All 3 Suspended ? Certainly sounds that way to me. Now, we learn it’s 3. Online Athens Banner-Herald Dawgbytes pay-per-view site says not telling you who other 2 are. AJ-C Seth Emerson for FREE tells you who the other 2 are and what they did at the arrest. Broken trust with me – no car, no gas, no cash, no insurance, no car payments, no driver’s license – you WILL understand I promise !



Do you know what a degree from The University of Georgia is worth ?


About $ 5 million dollars !


Now, we learn it’s 3.  Online Athens Banner-Herald Dawgbytes pay-per-view site says not telling you who other 2 are.  AJ-C Seth Emerson for FREE tells you who the other 2 are and what they did at the arrest.  Save your monies for the pay-per-site.


Let’s see now, you’re driving the vehicle and certainly know what’s going on in it, were arrested last month on the very same charge, the vehicle reaks – again – and your buddy – again – is arrested again.  You’re not, this time.


Think you get NO SUSPENSION for this ?


You are UNDER AGE.  Illegal in EVERY state of this great nation because of your age.  You’re driving a 2-ton weapon around like this twice in a month’s time.

You are going to DUI school.  You are paying for it.  I don’t and will not pay for the driver’s ed class for you.  When you have accomplished that, let me know ?  Until then, do NOT ask me for ANYTHING !




I am not supporting your habit.


You can go to prison for all I care.


And, so I get this straight – another guy is in the vehicle  He knows they both got arrested last month.


He gets in the same vehicle.


It reaks.


You have a small container also smelling like illegal drugs.


You thought it wise to be there with these 2 ?


Bring your own ?


Keep a container it was in ?


Get out.


Still have it on you.


You also underage.


You think you’re not suspended ?


Maybe the old fired loser who said yesterday it was good timing all around that he got fired- for not caring about winning and saying instead that there’s something besides winning that’s important here.


Maybe he’d let you get away with it if AB-H Online Athens doesn’t name you and you are not arrested according to Dawgbytes.


And, he’d be there telling you like he did last month when you last were arrested that at least he loved you.


And, God.


Don’t forget God told him to tell you that God Loves You too !


His policy was to tell you he loves.


His policy was if not arrested, hide it if could and no suspension – or at least not an announced suspension.


That’s what his policy was.


Cover it up if he could.


If didn’t have to call Police, then no arrest – even if over $ 500 in cash and other valuables is stolen from another team member.


A Felony therefore.


Don’t call the Police.


Kick them off the team, all 3 of them.  But, do not call the Police.


That’s what the Police Chief told us at the News Conference.


That NO ONE called the Police.


You are banned from seeing EITHER of these other 2 boys, son.


Both of them.


Banned for life.

They NO LONGER can be with you ever again.


Not for 2 seconds together.


You hear me ?


If they are not kicked-off the team and you’re not kicked-off the team, you can NEVER be with them EVER again son.


That goes for all 3 of you numbnuts.


You are representing The University of Georgia AND its proud brand-spanking new Head Coach Kirby Paul Smart.


Not like this you aren’t.


Trust me boys.


Finals week ?


Driving impaired ?


In a car with 2 others who are impaired and you have a small container reaking of illegal drugs yourself on your person ?  In your pocket ?


Oh, no.


This isn’t bad.


Nothing like that.


You didn’t get arrested.


I’ll cover for you on that since you were not arrested and by the way, God Loves You and So Do I and you are FORGIVEN.


You 3 guys are going DOWN boys !


This is what you think – not be suspended – by Coach Kirby Smart ?




Admittedly, I do not do drugs.  I need such a habit during Finals Week where I spend monies to forget what’s going on.  That what it does to you.  Forget. Then study, or not.  Doesn’t matter.


Pay some more money.


Get in another loaded weapon car.  Drive around reaking of drugs.  Keep little containers of it even after you smoked it.  Under age.


Bulletproof – not be suspended.


News flash !


Want me to tell you how this goes down with me and you’re my son ?


Repercussions.  Punishments.  Privileges yanked.  I am removing my name from that vehicle.  I am not paying for that insurance.  I am not making payments for that car.  I am not buying that gas.  I am NOT handing you any cash.  I will buy books, with you.  I am COMING to your residence.  I will be there when I am THERE.  I will have a key.  I find this shit, I am throwing it in toilet.


I am paying for you to go to The University of Georgia.


You are too big to spank now.


Your punishments now are big-boy punishments.


See how you like not having a car.


As starters.


See how you like have a keeper 24-hours a day.


You have embarrassed me.


Guess what ?


I can get through to you 3.


