A Georgie tek yellowjackets’ fan writes a different point of view on all this on his blog here in Atlanta, replying to one of my posts here that he LIKES it ! Then, he goes back to his blog and says about us that we’re a “crummy little school in Athens.”


He does WebPages for a living, but when you click his URL Link, it really does not have pieces you can like or not, no rating system, no information about if anyone looks at it, and no way to reply even.



What he does do, however, is plagiarism of every researched detail study of everything this blog has ever done.


He did LIKE one of my posts here.


I decided I would see what he has to say.


Well, here are a couple of his thoughts :


Here’s a few statistical facts”




” very long time ago, some guy named Michelangelo who was smart, painted good”




Maybe English is his second language ?


Ich habe Die Deutsche Sprache gern !


Ich habe Die Deutsche Sprache auf Die Universitat Georgia gelernt.


He coaches a soccer team and writes on the Internet.


He follows Atlanta sports and specifically writes about that.


He has had 45,502 readers to his site, so his site is not like this one, which has those numbers in a day.


But, his perspective as a fan who hates us is worth the read.


His conclusion is a big let-down after you read it all.  That’s assuming what is at the bottom of the page is an ending to the blog post.


And, he wimps-out and waters down his own points he makes.  Actually, those are my points he cut and pasted without URL Link without references without footnotes, and without a LINK to this site as the source either.  My blog posts ALWAYS have URL Links to that which is relevant.  That which consumes me in my quest for similar discussions on Georgia Bulldogs’ Sports and how great This University of Georgia is, and from where I am a proud successful graduate.


There are after all a third of a million of us.


As for his team, well he says he is a fan of Georgie tek yellowjackets, but he writes about us ?


I clicked his Avatar and read one blog entry.


This one.


He has 7 categories and 3 are on us !


He is a pompous son of a bitch, if you ask me.


Pontificate from upon high.


I am reminded of many such so-called “fans” of their team who has 7 seasons of -0- wins and another 5 more seasons of -1- win only.


How many did they win this season ?


Was it 3 ?


Honestly, I could care.


Which is how they all come across to me, talking down to us, while ignoring the facts in so doing.




They are all easily blind-sided.


I kept waiting for him to say that he loved us too, or some such bullshit.  But, no, he never did.


Consumed with us, but unwilling to admit we are a lot more fun to follow than some 3-win team.


And, he never carried it anywhere – never had a point.


Just spewing hatred to The Georgia Bulldogs – # 11 All-Time in Wins and # 3 All-Time at winning bowl games.


We have another of both of those the year we fired our coach, while they are quite satisfied to keep their Fish Fry “coach” and his high school offense with 3-win season.


They have had 18 seasons worse than this 2015 season they just completed.


I chose between Cornell, UGA and Georgie tek.  I went down there.  There were no ladies.  Just Asian men.  They talked about how great their school was, but I felt unsafe in the slums and constantly looked around.  I would never send my daughters there.


Never in God’s Green Earth !


While we are # 15 nationally and # 2 in The SEC at prestige of Academics and Athletics, they have won one AP Poll National Championship in their entire existence !


That was in girls’ tennis many years’ ago.


He turns his nose up I am sure at us being the # 1 Party School many if not most of the surveys.


Excuse me, campus life was important to me !


I lettered in 4 sports.


Sports are important to me, as there are only 3 seasons !


They are in the slums of a city of 7 million, and should have long ago moved their campus back when the land was worth something.


We are the # 1 college town in America.


We are an Internationally recognized University.


I worked 3 years in Australia my wife and I transferred there and back.  They hired me quickly when they saw my degree.


That was a hell of a lot of fun !


We are # 61 and them # 36 in the 2016 U.S. World and World Report rankings of best schools.


To listen to them, they try to make the impression they are # 1 Harvard.


Not hardly.


No one ever goes around bragging they are # 36.


Yet, that is ALL they do.


“We’re # 36 !”


We have 26 seasons of 80 % win percentages, and this guy summarizes MY ENTIRE blog and fails to point that out.


4 teams only have played in more bowl games than the Flagship University of this great state of over ten million residents, while they have as many Asian men as we do ladies !


Of the 4, only 1 barely has more bowl wins than us.


We travel to bowl games ALL THE TIME !


It’s great fun too !


In business, every business owner I left my offices and sold to for 38 years retiring comfortably thank you were ALL University of Georgia graduates.


I wear my ring every day of my life !


43 % of all the Top 21 teams in All-Time Wins competed in The SEC !


They name their stadium for a college drop-out : Bobby Dodd.


He dropped-out of college from the University of Tennessee at Knoxville !


As for your own trade school, giving out bad grades does NOT make you a great school.


You studied WebPages’ design there ?


Or, took math courses ?


The Academic Ranking of the Top World Universities has us very highly ranked, and again from my own personal experience the Director of the Human Resources Department for Australasia of a $ 10 billion dollar multinational company in Sydney Australia told me she wanted to fly me there for the interview with my wife because of my college.


This is exactly what she said.


