Trade Bryan McClendon for Hines Ward as WR Coach ? Jake Eason named USA Today Offensive Player of the Year Award

Bryan McClendon was arrested for drugs Wednesday April 23, 2003. Trade him to South Carolina Will Mushchamp for NFL Hall of Fame Hines Ward as WR Coach ?

I think the world of Bryan’s Dad, Willie McClendon who is one of my All-Time Most Favorite Bulldogs winning The SEC Offensive Player of the Year Award 1978 setting The Georgia Bulldogs’ Single Season Rushing Record !  What a great guy !  We would leave our seasons’ tickets seats and go to the Railroad Tracks and watch him !  Then, sometimes back to our seats.  Sometimes not.  It was great fun !  And, Willie McClendon kicked-ass !  He and Kevin McClee.  We had great times with Willie as our running back.  Erk Russell Defensive Coordinator.  1312 yards rushing Willie McClendon 1978 is one of 15 Georgia Bulldogs with over 1,000 yards rushing in a season !


Then Willie McClendon became a coach here at UGA coaching running backs 1989 to 1993, after he had backed-up Walter Payton and did well in the NFL.


Everyone respects Captain Willie McClendon !


I know everyone says his son is a great recruiter.  I believe that he will find it far tougher to recruit for South Carolina.  His Dad, however, says he needs to branch-out, that it will be good for his career.  So, I defer to that opinion.

There are reasons why South Carolina can NOT recruit players there like we do here.



U.S. News and World Report Top Colleges Rankings 2016 :


# 1 Princeton

# 36 yellowjackets

# 47 Florida

# 51 Miami of Florida

# 61 U.S. News and World Report Rankings Top Colleges The University of Georgia

# 70 Texas A&M

# 72 Baylor

# 75 Michigan State

# 82 Iowa

# 89 N.C. State

# 96 Alabama

# 97 FSU

# 102 Auburn

# 103 Missouri

# 104 Nebraska

# 105 Tennessee

# 108 South Carolina


It’s not a very good school.  Their fans root for their team and support them even though they’ve NEVER done a thing in football EVER !


We recruit in South Carolina better than they do.


Title for Bryan McClendon and raise ?  Have at it son.  Best of Luck and I mean that over there !  Just not against us.  I knew it was ALL wrong to have YOU coaching our running backs.  You never ran the ball for us.  You did not know how to coach it like Thomas Brown does obviously !  Interim coach ?  Sorry, I don’t see that either.  I am happy for you for that, but unhappy it’s not Coach Kirby Smart coaching us this bowl game.  Will it look good on your resume ?  Sure.  If you win.  I think your handling of this entire situation having taken this offer some time ago now and hiding the information shows your experiences with Coach Kirby Smart’s predecessor doing the same kind of bullshit.


You take a job, take it !


Be man enough to say you took it.


We ALL KNEW you had taken a new job.




Your coaching staff for this game is pitiful.  If you are going to be given the reigns, man-up and get some top coaches for the damn game.  It’s Penn State.

I know you think from your experience under the OLD REGIME here is that no one cares if we win or lose.  Yes, we do by God Above.


I never saw you as a running backs’ coach here, you caught passes here Bryan McClendon sir.  You returned a very limited few kick-offs and punts.  You did drugs.  You got arrested for doing them.  I thought you were a bad influence on the kids frankly.


Now, you are leaving ?




Why not tell us that a month ago ?


Afraid to man up ?


Think it’s cute ?


I don’t.


Not in to your ability to go to South Carolina and recruit shit over there.  Best of luck trying.  But, you will find it was EASIER to recruit here than there sir.  Tell the kids NOT to do drugs.  Tell them you made a mistake.  It’s wrong.  That is a nowhere bad useless stupid decision.   Do the kids not know you were arrested for drugs ?


I am sorry.  I have remembered it since you did it.  You let me down as Willie’s son.  Now, your Dad Running Backs’ Coach for us all these years ?  Fantastic !  You ?


Trade you for Hines Ward as Wide Receivers’ Coach for us ?  Everyday and twice on Sunday !

