Jake Eason. O.C. Quit fawning over the FIRED guy. You FLATTER this guy bragging on his WINS ? Seriously ? What are our real GOALS if it’s not 10-win season ? Coach TOLD YOU to CUT IT OUT in his OPENING REMARKS. Do you cut it out ? Hell no. You keep it up 11 days now. How’d your VIGIL facebook go ? You have been NOTHING but a bully toward me. NOTHING !



I see you use my exact words, I coined, and I copyrighted, on your blog.  My exact point, precisely.  I know you read my blog and that you then write your own.


Mr. Blue at the Dawgbone, I call you out again sir !


Bluto – get the picture, you sir are once again called-out.


Chipper Towers AJ-C you sir are called out, again.  You really pissed me off today.


Huck, you are called out sir.


There are myriad of you guys out there who formed a clique and kowtowed to those now driving our Great Bulldog Nation to ruin.


Stick it up your ass !


We have WORK to do here.




We are Georgia Bulldogs !


We are part of why the Most Important Bulldog 2015 wants to BE HERE.  We are STRONG.  We are millions !

He’s a self-described pocket-passer.  He will Start in Game 1 vs North Carolina at the Georgia Dome all eyes on him September 3rd in Atlanta, where he flies into our City of 7 million in the World’s Busiest Airport and will see the # 1 Transportation this city provides the world over.  A World Class City 58 miles away from the Classic City.  It will be a whirlwind tour.  He will see our Olympics’ venues.  Depending on the time of day he lands, he will see our traffic.  Oh God our traffic.  He will play 3 years.  He will be the # 1 pick in the NFL, or could be.  That would be our 5th # 1 NFL Draft Pick after Charley Trippi, Frank Sinkwich, Harry Babcock, and Matthew Stafford.  It will kick-off Coach Kirby Smart’s career !  He will have started it all !  His Official visit day is the day after tomorrow here in Athens the # 1 College Football Town with 17 starters in the NFL today Georgia Bulldogs !


He wants to go into broadcasting after his NFL career like all these former Georgia Bulldogs you see daily reporting on college football for all these top media outlets !


He is the # 2 QB nationally, but he comes to a STARVED program with clearly the # 1 fan base out there.




We buy the # 6 most branded merchandise.  He will not relinquish his # 1 Starter role here.


We are the # 1 Party School 2011, and every year ranked right at the very top because we have more women than men.


We will showcase him and make him look good because our defense and running backs are great.


We will improve on Special Teams now that we are trying to finally.


We will give him chances to go for it.


We do LOVE him.


His father calls him Jake.  That’s good enough for me !  So, I remain the ONLY to call him Jake.


39 former Bulldogs have lifted the NFL Championship Trophy, including Charley Trippi !


4 former Bulldogs have lifted the MVP Trophy of the NFL Championship Game including Charley Trippi.


We have the # 6 best stadium.


We are building now our Indoor Practice Facility.  It is clearly the # 1 IPF already !


I do not consider the Swamp any comparison to our own Sanford.  Neither does ANYONE else.


Notre Dame is nice stadium and good school too – like all his choices.


We are 33 % to have him move in to a dorm here with Finals going on NOW, and time for him to move in really anytime starting next week.


That would be ideal and what I did.  I started classes in January and moved into Russell Hall 3B between 1,000 women in Brumby and Creswell in December myself to get acclimated.

He makes his choice after us his last visit.


The campus of UGA is the # 1 campus.  It is in full splendor right now.


We have beautiful women who will be EVERYWHERE the day after tomorrow.


MRS degree.


Our ladies are # 6 best nationally.  Southern Belles.


Nothing like Washington.


We are the Bible Belt.


We are the Sun Belt.


It is going to be 77 degrees when Jake Eason is here.


It is.


We want him, need him, got to have him, and have a 33 % percent chance of landing him.


He is smart.


He is very smart.


He is big.


He is prototypical NFL QB as Matthew Stafford.


You know ?


The guy who our Coach’s predecessor tried to mess this up for us going out there to visit him to SAVE HIS JOB the day before he was FIRED and who told us Matthew Stafford is not as good a QB as Joe Tereshinski III.  That Joe Tereshinski III  is a better QB than Matthew Stafford.  That’s what numbnuts said to us !  He only came here the # 1 Best QB in the nation and left here the # 1 best QB in the nation, # 1 NFL Draft Pick Over-all.  But, Joe Tereshinski III is our best QB, Coach Kirby Smart’s predecessor told Matthew Stafford.





