clique still loves the OUSTED coach.


Know what they all say ?


He’s mediocre !


UGA hit a home run with Kirby Smart !


Freaking  assholes !




“I’m always happy to see anyone on our staff who’s done a great job for us get the opportunity that they’ve worked so hard for.” Nick Saban on Kirby Smart to Georgia.



“I’m always happy to see anyone on our staff who’s done a great job for us get the opportunity that they’ve worked so hard for.” Nick Saban on Kirby Smart to Georgia.


“We’ve worked together for a long, long time,” he said before pausing for several seconds to collect himself. “He’s as good of an assistant coach and as loyal of an assistant coach as I’ve ever had on my staff.”


“It sounds like it’s bringing up some emotion,” one reporter said. “Can you talk about your relationship with him and what brings up that emotion?”


“People that work together on staff for a long time, it’s like part of your family,” he said. “We’re kind of bigamist as coaches. We’re married. We have families. But we’re also married to our job.

“You have a family there, too. So you do develop relationships and you do care about these people and you care about their families. You care about their well-being. You understand their goals and aspirations.”




Is Nick Saban coming to the end of his time ?  It certainly sounds like it to me.

15 Goals for Kirby Smart. Greg Poole Bulldawg Illustrated – formerly Leather Helmet – says today believe it or not : “How Many Wins Are Enough ? ” with my 15 Goals for Kirby Smart with the 3 only of the 15 his predecessor did here for the most-recent 8 years.

12-5-2015 :


Greg Poole Bulldawg Illustrated – formerly Leather Helmet – says today believe it or not : “How Many Wins Are Enough ? ”


And, then there are 3 reply comments to Greg Poole whining about Kirby Smart’s predecessor here.  Still.  Still today ! Yeah, Greg Poole, I am confused too about how many wins are enough when the predecessor of our coach had so many 10-win seasons.

The only teams the predecessor to Kirby Smart could beat for the most recent 8 years were the non-bowl teams and sometimes even lost to them.  The teams who would go on that season and play in one of the 41 bowl games, likely as not – HE LOST to.   Barely a winning record against bowl teams.


Look guys, you tried to censor the opinion of the MAJORITY.  You tried to surround yourselves with just those of that ilk of yours !  That you were satisfied.  Still are satisfied.  Confused why he is gone.  Waste your God Damn time now writing still in support of the OUSTED coach.  You talked about his overall record from 2001 when in the Alabama game, Game 5 Kick-off 2008, he was 80 % win percentage exactly.


He was fired, quit, forced to quit, forced-out, left not because of what he did from 2001 here, but for what he did after 2007.

He suckled the hind tit after 2007.  The one back there with ALL THE SHIT ALL OVER IT.  He could not beat anyone.  After 2007 he could not beat the  Top 5, Top 10, Top 15, Top 25.  He was not in the Top 25 against any of these subgroups of the Top 25 after 2007.  8 years and he was NOT in the Top 25 vs Top 5 teams.  Top 10.  Top 15.  8 years after 2007, he was not in the Top 25 in the nation vs Top 25 teams for our # 11 All-Time Wins’ Program either.  Not in the Top 25 vs ranked teams away from Sanford.  He could beat his way out of a wet freaking paper bag after 2007.

He lost to unranked teams and got the ever-living frqin’ shit kicked out of him on the Big Stage EVERY FRIQIN’ time after 2007. If they played in a bowl game that season, likely as not – he LOST !


The pussy you call your hero still today peed in his pants 12 times losing to unranked teams in either AP or Coaches’ Polls time of game or for season after 2007.


12 God Damn Friqin’ unranked teams after 2007, beat that little pussy you refuse to quit WORSHIPPING.


That is NOT ACCEPTABLE you little pussies !

The wimp got the shit beat out of him 7 times after 2007 by more than 3 TD on the Big Stage everyone watching us !

And, I have to read about you a week AFTER he is fired still complaining this person or that made a mistake firing your ball less pussy coach ?

Here are our goals you DISNEYdawgs.com for Kirby Smart gentleman :


The bar is set this high for Kirby Smart :


(1) That he do better than 37-1 vs non-bowl teams and 36-31 vs teams making a bowl game over the next 8 years  Average better than the 73-32 four (4) losses per season.

