Full Cost of Attendance table I made includes Scholarship and Cost of Attendance BOTH which is the then Full Cost of Attendance

Iowa State $19,030
West Virginia $19,613
Kansas $20,364
Florida $20,550
Iowa $21,010
Florida State $21,684
Kansas State $22,306
N.C. State $22,368
Mississippi State $22,420
Texas A&M $22,470
Georgia $22,680
Ole Miss $22,704
Oklahoma State $22,740
Purdue $23,002
Utah $23,022
Arkansas $23,066
Nebraska $23,448
Virginia Tech $23,739
Kentucky $23,748
Oklahoma $23,955
Texas Tech $24,044
North Carolina $24,120
Louisville $24,344
Indiana $24,418
Maryland $24,504
Missouri $24,704
Georgia Tech $24,748
Oregon $24,780
Ohio State $24,800
Wisconsin $24,994
Arizona $25,200
Arizona State $25,209
Minnesota $25,374
South Carolina $25,565
Texas $25,862
Michigan State $26,126
Oregon State $26,316
Clemson $26,912
Michigan $26,984
Virginia $27,092
Washington $27,112
LSU $27,288
Alabama $27,434
Washington State $28,176
Colorado $28,562
Auburn $29,164
Tennessee $29,376
Rutgers $29,933
Illinois $30,150
Cal $32,168
Pitt $32,324
Penn State $34,598
UCLA $34,752
Baylor $54,160
TCU $55,640
Syracuse $61,242
Miami $61,942
Boston College  $63,022
 Duke $63,999
Vanderbilt $64,250
Wake Forest $64,540
Notre Dame $64,775
Stanford $65,165
USC $67,562
Northwestern $68,095









I have no idea why no one else can make such a table as these 2 tables, but I need it myself to understand it myself, so I created these tables for you and for me just now.  I also had to find the document which no one seems to want to show to you, either.


I’d say I am well ahead of the game here in this analysis therefore.


I know how to use Internet tools, and I know how to properly present it.


I also am smart enough to understand all this.




As you can see of the 65 Power 5 Conference teams who voted to pay Cost of Attendance to student-athletes on Full Scholarship (pro-rated if student-athlete is on partial scholarship like baseball.), The University of Georgia is # 11 which means there are 54 Power 5 Conference teams whose costs of the education are higher.


The University of Georgia has always touted this as an ADVANTAGE that our cost of the education here is LOWER than really nearly everyone, as you can see.


Now, let’s look at just the stipend amount paid out over 9 months.  If student-athlete stays over for Summer School too like I did, the student-athlete would get this amount divided by 9 each month for 9 months and then get this amount per month an ADDITIONAL 3 MORE months, so the stipend is actually the number below divided by 9 paid monthly for 12 months in this case of the student-athlete being there all 12 months.


Boston College $1,400
USC $1,580
Syracuse $1,632
Georgia Tech $1,720
Purdue $1,760
Michigan State $1,872
Iowa $1,938
Notre Dame $1,950
West Virginia $1,971
Minnesota $2,194
Michigan $2,204
 Duke $2,206
North Carolina $2,236
Kentucky $2,284
Colorado $2,294
Oregon $2,340
Wake Forest $2,400
Iowa State $2,430
N.C. State $2,430
Oregon State $2,484
Northwestern $2,492
Illinois $2,500
Virginia $2,564
UCLA $2,595
Georgia $2,598
Ohio State $2,602
Stanford $2,625
Washington $2,679
Texas A&M $2,706
Virginia Tech $2,770
Miami $2,780
Vanderbilt $2,780
Alabama $2,892
Rutgers $2,921
Indiana $3,036
Kansas $3,076
LSU $3,096
Maryland $3,162
Arizona $3,300
Pitt $3,300
Florida $3,320
Arizona State $3,358
Washington State $3,542
Cal $3,552
Utah $3,574
Clemson $3,608
Missouri $3,664
Nebraska $3,726
Baylor $3,882
Florida State $3,884
Arkansas $4,002
Kansas State $4,112
South Carolina $4,151
Texas $4,310
Wisconsin $4,316
Ole Miss $4,500
Oklahoma State $4,560
Oklahoma $4,614
TCU $4,700
Penn State $4,788
Texas Tech $5,100
Mississippi State $5,126
Louisville $5,202
Auburn $5,586
Tennessee $5,666


Now, UGA is # 25, which means there are 40 schools (mostly SEC and Big XII teams) who PAY MORE to the student-athlete.  I dare say MY TABLES I just created in the last 15 minutes myself here will be used as  URL Link to EVERYONE so that EVERYONE has a LEVEL PLAYING FIELD and knows exactly, explained in full detail what they get when they arrive on Campus starting Fall this coming year 2016.