That guy.


He knew he was being fired.


You are not paid $ 3.7 million (dumbass never did sign the new contract) and not know your boss is going to FIRE YOU at 9 am the next morning after working with him for 6 complete full years to the day.


It was NO SURPRISE to me, him or anyone else – BUT you !


His life here will be wonderful.


It’s NOT cold.


But, the bugs do die in January unlike Gainesville.


Gainesville and Jacksonville are hell holes.


And, too hot.


Their fans are jorts wearing rednecks.


They are arrogant and their women do not measure up to our Ladies.


We have great Women’s Sports and he can pick his wife as Coach Kirby Paul Smart did his here, Miss Georgia Basketball 1999 Mary Beth Lycett Smart.


These will be his best days of his life as they both say they were for them.


And, for me.


He is concerned about the Offensive Coordinator.


He has every reason to be.


Cart before the horse, better get this fixed today or latest TOMORROW Coach Kirby Paul Smart, sir !


Florida’s coach is not that good of a coach Jim McElwain.  His pedigree and results do not bode well for him.


He let one of his best players ruin his season this season by taking a bottle of pills, not telling them ALL to come to HIM before they took anything.


Inexcusable how sorry their offense.


Join that ?


There ?


Or, frozen tundra of Touchdown Jesus who has not done shit in his entire lifetime with their all-time losing bowl record ?


Well, Coach it is down to THIS day after tomorrow.


He decides THEN.


Not January 12, 2016.


By then, he will be IN CLASS sir.


In class.


Hire the Offensive Coordinator today or tomorrow or your chances are not nearly as good sir.


You can thank your predecessor for going out there the day before he was FIRED and having Ben Cleveland have to tell him the news the very next day.


But, it is what it is.


Hire O.C. this very second.


WINWhat’s Important Now






Coach Kirby Paul Smart is not an excuses man and tells it like it is.  He did as All-State AAAA Player in High School, Junior Beta Club, Beta Club.  He did as a player here Academic All-America Smart as Shit, 1st Team All-SEC !


And, he is telling you cut out this bullshit in his opening remarks directed directly to YOU about hanging-on to the old regime who I told you was not getting the job done.


You could not formulate a response to my detail research, study, and URL Links provided for which I have used the Internet for 39 years now.  On Georgia’s Debate Team.




There are no excuses but life is full of them if you want to waste your time looking for them.  It’s not going to help a bit, and only serves to make you out to be one of those pussies who thinks it’s hard to find some excuse when again life is full of them.  You have choices.  Try to focus on your choices, not excuses.

Or, not.


I don’t give a shit what you do.


The time you invest in making-up EXCUSES is easily combatted on YOUR POINT of your EXCUSE.  All I have ever done is take your excuse and shove it up your ass !


Your EXCUSES never work.




Do what you want.


What I want is to again say where we are and have been for 8 solid years is UNACCEPTABLE.


Those of you who have discussed this with me have ADMITTED I am right and that it is UNACCEPTABLE.


The rest of you can go shove it.


You know you LOST.


You know I Won.


That’s good enough for me !


Ha ha ha !

What does Coach Kirby Smart have to do to be better than his predecessor his predecessor’s last 8 years here for which his predecessor was FIRED ?

Well ?

Just how mediocre the bar for success – Goals – did Coach Kirby Smart’s predecessor set these most recent most current latest 8 years of mediocrity fawned over still as great by his apologists, excuse makers, and liars  – with all this talent ?  How poor the results for him for 8 entire seasons that now Coach Kirby Smart must do better than to justify his predecessor being fired in your mind ?

Well ?

Speak up ?

Quit telling us what he did OVER THE PERIOD 2001-2015 because THAT is NOT what he was FIRED for, but for what he did NOT do after 2007, and you damn well know it you snot-nosed piece of shit pontificating to me about how you want your damned son to play for a guy who was a few bubbles off plumb after 2007.  Wasn’t he ?


Go ahead


you can say it


We ALL know !

Quit telling me how many 10-win seasons he had in 15-game seasons for the top teams, or what a fine man he is, or how you wish he’d been more hands-on on offense this year when the new coach put you in your place on that in his opening remarks, as well.  He is hands on on Offense, Defense, Special Teams the whole entire friqin’ program !  On and off the field DEMANDING EXCELLENCE.

