All 3 Suspended ? Certainly sounds that way to me. Now, we learn it’s 3. Online Athens Banner-Herald Dawgbytes pay-per-view site says not telling you who other 2 are. AJ-C Seth Emerson for FREE tells you who the other 2 are and what they did at the arrest. Broken trust with me – no car, no gas, no cash, no insurance, no car payments, no driver’s license – you WILL understand I promise !



Do you know what a degree from The University of Georgia is worth ?


About $ 5 million dollars !


Now, we learn it’s 3.  Online Athens Banner-Herald Dawgbytes pay-per-view site says not telling you who other 2 are.  AJ-C Seth Emerson for FREE tells you who the other 2 are and what they did at the arrest.  Save your monies for the pay-per-site.


Let’s see now, you’re driving the vehicle and certainly know what’s going on in it, were arrested last month on the very same charge, the vehicle reaks – again – and your buddy – again – is arrested again.  You’re not, this time.


Think you get NO SUSPENSION for this ?


You are UNDER AGE.  Illegal in EVERY state of this great nation because of your age.  You’re driving a 2-ton weapon around like this twice in a month’s time.

You are going to DUI school.  You are paying for it.  I don’t and will not pay for the driver’s ed class for you.  When you have accomplished that, let me know ?  Until then, do NOT ask me for ANYTHING !




I am not supporting your habit.


You can go to prison for all I care.


And, so I get this straight – another guy is in the vehicle  He knows they both got arrested last month.


He gets in the same vehicle.


It reaks.


You have a small container also smelling like illegal drugs.


You thought it wise to be there with these 2 ?


Bring your own ?


Keep a container it was in ?


Get out.


Still have it on you.


You also underage.


You think you’re not suspended ?


Maybe the old fired loser who said yesterday it was good timing all around that he got fired- for not caring about winning and saying instead that there’s something besides winning that’s important here.


Maybe he’d let you get away with it if AB-H Online Athens doesn’t name you and you are not arrested according to Dawgbytes.


And, he’d be there telling you like he did last month when you last were arrested that at least he loved you.


And, God.


Don’t forget God told him to tell you that God Loves You too !


His policy was to tell you he loves.


His policy was if not arrested, hide it if could and no suspension – or at least not an announced suspension.


That’s what his policy was.


Cover it up if he could.


If didn’t have to call Police, then no arrest – even if over $ 500 in cash and other valuables is stolen from another team member.


A Felony therefore.


Don’t call the Police.


Kick them off the team, all 3 of them.  But, do not call the Police.


That’s what the Police Chief told us at the News Conference.


That NO ONE called the Police.


You are banned from seeing EITHER of these other 2 boys, son.


Both of them.


Banned for life.

They NO LONGER can be with you ever again.


Not for 2 seconds together.


You hear me ?


If they are not kicked-off the team and you’re not kicked-off the team, you can NEVER be with them EVER again son.


That goes for all 3 of you numbnuts.


You are representing The University of Georgia AND its proud brand-spanking new Head Coach Kirby Paul Smart.


Not like this you aren’t.


Trust me boys.


Finals week ?


Driving impaired ?


In a car with 2 others who are impaired and you have a small container reaking of illegal drugs yourself on your person ?  In your pocket ?


Oh, no.


This isn’t bad.


Nothing like that.


You didn’t get arrested.


I’ll cover for you on that since you were not arrested and by the way, God Loves You and So Do I and you are FORGIVEN.


You 3 guys are going DOWN boys !


This is what you think – not be suspended – by Coach Kirby Smart ?




Admittedly, I do not do drugs.  I need such a habit during Finals Week where I spend monies to forget what’s going on.  That what it does to you.  Forget. Then study, or not.  Doesn’t matter.


Pay some more money.


Get in another loaded weapon car.  Drive around reaking of drugs.  Keep little containers of it even after you smoked it.  Under age.


Bulletproof – not be suspended.


News flash !


Want me to tell you how this goes down with me and you’re my son ?


Repercussions.  Punishments.  Privileges yanked.  I am removing my name from that vehicle.  I am not paying for that insurance.  I am not making payments for that car.  I am not buying that gas.  I am NOT handing you any cash.  I will buy books, with you.  I am COMING to your residence.  I will be there when I am THERE.  I will have a key.  I find this shit, I am throwing it in toilet.


I am paying for you to go to The University of Georgia.


You are too big to spank now.


Your punishments now are big-boy punishments.


See how you like not having a car.


As starters.


See how you like have a keeper 24-hours a day.


You have embarrassed me.


Guess what ?


I can get through to you 3.


Maybe you do not give a shit how much bad press you get us representing us getting arrested twice in a month for the same offense ?


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