I would say too that the obvious LIARS at the top of this 2nd chart I just created for you, which I used online tools to SORT based on amount in column 2, saying that their cost of a cellphone and their cost of transportation there at their school – such as Georgie tek yellowjackets – WILL be FORCED to fix their LIES and MISREPRESENTATIONS about how they calculated such lies as this.


I have maintained to the student-athletes that the value of their education at The University of Georgia is around $ 5 million to them, based upon my own personal calculations.  Then, again, I was honored as Top 5 % of my Graduating Class at the Foy Fine Arts Building based upon my grades.  I applied myself AND competed in sports as a walk-on.  My Dad paid for my education and I worked part-time in addition for The University of Georgia on campus.  I also had another part-time job off-campus.  I overloaded every quarter taking 239 hours taking always over 20 hours per which took Dean Fluellen’s personal signature at the beginning reluctantly and later no issues with him obviously.


What you do with your life, I really don’t care.


But, I would like to make these liars explain how in the blazes it costs less in the slums of a city in downtown Atlanta with a population of 7 million than it does cost the same student-athlete 58 miles away on the most beautiful campus in the World ?  How does transportation or the cost of a cellphone cost $878 less for the liars ?


Answer, it does NOT.


But, they are costing their student-athletes $ 878 which is $ 97.56 a month for either 9 months or for 12 months because of their institution’s bold-faces LIES !


Expect there to be class action lawsuits as a direct result of my 2 easily understood tables herein by the student-athletes at these schools at the top of this 2nd list of mine this morning to make these schools explain how transportation or cost of cell phone is $ 97.56 month less downtown than 58 miles North ?


Come to The University of Georgia where we lie less.


When you go to ANY school, our Federal Government REQUIRES that each institution provide the “true cost of attendance” above and beyond the cost of matriculation fees, tuition, books, room and board.  Asian men downtown the slums might want to come get their Engineering Degree 58 miles North once “true cost of attendance” is properly provided to them.


Everyone estimates it differently, as you can see.  Even just 58 miles apart.


Who do I think wins this battle ?






Every person who enrolls who has been LIED to by those of the 2nd list which is the list of the “STIPEND AMOUNT” the scholarship student-athlete receives divided by 9 per month in attendance.


The NCAA is STILL insisting that the student-athlete is NOT BEING PAID for his services.


The IRS rules govern how much INCOME you have received, upon which you pay your taxes.


A football player on scholarship to the Georgia Institute of Technology this coming Fall will be provided a stipend check of $191.11 per month for 9 months unless he is in Summer School too – which case he gets $191.11 those 3 Summer months too – for a grand total of $2,293.32.


A football player on scholarship to the University of Tennessee at Knoxville (vols) this coming Fall will be provided a stipend check of $629.56 per month for 9 months ($5,666.00) unless he is in Summer School too – which case he gets $629.56 those 3 Summer months too – for a grand total of $7,554.72.





$5,261.40 MORE paid to vols’ player than yellowjackets for full year


$ 438.45 per month MORE paid to vols’ player than yellowjackets


Everyone is going to change their Cost of Attendance. Trust me !  They HAVE TO !


Anyone who thinks that this is NOT going to change is out of their minds, because the vols are paying their players $5,261.40 MORE than the yellowjackets are.


In the Fall, finally someone will sit down and figure this all out, as I have just done for them and say, hello vols ?


Are you there vols ?




Got an opening ?


The student-athletes are given 6 years to graduate.  They have 5 years with redshirt and 6 if they have a medical redshirt too – such as Keith Marshall does for 2016 season up-coming.


Let me see now, Keith Marshall says I can either take 6 years at $31,568.40 MORE to play for the vols – or, I can take $31,568.40 LESS to play for Georgie tek yellowjackets and have them take their team to Knoxville to  get my knee injured up there as a member of the Georgie tek yellowjackets playing against the vols up there in Knoxville and nearly ruin my entire career.


$31,568.40 more vols with yellowjackets visiting to Knoxville ?

$31,568.40 less yellowjackets at the vols in Knoxville ?


