Deejay Dallas de-committed November 10, 2015 after he had been made QB and wants to play QB in college then, and now. He was great WR 2014, and frankly 91 QB rating this 2015 season over with Glynn Academy’s loss 6-10 to Allatoona this last week – NOT 3rd to de-commit this week AJ-C liars !


Misleading AJC DawgNation Jeff Sentell headlines about 3rd de-commitment this week, do not seem to do justice to the facts.  And, when you read the misleading headline story, there is not 1 word in the story about it.  I thought you should really know the truth.

Deejay Dallas November 10, 2015 de-committed to Coach Kirby Smart’s predecessor because the old regime here had prayed with him long and hard about being a WR and possibly playing at defensive back too.

He is 5′ 11″ tall and 179 lbs and has been the QB in Brunswick.  Now, since he was made QB, he told Chad Simmons of back on November 10, 2015 that he no longer was committed to the former regime here.

Glynn Academy lost last week to Allatoona 6-10 with him playing QB.  Not WR or maybe DB.

And, Michigan has been recruiting him since October 9 when Glynn Academy beat Ware County 14-7.

The previous year, 2014, Glynn Academy lost 4 games.  That is when Deejay Dallas then joined Glynn Academy, after the 4-loss season last year.

I am sorry he might be a QB at Georgia Southern University, but Tulane hired Willie Fritz from Georgia Southern University.  Tracy Ham was 5′ 11″ and 179 lbs. and 4.63 in the 40-yard dash, but Erk Russell nor anyone else is the coach at Georgia Southern University this morning.

Penn State assistant head coach and co-defensive coordinator Brent Pry, who is set to play UGA in his bowl game Saturday January 2 was offered the job this week.  GSU’s bowl game is December 23.  I would not expect any decision by then, and Charleston Southern’s coach Jamey Chadwell might end up the coach at GSU.

That’s less than 2 hours away for Deejay Dallas to go to Statesboro a little more than 100 miles away.  Savannah newspapers would welcome Deejay Dallas to Statesboro.


But, praying to God long and HARD by Deejay Dallas about being QB at Georgia with 6’6 220 lbs Jake Eason in the recruiting class in-coming NOW a year before you do Deejay Dallas sir with his 45 TD passes this year to your only 7 TD passes this 2015 season now over for you is only the 1st of MANY misfits for this athlete if he wants as he says he does to continue to play QB only in college.

Hard truth.  His injury has little to do with this.  It’s his change in position from WR to QB prior to November 10, 2015 when he de-committed from Georgia.  This Jake Eason announcement yesterday just rubbed salt in that wound.

Deejay Dallas had only thrown 4 passes prior to joining Glynn Academy after their 4-loss season last year 2014.

This season, he has primarily been a running back with 1139 yards on 155 carries with 50 completions of 90 passes for 678 yards with a 91 QB rating. I am sorry Deejay Dallas, but I think you’re right that you should play your senior season next season, see who ends up the coach at Georgia Southern University because your 45 receptions 2014 turned heads but only 14 receptions 2015 season now over with your loss this last week really highlights sir your 8 fumbles and 3 interceptions at QB 2015.

Doesn’t it sir ?

Would it have been better for you to say WHERE YOU ARE GOING TO who does want such a slight, small, short QB in college sir ?  I wish you the very best in your up-coming senior season Deejay Dallas but son I don’t think you handled this correctly on social media sir.  Announce where you are going ?  Michigan ?  To play what ?  Wide Receiver where you shined ?  You really think you are shining at QB ?


I do not.


Frankly you did better at kick-off returns last year 2014 than you did this season for Glynn Academy too.  So, as I see it, you took a step BACK this year moving from a more natural position, obviously, to be QB at a different high school Glynn Academy.


Jeff Sentell AJ-C, sir, you did not do this story justice sir.  Obviously, you don’t even want to tell us about Georgie tek yellowjackets wanting him at QB too ?


Glynn Academy coach Rocky Hidalgo handed you this QB job on a silver platter but at The University of Georgia, we have too many defensive backs and receivers  that you might be a bit rusty for now, right ?


Move along little doggie.


Jeff Sentell – 2 points sir.  (1) Do not pander to clicks with headlines to the millions of Dawg fans trying rain on our freaking parade boy.  (2) Do justice to your stories and quit worrying about how you want to be the guy he tells whether he is going to be Georgia Southern University’s QB or Georgie tek yellowjackets’ QB or play at Michigan where he plays what exactly – some position he has never played like Defensive Back ?


Jeff Sentell, hello ?  He de-committed from the prior regime here November 10, 2015, didn’t he Jeff Sentell ?


And, Deejay Dallas 2 points for you sir : (1) you are not going to be in charge of how the game progresses at college, sorry.  And, (2) Do not run to social media and tell ME who you are NOT going to play for the day after Jake Eason commits here at QB, but instead sir tell us where the hell you will be going.




5′ 11″ 179 lbs. 91 QB rating 55 % completions QB at UGA ?  Be realistic please, ok ?  And, since you de-committed November 10, 2015 with Chad Simmons, why tell AJ-C Jeff Sentell today that you are de-committing from UGA AGAIN ?  You can only de-commit once Deejay Dallas, sir. The day after Jake Eason announces AGAIN it’s Georgia, you let loose with this doozy ?


What did you think I would say Deejay Dallas OR Jeff Sentell ?


That you NEITHER came clean today ?


Uh, yup.


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