Maybe you do not give a shit how much bad press you get us representing us getting arrested twice in a month for the same offense ?


“In what universe was UGA ‘patient’ with Coach Kirby Smart’s FIRED predecessor ?” “The fan base was very patient with Coach Kirby Smart’s predecessor. They were a lot more patient” high school state champion coach Rush Propst says. 16 freaking days and we were impatient after 8-year slump ?

12-14-2015 :


You think ?  We waited through 8 seasons averaging 4-losses a season, which also included these most recent 8 years 73-32 overall made-up of 37-1 vs non-bowl teams 36-31 vs bowl teams, not in the top 25 vs ranked teams for these latest 8 years, 12 losses to unranked teams time of game or for season in these most-recent 8 years, 7 losses by more than 3 TD in these current 8 years, and being unranked half the time these most current 8 years as well 2009 2010 2013 and 2015 – doing all this with the # 8 talent # 5 Most NFL Draft picks to verify his average recruiting class ranking of # 8, beating only # 21 FSU 5-loss team 2002 and # 19 Hawai’i 2007 (neither in the most latest 8 years either) as his only 2 BCS wins and his 2 best bowl wins while UGA has been to 15 Big Bowl Games winning most of them all 15 with both us and the opponents ranked at the top of the Final AP Poll for # 11 All-Time Wins UGA.

There are 33 teams Division 1-A FBS who are 10-win season 2015.  33.  UGA 17 seasons of 0 or 1 loss.  UGA 26 seasons of 80 % win percentage.

Having Mike Bobo, AJ Green, Knowshon Moreno and Matthew Stafford losing 3 games and playing 4-loss # 24 Michigan State in yet another meaningless bowl game 2008 when he won the Fulmer Cup, started this 8-year swoon slump losing it and not caring.

The only 80 % win percentage these most recent 8 years now ?  A season in which he got the shit knocked out of him 7-35 and then he tells Aaron Murray 3 times in front of me, no do not spike it like you want to.  No.  No.  I’ll catch Nick Saban off-guard and he will not expect a pass with no time on the clock.  Not be ready for it.  Coach Kirby Smart pressured Aaron Murray, tipped the pass at the line of scrimmage, AND covered the receivers on the 1 play he got then by his design.


These are his highlights and you pussies think we were NOT PATIENT 8 excruciating years of inexplicable losses to lesser-talented teams ?  In 2008, game 5 kick-off, he was 80 % win percentage 76-19.  First 95 games here 80 % exactly win percentage game 5 kick-off 2008.


Win 4 lose 1.


Win 3 lose 1 since.


What are you looking at ?


Something else ?


Here, look again would you mind ?


Bickering ?


They have a different set of rules December 14, 2015 when he was fired with cause in November.

November 29.

November 30

December 1

December 2

December 3

December 4

December 5

December 6

December 7

December 8

December 9

December 10

December 11

December 12

December 13

December 14


16 freaking days !


He is not 75 % win percentage you friqin’ little piece of shit liar – not the games I’ve been to all these 8 solid years of ABSOLUTE nothingness boy.


Stick it up your ass !


“No question Kirby makes more of an impact than Mark,” high school state champion coach Rush Propst explained. “Mark had grown tired of the bureaucracy of that was going on. … The fan base was very patient with Mark. They were a lot more patient than they would be at Alabama or Auburn. Georgia’s just different. …  For Jeremy to go back to his home state to be a defensive coordinator is very important to him. Let me say this about Jeremy – and he won’t say this – but he wanted it to work at Georgia. He wanted to bring Georgia back to the heyday of the 80s. … When mama calls, it’s hard to say no.”




posted by Rick :

“In what universe was UGA ‘patient’ with Coach Kirby Smart’s FIRED predecessor ?  Has any program in college football history fired a coach winning 75% of his games ?  If anything, we’ve been shown to have a historically impatient fanbase, and one that largely deserves what is coming.”


posted by Brandon

“Auburn fired their coach 2 years after winning a championship and finished that year with an 0-8 conference record, 3-9 overall and lost to their two biggest rivals by a combined score of 87-0. I’m pretty sure had he done that at any point in his career he’d have been canned immediately too”


posted by Rick

“Exactly, Brandon. Mack Brown regressed. Philip Fulmer regressed. Even Frank Solich had a 7-7 season at the end (although he’s #2 to Richt as worst firing I am aware of).  While he wasn’t the .800 coach we hoped he might be in 2005, but he was every bit the .750 coach he had always been on the day we fired him.”


