Coach Kirby Smart : “I feel comfortable with Thomas Brown. I think he’s a great young man and a great asset to the program. I’m working to keep him here.”




Coach Kirby Smart : “I feel comfortable with Thomas Brown.  I think he’s a great young man and a great asset to the program. I’m working to keep him here.”


And, yes Buck Belue Jake Eason Starts North Carolina September 3 Peach Bowl Kick-Off Classic.


Why did we lose to Vanderbilt 2006 ?


Because Coach Kirby Smart’s predecessor said Joe Tereshinski III is a better QB than Matthew Stafford.



Do you know who Vanderbilt beat in 2006 ?


Tennessee State, Temple and Duke.


Duke was 0-12.


Vanderbilt was 1-7 in The SEC.


Temple was 1-11.


But, they beat us because Joe Tereshinski III is a BETTER QB than Matthew Stafford !


No question Greg McGarity has staked his future on unproven coaches such as Joni Taylor Lady Bulldogs and Coach Kirby Smart



Honestly, I thought we deserved to have a new gym and proven head coaches.


Let’s look at his 2 new hires now shall we  ?


The Lady Bulldogs have not skipped a beat for season 1 but how could they when Andy Landers left the program retiring and left us with 4 top senior starters.  While Andy Landers left Joni Taylor with 4 Senior Starters, The Lady Bulldogs are set to have 1 of their better seasons.


That is saying something !


The Lady Bulldogs have 3 very impressive wins and only 1 loss on the season to a team who is very good and spanked us hard at their house.  A 21-point loss at Michigan State, a team we beat last year.  A game where we demonstrated how poorly we can shoot.  This remains a point of emphasis as we wind down our non-conference slate when the Finals are over.  We must make our free throws and have the gals who can shoot, take the shots.


# 29 in the AP and # 29 in Coaches’ Polls week 6 now :


The Lady Bulldogs Strength of Schedule is # 28 :


The Lady Bulldogs RPI is # 6 :


Are we UCONN ?


Unfortunately, no.  We have the Stegesaurus and UCONN comes here and takes our great gals in-state to play on their teams.


Would a new gym benefit Joni Taylor and her Lady Bulldogs ?


Without question, it would assist in keeping our talent in-state.


It would help Mark Fox too on him getting in-state talent.


Our Facilities for Men’s and Women’s Basketball are not that which we provide to our football team.


Our next game is Sunday at 2 pm for The Lady Bulldogs – watch all games live free on


Our next home game for The Lady Bulldogs is a week from today next Wednesday 23rd.


9-1 on the season.


The SEC slate starts for The Lady Bulldogs on January 3rd.  The day after our coachless Gator Bowl game.


Bowl Game Saturday Jan 2nd and SEC season Lady Bulldogs Sunday Jan 3, 2016.


There is a lot of basketball before March Madness, and The Lady Bulldogs program is the # 6 best program in the nation.  So, we have a proud tradition of not only doing well, but doing very well in March Madness with our Lady Bulldogs.  We also graduate all of them, like our First Lady in heels Mary Beth Lycett Smart.


Mackenzie Engram  in her 2nd year hasn’t broken-out yet

Mackenzie Engram is shooting a very good 41 % from the floor and less than respectable 68 % free throws, 3rd best rebounder, and 3rd best block shots averaging 10 points a game.  Mackenzie is a very pretty lady.


Tiaria Griffin is our sharpshooter 1 of the 4 seniors
She is shooting a very good 42 % from the floor, outstanding team-leading 82 % free throws, and team-leading 38 % from the 3-point line, 3rd most assists, least number of turnovers, 2nd most steals averaging 15 points a game, destined for great WNBA career obviously.


Shacobia Barbee is our leader on the court

She is shooting 46 % from the field but only 64 % from the charity stripe despite getting the most free throws from her aggressive style play, team-leading rebounder with nearly 10 a game, with the least number of fouls on the team headed to stardom in the WNBA, team assist leader !  Averaging 13 points a game.


Merritt Hempe is a workhorse inside

She benefits greatly from the strong cast getting her the ball shooting 56 % from the field and the same from the free throw line, which is not good from the free throw line, while her shots from the field are underneath,  2nd on the team in rebounds and most on the team personal fouls, 2nd most blocked shots, averaging 13 points a game.


 Marjorie Butler Academic All-America our sure-handed point guard headed to Medical School

She is nearly the team-leader in fewest turnovers and has the ball the whole time !  Amazing dribbler.  Also nearly the team-leader in assists obviously.  She shoots only 67 % from the free throw line which is a hinderance, has taken the team’s 3rd most 3-point shots making only 5 of 28 for 17 % which has to stop I called before the season began, and shoots a team-low from the field worst on team 31 % which is also something I pointed-out pre-season she had to NOT do.  Do not take the shots.  Dish it off only.  She holds the entire team back when she shoots, and if she takes a lot of shots, we have no hope at all in the up-coming SEC slate.  Averages 5 points a game.


All but Mackenzie Engram are seniors and she a sophomore.