All you do is whine about Greg McGarity and how great the guy he fired.  It was Jere Morehead’s decision, not Greg McGarity who only made his recommendation which is the SAME AS MINE, by God Above !


So, why keep it up ?


Why all day everyday all you do is cry over spilled milk ?


He lost it.


He’s been gone all this time now.


And, what do you continue only all day every day to do ?


Cry about it.


Why ?


Because you want to JUSTIFY still your unjustifiable position that he is now, or ever will be again a great college football coach.


He has the WRONG GOALS.


I told you all this.


All you did was and still is to bully me.


Isn’t that what it’s called what you’ve done to me for these latest 8 years on the Internet ?


Bullying me.


Right ?


Guess what ?


You’ve got SHIT all over yourself as he has PEED on YOUR FREAKING CEREAL bully.


Now, all you are left with is MORE CONTINUED excuses and WRONG GOALS you pontificate from upon high to me 11 days after he was fired.

ME !

The man who SHOWED YOU UP.


Didn’t I ?


That’s really what this is all about still 11 days later, isn’t it ?




Internet Bully.


Hiding behind your keyboard.


Pussy.  Be a MAN !


Coming here to Apologize yet as a man you ball less son of a bitch bully ?


Grow a PAIR.


You pussies !


I called y’all out.


You know who you are.

Chipper Towers AJ-C is one.

He deleted my posts.

Made up excuses which were ALL LIES when he did KOWTOW to the ousted fired guy you still have a hard on for so that you did NOT you THOUGHT have my thoughts out there !


Bend, spindle and mutilate my posts you freaking little friqin’ bully.


It did NOT work !


Tens of thousands have been here since the day I was proven RIGHT as rain and you proven to be WRONG.


Did you get that ?


So, why are you not here to Apologize yet in 11 days’ time ?


Because you’re pussies.


That’s why.


Not men.


A man would STAND UP and say it loudly and plainly :

‘Thomas Brown : I am sorry, and I was wrong.  You were RIGHT ALL ALONG.’




I read your bullshit blog every day.


I deleted or renamed the category about the ousted asshole !


I did that when he was fired.


I promised, nay guaranteed it after the yellowjackets’ game.


And, there is not 1 post with one word of his name I have posted in 11 consecutive never-ending days now.


You ?


All you can talk about.


Here, shove this up your ass.


He’s a joke !


He is the very definition of Laughing Stock !


He goes down there and at the press meeting takes his jacket off and has on a Bulldogs’ freaking belt.


He does this type of “pulling a ____  ” – fill the blank in with his last name – about every 5 seconds of every freaking day.


He did here after 2007.


He’s lost it.


You support him all you want.


Just quit calling your blog a Bulldogs’ blog because it is in fact and always has been NOTHING but a blog for him about him and to do nothing but make him out as great.


It still is.


It ALWAYS will be.



Coach Kirby Smart, sir, HIRE YOUR DAMNED STAFF NOW SIR !


You can not sir, hire a staff when you tell your staff you’re trying to HIRE,  keep it a secret, do not show loyalty to the one paying you $5,380,200 plus retirement plus expenses but to the one you NO LONGER WORK FOR who is paying you only $1.3 million sir, don’t come here until AFTER significant damn few days are left after Jake Eason comes here the day after tomorrow.

You have seen our Quarterbacks and the lack of teaching and development and the lack of wide receivers and depth on the OL, and lack of use of the tight ends, lack of fullbacks in an offense specifically requiring a fullback sir.  He is the head-liner for us.  You met him last night.  Out there.  He’s going to be here the day after tomorrow.

You could not possibly have taken this job after turning down dozens of head coaching jobs, and have no idea who your offensive coordinator would be.  It can’t be Mike Bobo.  He has his own network and will always compete with you sir.  He will NEVER be your employee.  You knew that Coach Kirby Smart over a year ago when he took the head coaching job.  A job you turned down first sir.

You are sending MIXED MESSAGES sir to your staff you are trying to hire.


You are behind the 8-ball.


You are snookered with your actions and statements of loyalty to a place who will understand just how badly you are missed here as ESPN told you yesterday sir.


I said it the day you were announced, sir.

I see you’re reading the posts, so I know you know.


