Boo hoo The Georgia Bulldogs are without their coaches for the bowl game at the Gator Bowl for the Gator Bowl where the Gator Bowl is annually held. Won 5 of 16 games there at the Gator Bowl including January 1 last year. Remember 2014 ? Lost then too.



His staffs NEVER showed-up down there anyway !  We’ve LOST 11 of the latest 16 games at that God Damn hellhole Stadium.


Won 5 of 15 games there at the Gator Bowl at the site of the annual Gator Bowl called the Gator Bowl is the Gator Bowl for the Gator Bowl against the Gators.  And, we LOST to Nebraska there January 1 last year you know 2014 ?  Remember ?  Won 5 of 16 games there at the damn Gator Bowl.


Now we have a chance to square-it with Penn State All-Time in history.


Excuse me !


Hello ?


Dumbasses ?


Hello ?


Brian Schottenheimer and predecessor to Coach Kirby Smart neither showed-up at any of the meaningful games this season.


Jeremy Pruitt at least did his part in the non-meaningful games – but he isn’t going to be there either.


Penn State is the opponent and they haven’t beat a single Power 5 Conference Opponent with a winning record.


Neither have we !


We are 1 bowl win behind 2 other Major Football Factories 3rd All-Time in Bowl Wins.


I swear to freaking God we’ve been a rudderless ship for 15 years.


Why don’t you tell me again how great the fired guy is ?


Jesus Christ.


This is relevant that it is Penn State.  We do need a win over them, you know ?


We drove down for the game to cap 1982 season against Penn State, and stayed at the Fairmont Roosevelt.  I would not say anything about this trip was memorable.  Just their QB.



So, we do need a win against Penn State.


Some of these coaches not being there is a blessing.


Others like Jeremy Pruitt, not so much a blessing as it is an embarrassment that we swap trade defensive coordinators and he runs instantly over there while ours stays over there until January 12, 2016.


Who is the damn coach at this school anyway ?


It’s not the fired guy.  We know that.


The kids can all go party hearty – they have no one to answer to until January 12, 2016.  And, they are !


Excuse me, who is in charge of this operation ?


The win or loss counts against Bryan McClendon, but he’s off to Miami right after the game.  Where is his allegiance ?  Who is he recruiting for ?  What is he doing with his time ?


As has gone on for the last 15 years, with these staffs put together by a FIRED guy who said repeatedly that there’s something besides winning that’s important here at Georgia and now that he’s finally by God Above fired, he admits that all along it was just the right thing all around he states now afterwards that he got fired.


That he never did give a shit about winning.


That that is not how he judges himself but leading the boys to Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.


And, his prayer circle buddies as his assistant coaches on his staff.


And, Favoritism shown toward his prayer circle buddies on the team.


But, damn I want to beat Penn State – get that taste out of my mouth.


It took me 16 hours driving down there and back over 1000 miles.


I hated losing to Penn State 1982.


Hated it.


Damn it !


I want to beat Penn State.


Supposedly, you do better if you have a coach you know ?




Anyone out there in charge of this damn football program between NOW and January 12, 2016 ?


A month of partying, arrests, 3 suspensions, and I have never seen such a load of bullshit in all my life.


That’s how I feel about this.


I want to beat Penn State.


That’s Vanderbilt’s former coach James Franklin at Penn State.


We come across like Bumpkins in all this.


No coach for the game at all ?


Who is in charge of this football program until January 12, 2016 and why do Alabama and Miami of Florida get their guys to come now and coach now and ours is NOT here either ?


Jesus Christ !


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