posted by Rick

“The sad thing is that I agree with you that a coach fired coming off a 3-9 season, and an overall winning percentage light years worse than Richt (or even Donnan) is one of the better examples out there. Auburn fired a terrible coach that happened to have a national championship. We fired the greatest coach in history because he didn’t.  Absolutely unprecedented. It’s that ridiculous article arguing for firing Osborne that you posted a while ago come true.”


posted Rick

“Yep, all things that when assessed objectively, using simple mathematical principles that we use in every other field except sports, are totally expected in a 15 year career of the greatest coach in our history.  You’re right, though, we fired him based on a list of dreary-sounding anecdotes. The problem is that if you aren’t Nick Saban, those anecdotes will pile up after 15 years.”



posted by Rick

“Overachieved relative to school history. Underachieved relative to the expectations we (including myself) had for Richt in 2005. But when you fire him, you don’t get another. You get whatever you get, and every single coach hired in the SEC this millenium that didn’t already have a top 10 finish on his resume has been a failure compared to him save one (Les Miles).  Relative to the expectation we can reasonably have for the hire we just made, he exceeded expectations at every stage in his career.”



posted by Rick

“There certainly can be differences of opinion on what is an acceptable level of success. Regardless of talent, what matters is wins and losses, and anyone who requires the UGA coach to win 80% of his games was correct to argue for his termination. He would likely never win at that rate on a consistent basis.  However, we can estimate how easy it is to find a coach that can win 80% of his games. It’s insanely difficult. The only examples in the SEC this century are a guy who already had a national title under his belt and a guy who had just won a BCS bowl at Utah to finish in the top 5.  We hired a defensive coordinator. There hasn’t been a remotely successful hire of this type in the SEC since….well, him. But hey, maybe lightning does strike the same place twice.”



posted by Rick

“Look, the way you have constructed it sounds plausible, but look out there and judge empirically: how many programs are roughly on par with UGA in terms of resources relative to their conference peers? A dozen? Twenty? I see 5 others in the SEC alone.   Why can almost none of them win consistently at a 75% rate?   The reason is that you’ve cheated in small ways with your evaluation, but those small cheats add up. 4-0 against cupcakes including Tech – should we really expect to beat tech (2015 orange bowl winners) 100% of the time? And what about out of conference teams like Clemson that we routinely face? And what about bowl games, which should presumably match us against equivalently successful foes? And what about the SEC championship game?   Most importantly, what about when the team just isn’t very good? Every non-Saban team has down years every 5 years or so. To assume a ‘floor’ of .500 in conference for those teams is wildly optimistic.  That’s why very rarely see coaches consistently winning 75% of their games, and when you get a coach that does it, it is crazy to let him go unless you have backchanneled a homerun replacement. That is so clearly not the case here.”



posted by Gaskilldawg

“If Smart makes us 20% better than the past 3 years then we will average 13.5 wins per season. Good luck with that.”



posted by Doggoned

“I get the thread, just not the incessant bickering.”



Hello ? Your phone isn’t ringing enough for you after The Coach got here ? Guess what ? Then, it’s not us calling !



We didn’t want you anyway.  You’re injured.  Walk-on.  Prove you are ok, and see if you earn a scholarship.


As for the guy from Texas, go stuff yourself.  We are here to win.  You are NOT it boy !


And, for the cough cough quarterback, good as well boy.


We have plenty of injured players come here offered prior to the injury who never panned-out.  And, plenty of better players.


Same for the other 2 that there are plenty of other players.


If you figured you come here and play trophy for everyone, we’ve been down that road.


All 3 of you are average, at best.


I mean good Lord.


Make a big announcement and all boys !


We are looking for Bulldogs.


You 3 are NOT IT !


Don’t let the screen door slam on your backsides on the way out.


You are not Bulldogs !


Our goal here is not fill the roster with guys who don’t want to be here, think they are great, make big negative announcements, none of the 3 of you have any speed at all, none of you 3 are Athletic, none are any damn good, and if all you want is a damn prayer circle – try Cuba or little Cuba – Miami !


See ya’


Piss Off !


Try telling everyone where you do want to go ?


Oh, no one wants you ?


I see.


We don’t either that’s why if your phone isn’t ringing enough for you, hello it’s not us !



Rebuilding Job for Coach Kirby Smart ?

12-14-2015 :


Well, the first guy to hire Coach Kirby Smart was Jim Donnan; and he says Coach Kirby Smart faces a rebuilding effort.