Mike is NOT IT sir.

Quit the old job.  They will be fine sir.


Your loyalty is under-mined right now to those you are in the living rooms of sir.

You know this.

You’re as Smart as I sir.

Figure it out.


Quit telling them you will be there until Tuesday 12 January 2016.


Good Lord.


This is basic common sense if you keep that up, that you will NOT be able to have your STAFF here before January 12, 2016 at the EARLIEST.


Keep Bryan McClendon.

Keep Thomas Brown.


Hell, keep Jeremy Pruitt.


If you can’t manage him, let him go that day.  Say February 15th for example.


Hire your Offensive Coordinator !


You know who he is.


Tell him to announce it.


Get him vetted.

Get him named.


Tell him you are quitting over there at Alabama.

Tell them that is NO LONGER where your heart is.


Tell Nick you’re sorry but this place is a damn mess.


You are making huge mistake Coach.




Keep Tracy Rocker for God’s sake Coach !

Keep Jenna Jackson.

Keep Kelly McDaniel.


But, get your Offensive Coordinator in here.


We ALL heard you say that you balance spread offense with Pro-Style and keep the defenses off balance by doing so.


So, hire the guy now sir !


You can get more of your staff when you get here.


You have to stop recruiting for a day and hire your Offensive Coordinator Coach !


Hire a Special Teams Coach, sir !

THIS is the mistake your predecessor MADE 20 December 2000 when Vince Dooley told him to come be our coach sir.  February 17th if it was up to him, he would have finally showed-up.  He did get here just prior to Signing Date.

He hired cronies of his – prayer circle buddies of his and put them mostly all out of position teaching that which they did NOT know.


While this is good for their and was for your development, it puts those players at a disadvantage sir !


You can’t teach what you don’t know.


Ask your predecessor !


He couldn’t teach what he didn’t know.  And, he didn’t know shit !  He didn’t play this game but only a back-up.


In case you cannot read or did not know or want to be happy in your ignorance, you come across as pussies saying all this shit about him specifically winning you say still to this day – all of YOU still fretting over him being FIRED for this :

# 40 at beating Top 15 teams 6 of 24 games after 2007 for # 11 All-Time Wins Ga


He lost it !  Many in many professions do.  There are examples abound of people who start out well, and fall on their collective faces because their foundation was wrong, and they did not work on it or give a shit to learn.

N.B. he accomplished these “feats” to set the bar this low with the # 8 Scout.com Average Recruiting Ranking and # 5 Most NFL Draft Picks 86 of which 17 are Starters in the NFL for The Georgia Bulldogs Football Program # 11 All-Time in Wins and # 4 All-Time in Bowl Wins.  In THIS state with all this talent regarded as # 3 best state sending recruits to Power 5 Conferences, # 1 best to SEC, and # 4 most to any college to play football !  Criminal !

You will forever be lying about 10-win seasons for the bastard.  33 teams 2015 who can have 10-win seasons in Division 1-A  –  FBS Football Bowl Subdivision.

33 Thirty-three 10-Win Season Teams 2015 !


He was a dumbass.  He squandered talent.  His goals were trophy for everyone.  He was more interested in leading the boys to Jesus Christ and said so than coaching.  He could NOT win the Big Games.  He NEVER got us on the Big Stage the end of ANY season the Nation Watching us and our Bowl Opponent Both Ranked at the Top of the Final AP Poll as The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs have done 15 times before he got here and NONE since, mostly won by UGA at the rate of higher than all teams except really just 1.  And, of these 15 Big Huge Bowl Games by UGA, 6 we were ranked # 1 by this poll or that poll – polls used by ALL OTHER teams to claim their 6 National Championships with.

