Coach Kirby Smart’s 1st Season will be a LOT better than his predecessor’s was. “Podcast: Why Kirby Smart’s first season at UGA will probably be different than his predecessor’s was.”

Signature Win ?


What about SIGNATURE LOSSES by Coach Kirby Smart’s predecessor his 1st season sir ?


His predecessor lost to an unranked Coaches’ Poll Boston College in the Music City Bowl for God’s sake.

He got blown-out by Florida.  He ended losing 10 of 15 games at Florida.

He demonstrated he had no clue on time-outs and pressure situations for calling a running play against Auburn and watching the clock run out at the goal line.  Unbelievable.  Have no time outs, you do not run the ball at the end of the game on the goal line.

And, he lost to South Carolina settling for nothing but field goals, another trait of his SETTLING for field goals.  We scored no touchdowns.


The writing was on the wall when he BRAGGED that he had KNOCKED the LID OFF This Proud # 11 All-Time Wins’ Program by beating # 4 vols 2001.  Signature Win ?


Or, was it a 4-loss season like ALL HIS OTHER seasons after 2007 – averaging 4 losses a season after 2007 as he did.


I’ll answer that.


He demonstrated all his short-comings 2001.  He redshirted DJ Shockley you recall.


He ALWAYS guessed wrong.


Everything he did.


Just guesses.




And, you submit that Coach Kirby Smart can not have a signature WIN 2016 ?


Excuse me ?


How about




Brandon Adams – AJ-C podcast DawgNation


Look Brandon Adams, a season ending in MUSIC CITY BOWL, is NOT A SIGNATURE season sir !  Losing the Music City Bowl.


Podcast: Why Kirby Smart’s first season at UGA will probably be different than his predecessor’s was