Coach Kirby Smart says we lack Quality Depth, lack Explosive Players on Offense he calls it, specifically stated that there is no excuse for our woes at Wide Receiver with all the talent that has been available in this state, that our OL and DL are LACKING, and of course everyone knows we have NO QB.  We also did not sack anyone and tackled no one behind the line of scrimmage. We lost to another team this season again who is unranked and was at time of game as well in either the AP or Coaches’ Poll once again, even with their win over us.  We are unranked ourselves in both the AP Poll and the Coaches’ Poll again 2015 as we have been half the time after 2007 in 2009, 2010, 2013 and now again 2015.  He’s gone; so he can not now get us ranked for 2015.  That is up to Bryan McClendon who is taking his assistant head coaching job but not until Bryan gets his way to add coached a team for 1 game as interim coach first.  This is ALL your doing.  You are to blame.  You said after yellowjackets game, he’d be back and you love him.  I told you guaranteed you that he’d be gone after the yellowjackets game.


Now, you surmise we’re great because of all the talent only the fired guy is responsible for bringing here.  You said Trent Thompson and Terry Godwin would leave after Mike Bobo was gone.  Mike Bobo had us the # 88 Passing Offense last year.  He has done extremely poorly at Colorado State losing to 3 teams without a winning record, like he did when he was here.


We have good players.  They have not been given the ball.  They were told that there’s something besides winning that’s important here.  They have no idea how to win.


In addition, we are :


# 118 on 3rd Down Conversions by our Offense


This is really really really bad.  When you can not convert 3rd Downs, you send your “special” teams and defense back out again and again to bail their butts out.  It causes unanswered points which we saw happen this season of 4, 4 and 5 unanswered touchdowns scored on us.


We played a seriously weak schedule # 80 in the nation – clearly one of the worst easiest schedules for us ever.


We beat no team who was even reasonably good.


# 87 on our 4th Down Conversions by our Offense


# 61 in Blocked Punts Allowed


1st Downs on Offense we simply could not choose a QB still trying-out in November

# 98 1st Downs on Offense

# 81 Fumbles Lost

# 61 Kick-Off Return Defense

# 117 Kick-Off Returns by us

# 101 Net Punting had 2 punters on Scholarship

# 103 Passing Offense after # 88 last year with Mike Bobo Passing Offense

# 79 Passing Yards per Completion, when we did pass it was 4-yards


Again as it was last year with Mike Bobo


# 69 Punt Return Defense

# 101 Red Zone Offense which we installed in Fall Practice with the # 1 Starting QB all year # 3 and not involved in installing the Red Zone Offense therefore


# 89 in our Defense Sacking their QB – which I told you preseason we would be


Guaranteed it


You said we had Great Sacking ability this season.  We did not, as I told you.


# 71 vs # 80 SoS cupcakes for our Defense Tackling behind their line of scrimmage


# 33 record at 9-3 which means 33 teams will put up 10-win season 2015-2016


Not a goal obviously dimwits !






We have averaged 4 losses per season over the entire last 8 seasons !


Rebuilding job for Coach Kirby Smart Jim Donnan says ?




We’ve padded our won/lost record these most recent 8 years Coach Kirby Smart is hired to FIX by going total 73-32 made-up of 37-1 vs non-bowl teams (41 bowl games starting now) and only 36-31 vs bowl teams for 8 years now !  Average 4-loss season.


The 1 part of the team that did its part against the cupcakes anyway, we traded Defensive Coordinators with Alabama.


When we did have talent, we did not play him but others in trophy for everyone.


When we did have talent, they did not get the ball in Big Games !


When we did have talent, they made their names in the NFL and lost here being told they were NOT as good as the ones ahead of them on Kirby Smart’s predecessor’s depth chart.


We had 9 coordinators under his predecessor and you told me all he needed was a 10th.


He had Matthew Stafford, Mike Bobo, AJ Green and Knowshon Moreno in 2008 lost 3 games and played an unranked opponent in our “bowl game” no one watching it either, except for us.  We Won the Fulmer Cup that year.


The Day our new Coach gets hired, you insist on having his predecessor in town for the Gala; and, a guy who he told he loved he told him in jail the last time he was arrested a month ago, gets arrested again.


# 11 All-Time in Wins # 3 All-Time in Bowl Wins # 5 NFL Draft Picks # 3 Talent In-State we are not in the top 25 against ranked teams after 2007.


Predecessor’s “Dream” team recruits leave in the Great Exodus after this season 20 seniors all of whom have started for the predecessor.


You tried to make that out as a young team this season.  Uh huh, you are so full of shit.


So, now, you announce this is NOT a rebuilding job for Coach Kirby Smart.


You bragged on his recruiting when it has been proved he should have done better especially with Elite Prospects.


We have EVERY RESOURCE to be far better than averaging 4 losses per season over 8-year period.


But, we are.