# 25 vs Ranked Teams time of game after 2007 miserable 16-23

# 25 vs Ranked Teams time of game not at Home after 2007 miserable 9-15

# 27 vs Ranked Teams for season year after 2007 miserable 11-25

# 27 vs Ranked Bowl Teams time of game after 2007 miserable 15-23

# 27 vs Ranked Teams season year not at Home after 2007 miserable 6-17

# 28 vs Top 10 time of game after 2007 miserable 5-12

# 31 vs Bowl Teams after 2007 miserable 36-31 was 37-1 vs non-bowl teams 73-32 total

# 31 vs Top 10 season year not at Home after 2007 miserable 1-10

# 32 vs Top 10 for season year after 2007 miserable 2-15

# 32 vs Ranked Teams season year Away games after 2007 miserable 2-8

# 33 vs other teams trying to be 10-win season 2015 at 9-3

# 37 vs Ranked time of game not at Home after 2007 miserable 8-12

# 39 vs Both Teams Ranked time of game after 2007 miserable 14-18

# 40 vs Top 15 time of game after 2007 miserable 6-18

# 41 vs Both Teams Ranked season year after 2007 miserable 8-12


He LOST to 12 teams after 2007 unranked time of game or for season year


He LOST 7 games after 2007 by MORE than 3 TD


Averaged 4 losses a season after 2007 for 8 excruciating years of inexplicable losses !


He was FIRED for this.  Get over the man-crush you have on this damned LOSER !


Just think ?


You called ME not a fan of Georgia, or certainly not as GOOD a fan as yourself and banned me so that I could not say that which my alma mater now states as FACT !


Imagine that !


You said I was a “hater.”  You sir are NOT a Georgia Bulldogs’ fan as Coach Kirby Paul Smart TOLD YOU in his OPENING REMARKS you are NOT and are TRYING only to make The Great Bulldog Nation a house-divided.  Now, all the OTHER TEAMS YOU ROOT for is now added to with yet ANOTHER team you are a fan of – NONE of which I am.


You said it took just as much effort to make excuses, lie, and apologize for his FAILURES EVERY YEAR as it did for me to give YOU TIRED you called them MISREPRESENTATIONS you called my posts about the Greatest Bulldogs’ Coach in HISTORY you said, when after 2007 he was a SHELL of his damn self prior.  Just as easy to support him you REPEATED daily to ME, as to hate.  I never hated the guy, was a huge fan of his until game 5 of 2008 season when he was 76-19 for 80 percent win percentage exactly.  Win 4 lose 1 to win 3 lose 1 since.  No one ever hated the guy.


We HATE YOU for your derisive nasty bullying tactics and refusal to admit the truth to this very day.




It is ALL you EVER FREAKING did to me.


Bully me.


I would tell you what I really think about you, if you send me an e-mail.


I promise asshole.


So, you did not want to read what I had to say.


So, how did that go for you ?


Well ?


How did it go for you ?


Cat got your freaking tongue, has it ?


You can locate the URL Links to these FACTS here on this blog on December 8, 2015 with Subject of the post :


“What does Coach Kirby Paul Smart have to do to be better than his predecessor over the last 8 years – for which his predecessor was FIRED ?”



do not be asleep on the sidelines

or walk around with your damn head down

get in the game

and coach

if you know how

get us on the Big Stage at the end of the seasons beating better than # 19 Hawai’i 2007 and # 21 FSU 5-loss team 2002 in the Final AP Poll as the only 2 BCS Bowls his predecessor won – note please even BOTH of these are 2001-2007 too, NONE after 2007.  See that ?  No.  You do not see that.


Continue your harangue on your blog TODAY about getting to 40-wins for 4 years.  No.  He is short of that.  39 in 15-game seasons for the top teams !  39.  He is DONE.  Finished Caput.  Fin Terminated.  Ended at 39.  Ended this season at 9.  Stick that up your ass !


I told you so.


Did I say that ?

develop your back-up QB every year CKPS sir unlike him

win 80 % of your games in a season like we’ve done 26 times here at UGA !  That was what was so great about 10-win seasons back when I was in school in 11-game seasons.  They were 80 % win percentage seasons.  Of the 26 for UGA All-Time, 1 is after 2007.  Want we should discuss that one season of nothing but total bullshit from your friqin’ pussy hero ?

do not go unranked AP and Coaches’ Polls half the next 8 years as we’ve accomplished with all this talent the most recent 8-year period HALF THE FREAKING TIME: 2009, 2010, 2013 and now again 2015 him as the “coach”  a term I never used for him. I called him ONLY by his 1st and last name, never with “coach” and never just “coach” because he was an abject freaking FAILURE as “coach.”

your dipshit hero is GONE and leaves 2015 for Bryan McClendon to get us ranked this 2015-2016 season.  He is NOT.  I took a snapshot of the AP and Coaches’ Polls and we ARE NOT RANKED 2009, 2010, 2013 or 2015 WHEN HE WAS here.


