New Head Coach Kirby Smart Press Conference – watch here 23 minutes The Georgia Way Win what’s important now.



An emotional Coach Kirby Smart delivers an opening statement, then there is a question and answer with everyone who is anyone identifying himself and asking Coach questions.

Coach points out that you must WIN what’s important now.

He specifically criticized the recruiting that we need more Quality Depth specifically at Skill positions and that this great state has MANY to bring here, Coach Kirby bitterly pointed out !  We need to improve quality depth at OL, DL, and Skill positions Coach says.  We did not have receivers here yet all this talent in state to bring here. You tailor your play calls to the players you do have.  We have very good players here now, and I will use them to the best they can deliver.

Coach is asked at the 13:30 of the video just ended now that his predecessor stated he wished he had been more “hands-on” on the parts of the team this year, and did he now as his replacement expect that he would more hands-on on Defense ?


On Defense ?


On defense, will you be more hands-on ?


Shakes his head, on defense, er uh I am defined by the fact that I am HANDS-ON on the WHOLE ENTIRE PROGRAM : Special Teams, Offense, Defense – demand excellence if not getting demand excellence again and if not there, make changes !


APPLAUSE by the entire crowd.


Seems as though the press is fully supporting The University of Georgia Program.


We are, after all, paying their salaries.  There are 12 Bulldog fans for every single 1 yellowjackets’ fan.  Sometimes, it seemed as though the AJ-C staff forgot this somewhere along the line.  But, our coaching search confirmed what I told you all along that – EVERY COACH wants to come here.


We follow this program with millions of Bulldogs’ fans.


Millions.  Coach Kirby seems particularly well-versed on our program, although he has not been here in a decade on the staff here.


You spoke about 2005 coaching here Coach.  Can you speak more on this please ?


Neil Callaway and Mike Bobo taught me a lot I have used since.  There were a lot of very good running backs here at Georgia in 2005 and I coached them.  It was fun !  I have used the knowledge I gained 2005 switching to the other side of the ball, in all my thoughts about this game since.


Are you full-time ?


Yes.  Full-time now during this open period for recruiting.  I need to leave…well, now !  I have to go see the recruits.  The staff has set-out specific agenda for me, and I am leaving now after this press Meeting Monday now to go recruit today !  Looks at his watch.




I need to leave now.


What about Alabama ?


Well, not set in stone but Nick and I have been together 11 years and he is very supportive of me.  He has a large network of guys like me out there.  He didn’t set it in stone, but I am here now for more than a week until maybe Tuesday next week.  Not set in stone.  Then, I go back to teach and Coach the kids I sat in their homes and invited there to Alabama 4 and 5 years’ ago now.  We have play-off game and I have to be cognizant and the entire staff here at UGA is supportive of me as well to Coach them through the end.  Through the play-offs.


I have responsibilities here too, so I have met with the team in person and told them to obey the rules and to do well on their Finals now.


To do the right way everything they do with excellence.


We do things the right way here at Georgia :The Georgia Way !

We have to be able to run and throw.  The SEC is a dominating defensive conference.  Tough in the OL and DL.  Big Men.    Explosive offensive players there are so many of here in Georgia for me to go meet and recruit to here.  To fix this.


Recruit the best players.

Get Good Players here !


Get them the ball !


Of course, I felt all along that these were NOT the goals of his ousted predecessor.  That instead, he felt a need for a trophy for everyone, like playing Faton Bauta vs our # 1 Rival when he has zero snaps at QB all season – making him not only the Starter but even after 4 interceptions still every play ?  And, not one play called a design run to take advantage of that he offered.  This Greyson Lambert, too, criminal how he was played.  Hutson Mason last year.  It’s been an on-going concern for years playing Favorites, special teams he speaks of today at length with all those walk-ons, depth at OL and DL.


Basically, he’s been reading our mail.

He tried to answer the questions.  It was a PACKED house !


He is such a likable guy.  I especially loved the part heartfelt about Sonny to begin with Sonny Smart his Dad and Bainbridge head Football Coach and his mom.


He is after all the big man on campus in Bainbridge.


A lot on his shoulders.

He spoke in detail, as I too frequently now reading all this on the Internet, about the House Divided in The Great Bulldog Nation.


A fragmented fan base caused by a different set of goals, excuses, and low expectations.


Yes, we are.


If he can get the players to GATA, the fans of 1 man will be gone, and we will be back to our core fans : Those who Love The Bulldogs !


Not 1 man.


When you STILL go to the and find all these blogs talking about the ousted coach and how they still never figured it and how they hate anyone firing him with his 10-win seasons, it just kind of makes you puke !


Doesn’t it ?


They were NEVER fans of this program.


I told them that.


It is, was, seems like will be their cross to bear that they loved the man and not so much what he was doing or accomplishing.


Just loved the guy !


They were NOT here before him.


I was.


I know.


Dear God, give Kirby endless energy for his Calling oh Lord !


I am a Christian and my wife Mary Beth has a Christian Home for our 3 kids and me.


None of this possible without Mary Beth.


Bulldog Mary Beth.


I see Mark Fox in the room today.  I am meeting with him right after this.  We spoke this morning.


In a tough physical league such as The SEC, we have a trademark for great defenses.

Will you be keeping any of the staff.


The staff has to be MY STAFF.


But, yes consideration is being given to the staff here already now.


Do you think that with all the defensive coaches added to SEC East, that you will run a particular offense ?


To be good on Offense, you have to be balanced.


You have to have aspects of all types of Offenses to produce.


One-dimensional teams are unsuccessful.


Do you feel great pressure coming here now when your predecessor has not performed, and the fans have no expectations of doing much having gone so long now not getting it done – a reputation as not getting it done ?


No greater pressure than I put on myself.