Joni Taylor has several super-subs including her Freshman recruit she signed this season :


Caliya Robinson  Joni Taylor gets Freshman sensation Caliya Robinson in the games and she puts the ball in the hoop !  Averaging 7 points a game.  She shoots 50 % from field outstanding and 73 % from the free throw line also top-notch !  2nd best free throw shooter on the team and 2nd best on the team from the field !  Team-Leader in Blocked Shots despite not starting until next season with The Great Exodus of 4 senior starters for Joni Taylor.


Need to make hay now Joni Taylor !


And, getting it done !


Amber Skidgel Joni Taylor’s 2nd super-sub sensation Freshman will Start next season as well for Joni Taylor and is an absolute force underneath.  In high school, she scored a lot of points, in college she has not gotten untracked yet – just not shooting the ball well at all yet while she gets acclimated to the intense defenses in college ball.  Women’s college basketball really took off once the WNBA settled in and college ball truly is the feeder system where the intensity is just so great !  It’s a lot of fun to watch these gals get the hang of the college game and grow.  Right now, Amber has work to do while Caliya is destined to WNBA greatness !


I expected more from Halle Washington at this point and she will do well coming-up, while Pachis Roberts has been injured when she contributes so much to the team.  Haley Clark plays quite a bit but fouls too much, while Hannahkohl Almire frankly has shown some great promise in her limited play so far.  And, Shanea Armbrister is doing fine too.


That’s our dozen gals and their play so far.  It’s been fun watching them !


Right now, a Starting 5, and two super-subs.


And 5 significant players who come off the bench where 2 more starters have to come from for next season for Joni Taylor.


But Joni Taylor HAS NOT RECRUITED WELL replacing Andy Landers and will leave this team with ALL THESE SENIORS seriously lacking year 2 of Joni Taylor next season.  She has lined-up a great group for 2017.  So 2015 good team.  2016 no hope.  2017 looks great.  This is where we are with Joni Taylor.  I said when Greg McGarity hired Joni Taylor that she just had to recruit well and so far she just has not.


Obviously this is NOT GOOD that Greg McGarity hired Joni Taylor only to sit and watch the 2016 recruiting cycle with NO HELP for a team with 4 Starters Seniors.  Bad news.


Now for football, well, Coach Kirby Smart is certainly as high a profile non-proven coach as there is.


Before the hire, I called for him to be hired.  I listed several proven coaches too.


Joni Taylor I did not guess but, I did study her and determine I thought we needed a proven head coach.


Joni Taylor will have to recruit 5 serious ladies for next season to make it.


Coach Kirby Smart has ALREADY proven his worth signing the # 1 football player in the nation to QB September 3 against North Carolina in the Peach Bowl Kick-Off Classic.


The ratings for that game just went out the roof !


Anything he does after that is gravy from my point of view !  His predecessor did as much damage as he could to not only the national brand and huge rebuilding effort but also in jumping on a plane when he knew he was being fired the next day to mess it up as best he could for us with Jake Eason.  Kirby has to prove Nick Saban taught him to be a head coach.


So, at this point after all my harassing of his predecessor to admit he didn’t care about winning and forcing him to be fired – I am ecstatic about Coach Kirby Smart turning this around for Scholar Athlete Jake Eason to join-in on Coach Kirby Smart’s Vision for doing better than we have the previous 8-year period, referred to by Jake Eason at the trophy ceremony announcing he’s buying-in with Coach Kirby Smart as tough times for Bulldogs’ fans.


Joni Taylor has proven capable on the Court and talking to the press, and in recruiting to-date not well although with some possibly lined-up for 2017 so far.

Coach Kirby Smart is not an unknown or unproven or unknowledgeable or someone who has to prove himself in the years up-coming – not after getting Jake Eason here he is NOT  !  He was dealt a serious blow by his predecessor trying to save his job he knew flying out there only to have Ben Cleveland have to tell him the VERY NEXT DAY after he left, that he’d been FIRED !


Anyway, Coach Kirby Smart is my hero, not only for marrying Mary Beth Lycett, being Academic All-America, Bainbridge Georgia Most Favored Son, but for telling you fans how full of it you are that 18 days…


18 days !


Fired November 29, you are still fawning over a guy averaging 4-loss season these latest 8 years of me taking crap off you on the Internet only to have me stuff it down your throat and up your other orifice – since.


I nailed it !


And, now you.


Pat Forde says Coach Kirby Smart is to be determined.


As far as I am concerned – not now !


Not after getting Jake Eason !




As for Greg McGarity, if he builds us a new gym, I will leave him alone forever now.


I am satisfied with Coach Kirby Smart and with Joni Taylor !


I am happy.


You are NOT !


I take great satisfaction in both instances !


I was right and you were wrong talking about his entire career, because he was fired NOT for that, but because of his last 8 years of nothingness win 3 lose 1.  Adding-in what he did his first 7 years here of win 4 lose 1, wasn’t why he got fired and was not taken into account as much as how he lost it after 2007.


Move on.


I am happy with Coach Kirby Smart NOW, and I don’t give a hoot that you refuse to apologize to me for being an Internet bully to me to for 7 years because you are proven to be the petulant stupid child I always knew you to be !


Write some more for me about how bad the firing of him please !


18 days  Good Lord you still fawn over the 4-loss a season last 8 years LOSER with all this talent !


Give it a rest !


It’s over !


I won.


I was right !


You were, and are, wrong !




You’ve NEVER been right !