Averaging 4 losses per season with him as the guy who told you over the weekend that the timing was right all around for him to leave because he had by God Above quit coaching this team after 2007 and told you repeatedly to your glee that here at Georgia, there’s something besides winning that’s important.


No, there is not.


It is all you talked about.


10-Win seasons


10-Win seasons 33 others have 2015 too and he NO GOOD WIN at all whatsoever.


2-6 SEC Auburn is his “best” cough cough win.


7 losses by more than 3 TD after 2007, we simply were not ready to play.


12 losses to unranked teams time of game or for season after 2007, inexplicable losses abound.


That National Brand Buck Belue states has been damaged.


CBS renamed it from Charlie Brown loser from “Pulling another FILL IN HIS NAME _____” to we Georgia’d another Big Game.


He had a full roster for the first time in a decade this season.


And, for it we play in the Gator Bowl AGAIN !


Against a team who beat not one single Power 5 Conference Team with a winning record.


Guess what ?


We didn’t either.


We averaged the # 8 Recruiting Rankings VERIFIED by # 5 Most NFL Draft Picks and didn’t do diddle-e-squat because we were dumb as shit, failed to coach them up a reflection on the coaching staff beyond any reasonable doubt, lost games we were not supposed to lose, and lost every big game.


Now, we have a new Coach, and you still want to fawn over the son of a bitch who wants to say to his new team Miami of Florida HIS PLAYERS and YOU fans love him !  Miami of Florida who in their entire existence had a short period of years LONG AGO where they did well against Big East Cupcakes AND NOTHING SINCE !


A team we own a 7-4-1 record against : Miami of Florida.


A team in the all cupcake conference and still can not win.


Are we a rebuilding program ?


God damn it, get your heads out of your asses !


We have to get more from less, not less with more.


We have change the entire culture around here, which Coach Kirby Smart has said to you from Day 1, is YOUR # 1 PROBLEM that you are dragging your feet on the FIRED guy and trying to split-up The Mighty Dawg Nation telling us how much you love his freaking losing predecessor !


How is he going to get the team to buy-in and get back to TRYING to win with all these players here he has to change their perceptions of and change their habits on and off the field with you sitting there like a spoiled rotten petulant child whining still he’s been FIRED.


And, call all this summarized on this blog today, as “successful?”


I told you before you were the problem.


You said I was.


Now, you come read MY BLOG because you want to know :


“Hey I wonder what Thomas Brown says about all this?”


If it were up to you, he would still be coaching the bowl game !


But, it was up to me


Not you.


Wasn’t it ?


What the friq – given these PROVEN FACTS on this blog today above – is a rebuilding job in your dumbass mind ?



Mike Bobo update : Bowl Game is 2 weeks from tomorrow – LOST to 3 teams without a winning record, talk about inexplicable losses

12-14-2015 :


Mike Bobo plays in a “bowl game” 2 weeks from tomorrow as a 7-5 team in Tucson in the Sonoran desert on a dry river bed still called the Santa Cruz River on I-10 less than an hour from the Mexican border against 6-6 Nevada.

He has the # 70 recruiting class for 2016, largely because he has commitments from 4 of his 13 as JUCO transfers 2 years and gone.  He has no 4-Star and only seven 3-star commitments.  This means he has commitments from 6 players already who are below 3-star commitments.


Nevada has 19,000 at their games and Colorado State gets 24,000 attendance.


Mike Bobo signed the worst dead-last recruiting class this year 2015.  Yes, it was even worse than Georgia State.


Mike Bobo lost to :

5-7 Minnesota gophers

4-9 Colorado

6-6 Utah State who plays the zips in their “bowl game”

4-loss unranked Boise State who plays their “bowl game” December 23 – that’s next Wednesday

and San Diego State who plays their “bowl game” the day after Boise State


They had no good opponent.


# 94 Passes Intercepted

# 92 Fumbles Lost

# 114 Penalties per Game

# 121 Blocked Kicks Allowed

# 105 Rushing Defense


Absolutely abysmal as a sound, well-coached team.

Antithesis of that.


# 118 Official NCAA Strength of Schedule Colorado State

# 80 Official NCAA Strength of Schedule Georgia

# 2 Official NCAA Strength of Schedule Alabama


Colorado State has a losing record in college football.


Mike Bobo continues his inexplicable losses with 3 inexplicable losses to 3 teams who did not even have a winning record – even with their win over Mike Bobo.


I do not think anyone will be watching their, or any of their opponents’ soon up-coming bowl game.


You might.


You seem to like this kind of shit.

Academic Prestige and Top Sports – Florida top SEC school and Georgia # 2



Florida is # 12 nationally

Georgia is # 15 nationally