“One can only imagine what’s in store if ‘Bama actually loses in Athens in two weeks.” GTP Bluto state senator Get the Picture


“One can only imagine what’s in store if ‘Bama actually loses in Athens in two weeks.” 

GTP Bluto state senator Get the Picture.


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It cost $42 grand invoice from employment agency to tell us ? Hey, Thomas Brown – RISING STAR – RISING STAR !



I could’ve told them for nothing to fire his dumbass.  Thomas Brown, bad move young man.  Attach your wagon to  a RISING STAR, not a sinking ship.  You and Bryan McClendon.  Oh, well.  You like Cuban goulash with loads of hard-crusted bread ?


AJ-C Seth Emerson says you can not make-up your mind, Thomas Brown ?


2 posts back-to-back, 1 Bluto states “vols are my pre-season favorite 2016” and next “vols no one respects for playing cupcakes forever.”


Which the freaking shit is it Bluto ?


get the picture ?


I didn’t think so.


No one else does either.


For God’s sake, state Senator Bluto – make up your damn mind boy !



Now that we KNOW we don’t have a QB prepared ready-to-go, 2 points : (1) Bowl (2) 2016 season.

12-22-2015 :

Merry Christmas !

(1) We have great running backs to run the football down Penn State’s throat like I did all the Apologists for all the years, taking no flack.  I want this win !  We lost to Penn State in a bowl game I went to.  I hated it.  No fun !  How is it that Penn State has not beat any Power 5 Conference foe with a  winning record all season long, like us ?  I wrote a post about who should’ve been running the ball this season, and AFTER THAT post, those very players got their 1st carries ALL SEASON long.  Once again, we will run the football.

(2) Jake Eason starts  Coach Kirby Smart’s career off right vs North Carolina in the Peach Bowl Kick-Off Classic September 3 here.  It will be great fun !  See ya here.  Chick-fil-A Kick-Off Classic at Georgia Dome.  I have to say those have been serious no fun with the previous regime here for me.  Boise State bought T-Shirt here ashamed wear it, West Virginia in the Sugar Bowl here some numbnuts Apologist told me never happened here when I booed Mike Adam$ and sat down behind 0-28, SEC Championship Games after 2005 here losing to Alabama on dumbass no don’t spike it 3 times he tells our QB in front of me here, and getting blown-out by LSU the year before that here at the Georgia Dome.


He did, however, win the Peach Bowl here at the Georgia Dome 2006 over Virginia Tech who had lost to 5-loss should’ve been 6-loss Georgie tek yellowjackets – after he’s lost in 2006 to 4-8 Vandie at Our House who lost EVERY SEC game 2006 except beating our numbnuts “coach.”  Said “coach” cough cough that 2006 season also lost to should’ve been 5-loss vols and to should’ve been 6-loss Kentucky among other of all our losses 2006.  This negates anything positive at Georgia Dome by a long wide margin 2006 !

And, he did, however win over LSU 2005 here at the Georgia Dome but ended the season worse ranked 2005 in every single poll worse ranked than said LSU team AND Alabama BOTH.  This is because he went down to the site of the annual Gator Bowl and lost to should’ve been 4-loss Florida telling us all (lying like he always does) that Joe Tereshinski III is the best QB for us that game when DJ Shockley was injured, when in fact Joe Tereshinski III was the ONLY QB he POSSIBLY could’ve started against should’ve been 4-loss Florida 2005 who POSSIBLY could’ve lost to that lousy Florida team 2006.  He ALSO lost to Auburn 2005, so in all 3-loss season 2005 losing 3 of his last 6 games 2005 same as this distasteful season losing 3 of 4 in October this season and the one he won was the only win without scoring a TD in 20 years which COST HIM HIS FREAKING JOB !  So, this negated 2005 anything positive at the Georgia Dome by a long wide margin 2005 !


He also had YET AGAIN ANOTHER LOSS at the Georgia Dome 2003 getting BLOWN-OUT by LSU 13-34 in a 3-loss campaign 2003 same as 2015 and same as 2005, same as 2008 and same as 2014 too !  In fact, he averaged a 4-loss season after 2007 here mostly because of his record at the Georgia Dome and at the site of the annual Gator Bowl.


