Mary Beth Lycett Smart tips it off – “wearing a red top and black pants” last night at The SEC Championship Game Kirby has won 3 of the last 4 years along with 4 times as dominating Defense providing 3 National Championships.


In 8 years’ time 2008-2015, Kirby Smart has Won 4 SEC Championships with Stifling Defense – half his time as Alabama Defensive Coordinator !  And, then Won 3 National Championships embarking on his 4th now – also half his time as Nick Saban’s Most Important Coach albeit not a proven head coach.

Kirby Smart calls the Defensive Plays and has all 8 years.

In fact he was seen calling audibles at the line of scrimmage here for 4 years graduating BBA 1998 All-SEC 1st team AND 4-time All-SEC Academic Honor Roll.  His first coaching job was here 1999 for Jim Donnan.  Then he returned here as running backs’ coach to Win that SEC Championship 2005.

Would you say that Alabama after Kirby Paul Smart took over as D.C. 2008 has been known for being an Offensive Juggernaut ?

Mary Beth Lycett Smart tips it off – “wearing a red top and black pants” last night at The SEC Championship Game Kirby owns more than any other coach.


“I know what type of coach he is. I expect him to do great things,” [Alabama Senior Cornerback Cyrus] Jones said. “He’s probably been the best coach in the country for however many years. Any time you get a chance to learn from a guy considered the best it’s hard not to expect great things.”


“He didn’t formally come out and tell us that but it’s hard to keep secrets around here, with all the social media stuff and the internet,” Jones said. “You hear everything that goes on. When I heard it, I asked a couple of guys to confirm it for me before I went up to him and congratulated him on it. Once I found out for sure I went up to him and told him how much he meant to me and told him I was grateful for him believing in me over these past few years,” Jones said. “I’m looking forward to seeing him do great things at Georgia”

“Kirby hugged player after player with linebacker Reuben Foster telling him ‘I love you man.’ ”

“I know if he left I’d be upset” Alabama linebacker Reggie Ragland said. “I know he’s not that type of guy. I’m very thankful I’ll be able to finish my career out with him.”

Tight-lipped” Mary Beth Lycett Smart said with a smile. “I’m going to enjoy tonight.”

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