Yeah ! Now, it is reported Tracy Rocker is staying


Excellent !


Coach is making a lot of good choices !


And although it is not surprising that Jeremy Pruitt is the Defensive Coordinator for Nick Saban at Alabama now, I know he could have helped Coach out as well.


I suppose we can not have both Coach Kirby Smart and Jeremy Pruitt, but it’s my thoughts that before Coach Kirby Smart got here, that we did not have a Defensive Coordinator until Jeremy Pruitt since Erk Russell.


Notice what numbnuts did ?


Brought in Kirby Smart and made him running backs’ coach.  That one will go down the annuls with all his other worst choices ever.  Can you imagine had he had him coaching our defense instead since 2005 ?


Numbnuts might actually still be here !


So, from my view, that’s actually a Blessing in Disguise !


He makes one good hire on his staff, and puts him too out of position like all the other coaches under him almost exclusively were.  It was a joke.  Bryan McClendon at RB coach, for example, which I said at TIME bad choice.  His Dad ?  Sure Willie RB coach, but Bryan knew NOTHING about RB coach.  Not a thing.


He had QB coaching TE.


He had RB coaching WR.


He had TE coaching defensive secondary.


All he did, it seemed.


Why is he gone ?


1 sure choice/decision was hiring Coach Kirby Smart as RB coach.  Now, while that is great for the coach involved to get experience at other positions on OTHER SIDE OF THE BALL, it puts the coaches at disadvantage having respect of the team, and the team at disadvantage not having a coach at that position who knows a thing about it or even ever played it.  No concept.


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