And, of course numbnuts did get a win at the Georgia Dome 2002, but not until he lost to Ron Zook 2002 a Florida team who even with the win did not make the Final AP Poll and should’ve been a 6-loss Florida team; but they beat us him when supposedly a QB coach and offensive coordinator he went 0-13 on 3rd Down Conversions for the damn game to a should’ve been 6-loss Florida !  So, this negated 2002 anything positive at the Georgia Dome beating a 5-loss Arky unranked any poll 2002 by a long wide margin 2002 !


This was ALL BECAUSE his coaching staffs SUCKED, hiring pray circle buddies of his and never not once trying to hire the best coach out there at ANY position for 15 seasons.





Prediction 2016-2017 season Coach Kirby Smart :  12-2


I figure Alabama beats us and I give our new QB 1 Mulligan DURING the season too somewhere because that is what we’re USED TO !


I am figuring a big recruiting class after January 12th.  We are # 14 Scout.com recruiting ranking this morning, and have no commits since we lost 3 of 4 games in October when we started week # 5 ranked # 6 in the Coaches’ Poll and # 8 in the AP Poll.


Bryan McClendon can get us ranked in both AP Poll and Coaches’ Poll with a win.  I would’ve coached that game were I Coach Kirby Smart.  But, he isn’t.  Bryan McClendon leaves after the game to join up with dumbass in Miami of Florida who has been down there LYING to them, now – like all he did here.






The vols are the pre-season Favorite for 2016 ?  Bullshit Bluto – state senator – get the picture ?


vols have not been ranked in the Final AP or Coaches’ Polls for 7 years prior to this one and ARE NOT RANKED today in EITHER the AP Poll or the Coaches’ Poll 2015 EITHER.


They would have to beat Northwestern Friday morning the day before our bowl game Bluto to be ranked even this season, and that would require other ranked teams and those ahead of them in the POLLS such as ourselves to ALSO lose, or it will be the same 8 seasons you GUARANTEED numbnuts dumbass “coach” would still here TODAY coaching us you BRAGGED at the Georgie tek yellowjackets’ game !


That of course is the “he’s not going ANYWHERE” famous quote, dumbass !




They OBVIOUSLY – like us – DON’T HAVE A QB EITHER, which is why they thought Jim McElwain’s resume would look GOOD to Jake Eason and have shopped several other QB choices to try to find them one, which is why the PED QB Will Grier left.


What a dumbass Bluto – living up to your name I see !


No, wizard is he ?





Our puppy died with the same won/lost percentage our FIRED coach left with over his last 8 years.  I am saddened by Russ’ passing so quickly after we saw him.  He was a DGD who stepped-in when he had to to fill-in before UGA X Que.


UGA X Que will go down as the Winningest Bulldog.






Tim Kimbrough has FINALLY been announced as SUSPENDED as this blog said after the Final Exams were over a week ago tomorrow.





I guess they did not want to be one-upped AGAIN by the AJ-C over at Athens Banner-Herald who are stupid enough to think we will pay to read their bullshit, available free elsewhere – as you can see ?


Coach Tracy Rocker has finally been announced retained, as this blog reported a month ago now :


Georgia: Per source, Kirby Smart plans to retain defensive line coach Tracy Rocker.”






Sam Pittman OL Coach UGA looks the part !


If I ever saw an OL coach in my lifetime, Sam Pittman is it !

I have NOT been very impressed with Bret Bielema at ALL !  Not when he was at Wisconsin, nor at Arkansas either one ! Bret Bielema  lied to the Arky OL that Sam Pittman refused to meet them to tell them that we are ponying-up a LOT more for him here, and that well – he doesn’t like Bret Bielema either; when in fact, he had a meeting scheduled the very next morning to do so.  But, Bret Bielema called a press conference to tell Arky fans how bitter he is at Sam Pittman and carried the players over to his home unannounced like he could not tell them then too that UGA is paying a LOT more AND he does NOT like Bret Bielema one iota.


Who does ?






Crazy Man Bret Bielema Sics Players on New Georgia OL Coach