He can NOT get credit for getting us ranked 2015-2016 if we do.


It will be Bryan McClendon who accomplishes that or not.


Not him.


He’s gone.


We’re NOT RANKED AP or Coaches’ Polls, either one.


Tell me again oh please how he had years of 10-win seasons in 15-game seasons for the top teams, of which he was NOT !


Or ?


Please, tell me AGAIN 11 days after he is FIRED from here, does not work here, and has ANOTHER JOB at another place you brag to ME on your blog today you are NOW a fan of him there – unless he plays us with our 7-4-1 record against YOUR TEAM YOU ROOT FOR because of HIM you tell me today.


Stick that in your pipe and smoke it !


Or ?



Or, stick it up your ass, bully !


I was right and you WRONG.


You’re still wrong.


I don’t care what you do or whom it is you root for; but, by God Above do NOT tell me you’re a fan of The Georgia Bulldogs rooting for a team we’re 7-4-1 against All-Time.


You piece of shit.



get us in a Big Bowl Game Nation Watching End of Season 1 time both teams ranked at the Top of the Final AP Poll as we’ve done 15 times !

Be ranked # 1 by ANY ole damn poll !



have http://www.GeorgiaDogs.com correct their list to 6 National Championships in Football by the same damn polls exactly that yellowjackets have their 6 NC in.

Call out the dumbasses about their 10-win bullshit as NOT your goal


Call out AGAIN the dumbasses still crying about your predecessor


Fire Kevin Hynes, as UGA’s chaplain


Tell him to move back to Florida with his brother-in-law


Quit stumping for him at our Gala End of Year Celebration where everyone gets a damned trophy for being # 33 this year for this # 11 All-Time Wins’ Program.


Tell Kevin Hynes you are NOT selling The University of Georgia owned game Jersey autographed by Todd Gurley II, who said he was sick and tired of being here and losing and being mediocre and now today says the same to his NFL team for giving him 9 carries in the loss, again.  His NFL Head Coach replied that he was RIGHT there !  Ours told him to shut-up !   That those proceeds of selling his GAME JERSEY BELONG to UGA, and that you can NOT give him one penny of those monies.


That will send him packing right then !


It’s against The Law of This Great Land !


We’ve always had some other goal here under the ousted guy.


Kevin Hynes was your predecessor’s 1st hire here after retaining Rodney Garner.  He is like all the coaches your predecessor left behind for you – just exactly like that Coach Kirby Paul Smart – almost all freaking losers.


Have him move on.


Hire a professional non-denominational counselor who can counsel our kids.  Kevin Hynes did a shit ass job of that here.  Shit ass !


Crony of the old regime.


You know ?


The ones you are having all these troubles with ?


The ones you talk about in your Opening Remarks.


Get rid of this disaster Kevin Hynes, sir !


Do it NOW.


Kevin Hynes says that he is here to lead the recruits to Jesus and to win.


They are SENT to him and him given free access to them, and they are FORCED to sit down and pray with him that THEY then are led to the Lord.  That is what he does for counseling and that is why we have had ALL THIS BAD PRESS for 15 years, this year again !


God damn it, get his sorry ass out of here and all the bullshit he does 100 % percent against The United States Constitution.  We can NOT collect funds at annual Gala for Jerseys owned by UGA signed by our current student-athletes after we gave it to them, and hand it to Kevin Hynes.


We should have been sued for this a long time ago.


His bullshit did NOT work.


Did it ?


13 billion years ago 100 billion galaxies formed in one nanosecond in the big bang with each galaxy having 100 million stars of which our sun is 1 – not something in 6 days which was created 4.5 billion years ago and 9 billion years after the big bang.  Excuse me we know the speed of light.


Non-denominational counselor.


Please sir.



Tell the recruit in Texas to shove it up his ass !

Tell the recruit from Mississippi that hasn’t heard from you YET, that he is welcome to come here and move on to the next recruit.  Jesus Christ folks !