Let me think now ? Hmm ?


Choose your option please recruit Keith Marshall sir, knowing now that which you do now know sir ?


This is a rhetorical question you’re asking right ?


You are talking to college kids here.


$31,568.40 LESS for me to go there to Knoxville where my knee was injured in the game there in Knoxville as a yellowjacket.


Uh, I will take door # 1.


There is something here you can discuss to make up this difference to me ?






Merry Christmas !



“Whomever does the best in bowl practices will be the one playing.” “Brice Ramsey is practicing very well.” “Greyson Lambert will start” Bryan McClendon says all 3 ! Tracy Rocker should be our interim head coach – not Bryan McClendon. Do it NOW ! UGA # 118 Third Down Conversions. # 98 First Downs made. # 103 Passing Offense. # 101 Red Zone. Will Muschamp, who does not want to give Chris Smith enrollment offer by Steve Spurrier for January. Hey Chris Smith come catch passes with your 4.49 speed for Coach Kirby Smart sir. And, play cb or I think more natural Safety for Coach Kirby Smart too sir. We have a slot available NOW for mid-season enrollment and we are a LOT better school according to U.S. News and World Report Top Colleges 2016 sir. You also can step right in at Kick-Off Return Man and Punt Return Man ! NOW !

“Brice Ramsey is practicing very well.” “Whomever does the best in bowl practices will be the one playing.”  “Greyson Lambert will start.” Bryan McClendon says all 3 !  Tracy Rocker should be our interim head coach – not Bryan McClendon. Do it NOW !  UGA # 118 Third Down Conversions. # 98 First Downs made. # 103 Passing Offense.  # 101 Red Zone.



( http://discovermagazine.com/~/media/Images/Issues/2013/December/SantaSleigh.jpg )


You are a damned liar Bryan McClendon and caught at it !


“Brice Ramsey is practicing very well” interim head coach Bryan McClendon says now.

“Greyson Lambert will start,” Bryan McClendon says.

Which is it ?

And, why lie and say whomever practices the best in YOUR bowl practices will be the ONE playing ?


I am so damned tired of hearing about Greyson Friqin’ Lambert, who LOST his job at Virginia for God’s sake.  Virginia !


If you knew one damned thing about coaching Offensive Coodinator Co-status runt, you would’ve taught Brice Ramsey how to set his feet on EVERY throw for the MORE THAN A MONTH you had to do so twit.


Cough cough Co-offensive coordinator.


Best of luck over there trying to get guys to come play for you THERE pothead.  It’s not as easy recruiting there as it was for you here coasting as our running backs’ coach – a position I would have HIRED your DAD for, not you.


Your Dad must have been pretty damn disappointed in your arrest for drugs Bryan McClendon sir ?


Wasn’t he ?


You aren’t going to be my damn co-offensive coordinator.


Nor EVER my interim head coach.


Speak up !


Tell the kids that drugs are dumb ?  Supposed to be getting an education and preparing yourself for the NFL which you NEVER did EITHER of.


Tell them how you are a good example sir of what NOT to do in college ?


# 118 on 3rd Down Conversions by our Offense

We played a seriously weak schedule # 80 in the nation – clearly one of the worst easiest schedules for us ever.

We beat no team who was even reasonably good.

# 87 on our 4th Down Conversions by our Offense

1st Downs on Offense we simply could not choose a QB still trying-out in November

# 98 1st Downs on Offense

# 81 Fumbles Lost led mostly by Greyson Lambert & Isaiah Mackenzie.

# 103 Passing Offense after # 88 last year with Mike Bobo Passing Offense

# 79 Passing Yards per Completion, when we did pass it was 4-yards

Again as it was last year with Mike Bobo

# 101 Red Zone Offense which we installed in Fall Practice with the # 1 Starting QB all year # 3 and not involved in installing the Red Zone Offense therefore


# 33 record at 9-3 which means 33 teams will put up 10-win season 2015-2016


Obviously, Greyson Lambert is NOT the answer.  If he were, he would NOT have been YANKED time and time again, all season long.

He’s an old man.

He’s not going to get ANY better.

What you see is what you get.

When you have our Running Backs’ coach all these years, until just recently when we hired Thomas Brown for a short stint, who never ran the ball in his life making these decisions for FIRED guy – who LOST his job and was FIRED because of Greyson Lambert – then you are obviously going to have a lot of bad decisions a week from tomorrow at the same playing field where we’ve lost 11 of most recent 16 games there.