(2) He needs to be getting us on the Big Stage at the end of the seasons beating better than # 19 Hawai’i 2007 and # 21 FSU 5-loss team 2002 in the Final AP Poll as the only 2 BCS Bowls his predecessor won, and as his best 2 bowl wins.  Get on the national stage end of seasons against top ranked teams in the Final AP Poll with us as a top-ranked team in the Final AP Poll too.  Not this bullshit list of meaningless opponents instead he put up after 2007.  I want to be excited about going to our bowl game 1 freaking season.

(3) And, that he develop his back-up QB every year,

(4) while not sending mixed messages to the student-athletes, that well he will love them whether the kicker misses the kick and we lose again, or not.

(5) and be better than 5 wins in 15 games against our # 1 Rival. If he can get the game out of that hell hole in Jacksonville, that would be an added plus.

(6) Kirby is expected to win The SEC Championship more often than none in a decade.

(7) Kirby should do better than 7 losses by more than 3 TD in 8 years

(8) and better than 12 losses to unranked teams time of game or for season in 8 years’ time,

(9) while maintaining an average Scout.com Recruiting Rank of # 8 *

(10) with high numbers of NFL Draft Picks and  *

(11) while not getting us on Probation.   *

(12) His goals in discipline are to teach the kids to obey the rules on and off the field.  And not send them mixed messages about their objectives on or off the field such as visiting them in jail and telling the guy who beat up his 89 lbs girlfriend 3 times that he loves him.  The freaking shit I do.  Nor do I want a wimp ass freaking coach telling him I do.  In front of multiple witnesses at the dorm, repeatedly he picked her up and slammed her to the floor for daring to say she was not his boy friend.  I love him ?  God Damn it you freaking asshole, supporting that type of mixed messages that he loves him in freaking jail after this !  Friq you and the coach.

(13) They are here to win, not a trophy for everyone.  Keep their noses clean and graduate.  And whether they are saved or not, is of no concern whatsoever :  It’s a conflict of interest and in Violation of The United States Constitution.  By win, I do NOT mean 10-win bullshit seasons 33 other teams accomplished this year as well !  By win, I mean specifically be in the Top 25 teams when compared to what they did playing Top 5, Top 10, Top 15, Top 25 and ranked teams for the season away from Sanford – not 1 of which did Kirby’s predecessor accomplish over the ENTIRE most recent 8-years.  He should also be ranked more often than being in fact UNRANKED half the time after 2007.  4 of the 8 years UNRANKED in his last poll that season in BOTH the AP and Coaches’ Polls.  Kirby’s predecessor was UNRANKED his final polls AP and Coaches’ 2009, 2010, 2013 and 2015.  You guys are pussies defending that as successful and whining about 10-win damn season like 33 others 2015 are accomplishing with him.  You have NO BALLS.  You are pussies !  Good Lord, grow a pair.  Or, if not, just SHOVE IT UP YOUR ASS !

(14) Kirby is being asked to do BETTER than the 73-32 record of his predecessor who was FIRED from his job for his 73-32 his last 8 years here and to accomplish this by being Smart.  Our coach’s predecessor was dumb as shit !  This specifically means better at player development especially not only at QB but in the trenches and not having holes in his recruiting.  Not saying dumbshit stuff like his job is to DEMOTIVATE his players prior to Alabama game this season.  Not pooch kicking with a 3-point lead giving them the ball at 43-yard line with 13 ticks left vs a team who call us their # 1 Rival last year.  Not decoy your best player who by the way was quoted as saying he was tired of being mediocre and losing and instead call the # of the QB who was # 90 Passing last year to run around with his 50 rushes for us for 15 yards total and if nothing there pass the ball through the end zone vs South Carolina last year when he was also totally incapable of passing the ball more than 4 yards floating every pass.  Better at time-outs, better at in-game strategies and adjustments.  Not sending a guy who has now left the program this season who had at the time not had a single snap at QB all season long to not only start but play the entire game running your same old antiquated out-of-date offense not tailored to his running game and that even after 4 interceptions, still never taking him out.  I ain’t here for you to want your son to play for such a God Damn Freaking loser !  See if you can address yourself to his 8 years of mediocre 4 LOSSES a year not to some arbitrary # of wins that once was good back when I was at school here in 11-game seasons when what we really were talking about back then AND NOW IS 80 % WIN PERCENTAGE SEASONS of which he had 1 of the last 8.  One.  And, it a season he coached so poorly that he was slaughtered 7-35 for one of his 7 losses after 2007 of MORE THAN 3 TD.  And, the same very one season of the last 8 (his best) cough cough where he 3 times in front of me told Aaron Murray # 27 all-time win percentage as our Starting QB with 10 % of his plays fumbles interceptions and sacks, that no Aaron Murray, I disagree I believe we should NOT spike it.  That I will catch Nick Saban off-guard and he will NEVER expect an Aaron Murray pass.  Kirby Smart covered his now here predecessor’s receivers and went after Aaron Murray BOTH !  In short, that he be Kirby Smart not the God Damn Frqin’ fool he replaced !