24 hours in a freaking day and you are from Mississippi wanting to go to Mississippi State ?  We will kick your sorry ass.  Want to come here ?  Come on !  Love to have you !  Sorry this is short.  I’m on the way to someone I think I really can sign (dumbass.)

not send mixed messages to the student-athletes that well he will love them whether the kicker misses the kick and we lose again or not

demand Excellence !

if you do not get it, demand it again

if you still do not get it, put in the back-up

develop Quality Depth

do NOT play Favorites !

show-up ready-to-play

hire coaches who are going places

get up and comers not pray circle buddies

might be good for THEM but have coaches teach what they know

hire a special teams coach

play our very best players on special teams

do NOT ask a DE to BLOCK for our Punter, wrong skill set dumbass

do not take opponents lightly

do not give up 4 and 5 unanswered TD

know when to call time-out

know when not to call time-out

make adjustments

have a game plan

have a game strategy

have players not be penalized

have players not be arrested

do not let discipline be confused with punishment

teach players to obey the rules

get more out of less, not less out of more

for the 1st time in 15 years, get in the grille of a player and GATA !


try to win

when you have a Pro-Day act like it’s important and show off your players by having them as prepared for that, as for a game !


Practice Special Teams every G-Day Game !

Don’t install the Red Zone Offense with the # 3 QB playing # 1 QB that day.


Don’t wait until 4 days’ prior to Fall Camp being over to install the Special Teams’ Packages !

do not state that there’s something besides winning that’s important here


and NOTHING else matters

act like a football coach

do not be a pussy

The SEC is not a Church League

act like it

be able to figure out who your best players are

presumably that is easier if you were a Starter and not a back-up

make Smart decisions obviously easier if you’re Academic All-America

Win : what’s important now !

GATA – Get After Their Asses Erk Russell !

do not settle for Field Goals at NCAA record pace

know when to take your starters out

know when to have your starters with the ball

recruit great talent

get them the ball

basically other than recruiting # 8 Scout.com recruiting rankings with # 5 most NFL Draft Picks of 86 – both of which were squandered – and not being on NCAA Probation, do everything else differently.  Do nothing else we have been doing, AT ALL !  None of the bullshit.

be better than 5 wins in 15 games against our # 1 Rival. If he can get the game out of that hell hole in Jacksonville that would be an added plus

GATA – here to win not a trophy for everyone.  Keep their noses clean and graduate.  And whether they are saved or not is of no concern whatsoever :  It’s a conflict of interest and in Violation of The United States Constitution

maintain an average Scout.com Recruiting Rank of # 8

maintain high numbers of NFL Draft Picks # 5 at 86 starting 2001

maintain not getting us on NCAA Probation

goals in discipline are to teach the kids to obey the rules on and off the field.  And not send them mixed messages about their objectives on or off the field such as visiting them in jail and telling the guy who beat up his 89 lbs girlfriend 3 times that our coach loves him.  The freaking shit I do.

Nor do I want a wimp ass freaking coach telling him I do.  In front of multiple witnesses at the dorm repeatedly he picked her up and slammed her to the floor for daring to say to him he was not her boy friend.  I love him ?  God Damn it you freaking assholes supporting that type of mixed messages that he loves him in freaking jail after this !  Friq you and the coach.  He did not help this kid with that mixed message.  Should have told him quit beating up girls.

no brawls on the field

treat all opponents with RESPECT

when they are on ground, help them up !

be gentlemen on the field of play

do not let the team stand at the end of the Clemson walk and taunt the opponent before they beat the shit out of us

channel their energies toward the next play instead

study the opponents

study ourselves

do what we do best

not what the damn coach only knows what to call

every player here has something to offer, tailor play to each or get a damn different job

do not tell us it would be a damn disaster for you to be known as a college football coach

do not tell us that you really deep-down want to be a preacher man

Do it The Georgia Way.

Do it the right way and lose ?

Forget that shit too

Not saying dumbshit stuff like his job is to DEMOTIVATE his players prior to Alabama game this season.  Not pooch kicking with a 3-point lead giving them the ball at 43-yard line with 13 ticks left vs a team who call us their # 1 Rival last year.  Not decoy your best player who by the way was quoted as saying he was tired of being mediocre and losing and instead call the # of the QB who was # 90 Passing last year to run around with his 50 rushes for us for 15 yards total and if nothing there pass the ball through the end zone vs South Carolina last year when he was also totally incapable of passing the ball more than 4 yards floating every pass.  Better at time-outs, better at in-game strategies and adjustments.  Not sending a guy who has now left the program this season who had at the time not had a single snap at QB all season long to not only start but play the entire game running your same old antiquated out-of-date offense not tailored to his running game and that even after 4 interceptions, still never taking him out.

