Stegesaurus SEC NETWORK LIVE noon this morning Saturday 12-19-2015 Georgie tek yellowjackets at Georgia Hoops’ Dawgs Channel 792 Comcast. Brian Gregory 58-73 win % 44 %. I am really proud of these guys. You know I did this ? Among the graduates today, Faton Bauta is transferring to Colorado State for Mike Bobo. 4 weeks tomorrow !

12-19-2015 :


The University of Georgia student-athletes who graduated, now that Final Exams are complete.


Football: Patrick Beless, Risk Management and Insurance; Devin Bowman, Housing; Cameron Faulkner, Management; Merritt Hall, Risk Management and Insurance; Kennar Johnson, Sociology; Hunter Long, Sociology; Keith Marshall, Finance; Chris Mayes, Communication Studies; Malcolm Mitchell, Communication Studies; Jay Rome, Communication Studies; Justin Scott-Wesley, History; Rantavious Wooten, Housing.

Baseball: Zachary Freeman, Communication Studies.


Equestrian: Sara Parr, Communication Studies; Erica Webb, Biological Science.


Gymnastics: Lindsey Cheek, Biology, Psychology and Microbiology.


Men’s Basketball: Adrian Jones, Recreation & Leisure Studies; Juwan Parker, Management. 


Softball: Adele Harrison, Psychology; Paige Wilson, Management. 


Swimming & Diving: Bobby Chambless, Marketing; Jared Markham, Sport Management; Jordan Mattern, Biology; Amber McDermott, Communication Studies; Darcie O’Brien, Advertising/Fashion Mdse.; Shannon O’Malley, Marketing; Derek Onken, Mathematics; John Simmons, Consumer Economics; Conor Sweeney, Master of Sports Management; Nicole Vernon, Psychology.


Track & Field: Braydon Anderson, Criminal Justice; Drew Branch, International Affairs; Morgann Leleux, Advertising; Erika Ramsey, Human Development and Family Science; Johnathan Smith, Art; Maya Thomas, Consumer Economics.


Women’s Golf: Rocio Sanchez Lobato, Economics.


Women’s Tennis: Maho Kowase, Master of Sports Management.




2015 UGA Graduation Success Rate Report

Sport 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015
Baseball 62 65 63 64 62 59 58 68
Men’s Basketball 23 18 36 43 50 63 71 100
Men’s CC/Track 67 69 68 79 67 79 82 82
Football 48 57 68 65 69 82 75 73
Men’s Golf 75 88 89 86 100 89 90 91
Men’s Swim/Dive 92 100 100 89 90 83 82 89
Men’s Tennis 88 82 73 75 60 63 75 88
Women’s Basketball 79 79 77 77 92 100 91 91
Women’s CC/Track 64 72 75 85 95 91 90 89
Women’s Golf 71 86 88 88 100 83 67 67
Gymnastics 92 100 100 100 100 100 100 100
Soccer 89 85 92 95 95 96 96 94
Softball 74 82 91 95 100 100 94 95
Women’s Swim/Dive 91 84 86 88 88 96 100 100
Women’s Tennis 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 88
Volleyball 100 92 91 92 92 89 91 91
Equestrian 91 68 72 73 71 84 88


As you can see, for football the graduation success rate has been going down steadily the last 3 years now in a row, and before that – well, we just recruited the wrong element here all together.


For the year we won the Fulmer Cup for example, 2008 – when we were ranked # 1 for the 1st time in UGA history pre-season consensus both the AP and Coaches’ Polls, and ended up beating # 24 a 4-loss team in a meaningless bowl game then too –  our football players graduation success rate was under 50 at 48.


Every 4-year letter winner student-athlete on The Lady Bulldogs has graduated, by stark comparison.  That is EVERY YEAR – FOREVER !




Developing the student-athlete and helping the student-athlete out in college and after college is an important aspect of EVERY COACH in EVERY sport at EVERY school.  So, too is winning.  There simply are not any coaches that don’t help the student-athlete to be a better person.

Among the graduates today, Faton Bauta is transferring to Colorado State for Mike Bobo.  He can play immediately there.  I will bet that plays will be designed for him to run the football.


Not that Mike Bobo has done well out there at winning or recruiting, because he has NOT !


     Coach Mike Bobo


We have an official new member of the !!

Faton Bauta who Started for Coach Kirby Smart’s predecessor, his job on the line, had not had 1 snap at QB  all season long at ALL !


It was a desperation move on his part, part of his trophy for everyone, his playing of Favorites, and nothing points more to the desperation of it all that he then did not design a single running play for the running quarterback who when brought-in at QB prior to that, every play was a designed run.


But not 1 snap at QB all season !


He lost his job over this desperate move on his part.


He knew that.


He didn’t care.


And, you told him he did not need to win that game that left him 5 wins of 15 games vs our # 1 Rival Florida and 5 wins of 16 games for his career at The Gator Bowl.


By the way, his job on the line, we gave up 4 unanswered touchdowns !  While his QB threw 4 interceptions and was NEVER REPLACED even for 1 snap !


It left Kirby Smart’s predecessor despite all his talent here, not in the top 25 vs ranked teams for his entire last 8 years here !


But, you guaranteed ME that he’d be back ANYWAY !


And, I disagreed.


Didn’t I ?


He’s not  Arnold Schwarzenegger !


Is he ?


You were WRONG !


Thank God, he is not coaching there this time.  That at least gives us a fighting chance !


Our Bowl game is two weeks from today in the said Gator Bowl a little over an hour from The Swamp – their Home Away from Home and NAMED FOR THEM.


Then, in yet another desperation move on his part again to save his job, he jumps on a plane to visit Jake Eason the day before he is fired.  He knew he was going to be fired.  You do not work for a man 6 entire complete seasons, and not know you are being fired the next day !


How did either one of these dumbass moves – desperation dumbass moves – on his part work-out for him ?


Well ?


Georgia used to have to play all its games away, because we did not have a stadium.


We played Georgie tek every year in Atlanta never in Athens, Auburn every year not in Athens, Florida every year not in Athens,   It’s time this changed too.  Hopefully Coach Kirby Smart can fix this !


Why do Georgie tek yellowjackets keep Brian Gregory with his 58-73 record in 5 years there ?


Because they do not care about winning, either – like YOU !



For the last 8 years, you have not given a shit about winning – any and everything you could do to shut me up about it !  That you will NOT give it up 4 weeks tomorrow does not surprise me.


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