Mike Bobo update : Bowl Game is 2 weeks from tomorrow – LOST to 3 teams without a winning record, talk about inexplicable losses

12-14-2015 :


Mike Bobo plays in a “bowl game” 2 weeks from tomorrow as a 7-5 team in Tucson in the Sonoran desert on a dry river bed still called the Santa Cruz River on I-10 less than an hour from the Mexican border against 6-6 Nevada.

He has the # 70 recruiting class for 2016, largely because he has commitments from 4 of his 13 as JUCO transfers 2 years and gone.  He has no 4-Star and only seven 3-star commitments.  This means he has commitments from 6 players already who are below 3-star commitments.



Nevada has 19,000 at their games and Colorado State gets 24,000 attendance.


Mike Bobo signed the worst dead-last recruiting class this year 2015.  Yes, it was even worse than Georgia State.


Mike Bobo lost to :

5-7 Minnesota gophers

4-9 Colorado

6-6 Utah State who plays the zips in their “bowl game”

4-loss unranked Boise State who plays their “bowl game” December 23 – that’s next Wednesday

and San Diego State who plays their “bowl game” the day after Boise State


They had no good opponent.


# 94 Passes Intercepted

# 92 Fumbles Lost

# 114 Penalties per Game

# 121 Blocked Kicks Allowed

# 105 Rushing Defense


Absolutely abysmal as a sound, well-coached team.

Antithesis of that.


# 118 Official NCAA Strength of Schedule Colorado State

# 80 Official NCAA Strength of Schedule Georgia

# 2 Official NCAA Strength of Schedule Alabama


Colorado State has a losing record in college football.


Mike Bobo continues his inexplicable losses with 3 inexplicable losses to 3 teams who did not even have a winning record – even with their win over Mike Bobo.


I do not think anyone will be watching their, or any of their opponents’ soon up-coming bowl game.


You might.


You seem to like this kind of shit.


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