Do not tell us that Cam Newton can ONLY be your TE and that Aaron Murray is a better QB than Cam Newton instead.

Do not tell us that Joe Cox with chronic shoulder and the flu is better QB than Zach Mettenberger vs Okie State

Do not tell us that Hutson Mason is better QB than Nick Marshall who can only therefore play defensive back for you.

Do not tell us that Joe Tereshinski III is a better QB than Matthew Stafford.


See if you can address yourself to his 8 years of mediocre 4 LOSSES a year not to some arbitrary # of wins that once was good back when I was at school here in 11-game seasons when what we really were talking about back then AND NOW IS 80 % WIN PERCENTAGE SEASONS of which he had 1 of the last 8.

One.  And, it a season he coached so poorly that he was slaughtered 7-35 for one of his 7 losses after 2007 of MORE THAN 3 TD.  And, the same very one season of the last 8 (his best) cough cough where he 3 times in front of me told Aaron Murray # 27 all-time win percentage as our Starting QB with 10 % of his plays fumbles interceptions and sacks, that no Aaron Murray, I disagree I believe we should NOT spike it.  That I will catch Nick Saban off-guard and he will NEVER expect an Aaron Murray pass.

Kirby Smart covered his now here predecessor’s receivers and went after Aaron Murray BOTH !  In short, that he be Kirby Smart not the God Damn Frqin’ fool he replaced !

win The SEC Championship more often than none in a decade


Re-unite The Great Bulldog Nation by telling EVERYONE to cease and desist about how many 10-win seasons his predecessor had in 15-game seasons !  He’s gone. His goals were NOT our goals.  This page details why he was fired and sets forth the GOALS for Coach Kirby Paul Smart at The University of Georgia.  I not give a shit if you root for Miami of Florida.  Or that loser.  Either way.  Do not bother telling me you are rooting for him because he is a nice man.  Stick it up your ass !


You are DISNEYdawgs.com fans pussies who want to brag on 10-win seasons and break apart this Great Bulldog Nation because you NEVER were a fan of this program !


NEVER in God’s freaking Green Earth !


I am tired of reading you telling me you are rooting for Miami of Florida, that you love the guy, that you want him at OUR GALA, that you want him to coach our bowl game to get to 10-win bullshit season that he has so many 10-win bullshit seasons in 15-game seasons for the top teams, that he is a Christian, and that you want your son to play for such a God Damned Freaking Lying Dumbass Loser !


GET WITH THE PROGRAM you pussies like him.


You LOST.  I Won !  You owe me an Apology.  I was right ALL ALONG all these years – wasn’t I ?


Friq you !


Quit with your damned excuses !


We might get what we want ?


We might end like the vols, an unranked team then and now in both AP and Coaches’ Polls, who BEAT US !


Basically by themselves got him FIRED !


Might end like them ?


That your bullshit excuse ?




Ball less son of a bitch.


Pussies !



Grow  a pair.


For the 1st time in your bullying worthless shit life, be a MAN about SOMETHING !




1 time !


Who can we hire ?


Who would want to come here ?


UGA only has 1 National Championship and it only because Vince Dooley got lucky and had Herschel Walker show-up miraculously.


Georgia never has been any good at football.


Georgia fans never went to Georgia.


Georgia is a sorry school.


The only reason we are good is because of some pussy who got fired.


If he only had a new O.C. his 9th Coordinator in 15 years.


If he only had Jake Eason.


If he only had a QB.


If he had been more hands on on the offense.


If this guy or that guy was not injured.


If Hell freaking froze over.


If a bullfrog had wings, he could fly – instead of bumping his ass on the rocks !


Wait until next year.


Wait until the year after next !


3-year plan : Wait until the year after that !


I do NOT settle for underachievers !


There are no excuses !


They NEVER are in anything.


You make a FOOL of yourself with ANY excuse ever in ANY THING !


They are saying behind your back, that which I say to your God Damn Freaking Face every time you open your mouth with yet again some God Damn Excuse !


Your reply ?


You can NOT post here.


How that work out for you either ?


Want the URL Links to THIS BLOG that 100 % were USED AGAINST your freaking wimp ass hero ?


Happy to provide them.


We need Brian VanGorder.








I had a flat tire.


It wasn’t his Fault, I swear to freaking God !


This is you Bluto, John Adam Belushi, state senator he would become – get the picture ?