You caught 56 passes here at UGA Bryan McClendon for 830 total yards in your career.  Not exactly Willie McClendon OR Hines Ward.


Great Recruiter ?


I think your Dad is right Bryan McClendon.  You need to branch-out and find out if the signings were a result of UGA the # 1 place for all recruits to want to go, or if you can do the same at a school that frankly is a pretty sorry school compared to UGA.  And, no HISTORY.


Well, they have history.


Just all no good.


Think you can pluck players from Georgia over there to South Carolina ?  Sure you can.  But, not like here.


I see you as kind of coasting through life on the shoestrings of your Dad, Bryan McClendon.  That’s how I see it.


If Coach Kirby Smart was offering a job here as Wide Receiver Coach or Special Teams’ Coach, you should have taken it !  If not, you had no choice.  In either case, trade you for Hines Ward as WR Coach ?


No brainer from my point of view.


That’s how I see it.


Hines Ward is 39 years’ old.  Perfect for Coaching !  14 years in the NFL, Hall of Fame CLEARLY career.  The # 1 best blocker.  The # 1 best Special Teams’ guy.  The # 1 Best Wide Receiver !  Not a bad dancer either.  Can not think of a thing as a drawback for Hines Ward, Super Bowl MVP !  Impeccable character.  Hard worker.  Tough Guy !  God didn’t make anyone better than Hines Ward.

1,000 NFL Receptions

12,083 NFL yards

12.1 NFL yards per Reception

85 NFL Touchdowns

If that is not Pro Football Hall of Fame, there never was one !

He is my damn hero !

(×200/WAR179227.png )

12 fumbles in 14 NFL years !

Stick that in your pipe and smoke it !

620 First Down Catches Mr. Clutch !

Never ever missed a catch !

When they threw to the other side, he kicked the shit out of the Safety on that side to break his other WR loose.

Knocked their teeth in.

He had 428 yards rushing, 7 of more than 40 yards.

He did all that here at UGA too, and was our QB !

He threw a couple of passes in the NFL.  I remember them.  I watched him.  I found myself rooting for Pittsburgh because of him.  Loved watching his exploits.

Kick-Off Returner, he always got 26 plus yards, always !

He did it ALL.

Punt Returner yeah he did that too some.

Did he make tackles ?  Did he make tackles !

When Pittsburgh turned it over on turnovers, it was ALWAYS Hines Ward kicking someone’s butt, or several of them to get them down.

Always !

He lost only 7 fumbles lost in 217 games !

.03 a game

He also recovered several fumbles his teammates dropped.

Here at Georgia, Hines Ward had 1000 yards rushing 2000 yards receiving and another nearly 1000 yards passing.

He completed over 60 % of his passes and had a QB Rating for his Career here at Georgia over 127.

QB Rating 127+ at Georgia !

He was also besides being right at 1000 yards passing right at also ANOTHER 1000 yards nearly in punt returns and kick-off returns for us.

He did not sell popcorn at halftime.

He has been my damn hero for OVER 20 years !  I have watched him compete for 2 decades.  I know everything about Hines Ward.  On Dancing for the Stars HE WON, I watched him Dance  and he is GREAT !

God knows whatever the man tries to do, he DOES !

Hines Ward had MORE RECEPTIONS in a year every year here at UGA than Bryan McClendon did in his entire career !

Hines Ward was a 1oo0 yard per season rusher at Forest Park High School and the same season was a 1500 yard passer per season too.  High School All-America.

And, he batted .406 in high school baseball, one of the all-time best !

1993 SCHOLASTIC COACH Schutt Sports Group Top 100, he’s smart !

 SEC Academic Honor Roll

1st Team All-SEC

Willie McClendon ?  Yes sir !

Trade Bryan McClendon for Hines Ward ?

You’re kidding me right ?


I’ll take Hines Ward, please !


( )


“Hines Ward expresses interest in job on Georgia staff”


Jake Eason, Bulldogs’ Starting QB vs UNC Peach Bowl Chick-fil-A Kick-Off Classic September 3rd named by USA Today # 1 Offensive Player of the Year.


ALL-USA Offensive Player of the Year: Jacob Eason, Lake Stevens, Wash.


Merry Christmas !