So, we announce the RB coach all these years says that “Brice Ramsey is practicing very well.”

And, then as soon as he can mutter that, he says that “Greyson Lambert is going to Start.”


The only other 2 comments he has made since he took over because Coach Kirby Smart’s predecessor we FIRED named him Assistant Head Football Coach, are first that whomever does well in practice will be the one playing and secondly he has maintained from upon high that he is just the interim head coach and as such is focused only on our bowl game.  Then, we found out he had taken the “Co” Offensive Coordinator role at South Carolina and patently refused to tell us until Christmas Eve.

Oh joy.

Anyone who looks at our stats, knows Greyson Lambert is NOT our guy !

WTF are we doing ?


2015 December 11 this blog reported Tracy Rocker DL & LB coach 2016.

Tracy should of course be named the in fact interim head coach.  Not someone named by Coach Kirby Smart’s predecessor who goes to South Carolina as “Co” offensive coordinator for Will Muschamp.  With him not wanting to give Chris Smith the enrollment offer by Steve Spurrier for January.

Hey Chris Smith come catch passes with your 4.49 speed for Coach Kirby Smart sir.  And, play cb or I think more natural Safety for Coach Kirby Smart too sir. We have a slot available NOW for mid-season enrollment and we are a LOT better school according to U.S. News and World Report Top Colleges 2016 sir.

Chris Smith also can step right in at Kick-Off Return Man and Punt Return Man !  NOW !  Chirs Smith come catch passes from Jake Eason Jacob Eason the next 3 years !  Jake Eason goes in the NFL Draft then anyway.  So, play him NOW or you will Start him only 2 years.  What a freaking waste that would be when Greyson Lambert is in fact # 103 Passing 2015 against # 80 easy Official NCAA Strength of Schedule !



Think about how this plays out ?


We have Tracy Rocker shown on our sidelines, and it does NOT say Interim Head Football Coach for The University of Georgia.


Instead, we will see for all the years up-coming this pothead – great publicity there for us OFFICIALLY naming him –  RECRUITING over there.


And every time in a lull in the broadcast INSTEAD they will pan around find Bryan McClendon when South Carolina has NEVER had a NATIONAL RECRUITER AWARD WINNER there EVER, and it will say Co-offensive coordinator South Carolina – former interim HEAD COACH – OFFICIALLY – named by The University of Georgia whom he is RECRUITING AGAINST RIGHT NOW TODAY for Chris Smith !


God Damn it.


He only refused all this time until Christmas Eve to announce THIS because he did NOT want ME to talk about him and cause him to NOT have this on his resume.




“Know what to do WHEN.  Do it Now.”


Don’t give me this shit that you do not know whether Jake Eason Jacob will be drafted in 2019 NFL Draft.





Tyree Crump and  Jordan Harris have been recruited by Coach Mark Fox both speedsters with 4-Star status both 6′ 2″ and 6′ 4″ fantastic !  Bainbridge and Seminole County respectively are right next to each other in the SW corner of this state !
Both get to play next year.  Fabulous !
Coach Kirby Smart’s bowl game is Thursday night December 31 2015.  Ours is Saturday a week from tomorrow.


This is why Bryan McClendon was purposely trying to hide what he was doing from us for ALL THIS TIME !  He did not want us to name Tracy Rocker interim head coach !


It’s Penn State damn it.  I REALLY want to even the series against Penn State AND I really want to beat one of the All-Time Wins’ leaders AHEAD of us with us # 11.


Bluto – get the picture obviously NOT -state senator I don’t care about where their Defensive Coordinator does NOT want to go to from Penn State to Auburn.

Bleacher Report Brian Jones I don’t give a shit about getting to 10 wins or getting to 40 wins.


None of that means a damn thing.


I am fascinated that former QUARTERBACK and Dean’s List student John Lilly has flatly turned down working for dumbass in Miami of Florida where he will do the same as he did here, and call every play.


That does interest me.



It’s 77 degrees the next 3 days in a row.  Lake Lanier is OVER full pool and added over a foot the last day.  It’s rained 5 inches in 2 days’ time now.  Santa’s Sleigh is now seen in the sky with solar panels !  And Greyson Damn Freaking Lambert is going to start for side-kick of ousted FIRED boss when Tracy Rocker should be the interim head coach.

Chris Smith reminds ME of Coach Kirby Smart, as a player !


Merry Christmas !