(15) BETTER than his predecessor’s 9-4 average season for 8 years – THIS is why he was fired.  There seems to be some confusion why he was FIRED.  This is it !  He was NOT fired for his record since 2001 here, but because of his record after 2007.  See to it that you note this, remember this, and state this, not what he did here from 2001.

*#9, 10 & 11 only 3 of the 15 Goals his predecessor accomplished after 2007 for this FOOTBALL PROGRAM I am a fan of, not the NOW GONE coach as I maintained all along would be fired for his RESULTS – despite all your pussy excuses and hype of long ago greatness, telling everyone not on that bullshit bus – to take their thoughts about OUR PROGRAM and shove it.

You were WRONG and I was right, wasn’t I ?


Get over it !


Drop it already.






Try if you can fools to unite The Mighty Bulldog Nation, not to continue to act as if his predecessor here did one damn thing after 2007.  He went from win 4 lose 1 at kick-off game 5 of 2008 to win 3 lose 1 since.


This is what the reason was I was all over his ass.


This is why you said I could NOT post at your site, because I DARED to point this out to YOU.


Did you get that ?


How did that go shutting me up, by the way ?


I’ll tell you how it went :

(1) When you told me I was banned and could not post, that was a bold-faced lie and I could post there.

(2) I went to your site and posted to prove it to you that you had not banned me.

(3) There was NEVER any reason for all the bullshit from you about how great Kirby’s predecessor here was – not after 2007 there was NOT !

(4) You held our PROGRAM back years with your excuses, accepting mediocrity and every off-season brag of 15-0 looking the schedule, then reality leaving us with these goals over the next 8 years’ time for his REPLACEMENT.

(5) I am STILL HANDING YOU YOUR HAT, and you are still hanging-on, surrounded by those LOSERS who hang-on yet too.

(6) I was right.

(7) You were wrong.

(8) You remain wrong.  It has NOTHING to do with what he did from 2001 until his last game.  Quit posing about that record.  Had he kept up what he once long ago was doing winning 80 % of his games, your friqin’ little hero, would STILL BE HERE !  And, I would STILL BE SUPPORTING HIM !  Fact is, he did not and for 8 years, he was mediocre and I was tired of being mediocre and losing.  Excuse the hell out of me for having the BALLS to say so for 8 years now !  You freaking little pussies with your excuses and lies of his greatness these last 8 years.

(9) You were WRONG.  So says my alma mater !

(10) You owe me an Apology for your LIES that instead I was wrong.  Assholes !


P.S. : How did your little friqin’ bullshit vigil Facebook go yesterday for the OUSTED COACH as I told you ALL ALONG he would be ?


Well, punk ?


It has NOTHING to do with 10-win seasons of which there are 33 today on-target this season.  That is NOT a goal dumbasses !


Jeez Louise, some folks NEVER LEARN !




See if you can tell me NOW, why he was FIRED ?


Go ahead.  I will wait !


Hint : Read the 15 GOALS above for his REPLACEMENT !


Shove it up your freaking assholes !


Hey buddy, you were WRONG and I was right all along wasn’t I ?


Go ahead.

You can say it !

We ALL know !


quanto basta


What’s enough ?


I believe I have answered that.