There is not going to be a bowl game I’m interested in until Tuesday 29th LSU game 9 pm. And, frankly in the 8pm game I hope Alabama LOSES so we get our Coach FINALLY. Sparty can NOT win.

I had, truth be told, passing interest if Georgia Southern University would win its first bowl game ever – after they were snubbed last season when they earned their bowl game and damn well deserved to be playing in it.


They did, and I say again that Georgia Southern not Georgie tek yellowjackets are the best other program in this state.  Have been, are and will be.


Other than that 1 bowl game and even it I did not watch much of, there is not going to be any TV on in our home watching 5 worthless bowl games again today, and more Monday and Tuesday until 9pm.


LSU vs 7-5 Texas Tech ?  9 pm Tuesday – sorry I am NOT watching that bullshit either.


Wednesday morning at noon the 30th Auburn vs Memphis.  Get real.  I’m not watching that.


7-5 NC State playing Missy State 3:30 Wednesday the 30th ?  No thank you.


7-5 Louisville at 7pm on the 30th Wednesday playing Texas A&M. I just am not watching it.  The only interest I have in these games is if The SEC wins.  The SEC West was horrible in the bowl games last season and if they are again The SEC is going to SUFFER again and hurt the conference again.  The entire football world looks at us in bowl games and whines about us losing – which is something we do not do very often.


Until 4 pm on Thursday the 31st, I am NOT watching ANY bowl games.


I know Alabama wins the game.  I will watch it.  I will NOT be rooting for Alabama however.  NOT !  I want my damn Coach !  Not on January 12th but on December 31st.  Maybe he can get his ass over here and watch us play Penn State and LEARN SOMETHING ABOUT THIS FREAKING TEAM he said he wanted our $5,380,200 a year to Coach.


I hardly see how Sparty can win.


Unless you are in some kind of pool there are NO BOWL GAMES OF INTEREST until these 2 :


12-26-2015 Merry Christmas !


8:00 PM ET ESPN ALA -9.5

3 Michigan State



2 Alabama



4:00 PM ET ESPN OKLA -4.0

4 Oklahoma



1 Clemson



Again, as I’ve said every day since 36 hours after his predecessor was FIRED for losing HERE at Georgia, Coach Kirby Smart is living with his WRONG DECISION to have pride about Alabama winning. Now, ESPN looks at this in-depth for you.


Heather DinichESPN Staff Writer

  • College football reporter
  • Joined in 2007
  • Graduate of Indiana University



The only head coach doing this, or ever has done this is interviewed EXCEPT for Coach Kirby Smart’s predecessor here.


He refused to comment after his former boss ripped him a new asshole over it.  You recall of course that I said AT THAT TIME that he had to BE HERE and do THIS JOB that he wanted to beat Oklahoma and win a NC.  His offense scored NOTHING nada zero, not even a field goal.





Merry Christmas !

Lady Bulldogs Monday night 28th at 7 pm – Marjorie Butler watch

Marjorie Butler in her most recent game, again, was 2 of 6 from the field, yet only 2 other Lady Bulldogs played more minutes.


Joni Taylor has to explain that ?


Why would our WORST SHOOTER get more minutes than EVERYONE else on the team except 2 players ?


After Monday night’s game, it’s all SEC games.


Last season Margorie Butler ran off Coach Andy Landers with her shooting.


The year before last, Coach Andy Landers was NOT PLEASED with her shooting.


The year before that she also could not shoot.


God Damn it Majorie Butler QUIT SHOOTING !


Pass the ball to all the other gals.  You can NOT shoot gal.


I will be GLAD when you are gone after this season.


Best of luck in the medical school.  I am certain you will do well.  If you want to be Academic All-America you have to be a STARTER.


You keep shooting the ball, and you will HAVE TO BE YANKED.


You are a very selfish player Majorie Butler and a horrid shooter.


I am tired of it.




Merry Christmas