Coach Kirby Paul Smart earned Academic All-America 1998 at The University of Georgia. Chuck Dowdle Interview.


Fran Tarkenton was The University of Georgia’s first ever Academic All-America in 1960.

There are 131 UGA Academic All-America in all 19 sports, which is # 11 All-Time all schools winning Academic All-America.

Coach Kirby Paul Smart earned Academic All-America at UGA 1998.

Some other of the 131 at UGA All-Time include Bill Stanfill, Kevin McClee, Jeff Pyburn, Terry Hoage, Chad Kessler, Alec Kessler, Matt Stinchcomb, Jon Stinchcomb, Coco Miller, Kelly Miller, Courtney Kupets, Gordan Beckham, Ty Frix, Aaron Murray, and Drew Butler.


Congratulations to these Scholar-Athletes for The University of Georgia all 131 of them, including Coach Kirby Paul Smart !


True meaning of the word Scholar-Athlete.


You will see all 131 UGA Academic All-America at this URL Link :



You will see that UGA is # 11 All-Time with 131 Academic All-America here:


I personally am extremely proud of these 131 ever here at UGA.  They did have to be a Starter on their team AND have the grades which qualified them for Academic All-America to be listed of the 131.  I had the grades; I was not a Starter.  I know how much hard work in the classrooms this requires.


To whom much is given, much is expected.  And, these Scholar-Athletes are extremely gifted in the classroom and on the playing field. Rare.  Very Rare.  Very very very Rare.  These are both Gifts.


The best of the best.


Smart and Athletic.


God gives very few both.


Then, they had to work hard at both their Academics and their Sports.


There is no question that Coach Kirby Paul Smart is special.


This is what the Press Release was trying to say, but did a poor job of it.  I had to look it up. I thought I remembered this when he was here 1998.  I certainly remembered it about Fran Tarkenton, Matt Stinchcomb, Jon Stinchcomb, Kirby Smart, Gordan Beckham, Drew Butler, Alec Kessler, Chad Kessler, Ty Frix, Bill Stanfill, Kevin McClee, Aaron Murray, Jeff Pyburn, Kelly Miller, Coco Miller, and Terry Hoage.


We will continue to excel with Coach Kirby Paul Smart Academic All-America UGA, 1st Team All-State AAAA Bainbridge High Football Baseball Basketball 3-time 3-sport Letterman, 1st Team All-SEC Georgia Bulldogs Defensive Back DB, Captain Georgia 4-Years SEC Academic Honor Roll, and Christian married to our own Lady Bulldogs Mary Beth Lycett Smart who before Sunday was the more famous of their family !  BMOC Bainbridge Georgia Most Famous son after Governor Marvin Griffin Army Brigadier General Big Man on Campus.


He is BMOC now !

His Dad, Head Football Coach Bainbridge High School Sonny Smart, said to him this week that he will have to get off the porch and run with the Big Dawgs Now !


That is what his Dad said to him this week.


As you can see, Kirby Smart has ALWAYS run with the Big Dawgs.


Kirby told Sonny this !


I thought I always had been running with the Big Dawgs, Dad ?


I am certain over time, that those of you still talking about his predecessor 12 days’ later, such as Bernie yet again today will soon realize we are ALL All-In behind Kirby Smart !  And, why !

The Best of the Best and why I cry when I talk about him too : I am just very proud of Coach Kirby Paul Smart.


You should listen to this Chuck Dowdle Interview of Coach Kirby Paul Smart :



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