I carried my papers from the Foy Fine Arts Building where I honored as Top 5 % of my graduating class.


I hardly think # 36 is where I wanted to go with no ladies.


In the slums.


With NO sports.


A fan of that ?


Folks let you get away with that ?


“Oh, I am a Georgie tek yellowjackets’ fan.”


You are ?


What the hell for ?


To get your ass kicked ?


To be taken to task ?


He talks about us averaging # 8 Scout.com recruiting ranking and apparently clicked my URL Links to that and summarizes indeed 8.


Why not compare your “team” then ?


It begs the question asshole ?


# 52 Scout.com recruiting rankings for your high school football team in the slums no one attending to the point, where you blew-up half your seats, and even then could not count the number of seats.


Like you can not count to 4 on 4th down.


Our guys arrested ?


Yes, sir.


And, each time I give them HELL !


You hide behind your keyboard with guys on your team who sold copious amounts of drugs you talk about with their small kid on his lap in a van on your stinking campus.  Then, he jumped out of the van and ran across your campus to the slums.  He was making a drug deal on campus.


What did you do with this Felon ?


You played him against us.


That’s right.


After he admitted all this to the AJ-C, you played him EVERY stinking DOWN against us.


FBI Most Wanted List.


We have nothing such even remotely similar.


Your fight song promotes your poor sportsmanship.


You are nerds who can not even speak the English language, quite obviously.


Your “new” gym is a joke and is a remodel of the Big Tit.


That’s what we call it.


The Big Tit.


Does it not look like a Big Tit now after the remodel ?


So impressed.


It is still the same building.


Your rambling wreck was in fact a train in 1892.


So, why the car from 1930 ?


Our UGA is the Most Recognized in all of Sports !


He is cute and cuddly, and everyone loves him.


You have an inanimate object, misnomer for Ramblin’ Wreck.


You have so much penis-envy of us, that you come across as nothing but a bunch of pussies !


Why is UGA the # 1 choice for recruits in this sport you so direct your blog post about ?


Because of all the top football programs, this school is # 3 nationally in academics.  The 2 schools better than us in EVERY RANKING of colleges who are also at the top of the best football programs, are NEITHER better than us in football.




I of them was long ago, but even they can not match us in bowl games.


Speaking of which, where is your bowl game ?


Oh, I see.


Don’t want to discuss that, EITHER, now do you ?


Now, how the hell do I reply to your blog post where you stole and copied my blog posts and re-posted them as your own work boy ?


I am assuming, of course, you are a boy ?


I mean ALL of the students there at your trade school are all boys.


Mostly Asian.


Again, a third.


We have more ladies !


I kissed a girl and I liked it !


You should try it !




SEC is 294-147-10 vs the All Cupcake Conference, and Bobby Dodd removed you from The SEC because he told us all that he did not like the Revenue Sharing.  Excuse me, we distribute more monies to each school in The SEC than you make in total football revenue at your joke by Coke (in-between nothing but unsafe slums.)




We win 3 games against ACC teams to your every 1 win against SEC teams !


You are on NCAA Probation in FOOTBALL and will remain there for cheating until June 13, 2017.




You’re # 19 in Wins in football and we # 11, and you have not won shit since 1955.


You buy a ticket and they give you 2 free cokes, 2 bags of boiled peanuts, and 2 free hot dogs, along with a parking pass.

Still no one goes, and no one cares.


Starting 1975, you have beat us ten times.  4 decades 10 wins.  Underachieving us ?


You telling us that ?




You have an Indoor Practice Facility for football ?


No you do NOT !


92 yards from end to end.


Excuse me, even a math major with English his second language, can figure out you have 92% of a Indoor Practice Facility for football !


Even then, you have cement walls to run into at the end of 92 yards.


And, garage doors to get in it.




Every single item you discuss is an utter joke when compared to your own “team,” so why the heck bring it up ?


To Hell with YOU !


Now, go change your damn fight song to cease and desist promoting poor sportsmanship which is all you nerds ever do.


Besides LOSIING to us in every conceivable fashion.




And, quit stealing my graphics, my research, my points, and re-posting it ALL as your own thoughts.




Provide a URL Link to 1 fact, for once !


Fact ?


How the hell is that a fact ?


Because YOU SAID IT ?


You did not say anything.  You make no point.  At the end, you appear to take everything back you even began to make the framework for using nothing but my research and my work.  You were stupid enough, and arrogant enough to say you LIKED my blog.


By the way you ball less thief, hit the reply below if you have any balls.


This is your last blog entry.  The only blog entry I find when I go to your “site.”


And, why is it when I try to enlarge your font to read it, it runs off the page ?


Other than that, I loved what you had to say !




Do you even know that the reason for my great following here is that I did the research you stole from me on the blog post you said you LIKE and specifically gave the details to everyone as to why he had to go ?




You did a Google search on the Internet and found something bad about us, and spent 3 days writing a blog entry copying my research thinking you could make us look bad.




No, sir.


You kept and are satisfied with your 3-win Fish Fry.


I, on the other hand, personally got ours FIRED !






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