“Just like Football” ? Chant at game. ACC 3 teams on NCAA Probation Football & Men’s Basketball : Syracuse, Miami of Florida and Georgie tek yellowjackets. TIMOTHY LAMONT KIMBROUGH, JR flunks off team for Bowl Game – has to get grades up to make 2016 team

12-20-2015 :



In football, Georgie tek yellowjackets lost to 4-8 Virginia for God’s sake and lost to 6-6 Virginia Tech who would not even be in a bowl game without the win over Fish Fry, while for the season they ended-up 3-8; yet for some unknown ungodly reason – we struggled against the 3-8 yellowjackets in football 13-7.  We were # 7 in the nation this season in football.  We are not supposed to struggle with a 3-8 team who lost to Virginia and Virginia Tech.  So, in football, we FIRED the coach.  Immediately.  Summarily.


Just like football ?


Now, it is true, just like Football, Georgia tek joins a list of 3 in total ACC teams on NCAA Probation in both Football and in Men’s Basketball : Syracuse, Miami of Florida and Georgie tek yellowjackets.


In fact all 3 will be on NCAA Probation next year 2016 as well.


June 13, 2017 in fact before the Georgia Institute of Technology comes off its latest (4th) NCAA Probation.  Back-to-back NCAA Probations in Football and Men’s Basketball for the Georgia Institute of Technology.  Repeat Offenders of the Major Infractions Database.

Repeat Violators – Major Infractions.


And, punished as repeat violators of NCAA Major Infractions !


This is Georgia Institute of Technology’s 4th NCAA Probation and 3rd since 2005 !


Were this the case for The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs the AJ-C DawgNation and all 50 of their reporters would say The University of Georgia – on NCAA Probation in Football and Men’s Basketball until June 13 of 2007 – beat rival Georgie tek yellowjackets this afternoon by 14 points 75-61.


Just like football ?


Well yeah just like football 3 ACC teams are on NCAA Probation in men’s basketball – including specifically the Georgia Institute of Technology for cheating – and still losing to us !




The sportswriters of the AJ-C are biased.  You know ?  Like you are chanting that – just like football – when the comparison in football is that they were a 3-8 team and we were # 7 in the nation when we were playing Alabama favored to win when all week the numbnuts you call your freaking hero told the team and all we fans that it was his job to DE-MOTIVATE his players.


Well, he accomplished that.  As well as he did frankly all season long. Then, got fired for it – which you said to me would NEVER HAPPEN !  Now, he joins a team on NCAA Probation in Football as their football coach.  How wonderful !


Just like football ?


Not hardly.


8,011 attended the Stegesaurus to watch !  This is a LOT more than any Georgie tek yellowjacket’s game downtown in the slums of a city of 7 million !


They play in the Big Tit.


They renovated their Big Tit.


Put a new name on it.


It’s still the same old building.


In fact, the most they’ve had at the Big Tit all season is only 6,549 against Cornell, a school I almost went to.




When I went there for my Official Visit, they fed me escargot.



That did it for me.





The smallest man on our roster 5′ 10″ J. J. Frazier is still drilling his shots even after he cramped-up and crumpled to the floor 3 times still throwing down baskets !


We had fewer turnovers, more blocked shots, more assists, 14 more points, more offensive rebounds, shot the ball better from the field, shot the ball better from the 3-point line, 10 more points on turnovers, 9 fewer fouls – at one point they took our guy and slammed him to the court from the 3-point line and yet no Flagrant Foul called!, 7 more fast break points, scored 14 more points in the paint, and while down 5 early, stormed back before half to be losing by only 1 and ran away with the game to begin the second half eventually winning by 2 Touchdowns.


A LOT better than in FOOTBALL.




Same as football ?


Excuse me, not hardly !


Same as football ?  Mark Fox is NOT going ANYWHERE anytime soon.


Trust me on this !


Same as football ?  You just don’t know anything about sports.  Mark Fox is a LOT better coach than Coach Kirby Smart’s predecessor, who goes to Miami of Florida on NCAA Probation in Football  and in Men’s Basketball, the same as Georgie tek yellowjackets.


Greg McGarity has no need to rush away from this win !  He has no meeting scheduled Sunday morning 4 weeks’ ago now today to fire Mark Fox.


Same as football ?


Not hardly.


TIMOTHY LAMONT KIMBROUGH, JR flunks off team for Bowl Game – has to get grades up to make 2016 team.  He had started 7 games in a row at Linebacker for Coach Kirby Smart’s predecessor, but in the last game he was held out of the Starting role.

Everyone acts like they don’t know what the issue is, or refuses to say.  When the grades came out after the Finals which ended Thursday, he has not been allowed to practice with the team.

The 4th best football player in the state of Indiana 2013, and our Starting Linebacker, Tim Kimbrough has been declared Academically ineligible for the Bowl Game.  He has until Fall to get his grades up.  Or, he can try for the Supplemental Draft.

His career is a promising one, but if he can not make the team 2016, this would seriously damper his career – as the likelihood of getting drafted in the Supplemental Draft is not high because the NFL team selecting him such gives up their pick, which they have been unwilling to do except in extraordinarily sure circumstances.


Supplemental NFL Draft Picks such as Paul Oliver face an uphill battle getting into the NFL.


It would be best for Tim Kimbrough, one of my favorite Bulldogs, to get his grades up.


NFL teams have to submit an offer for a Supplemental Pick.  If their offer is higher chosen by round, than every other team, they get the Supplemental NFL Draft Pick.  They must GIVE UP their pick for whatever Round they submit the following year, if they have offered the highest Round for the said NFL Supplemental Draft Pick.


It was devastating to Coach Kirby Smart’s predecessor when this happened to Paul Oliver exactly as this.  He was taken in the 2007 NFL Supplemental Draft, but is the only Bulldogs Football Player in the predecessor’s entire 15 years here who was !  Paul Oliver was a 5′ 11″ with 4.59 speedster and fantastic safety for us out of Marietta.  But, he failed his grades and was declared Academically ineligible.  So, he had to go the NFL Supplemental Draft.


Paul Oliver was selected with the San Diego’s bid of 4th Round. And he went on to have 144 tackles, 4 interceptions and 11 pass deflections.   He had caught the Reggie Ball pass when these same Georgie tek yellowjackets were accused of having such a dumbass QB who could not even count to 4 (downs.)  So, on 4th down to end the game after the Paul Oliver interception, he threw the ball in the stands ! Our best player on our team that game : Reggie Ball.


It has been determined that from concussions, we lost Paul Oliver.


Same as football ?


I am sorry, but I do not see it !


Our men’s basketball team, players, season this season and Coach Mark Fox are ALL a LOT better than for our football this season.


Aren’t they ?


Night and Day !


These are MY PREDICTIONS, and I believe that I have been MORE than proven right on MY PREDICTIONS, and have established a name for myself, haven’t I, on MY PREDICTIONS.




AND, our men’s basketball team beat their men’s basketball team by 2 TOUCHDOWNS !